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5 intriguing apps for Windows 8.1: February 27, 2015

With the ever-growing number of apps and games in the Windows Store, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with what's out there.

For that reason, every Friday we showcase some apps that have piqued our interest for one reason or another. They are the 5 Intriguing Apps of the Week.


Keeping track of personal finances can be a real hassle, but tools like Homeasy can help simplify the process.

Homeasy uses a straight-forward graphical interface that helps you chart your spending versus your income to manage fiscal life. Amounts can be entered one by one through the app or imported in bulk using CSV spreadsheets.

Inputting data is convenient because Homeasy is universal, available on both Windows and Windows Phone. It also supports multiple user accounts and syncs data between all of your devices via OneDrive.

With Homeasy, you can report on your monthly expenses based on recurring income and expenses. And with Live Tile support, you can get a quick glimpse of upcoming and overdue bills.

If you need a hand with tracking your finances, Homeasy is a good place to start.

QR: Homeasy

Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere, the online file-sending service, has put out a universal app for Windows and Windows Phone. Send Anywhere lets you upload any file, regardless of size, free of charge and send a download link to anyone. You can either sign up for a free account or use it without logging in using randomly-generated download codes.

Since Send Anywhere is available on all major desktop and mobile platforms, it is easy to share to and from just about any device. And the new My Devices feature lets you access files across any Windows or Android device that you register with Send Anywhere.

QR: Send Anywhere


If you're a ravenous consumer of TV content, you may find yourself losing track of when your favorite shows are going to air or what episodes you've already seen. Enter TrackSeries.

Their huge selection lets you find just about any series out there. And by signing up for TrackSeries, you can build a personalized database of all the TV shows you watch and access them across all of your Windows devices.

TrackSeries is a helpful companion for any rabid television fanatic.


If you aren't familiar, Instructables is a well-known website where people post how-to's on making everything from food to furniture. And now, Instructables is also a universal app for Windows and Windows Phone.

This beautifully-designed app lets you search the Instructables library for specific projects or browse numerous categories, like Featured, Recent, and Popular. Even if you don't have a project in mind, it is fun to poke around and see what projects, lifehacks, and inventions that people come up with. Do you have a project you are proud of? You can also upload your own Instructables.

And if you find something you like, you can make it a Favorite. Be it for finding specific instructions or just stumbling across cool ideas, Instructables is worth a download.

QR: Instructables

Mini Golf Club

I saved the fun for last this week. Mini Golf Club is a free mini golf simulator with over eighty different holes. Unlike real mini golf, this universal app challenges you with ramps, boosters, and tiered levels that float in mid-air.

And when you score that hole in one or devastating near-miss, you can record a replay to view later.

If you happen to make it through every hole, or are just feeling particularly creative, there is also an editor where you can design your own crazy course. Think of it as Minecraft for mini golf. Or if you are oldschool, like me, Excitebike.

Either way, it is sure to keep you entertained.

QR: Mini Golf Club

Be sure to check out our other selections from previous weeks. Have a great weekend!

Do you have an app you want us to highlight? Drop us an email at with "5 Intriguing Apps" in the subject line.

  • What is the your favorite sport app?
  • MSN sports. I just wish they had football (soccer) commentary. Then would be perfect.
  • They have!
  • Just wish I could search and view by conference on MSN sports. Still lacks compared to ESPN on that. Also, msn sports on android gives alerts for teams, yet can't do that on their Windows version.
  • For football alone - Onefootball, though windows 8 version not as good as phone (no alerts)
  • Real nice
  • Mini golf looked interesting, but it doesn't react to input after one lane, have to kill the app and restart to continue. L930.
  • Same problem here on a Lumia 1520, but it happened to me on the third hole.
  • Mini golf is amazing
  • Keep on adding more good Apps . Just tried SendAnywhere works fine
  • I love ❤ this series. How about putting a bug in Microsoft's ear to have a Universal Apps category in Windows and Windows Phones stores?
  • agree, great series. And great suggestion
  • Thanks! Glad you guys like the series. We will keep it up.
  • Agree. I'm big on apps but they always show a few good ones here I've never seen.
  • I was hoping Rudy made TV show a universal app  but i'll use Trackseries instead
  • I might try the golf.
  • Nice list Seth.  Thanks.
  • I'd love to see an Official NHL app....Windows.
  • Excellent post - very practical and one of the best on WC. I downloaded every suggestion. I'd love to see more suggestions for universal apps and apps for the tablet/PC experience.
    Great job!
  • track series is a good program. needs some work, but still decent.
  • So wait... The app store is growing? If you ask everyone else it isn't :)