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5 reasons why you should buy the Xbox One S All-Digital

Photoshop mockup of the Xbox One S All-Digital edition.

Photoshop mockup of the Xbox One S All-Digital edition.

As we move into April, we get closer and closer to the official debut of the long-awaited disc-less edition of the Xbox One S console. A console system without a disc drive may sound like a bad idea at a glance, but I think it actually makes quite a bit of sense once you consider the direction that the Xbox brand has been headed towards in recent years. Here are five reasons why you may find an all-digital Xbox One console to be a valuable purchase.

More affordable Xbox

One of the key benefits of going digital-only with the new console is that it'll cost less money than if you were to buy a normal Xbox One S. No disc drive means a lower manufacturing cost, which will result in a lower price. It's unknown as of right now how much less this version of the Xbox One S will be, but it's likely that it will be a solid amount. This makes the console fantastic for new people who are looking to bring the Xbox One ecosystem into their homes.

Built for Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass (Image credit: Matt Brown | Windows Central)

Another big reason why you may like the all-digital Xbox One S is that it's perfect for people planning to use Xbox Game Pass, which is Microsoft's revolutionary subscription service that allows people to play over 200 games digitally, as much as they want, for just $10 a month. If you see yourself utilizing Xbox Game Pass for most or all of your gaming then this console is the perfect companion to it. Not only do you save money by using Xbox Game Pass, but you also save money by buying this console. It's a win-win.

Digital-only is convenient

Physical case for Fallout 76.

Physical case for Fallout 76.

While plenty of people like collecting shelves of physical copies of games, that's not something everyone is into. Going all-digital with your games is a great way to keep your living spaces less cluttered and all of your titles in one place: on your console library. By "cutting the disc," you no longer have to worry about losing any of your games or any of the discs wearing out.

Amazing for travel

An all-digital Xbox One S would also be perfect for people that like to take their consoles with them during long business trips or other outings into the world, as it would completely eliminate the need to take physical games with you. That would save you a ton of space in your luggage and bags, and would make it so that you could take your entire game library with you to a hotel, and not just a handful of titles. The only other physical thing you'd have to take alongside your console is a controller.

Less risk of damage

Last, but certainly not least, the lack of a disc drive would eliminate a lot of potential damage risk to your console. This is especially true for parents of small children; a regular Xbox One S may not survive a cookie jammed into its disc drive, but that's not a concern with this new all-digital device. As a bonus, you won't have to worry about your console needing any repairs for disc-reading either, since all you'd need is a connection to the internet in order to start playing.

Your thoughts

What do you think of the upcoming all-digital Xbox One S console? Do you think it's a good idea? Are there any other reasons you're planning on getting one that I didn't mention? Make sure to let me know what you think down below. Of course, if you prefer having a disc drive, the regular Xbox One S is great.

Brendan Lowry is a Windows Central writer and Oakland University graduate with a burning passion for video games, of which he's been an avid fan since childhood. You'll find him doing reviews, editorials, and general coverage on everything Xbox and PC. Follow him on Twitter.

