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Fan of football? You'll want to check out 1st4Fans for the latest on your favorite team

Football is a huge sport on a global scale, but it's particularly special here in the UK. There are numerous ways to remain up-to-date with leagues, fixtures and results on Windows Phone and Window 8, but what about individual teams? How does one check latest news and other data for their favourite squad? Cue 1st4Fans for both Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

The apps enable you to view the latest news, matches, opinion pieces, media content, as well as the current status of the league table. What's more is that there's little clutter to get in the way of hitting up your team. Instead of launching a single app for both platforms, the developer has opted to go for an app per-team. Only follow Liverpool FC? Download the YNWA (You'll Never Walk Alone) edition of the app.

The apps, developed by Irish developer Mark Allan, are a perfect solution for any avid fan. Complete fixtures and results, as well as match reports keep you informed as to how the team performed should you happen to miss a game. Live commentary is present when available and you've also got Live Tiles that show latest stories and match information.

Allan, who previously worked at Nokia, was interviewed over on the company's official blog. It's well worth the read for a quick insight into the developer's background and how currently there's an app for major British teams, while translation and world domination remain on the cards. For the future, Allan plans to include the following: 

"The current apps will get plenty more features and data – you’ll be able to drill down a lot further to get details of players, stats, notable stories about other teams and so on, and I’m going put more work into the matchday experience. Also, I’ve got some ideas for some useful social features and I’ll be expanding to other countries as I sort out the data and localisation, so look out for teams from Brazil, Germany, Spain and more."


You can download the 1st4Fans apps from both the Windows Phone and Windows Stores. We'd love to link them all and offer QR codes, but there really are that many available. You can head on over to the Windows Phone Store on your PC or tablet to download the apps from the web store, or search "1st4Fans" on your Windows Phone / Windows PC.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Exactly what I need not American football
  • AMEN!
  • Are you British ?
  • Don't have to be British to love the best sport In the world. I am American and I admit that.
  • They called it football, finally someone knows that there is no such thing as soccer.
  • No such thing as soccer!? Oh yeah, might be right, all I see on TV is football
  • After all Americans are the only nation in the world that calls football that, just because their ball is a foot long, what a freaking joke. Fat men in tight pants, touching each others genitals, yelling hut hut, and not being able to run more than 2meters before being taken down but another fatty.
  • Rugby is a real mans sport. None of this American football rubbish where all the players wear tons of padding.
  • Agree
  • From someone who has never played football...
  • LOL. A rugby player would probably die if he got hit by your average NFL linebacker. 
  • Not true, it's called Soccer in Australia & New Zealand too
  • The words Soccer & Football both came from England, so who cares?
  • So I guess not an NFL fan?lol
  • This was the third app I installed after receiving my NL 920 in March & the first app on my NL 925 about 5 weeks ago.
  • Does it have Scottish Football? Can't find a decent free app for it. It's not for me, I buy apps all the time. Convinced a friend to get a 520...he's Scottish Football mad!!!
  • You could try, "The Football App".
  • Try bing sport, it has Scottish Premiership.
  • Yes, there are apps for all the Scottish teams as well. And with a lot more detail than any other app :)
  • Thanks. I'll try a few myself and then make my recommendation to my mate based on that.
  • I can't find the Falcons or Cowboys in the app.
  • Broncos or da Bears...
  • Anyone see the Saints? WHO DAT
  • For "the Saints" you could look after Southampton in the Barclays Premier League.
  • Think this app is broken, all it has is soccer stuff
  • Sorry guys, Association Football only :)
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  • Funny how it's called "American English" as supposed to just "English" because it's a sub-form of the language. Not only that but the earliest form of football as we know it today pretty much originated from England, a country which existed before the USA, so football is the -correct- word, not your damn "soccer". Just as Rugby existed before your "football" (and it's more of a real man's game too). /rant over
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    You've obviously never heard an educated English accent. There are dozens of English accents, just as there are dozens of American ones, so your argument is invalid. BTW I'm not English or American :P
  • Both "football" and "soccer" are from England. Soccer is short for "Association Football". Therefore your argument is invalid. BTW Australians, New Zealanders and probably many other countries call it Soccer too.
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  • To each their on but Soccer is so boring. You usually get more action in the stands with all the violence at Soccer games.
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  • Mt team is the Steelers, I don't need or want anything to help me follow them any closer. Best thing for them is season to end early
  • Terrible Towels wet with tears this year..
  • I need the FC Inter version asap :D
  • Already have the Chelsea app
  • football/soccer sucks... its the worst and most stupid rules sport in the world. its sucks when you live in a country full of people retarded for that sport, and treat it like if it was a war or like if it made the country better if you win a match against another country.
    one things stupid? Im glad they wont do anything to CR7 because he let himself get a yellow card vs israel. I mean... fifa is the one making stupid rules that players can take advantage of, but... they cant? only because "fair play" (that doesnt even exist if a team wants to win)
     offside, its another stupid rule that should be changed because sometimes it seems stupid a hand make you be in offside when your body and your feet arent!
    its stupid how from 90mins of game, you only see played like 50, the rest its just waste of time, and more if the other team simulates fouls like if they were dying, but in a second they are waking ok.
    penalty kicks its stupid too, thats why you know, there is alot of simulations, and sometimes referees wont even give alot of penaties becuase they probably think, having 5 penalties in a game its too much.
    and the most stupid thing, its how teams can have a draw! really? its should be like other and better sports, only one team gets points. thats how you wont see many teams wasting time and playing only defensive because they can draw or something.
    and there is alot of things that dont make sense, in this sport. so yeah, there are better and more interesting sports. soccer is actually boring, especially if teams just dont want to play much.
    at least this app seems to be about clubs, not stupid worldcup and stupid national teams competitions like that.
  • Cool story bro
  • I love how an article about football/soccer automatically turns into an argument between Europeans and Americans.
    GROW UP.
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  • Thanks for saying FOOTBALL and not the "s" word.
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  • Just waiting for BVB app :) also no hating on American football. I would love to see a soccer player get hit with pads on and stand back up. Two different sports both are great. Any normal ass fans like most of us on the internet couldn't hang with any of them.
  • It's funny how "football" posts bring out trolls slamming the NFL and American Football. I'd like to see someone take a shot by an NFL linebacker on a run up the middle and say the pads aren't needed.
    And look up the etymology of the word Soccer before you make yourself look like a jackass.
  • if anyone is looking for a decent app for the Australian A-League check out Football Ultras
  • The only true sports are sports of the mind. Chess all the way for me. Maybe eSports.