110 Puzzles for Kids

Windows Phone games and apps that are designed for children can be a helpful tool for those times you need to keep your child occupied. Whether it's a long car drive, waiting for a meal to be served at a restaurant or for the times you just need a little quiet time. They can also be a subtle way to teach your child a thing or two.

110 Puzzles for Kids is one such Windows Phone game that hopes to land in your Kid's Corner.

The game, as you would guess, is a collection of puzzles designed for 3 to 4 year old toddler to tackle and will help develop their observation and visual memory skills. The game is available for low-memory devices and while it may not be everyone's cup of tea, if you have younger children it's worth a try.

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Simple layout, fun puzzles

The layout for 110 Puzzles for Kids is so simple a three year old could figure it out (probably a good thing). Just tap the main menu and a puzzle will appear. If you stay on the main page of 110 Puzzles for a few seconds, bubbles will begin to appear on screen that can be popped for sound effects (a nice distraction for kids).

110 Puzzles for Kids

Solving the puzzle requires you to tap/hold on a puzzle piece and slide it into place. A thumbnail image of the solved puzzle appears center screen to help guide your child. There is settings available for 110 Puzzles for Kids and it might not be a bad idea to have the option to hide the solved puzzle thumbnail to increase the challenge of the game.

When solved, a round of applause will sound and to transition to a new puzzle you (or your child) will need to tap the arrow button at the top of the screen. I would have liked to have seen this transition be automatic after a few seconds because it might be tough for a toddler to find the arrow button.

110 Puzzles for Kids

As the game's title suggests, there are 110 puzzles included in the full version of 110 Puzzles for Kids. The trial version will include 10 puzzles. The puzzles range from robots to animals to toys.

Overall Impression

While 110 Puzzles for Kids may not land on everyone's Windows Phone, it is an attractive, simple game well suited for the Kid's Corner. Graphics are nicely drawn-up, puzzles are challenging for the age bracket and the interface is user-friendly.

110 Puzzles for Kids

The game does afford you the opportunity to interact with your child as they play the game by describing or defining the object in the puzzle.

Again, the only nits I can find with the game is that I would have liked to have seen an automatic transition to a new puzzle and the ability to hide the puzzle solution. Otherwise, if you are in the need for a new game to help your young child pass the time with, 110 Puzzles for Kids is an option worth trying.

  • 110 Puzzles for Kids - Windows Phone 8.x - 36MB - Trial / $1.49 - Store Link

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