  • In all my years of gaming, I have never had a disc (or cartridge) wear out. I don't think that's a realistic reason to go discless. Besides that your hard drive or some other component of the console could just as easily fail as a disc drive failing. I wouldn't go discless for a couple reasons. I have a huge catalogue of backwards compatible games on disc that I would no longer be able to play without purchasing them again. On top of that, I have a ton of movies on disc. If the internet were to go down (i.e no streaming) for some reason and I wanted to watch a movie, I couldn't do that because there's no disc drive. Disc drives are also ridiculously cheap. I can't imagine the price difference will be anything that would break the bank considering how cheap the S is now anyway. Maybe $30?
  • I agree any component can wear out, but this console basically just eliminates one of them. Also, I personally played the original Halo Wars to literal death (game stopped working) as a teenager, so it CAN happen
  • Work for Microsoft much?
  • Nope :) if this is you saying I’m biased, I’m really not. People who actually know me know that I criticize them plenty.
  • Agreed with Brendan. I haven't bought a disc since 2013 when the original One came out. I was already going that way with the 360 towards its end of life when the upped support from 32GB drives to 2TB. GwG also made me start to go to storage. My One has a 4TB drive attached. My One X has a 5TB attached. Each 360 (bedrooms) has a 1TB attached. My 1500 movie collection (800 DVD, 6-700 BD, ~100 UHD) has a lot of digital copies, plus I rip and store on Plex (~30TB). I prefer disc only for uncompressed unadulterated UHD. Other than that, it's too convenient to have storage vs. discs.
  • Disc is not uncompressed, is less compressed.
  • Disc *can* be uncompressed. Depends how much they need to fit on the limits of the media. If it's below the size, then there's no need to compress.
  • If you are like me who
    1. game on a xb1x in the living room,
    2. game on a xb1 in the office,
    3. utilize your purchase, gamepad gaming using XPA (looking forwards to xvc and xCloud) on your Alienwares and Surfaces,
    4. look forward to xCloud, to game on a phones during commute.
    5. care about BC, FC, cross-gen-play/save. There's no guarrentee DVD/BD reader will survive forever. And your console game disc won't work on a PC or phone.
    6. don't want to leave multiple consoles in the living room (x multiple gamepads, cable / switch box, game cases, etc) doing nothing. You'd go with digital.
    Plus, instead of buying multiple discs, you can share your copy with other family members.
  • BC? Try putting your original XB/360 discs into a disc-less console. All that you said doesn't make a disc-less console better than the XB1s.
  • Mj in space jam... STRONG REACH
  • I went all digital with the original Xbox One. I'm on an X now and the only disk that I have is Halo MC which came with the original. No regrets on my part. I understand that people like the physical media, but I now have boxes of old 360 games I never use and keep mainly because I'm a pack rat. All of my DVDs are now in my Plex server. If it is cheaper and smaller, then I'll take it. It'll make travelling with my games that much easier.
  • I don’t believe the size is smaller. Could be wrong though, when it is unveiled officially.
  • The pictures accompanying your article suggest that the console size is smaller (or the xbox controller is larger).
  • Well. There is only one real valid reason here, and that's the price. If it's MUCH CHEAPER than the cheapest XB1s ever was, then yes.
    But all the other points are true with a XB1s or a XB1x. XB1s also does game pass, it also does digital (that can be seen as a convenience to some). A broken disc drive (however unlikely it is to happen) will only turn the XB1s into this console. This is just a feature that's removed from the console. MS tends to win A LOT more with this than actual consumers. 1) killing the used market, 2) every gamer has to go through their store to get a game or a movie, 3) can't borrow or lend games. Consumers may have the initial lower cost but they tend to lose a lot more. 1) the games will mostly be more expensive as you depend on only one store. We say competition is good for a reason. If MS has the monopoly on price then it's not good. Also if a company like amazon, gamestop... make an amazing offer for a game, you won't be able to get benefit from it. 2) Unable to borrow, buy used or sell games, 3) you lose a DVD/BR/4K BR player. Honestly, I see a lot more disadvantages than advantages.
  • Agreed on cost of console, I doubt it'll be significant. Especially since, correct me if I'm wrong, they'll pretty much have to increase the storage size of the console to make up for everything being digital, which would raise the price again
  • Why would the HDD have to be bigger because of digital only? You realize disc's load onto the HDD as well right?
  • I have no idea if they'll increase the storage. I've just checked, we can find XB1s with 1TB for around 200 bucks. The whole point of this is to get a cheaper console. Plus HDD doesn't cost that much. MS stands to win a lot more than gamers with this. It is their interest that this sells well. They must make it as cheap as possible even if that means losing money.
