5 things I love (and 5 things I don't) about the HP Elite x3

I've been using the Elite x3 for several weeks now, so much so I've actually had time to drop it, shatter the screen, get it repaired and continue using it. It's been a great several weeks, and I've received lots of questions in regards to my experience. With our full review already live here, I thought it'd be a good idea to write up a more simplified list of things that I personally like and dislike about the HP Elite x3. Let's get started.

Five things I like about the HP Elite x3

1. Beautiful and considered design

It was a surprise to me when I first opened the box, but the HP Elite x3 is a beautiful handset. It feels great in the hand, and is definitely a step up over the Lumia 950 and 950 XL, although that's not exactly hard to achieve. HP has payed attention to pretty much everything when it comes to design, from the materials used for the body to the way the vibration motor feels when receiving a text message. Everything just feels like it had extra care put towards it when in the design room, and you can really feel it.

2. The screen is huge and gorgeous

The HP Elite x3 is rocking the best screen available on any Windows 10 Mobile handset.

The HP Elite x3 is rocking the best screen available on any Windows 10 Mobile handset. Not just in sheer size, but the clarity and brightness just blow anything the Lumia 950 and 950 XL have to offer out the water. The Elite x3's screen is bright and beautiful, and when compared alongside the likes of the 950 XL, really shows how much more effort HP put into their screen technology compared to Microsoft's year-old Lumias. HP has done an excellent job with this 5.96 inch 2560x1440 AMOLED display.

3. Battery life forever

In what's probably the standout feature of the Elite x3 (at least for me), battery life is just astounding. I'm confident in saying the Elite x3 features the best battery life on an Windows 10 Mobile to date, and would go so far as to say it's the best battery life on any of the high-end smartphone offerings available right now. I can easily get a full day's life with medium to high usage and still have 30% left by the day's end. Not only that, but with QuickCharge 3.0, I can charge back up in less than an hour! Fantastic.

4. Docking up with the Desk Dock

The HP Elite x3 comes bundled with a Desk Dock, which allows for easy setup with Continuum. The Desk Dock is a beautiful and premium accessory that looks great sitting next to a monitor, with the added bonus of USB ports, an Ethernet jack, a DisplayPort and USB-C port. HP also bundles a number of swappable Desk Dock covers to accommodate the three cases that HP offers for the Elite x3. They've really thought of everything!

5. The x3 bit

The HP Elite x3 is called the "x3" for a reason. HP is positioning the Elite x3 as the one device that can be your smartphone, desktop and laptop. That's 3 devices, all in one device. With the Desk Dock, the actual smartphone, and the upcoming Lap Dock, HP has really nailed the "Continuum experience" on the head with different options for every kind of user. I'm personally excited to try out the Lap Dock, which should be available this November.

Make sure you check out our full HP Elite x3 review here!

Five things I don't like about the HP Elite x3

1. The camera struggle is real

I've had many issues with the HP Elite x3's camera. At first, it would constantly crash on me, to the point in which saving pictures was a problem. Luckily, HP has since released a couple firmware updates that for the most part mend this, although the issue isn't completely gone. Not only that, but the camera still needs optimization improvements, as I am constantly struggling to take a good picture. Don't get me wrong, the Elite x3's camera is a capable shooter, but the current software optimizations make it real hard to take "good" photos.

2. Double whack to wake

The HP Elite x3 does support Double Tap To Wake, which is a neat feature that most high-end smartphones support these days, but the Elite x3 does it a bit different. Instead of using the capacitive screen to detect a double tap, it uses the accelerometer instead. This causes all kinds of odd anomalies, including a high failure rate when actually trying to double tap to wake the phone up. There are options to adjust its sensitivity, but no matter what I do, I can't get it "working" properly. Luckily, it can be turned off, which is what I've done for now.

3. Awkward fingerprint scanner placement

This is definitely a personal preference of mine, but I dislike the location of the fingerprint scanner. I find it to be in a slightly awkward position, being directly in the middle on the upper half of the back of the device. It's where many smartphone manufactures are putting the fingerprint scanner, and I'm just not a fan of it. It's great when using the device with two hands, but can be slightly uncomfortable when using with one hand — at least HP built in an iris scanner too.

