Zombies, Run!, a different type fitness game, is heading to the Marketplace

Here's an interesting Windows Phone game...

Zombies, Run! is a game (or is a exercise app?)  where you listen to missions that place you against zombies while jogging.  As the mission progresses you earn or collect supplies. After your run, you use the supplies at your your base township. The town in turn uses the supplies to support growth and as your town grows, more missions become available.

Asides from the video game features, Zombies, Run! will also track your distance, time and pace of your runs. A ZombieLink is also in the works to let you view and share your running data online.  The game also has Live Tile support that will send you into the game where you left off.

Zombies, Run! Screenshots

Zombies, Run! contains more than thirty missions that last anywhere from twenty to thirty minutes. You can play the game while jogging around the neighborhood, around a track or from a treadmill.

Zombies, Run! is an interesting way to pass the time while you're working up a sweat. The app is already seeing success on the Android and iPhone markets and the developer is excited about bring the app to the Windows Phone Marketplace.  The game already has t-shirts and game blog that you can find here at the Zombies, Run! website.

Look for Zombies, Run! to hit the Windows Phone Marketplace towards the end of June with five exclusive missions to the Windows Phone OS. Zombies, Run! will be offered for $7.99 and there is no word if a trial version will be available.  

Source: digitalspy; Thanks, Vanessa and Gopalan, for the tip!


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Zombies, Run!, a different type fitness game, is heading to the Marketplace


Looks pretty awesome =D! Price is quite steepish mind, any one know if its inline with the IOS and android versions?

From what I was reading on their site the Android app isn't yet inline wit the ios app its lack a few features and what not. But it came out not long ago so thats y

Oh wow, they never had any news saying this was coming, big surprise, I'm super glad, bunch of my iPhone friends love this app.

if that app really is as good as it sounds it'll be worth it to me :) imma defiantly try it out as soon as it hits out marketplace. Besides I think it's the same price on ios too so I mean complaining about it probably won't change it :/

Well, if final fantasy which is 6.49 (according to wpcentral) costs me 10.49, this will be getting up there. And all because I live in Australia.

The AU dollar is less than the US dollar so US$6 may actually be AU$10. Whatever the case you're complaining to the wrong people

Lucky me that's in Sweden. The US dollar is so weak (has been for years now) so I pay like half the price for everything as I set my region to the US.

There's not one for Android or iOS, so we don't get one. They might release a free version, but it's only for their backers on Kickstarter.

yeah, with WP it seems trials are a given, especially because MSFT makes it so easy. a lot games here have trials where iOS/android don't (grow even added one after release).

Man, I can't wait to buy this! Seems like a ton of fun.

It will be the most expensive app I will have bought...and totally worth it!

"Zombies, Run! works anywhere and at any speed." I suppose it works by walking too, then. I hope so. I've been waiting for this for a while and in the meanwhile I got a knee injury that prevents me from running until I'm fully recovered. If it does work by walking, I'll start to get really excited with exercise, something that's been engraved in my DNA as a hateful thing.