  • Wrong. With Gameshare it actually makes it cheaper. 2 copies of brand new game for £59. Or 2 copys of fame on sale for....... If dumb people, those unable to construct a viable future from the MS E32013 keynote, had not made MS revert on their ideas then we would have digital games that we could share with a family of 10, sell back to the MS store or sell to other users(which also allowed the developers to receive money from the sale). In this case digital would have been well worth it. But you guys, unable to move forward, spoil it for the rest.
  • What do you mean by wrong? XB1s can gameshare just the same as this console.
    Now, if you're trying to say that sharing games with your family member makes it cheaper? That doesn't make sense. I'm talking about individual games. I can easily share physical games with multiple people. What happened in 2013 was MS trying to take a cut from the used game market. It was a highly unpopular move and the only people who I saw hyping it happened to be MS/XB fans. You think MS decided to reverse because of opinions? No, they knew people didn't want it months before they actually revealed the console. They reversed their strategy days after they started pre-orders. Here, there is a console that removes feature and options for consumers and give so much benefits to MS. And fans are hyping the system even though they don't know the price of the console. That to me says a lot.
  • What he means by game sharing is that if you buy a game digitally two consoles can be playing that digital game at the same time, it's not like sharing a disc, they can play concurrently. So especially for co op games it is a real advantage over physical media.
  • You're talking about setting your console as "home console" of a friend? If yest than it's a bit of a grey area though. Going through the terms of service. Looking at the Xbox page it looks like setting home console was actually meant for a person with multiple consoles. The people in his home can play the game too. But even if it is an advantage over physical media, it's not an advantage for disc-less over XB1s.
  • But if your game on disc stops working then u have to buy a new game.
    I'm all in on Digital games.
    I own quite a few digital games and none on Disc.
    My Wife and I are trying to declutter our house. As far movies go I went all digital on my Movies with movies everywhere VUDU, MSFT, Google, Amazon, except for the movies I canlt get in digital yet so once I can the rest of my DVD's will go.
  • Good luck getting decluttered!
  • I am 100% sold on a disc-less future with Xbox. I understand why it wouldn't be desirable for some, and I hope they give options for discs going forward. I also hope they give a conversion option to allow those with physical game copies to make them available without needing the disc in, as the vast majority of my games are digital. I would hate to need to re-buy the few physical games I have just because I have a disc-less console. That would be my #1 concern as of now. I don't care about physical video either. I have converted my entire DVD and BluRay library to digital a long time ago and they are now just taking up space in boxes. Internet outages would be annoying sure, but if I can't find ways to entertain myself without internet, then I'd have a different problem altogether :P
  • The only real benefit I see is #1, price. I would guess it will knock $50 off the purchase price. You can go all-digital on a regular Xbox One if you want and achieve every other benefit listed. One major thing you do give up by going discless is the option to use a disc if you want to. What if a friend lends you their disc, or you want to watch a movie someone has on DVD or Blu-Ray? See a decent game in the $5 Wal-Mart clearance bin? What if your internet connection goes down? At least with a disc drive you have the option to use physical media instead. Even at a $50 premium, I would be willing to pay for a disc drive just to open up other possibilities instead of limiting myself to downloadable or streaming content.
  • Exactly my thoughts. Preach
  • Why is it whenever we have these discussions about a disc-less console, people try to make it into a digital vs physical thing? Here it's (physical + digital) vs digital-only.
  • Because people who prefer digital can save money by choosing an all-digital device. No need for a disc drive you won’t use.
  • That logic only applies clearly in your country, unless you never buy games on release. Physical games are 30-40% cheaper on release than digital. That is a huge difference in price. They also go on sale faster than digital titles do (although to be fair Microsoft's digital sales have improved significantly, they still aren't up to snuff with physical). So an initial saving on the console of 50-100 bucks doesn't outweigh the hundreds of dollars I've saved over the course of the One's lifespan buying physical.
  • @Sin Ogaris
    It's not just on release. The used market help regulate games quite well. A game like fallout 76 dropped so much in price because of how bad it was. It's still 60 bucks in the XB store.