4. Should this be faster?

The Elite x3 is rocking a Snapdragon 820 processor, which is the fastest available on any Windows phone to date. Unfortunately, it doesn't exactly feel that way. I'm assuming some firmware optimizations are still needed, but the Elite x3 is just barely faster in day-to-day use. On paper, and in tests, it is faster, but when compared side-by-side with a Lumia 950 XL, they're basically on par, with the Elite x3 sometimes being a tiny bit slower. Peculiar, indeed.

5. Empty out your wallet

The HP Elite x3 is expensive. It's only available with the Desk Dock, bringing the price tag to $799. That's way out of many budgets.

Let's face it, the HP Elite x3 is expensive. Right now, you can only buy one with the added Desk Dock, which bumps the price an extra $100 to $799. That's in no way cheap, and for many consumers is way out of their budget. Buying an Elite x3 is an expensive proposition, and more often than not I simply cannot recommend the Elite x3 to friends based on that alone. Not everybody has the budget to spend that much on a phone, much less one that's not going to be hundreds of dollars more capable than competing devices. But if you can afford it, it's absolutely worth the cost of entry.

I personally think the HP Elite x3 is the best Windows phone yet. I'm extremely happy with my Elite x3 — after using it for the past several weeks I've retired by my old Lumia 950 XL. If you're a die-hard Windows phone user that must have the very best, then the Elite x3 is your absolute best choice.

