2D platformer Dream Arcade on sale for $0.99 in Windows Store

Dream Arcade is a neat little 2D platformer for Windows 8.1 that's on sale for $0.99 for the next two weeks! The game features 27 unique and challenging levels that are beautifully hand-drawn. Dream Arcade pits players on a journey through time-hunting for clues, traversing landscapes, and discovering new environments. The game also features touch controls as well as the ability to use a game pad.

Dream Arcade

Although you will want to buy the game, there is a trial available if you aren't sold on it yet. The trial gives you full access to the game but only for one day. The game currently sits at 4.6 stars in the Windows Store. So what are you waiting for? Go buy the game with some of the credit you got from Bing Rewards for constantly nagging Cortana!

Jonathan Dollison
  • Too much articles for today
  • Usually it's a complaint about not enough lol
  • They don't make the WP news, they just comment on what's going on and there's been a lot today...
  • I know this group of artists in Minneapolis. Great group of people to support.
  • It should also be mentioned that the blog article about this project is here http://blog.lightgreyartlab.com/2014/09/dream-arcade-is-here_19.html
  • Just bought
  • Great game. Bought and enjoying it so far! Would love to see it on Windows Phone ;)
  • http://lightgreyartlab.azurewebsites.net/dreamarcade/ that works. But yeah, I'd love to see an actual WP app as well.
  • I can't earn bing rewards :( not available in my country.
  • Ya I'd love to use some of my nonexistent Canadian Bing rewards points
  • I bet we could buy a brand new xbox one game with those points haha. Bing is the only search engine I use xD
  • Aww I thought it was for Windows Phone... :(
  • Where is the link to download this on my phone?
  • Does it support 1gb ram? I'm asking because i can't find it there :/ i have lumia 920
  • Windows 8.1 people, not Windows Phone 8.1
  • Oooh thanks :D i didn't notice that