  • But the ability to gameshare does. 2x copies for the price of 1? That far outweighs 10 dolla cheaper.
  • Provided you have someone to game share with, yes, you are correct.
  • That's debatable. 1) we don't know the price for this thing. 2) Like Sin said since you depend on only one store you'll probably end up paying more on games. In your article, you said that this was perfect for game pass... But this isn't a plus compared to other XB1. The XB1s can do everything this console will be able to do. Here it's about losing features and options. Losing a feature that was so important when the XB1s was launched. You'll end up paying more cash for games, Losing the possibility to sell, buy used games, lend or borrow games... All this to save some undisclosed amount of money.
  • Well, even WITH a disc, you still have to INSTALL the game on your HD, so all it will save you is your ISP bandwidth cap (except with the tendency towards massive 10 GB+ first-day patches, it seems a moot point recently) and you won't have to put a disc in just to play the game (the BEST reason to do all-digital.) The Xbox S comes with up to a 2 TB drive now (why doesn't the X?) so disk space should not be an issue, but I still want to see a 4TB option on BOTH the S and the X. If they offer the disc-less S with an SSD internal so it's faster, that would be great also (but would negate the price reduction from not having a 4K BD in it. I expect the next Xbox iteration to have a PCI-E x4 interface for truly FAST SSDs so that may just be too far ahead of the curve.)
  • We have so many games that are digital downloads now that we play them and almost never play the disk based ones anymore. We also have an external 6T hard drive, so space is not a problem yet. I have only had problems with a disk or two over the years, that is not a reason for me, it is just a lot more convenient then looking through stacks of disks for the one I want. I just select the game on the screen. I hope anyone can turn in a disk for a digital copy even if they have a disk drive version of Xbox. Also, hope that any xbox or xbox 360 games that are xbox one compatible can be replaced with a digital copy.
  • Also, no more royalties to Sony for an Xbox purchase because of the blue ray player.
  • Yup. Though it's nice the S/X both have UHD blu ray something which the PS4 isn't even capable of.
  • @rmark
    LOL and what does that change for you? Are you a consumer or are you just a company fan cheering for companies and hating on it's competition? Post like yours are really funny to me.
  • Sony owns less than 30% of the Bluray standard, they are making sweet F/A off of drive royalties.
  • Why would anyone buy this if they already have an Xbox one?
  • They wouldn’t, unless they need to replace.
  • Or a second or third Xbox.. how has no one mentioned that? Seems the most obvious use. I have 2 kids, so if I can pick up a couple of discless Xboxes cheaply then we can squad up.
  • Definitely a good point.
  • Or wait for xCloud
  • I moved my old xb1 to the office after I bought my xb1x.
    I'd buy a disc-less xb1x to replace that old xb1 tho :p Too bad, disc-less xb1s is the same size as the og xb1s. I was imaging it to be a lotta smaller, small and light enough so you can carry it around. Console gaming in a cafe on some SAT/SUN afternoon isn't a bad idea. Maybe I can crack it open and stuck all the HW into a smaller box or something... :p
  • I know it's hard for some of you to believe, but some of us really do play backwards compatible games and some still arent in digital format (Loved going back to ace combat 6 after buying 7). I would like to see 2 things before I would consider buying this if my xbox one would stop working. Make sure every single game playable on xb1 is available in digital form, and a way to enter a one time code to allow the download of your games you only have on disc. Everything I buy now is digital, but I also dont want to spend up to 30$ on the digital copies of MW3 or others that I still like going back to or re-buying rock band digitally.
  • But this is not becoming the norm, it’s simply a choice. For someone like you, a regular console is best. For someone like me, however, I would prefer this (if I didn’t have an X1X, which I do)
  • You are ready to buy this even though you don't even though you don't know the price?
    Surely there should be some benefit from buying this over a regular XB1s. Surely we should wait for actual cost to see if it's really worth it or not.
  • That's not what he said, he said that if, when he was buying an Xbox, his options would be a discless system, or a disc based one, he would prefer the discless system (which is not the same as saying he would buy the discless system, only that it would be more preferable to his usage). He clearly won't buy one as, like he stated, he already owns a One X.
  • The thing about this is that (taking out the price) objectively there is no real reason to prefer the disc-less XB over the XB1s.
    Because the disc-less one is just a XB1s with less feature and options. I know he said he wasn't going to buy this but he prefers a disc-less console.