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  • You don't miss glance?
  • Oddly, I don't. I thought I would, but I'm getting on just fine. Funny that.
  • If I remember right, the Elite X3 has a modified version of glance. Is it only while charging? I'm not sure. You can see a green battery icon with the date and time.
  • That's for use during Continuum instead of leaving the display on.
  • Daniel if u don't mind writing about why Microsoft neither accept that it's true about making reality the surface phone or denied it. What factors can play against then if they do, either one or the other, on business side? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I know I'm not Daniel but if they released it as a surprise it would get a lot more attention from the media.
  • Do we know if 3rd parties can enable Glance if they use a display with memory or is it strictly for use on Nokia/Microsoft devices? i.e part of those devices hardware+firmware rather than the OS? Would be good if it was freely available to manufacturers to use
  • Then they should also have that as a glance replacement. Like we see in many phones now - MOTO, Samsung, etc.
  • That is the only reason that I won't get one.  I know it seems sad but I don't have an clock in my bedroom and my Qi stand turns my phone into a clock.  Great looking device though I will admit.
  • Me too. I'll wait for the X3 successor.
  • The X3 looks fantastic. I really hope there is a successor - I'm not waiting for one specifically but they did such a good job on this one I'd love to see another in 18 months to re-affirm their dedication to W10M, they are onto a winner hopefully
  • For some reason I don't believe you. It's because you said "funny That"    Sounds like yiu are trying to convince yourself still that it truly doesn't bother you...i love Glance
  • Zac, how much did it cost to get the screen repaired? I called HP earlier but they have to call me back.
  • Use your insurance
  • £160 (without tax) was the quote I believe.
  • I will hold my judgment for when I use a device sans glance. But I honestly think that is a deal breaker for me.
  • I really missed Glance when I had the 735. You learn to just live without it if you have to, activating the lock screen for your info instead. When I got a 950, I was REALLY happy to have it back. Though the anniversary update really reduced it's effectiveness. :(
  • What issues are you seeing with glance and AU?
  • You haven't noticed that the notification icons take an extra 2-3 seconds to appear after the glance screen turns on? This kinda ruins the whole "glance" nature of it. I literally used to pull it out of my pocket and glance at the screen to see if anything needed my attention. Now, I pull it out of my pocket, and sit there waiting for glance to tell me what's up. It's no longer a glance. It's actually faster to hit the power button to get the info off the lock screen.
  • Ahh, yes. My work device sits on a qi stand up charger, so it is nice when walking near by and quickly, well... glance. But, yes, the delay has been super annoying.
  • Yes, i completely agree. This lag is REAL. On a L650 and 950XL. Some OS component is screwed up for sure.
  • I can't get over the camera... I can't.
  • If the camera was at least as good as the one on my 950 this would be my next phone... Considering the fact that a Surface Phone may not "Surface". Damn.
  • Even as good as my 1520. It's gotta at least be that good. I mean, that was a good damn camera, I tell you. Slow as honey, but it was good.
  • I just have to have a super nice camera! Can't let it go.
  • So, what I'm trying to say is that I can't spend $800 on a phone with a questionable camera... Do y'all feel me?
    Maybe I should've put it another way.
  • Clear as crystal. Consumers cant overlook a bad or even an average camera. it needs to be really good.
  • Yes! Exactly.... As I was saying before, the camera needs to be top notch.
  • A great camera. That's what people are going to want, whether for work, or play.
  • Let me put it like this. The camera needs to be superior than other devices. The best!.... I'm just wondering if y'all understand me.
  • Do you talk to yourself a lot, rodneyej? :) And I agree with you about the camera. It is the only thing that kills the deal for me.
  • I do.... Real tap to wake, and glance, also are missing. That sucks.. I really hate that we can't have Nokia, and Lumia back.. Everything just sucks donkey balls now.
  • So, what you're saying is that you aren't satisfied with the X3's camera?? :p
  • I don't think you understand. Lol
  • Haha.
  • I think Microsoft should've given HP the camera Module from the 950 range, they're obviously not using it and such a move wouldve helped HP keep costs down whilst creating something thats top end in every sense. Sitting on the tech is dumb, it always has a limited shelf life and if MS ever come back to the market that camera will be too outdated.  
  • Perfect point!
  • No Glance on my 930, drives me nuts.
  • The 930 never had glance due to no display memory.
  • I thought it was because of the kind of screen technology
  • I came here just to ask him the same. Microsoft should allow OEM's to feature its phones with Glance!
  • Elite X3 is good.
    But I'm still waiting for Surface Phone, if there will be one.
  • we don't know exactly when will surface phone will come.  Microsoft does not want to tell you the exact date untill the real thing happen.  
  • That's probably because MS have no idea themselves.
  • Cerulean device coming soon is promised to be even more revolutionary.
  • As much as I want this to be true, I just dont think the 6 man team can bring something that special to the table. I suspect they'll be bringing a rebadged OEM device to market. All we can hope for is that it's great one. Even then, the debacle of the initial X3 launch shows how important firmware is. Significant resources need applied here to get good results.
  • Suggest you to but a Lumia 950. Surface Phone will not come in the next months and now the Lumia 950 is cheaper than ever, and specs are still ok (at least for me).
  • Hmm, maybe I'll consider that next year.
  • Just purchased a 950 from the Microsoft store today. $399 with the dock thrown in for free. Much better experience this time around.
  • That's the price of Lumia 830 when it first came out.
    So affordable!
