4 minutes of The Surge — a hardcore sci-fi action RPG set for Xbox and PC in 2017

Deck 13 Interactive most notably bought us Lords of the Fallen in 2014, a western contender to Dark Souls — the current king of the hardcore action RPG niche. Fans of the rarely contested market waited with baited breath, and we were graced with a surprisingly passable game. Lords of the Fallen was 'a viking's nightmare come true', with heavy Nordic influences and themes, founded on the shining jewel From Software had built with their franchise.

Deck 13 Interactive has set aside its snow crusted heavy fur cuirass and swapped it for something a little more dark and industrial in The Surge.

The Surge is another foray into the hardcore action genre. It's set in a heavily dystopian future, during Earth's dying age. Cities are overcrowded, plagued with an aging population and an increase in environmental disease. As the years' progress, humanity has been made redundant by the use of machinery taking over manual work. Those seeking work took to the suburbs, utilizing exo-suits to increase their capability.

It's a somber and bleak look at a potential Earth-to-be should our society decay and our technological potential increase, as automation becomes more commonplace.

There is little story to go on at this point, but we do have a 4-minute video of raw, unedited footage from beta testing.

This video is set in the dysfunctional CREO Complex. What we know is this:

  1. This is your former place of work.
  2. The enemies are your former colleagues.
  3. They're the result of unspeakable experiments and as a consequence, they're a little insane.

This video looks into the reaction of some low level enemies, which if handled with caution will be taken down without a worry. However, not all enemies will be so easily placated. It also gives us a glimpse at the tight combat and makeshift weapons.

In The Surge, you are in control of creating and upgrading your own industrial weapons, and can utilize upgrades via cybernetic implants. Take a look at the dismembering moves — there are a couple of ways of tackling a fight. You could play it safe, and secure yourself an easy victory by going for their weak spots, or play hardball, go for their armored areas and obtain rare materials for upgrading in the meantime.

With a gritty environment similar to Dead Space, and the hardcore action roots already firmly in place, The Surge is shaping up to be one to watch!

Lauren Relph

Lauren Relph is a games writer, focusing on Xbox. She doesn't like piña coladas but loves getting caught in the rain. Follow her on Twitter!

  • I too have a dysfunctional OREO complex
  • Hahahaha!
  • haha!
  • Haha! Don't we all? 
  • I didn't like Lords of the Fallen because it felt too. "heavy", regardless of my equipment I always seemed to move around like a tank and be incredibly slow. This game appears to fix that. I really like the enemy concepts too. Consider me curious.
  • Dystopia is my utopia. Love the idea, and a welcome change to the medieval style. It is in my maybe list, as I am not a fan of that style of combat. But a maybe is definitely not a no. Cheers for the heads up!
  • i agree. that type of gameplay is so blah.
  • Cool
  • Jez or Paul please do a piece on Space Hulk: DeathWing its pretty damn good
  • Funny because last week I just started making a "Dark Souls Sci-Fi" game during my spare time. Now this is pre-alpha so I'll give them a chance but from what I'm seeing they seem to be going for the "heavy" stuff (heavy armour, heavy weapons, heavy everything....) only. One of the reasons I like Dark Souls because you can have multiple styles of combat, be a heavy tank with a huge weapon that can almost 1 hit KO someone but cannot dodge worth crude, be an agile dual-wielding scythe user (thanks, Sister Friede)  or be a pyromancer that spams fireballs and fire destruco-discs...   I do hope they add a bit more play styles then just that... also I don't like the numbers appearing when you do damage. Reminds me of an MMO...   But good luck to them! Hope they have a success with this one.