2.7 billion minutes of calls were made in Microsoft Teams in a single day

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Microsoft Teams iOS (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Teams usage continues to grow rapidly during the current health crisis.
  • Recently, 2.7 billion meeting minutes of calls were made in just one day.
  • Microsoft Teams experienced 1,000 percent growth in video calls in March.

Microsoft Team usage continues to quickly rise during the current health crisis. Microsoft released figures about Microsoft Teams usage in its first Work Trend Index today. The Work Trend Index uses Microsoft Graph to analyze productivity trends and how remote working is affecting how people communicate and work together. Figures in the report illustrate that people and companies are using Microsoft Teams increasingly as they have to stay inside.

Microsoft Teams broke a record recently with 2.7 billion meeting minutes within a single day. March 31, 2020. That record is a 200 percent increase from the 900 million mark Teams saw in mid-March. Microsoft Teams for Education now has 183,000 tenants in 175 countries.

Microsoft points out that video calls are on the rise as well. Teams users are making video calls more than twice as often as before the current health crisis. Video calls in Microsoft Teams grew by 1,000 percent in March.

Weekly Teams mobile users grew by more than three times between early February and March 31. People also seem to be working longer hours, or at least working hours further apart. The average time between a person's first and last use of Teams within a day has increased by over one hour.

One interesting comparison in the report is how different countries use video meetings. Norway and the Netherlands turn video on in meetings about 60 percent of the time. People in India use video in only 22 percent of meetings. The U.S. sits around the middle, with people using video in 38 percent of calls.

Microsoft Teams and other cloud services from Microsoft have seen significant growth during the current health crisis. Microsoft recently shared figures about Teams and other cloud services.

The most recent report goes into further detail on the figures and adds context to several of the data points. It also has some moving graphics showing the growth of Teams over time.

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