  • As far as the price it was a given that it is expensive its primary market is enterprise which is generally high price. It's not for the average consumer. As far as your issues I suspect that HP & MS are continuing to work on firmware and camera improvements as we speak. Hopefully between the x3 and hopefully the surface phone WM 10 is back in the saddle.
  • Also keep in mind that that price range is in the same ballpark as the high end androids or iPhones, which don't come with a dock. So, I'm not terribly upset with that pricing especially under the assumption that in the near-ish future it may be offered without a dock for less.
  • Yep people seem to forget the Google Pixel XL costs the same as this, so it's not overpriced it's just a high end phone with a high end price tag to go along with it. OS and Apps aside I don't think the Pixel XL has anything over the Elite X3 other than the camera, and it's debatable how important that is outside of low-light photos - X3 isn't badly priced people just want things for nothing
  • With regard to the fingerprint reader, is it just too high up for you because the phone is large? I've used the Moto X and Nexus 5X and found the placement to be optimal. I've also been happy with the home button reader on the iPhone 7. I can see the arguments for both. Posted from my Nexus 5X
  • The not so like comments are enough for me not to buy this phone!
  • There are only 3 thinks which I don't like. Double tap will get better with updates & fingerprint scanner is personal to Zac. So, overall a very good device and worthy of a try when available.
  • Definitely think double tap can improve. Even on the 950 the latest CU for Release Preview improved the responsiveness noticeably, so even MS are still making their TTW better and it's based off Nokia tech that's been in production for years
  • Is it the storage or ram speed that is holding back performance? My 950xl is fast for a phone, but still sluggish feeling in continuum. I wish intel would make a big push into phones. X86 comparability would change continuum overnight.
  • Sadly Intel has done just the opposite and cancelled their phone efforts. According to Paul Thurrott that has caused a big delay in any Surface phone effort, the original plan was based around Intel.  
  • 4th dislike is probably why you get two days on a charge
  • Not really. That's because the 820 is a very efficient processor. And its only Quad core whereas the 810 is Octa core (and even with the 4+4 core config of different clock speeds, it's still running a lot).
  • Correct.
  • I agree with most of this except I love the fingerprint scanner functionality, especially location. Ohh, and I don't have issues with camera, I do miss the camera button from the 950, but actual camera is just fine for me.
  • My curiosity is why this phone can't shoot in 60fps 1080p? I often prefer smoothness to more resolution. Can someone enlighten me as to why? I figured the 820 was more than capable.
  • I'm guessing Microsoft just hasn't bothered adding it into the OS yet. Edit: Nevermind, the 950 has it.
  • I dont think the OS has much to do with that. I think its on HPs end. Microsoft would be smart I think to cheaply license their camera tech stuff (software and codexes and whatnot) to WP makers so they can add that to their phones...
  • I was wondering the other day whether the post-processing algorithms are built into the camera app or not or do HP have to write their own. Like you say it would be good if MS provided those OOTB
  • Wait about 4 or 5 months and the price will be half probably,I gotta new 950 in July for almost $650.00 on a contract from att and now I think they're $299 brand new,I see em on the web all the time for $200 used,I wish I would've waited,and att will not honor the price drop,unbelievable
  • I doubt it will drop much. Its a business class phone not a consumer phone.
  • Where can I find 950 unlock for $200?  Serious question.
  • The 950 is almost a year old.  Of course the price will go down.  I paid less than $600 with the education discount unlocked from the Microsoft store last year.
  • The most frustrating thing about the price points is the laptop body. That is enough money to buy a legitimate laptop with full Windows 10. Then use the Phone-to-PC casting feature if you need it. I can't see dropping that much money on what is essentially a Thin Client laptop.
  • The lap dock should have been 199.99 to 299.99 in my opinion
  • There's a thread in the forums that mention an offer on it, it is being given free with the phone it seems
  • The Phone to PC projection using Miracast doesn't work well at all with my Surface Pro 3. Does work better with a wireless display dongle and obviously perfect when wired. I'm not impressed with Miracast in general as even with the device right next to a higher-end Miracast dongle you get skips and lag on and off - That's a criticism of Miracast rather than MS though. I would like to see how well the lapdock works wirelessly as it seems like the ideal config. They are adding the "wireless dock" concept to Continuum soon which I think will let you automatically connect from the lapdock to the phone without taking it out of your pocket/bag - Right now I think you have to manually use the "Connect" option to first get it onto the lap dock display
  • Overall I love my HP Elite X3.
    I personally like the fingerprint scanner placement. I can easily grab the phone with one hand and my index finger easily finds the scanner. I find it much faster than the iris scanner.
    Camera is adequate for me but I do miss the camera button.
    I really miss Glance and agree that the double tap to wake is just not usable at all. The only issues I've had are my screen frequently becomes unresponsive after I get a text notification while the screen is locked and off. When I try to unlock the phone the screen is frozen until I reset the phone. This happens much less since the update but is not eliminated all together. I've got the "rugged case" which I like. All I need to find is a holster that will hold it.
    The quick charge is awesome and the battery life is the best I've ever had.
  • One thing I don’t like is the box it’s delivered in. It’s huge! The size would maybe make sense if this was a laptop, but not for a phone.
  • 3. Awkward fingerprint scanner placement - Not for me!
  • I think it's just fine, it's more a personal preference than say an agreed upon design flaw. Nexus devices have it there too and do some Huawei's, so it's quite common.
