12-month XBox Live subscription for $39.99 on Amazon

For the Xbox Live gamers in the house, Amazon has a 12-month XBox Live Gold subsciption for $39.99, about one third off the regular price.  Click on the source link below and choose Online Game Code under the Format section.  This is an instant code retrieval, as opposed to being mailed a card with the code on it, which will run you an extra $5.  Even you aren't up for renewal, you can pick it up now and tack it on to your current subscription. 

Source: Amazon (opens in new tab)

  • also sale on Best Buy for $39.99.
  • I just bought that shit yesterday for $59....damn
  • son of a beach... bought mine yesterday too
  • EBay has them for 37.99.  The sale is still going on for another 12 hours or so.
  • Does the region matter when buying this??? like if i need this for the Indian Market???