  • That's simply not the case. A lower price and the removal of disc drive damage risk is absolutely a reason to want to buy this console over a normal XB1S. If the option was out, I would totally buy an X1X without a disc drive for those reasons. I already go digital-only; I lose nothing I value by choosing that.
  • I said "taking out the price". Because right now we don't know anything about how much it'll cost. How can the risk of disc drive damage even be a reason? It's something additional. If the disc drive of a XB1s is damaged it'll turn into a this disc-less console.
    If the disc-less console has problems connecting to internet then the console, then that's it for that console. This is like someone saying the normal XB1 controller is better than the elite one because since the elite has more thumbstick options and has paddles, there are higher risks that a thumbstick or paddle getting damaged.
  • Because you're going to pay more for that console.
  • Are you even sure of that? We don't know the price. We don't know the price difference. My original statement was: "(taking out the price) objectively there is no real reason to prefer the disc-less XB over the XB1s"
    Note the "taking out the price", meaning without considering the price difference (since we don't know anything about it).
  • If they had offered a discless Xbox One at launch, I would have been all over that. I haven't used a game disc since about halfway through the life of the 360. In fact, TWICE I had to send in an X360 because of the failed DVD drive. The digital future that Microsoft promised us at that infamous E3 announcement years ago that everyone poo-poo'd on cannot come fast enough for me.
  • I do not give a **** what this article says about giving you a reason to buy the new One S all digital console edition it's going to fail in terms of sale I know this for a fact and I truly feel sorry for those supporting Microsoft's horrendous DRM policy meaning Microsoft can easily take away all of your digital content that you purchased with your own money it literally says it under there DRM policy it says Microsoft holds the right to revoke or terminate your Xbox Live account if deemed necessary if they find you violated their code of conduct they will strip away all of your digital content which means you have to rebuy everything so whoever supports this discless Xbox S console is nothing but a Xbox Fanboy or fangirl which is why I purchase every physical or digital copy from GameStop or anywhere other than Xbox store I do not trust their DRM policy at least on Steam you don't lose your digital content if I was suspended or permanently banned same thing with Nintendo or PlayStation Store they have better DRM policies unlike Microsoft they can easily take away everything you bought with your own money just like what happened to me 3 years ago I was permanently suspended from Xbox Live just because one stupid ass kid in GTA Online reported me for swearing at him and I told him you are a kid you're not supposed to be playing GTA online if you're not 17 or older it does not matter how much mature you think you are you will still act like a kid after being reported five times they concluded Xbox enforcement team had no choice but to permanently suspend me and stripped away everything I bought between Games and apps this is why I vow to never again purchase anything digitally from Xbox they are untrustworthy until they improve their DRM policy and to be honest I never understood why DRM exist it should be drm-free just because people are trying to pirate games does not mean you should make everybody else suffer does anybody else agree with me?
  • I feel your anger, but currently all digit drm policies are bad.
    If steam goes away, so do your games. If Sony removed the content from the servers, say bye to your content. If they, Microsoft, Sony, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and, Google, and anyone else using it, they would make digital work like physical. That won't solve the removal of content from servers or dead companies it products, but it is a step in the right direction
  • disagreed as soon as you used profanity. It is people like you that harm the games industry more than digital. You are the type of person which allows third parties to take advantage of others work. You buy from gamestop a game where no money goes back to the developers and gamestop rip you off....
  • What are you talking about? Gamestop purchase a game from a Publisher, the publisher pays the Developer. If anything it is more beneficial than digital, with digital a customer has to purchase the game for the developer/publisher to see profits, with brick and mortars they are paid already, it's only the store that needs to recoup costs.
  • The PS4 community awaits you with open arms.
    Don't let the door hit you in the a$$ on the way out.
  • @Rezerlius
    Totally agree with you. It's quite shocking what happened to you...
    And some MS/XB fans will defend this...
  • I pity you and your lack of empathy. Put yourself in the shoes of a consumer who only plays digital games only, and it's pretty clear to see why someone may want this console.
  • I think, that if the price is right, this version of Xbox will interest many gamers. For me it's the traditional. I am the one of the gamers, who loves to physically collect their games they love. Also, the possibility of buying games with the disc drive is wider. I also use Xbox for Blu-rays. 😄
