343 Industries to issue update to Halo: The Master Chief Collection later this week

After apologizing a couple of weeks ago, the folks over at 343 Industries have issued a small statement today on the progress of fixes for the problems that have been plaguing Halo: The Master Chief Collection since its launch. According to the blog post, the developer is working hard to bring the experience up to player expectations, and plans to release both a content patch as well as server-side fixes later this week to address the game's shortcomings.

In terms of specifics, 343 Industries says:

On the matchmaking front, we have encountered unexpected issues that were not apparent in our internal test environment and that have resulted in a frustrating experience, including long matchmaking times and low session success rates. Within 343 Industries and Xbox, I can assure you that resolving these issues is our #1 priority. We continue to partner with the Xbox platform team to analyze all data to make ongoing server-side adjustments to continually improve the matchmaking experience. We are also preparing additional content updates that will address existing campaign, UI, and other issues to improve the overall experience. With each update we will carefully analyze data to confirm that the improvements we're seeing internally are also happening with fans at home.

Going further, the developer says that it is "trying to be as nimble as possible to put fixes in place."

As noted above, 343 says it has a content patch on track for release later this week that should address a number of issues that players are currently seeing. In addition, there are some server-side tweaks that should help further with matchmaking problems.

How has your experience been with Halo: The Master Chief Collection thus far? Did the last patch improve your experience? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Halo Waypoint

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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