  • Microsoft needs to bring back the original Xbox one idea of digital ownership, loaning and selling digital rights. Games are expensive and getting rid of the disc will kill the used game market, which many depend on
  • Wouldn't games cost more since you can only purchase from the MS store? This is if you don't have game pass
  • Simply put, yes. If you cut out all other avenues for buying a game, then the one store holds a monopoly, they have no reason to make things cheaper because there is no competition. What Microsoft is hoping for is that this pushes more people to their Game Pass service, THATis what they truly want.
  • I would love to go all digital, so much more simple, neat, tidy and convienient BUT here in Australia, digital games are crazy expensive!
    Division 2 was close to double the price for digital !
    Crazy, cut out production, shipping and handling costs, yet the plan is to near double the price??!!
    Prices should be MUCH cheaper, NOT much more expensive !!
  • Yep, this. Oftentimes here I'll buy physical on release, then if it's a game I'm still playing a year down the track when there is a really cheap digital sale, I'll trade the disc into EB or JB for another game and grab it on the cheap digitally, still, in the long run, paying less than if I had bought digital initially.
  • It is better for us to have the disc tray cause choices is better. You can find cheaper games second hand in many stores. Some games also leaving digital stores through the years. Personally I am not a game pass fan (OK hopefully I won't get a comment attack for this) and I believe we should have both choices. I have about 80 games on my 360 retail and about 40 on xbox one. Most of my digital staff are GWG games and some games like guns gore and cannoli and cuphead that you cannot find them in retail version, or some games like outlast that I took them from store as a bundle in the price of 5 bucks... So all in for disc tray and digital...
  • Microsoft, stop blocking us from downloading our games for windows marketplace games, been blocking us for close to a year. Fix that, and maybe I'd consider a discless future. Till then, have little faith in a discless console from you.
  • That is a serious issue if it is not working in your country. It was working and it stopped? If so, let them know, in Feedback Hub or on Twitter :)
  • There are a bunch of us who have sent many tweets, only to be ignored. We get responses in the support forum from Microsoft employees who state it's a known issue, and they will escalate the issue up the chain again. They say to check back to this support post for updates. Then someone there closes the thread, and we start all over with a new post. Been doing this since Feb 2018. I emailed Windows central tip line, explaining the issue to see if their covering of the issue will get Microsoft to wake up and get it fixed, but guess WC wasn't interested in the story, as they never replied, or wrote about the issue. Go to Microsoft's support forum, search "Games for Windows Marketplace", and im sure you'll see all the many threads, assuming they haven't been deleted.
  • I'd get this one. But even though it will be cheaper, I'm sure that it will be more expensive in my country because it's the new model. I know it doesn't make sense but here it's how they do it.
  • Someday the console troglodytes will stop with the physical games. Waste of space. Stop buying them. Keep your console if you want to play your old games, but it is time to stop buying more physical disks. PC switched to all digital like a decade ago for a reason. It is better in every way.
  • I have a question to you. What's the problem of having both? Just because you don't like physical games why do you want others not to get it? Isn't it better for consumers that we have choice?
    I prefer physical games, but I don't say "don't buy digital". I actually buy both. Can you explain your reasoning please? Going 100% digital will ONLY benefit these companies that want you only purchase games in their store. If you're a fellow consumer, I just can't understand your logic. If your priority is these companies then fine, I'll get it.
  • The WHOLE PC gaming community switching to all digital like a decade ago shows it is a bit more than my own personal preference. Digital is vastly superior. I am sure horse and buggy was an option for a little while after cars were invented. Physical media is dead. Hang on as long as you want, but don't pretend it can even begin to compete with digital.
  • And I barely game on PC because of it. I like to buy multiplayer games digitally, but single player, I don't need it still in my library after I've finished the game, I certainly don't have the time to revisit games I've already played when I have a significant backlog of games I haven't so being able to recoup money from a game I'm literally never going to touch again in my life is a bonus for me.
  • What does game stop give you? Like $5 max? Not worth the time or effort.
  • My bet is that as soon as xCloud takes to wing the great retreatist Nadella will close the MS Store and cancel digital downloads. So word to the wise... I'd be super cautious investing in a library of games here. Nadella is all about SUBSCRIPTIONS. Case in point... the creepy ads denigrating Office 2019 compared to the subscription-based office 365.
    * Every dollar you spend on a digital download is a dollar flushed down the toilet when Nadella kills off the MS Store and goes 100% Game Pass. Sure he MIGHT "refund" you, but you'll then forever be locked into $9.99 or $14.99 a month or whatever $$$ for GamePass monthly they lock you into. Remember WHO you're dealing with. Nadella is a minion for the MS Board, who handpicked him to transform Microsoft into a portfolio of subscription-based services.
  • I can understand your scepticism, but that is unlikely to happen unless Microsoft COMPLETELY bow out of the console race and solely shift to a streaming service (which isn't completely out of the bounds of reality) as there are way too many third party games that simply have not, and will not, come to Game Pass, it is not cost effective for developers to put their games into the service because streaming and subscription services give back next to nothing to the content providers. So until we are in a World where every publisher offers their own streaming service, don't expect the Xbox Store to close any time soon.
  • Wow this is really creepy. The strategy is so clear. They want everyone to use it as a service. Because they want non-stop income. Consumer don't and will never own anything. When we look what they tried to do in 2013 and at how they are doing things now, introduced paying to play online, having services like game pass and XCloud, it's really looks like what they are doing with office is what will happen with XB in the near future.
    I can the time when they will simply close the store and goes 100% renting service.
  • F*** discs. F*** streaming too. The only worthwhile model is a fully digital storefront. The problem with streaming is you don't own the game, you can lose access to the game and the saves, and you pay for a bunch of crap you don't want. With a digital game purchase you own the game (people say technically you don't, but for all practical purposes you do.)
  • Again why is digital AND physical not good? I understand some fellow gamer prefer digital, can you understand that some of us prefer physical?
    We are fellow gamers, we should not be fighting for less options and want only what we prefer, we should ask for choice and options.
  • Why should I buy an all digital console that is exactly the same size as the S and take that on trips - when I can just use my S for the very same purpose? A digital library is not exclusive to that new SKU. So I fail to see how it can be a new positive that I can take my library with me. I can do that. Now. And since 2006.
  • Im a dad of 3, and even though I haven't had a cookie jammed in the disc tray kids use to scratch the discs, I whent all digital 3 years ago when they where 4yo
  • Hopefully you'll never experience that cookie conundrum.
  • I have 2 PS4 systems in my house , and wanted to get the Xbox 1 S pretty recently. The only thing holding me back is the price point right now, since I could have gotten an Xbox 1 S last Black Friday for about $199. So when I heard there would be an all digital version of the system , I was excited because surely they wouldn't charge any more than $200 considering a huge hardware cutback. Well , as of today and everything I have read so far , Microsoft looks like they will be releasing this for around $260. Huh? I can get an Xbox 1 S on Amazon right now with Forza for $250. Why would I even consider the All Digital edition ? This is almost as bad as the blunder they made when they released the original Xbox 1 , and drove most of their customers away. Live and learn? Not for Microsoft apparently.
  • I absolutely will not buy an all digital system period. I refuse to buy a game and not own it. I want a physical copy. I want my shelves cluttered with games and blurays. About a year ago i got laid off and lost my internet for 6 months or longer. No internet means no downloading games
  • 1 More affordable Xbox - Nope, on their website right now they show as the EXACT same price
    2 Built for Xbox Game Pass - Sure I guess but thats about the only option with this flop
    3 Digital-only is convenient - Well yeah I'll admit thats true
    4 Amazing for travel - WHAT?!?!? Um no, its no more "Amazing for travel" than the regular version
    5 Less risk of damage - Well yeah because its missing 50% of its innards
  • Both models are exactly the same price. What kind of moron would pay the same price for less?
  • Buying such an under-powered system a little more than a year before the next-gen drops, is just plain stupid. If it was $150 maybe it would be a purchase worth considering for people looking for a budget deal. Otherwise there's absolutely no reason to invest in it. Microsoft will offer a budget friendly option with next-gen, which could come as early as March of next year. Whether the Xbox One SAD Edition has a disc-drive or not is entirely irrelevant, especially at that price point. It's just a cheap attempt by Microsoft to get rid of their stock before showing off the new systems at E3.