  • Where would you prefer it, on the front?
  • The front is an even worse location.
  • Test
  • Just the bigger screen is such a plus. I really hope to see a phone with something like 6.3". This is the first HP product in decades that I've actually wanted to own. Go HP!!
  • I would quite like something like that. It would be as close to a tablet as you can get whilst still being pocketable
  • I'm actually the opposite.  The L950 is the largest I can go to keep it comfortable.  Sadly....
  • The very best and the camera strugle, not have a real dttw, don't have glance and isn't faster than a 950xl... Where is the best thing in that???
  • It's noticeably faster than a 950xl. I see the difference right away and I have both phones.
  • Nevermind the better screen, fingerprint reader, and superior battery life.
  • #6 No camera button.
  • We all can live without it Then again, I'm not a fan of giving up convenience...
  • I beg to differ!
  • I must have a camera button! I use it for quick photos all the time.
    I saw a suggestion to make the volume up and down programmable. When the camera is in use, one could be the camera button or maybe for zoom? Not the same, I know.
  • Isn't the volume buttons used for zoom?  In any case, that'll be a bit awkward having the camera button on the left side of the phone.
  • I finally was able to get my hands on one at a local store. My #1 dislike is that it's not on Verizon. Otherwise, I'd buy one today. And to the inevitable "switch to AT&T" comments - it's just not a good option for me.
  • Switch to T-Mobile ... Haha
  • Are you sure? Have you tested ATT and T-Mobile recently? Try a prepaid, no contract, for a month or two. Buy a cheap, (used?) windows phone to test coverage and internet speed. Don't change your number, just forward it to the new phone temporarily.
    Just an idea.
  • Do you have case on?  I dropped my fair share and never have broken screen on any of my Lumia
  • I read elsewhere that Zac didn't have a case on his when he dropped it, but has one now. For what it's worth, I have a silicon case on mine and like it quite a bit.
  • Here too.
  • The price of the x3 is high but it is multiple devices in one. At least it can be for some users, theres no point getting it if you still need to carry a laptop or tablet around.
  • I agree with a lot of this, but I wish people would stop saying it's expensive.  It's not, for what you get.  The other flagship phones are just as expensive.  The iPhone 7 Plus and Google Pixel XL both go for $769 (and that's with half the storage, 32GB, and the iPhone doesn't even have Micro SD storage) retail, no dock/accessories.  The top end iPhone is almost $1000!  The problem is that you can't get them at a carrier, on a plan.  If you could, no one would even notice the price. That being said, I felt it was worth it, and sold my Note 5 to get one.  I love it, and don't regret it for a second.
  • The other phones you mentioned are both balanced devices, featuring a hell of a camera-software-combo.
  • The android one? Lol
  • "Let's face it, the HP Elite x3 is expensive... $799. That's in no way cheap, and for many consumers is way out of their budget" I find this comment ironically funny.  I agree that it's expensive, and beyond my budget.  Yet, I see so many reviews on here, and elsewhere, for devices that are well above that price, it makes me think I'm just a cheapskate. Consumers are more than willing to shell out that type of money for flagship iOS or Android devices, and considering a smartphone is typically used more than any desktop/laptop by most people, the price per hour of usage is actually low.  Plus, the target audience is business enterprise customers, who get special discounts for bulk purchases, so the price is even lower than a single retail unit.  Even without a discount, I see my company spend much more on a business-class laptop (portable workstation) than a standard laptop ever costs.
  • Many ppl get iphones on contract they dont pay that much money upfront
  • Some people need to take a basic economics class to open their eyes to the real costs.
  • If more people understood economics, our world wouldn't really be in the state it's in.
  • Part of the reason why alot of people lease vehicles.
  • No touch screen on the lap dock is up there as a negative for me. It feels like a show stopper for me at the moment, but I might still sell eventually my Surface 3 LTE (used as a secondary device) and pick this up...
  • Maybe in the future there will be a 2-in-1 shell available similar to a surface w/ touch screen but it uses Continuum to power it.... A 2-in-1 accessory for a 3-in1 device!
  • The price of that lap dock doesn't scare you?
  • Well, yeah, it is pricey. Almost as much as the phone itself. Not gonna do it right away. I'll at least wait until Redstone 2 to check out the new Continuum improvements on my Lumia 950 XL, and then possibly sell both my Surface 3 LTE and Lumia 950 XL at that point...
  • It's there any way i can get this on contract in England? Simply to spread the cost as I can't justify dishing out that much on a phone in one lump.
  • Save money if you want to buy something
  • Great idea
  • Don't think there is anybody selling it on contract but if it goes on sale on Amazon UK then they will offer finance on something this expensive. May seem like a bad idea to get finance on a phone (almost definitely is a bad idea) but when people buy them on contract it's the same thing. You could buy the phone on finance and get a SIM only deal and probably work out better than getting a £50 P/M contract over 2 years. So really the same thing but a different way to go about it.
  • Could we add a 6th thing to the list. HP is the manufacturer. I learned awhile ago I couldn't trust HP and I feel like there's going to be a hard gut punch after a year or two with this thing in the market. Either dropped support, poor repair policies or something equally as frustrating. HP never fails to make you question your decision in buying one of their products.
  • Sadly, that's common for most companies out there.
  • And for every bad experience, I hear of a bunch of good experiences.  
  • Pretty nonsense about the price. IPhone 7 plus 128gb is $869.
  • I own this device and can Pretty much echo almost everything on this list. I would add glance (I miss it) and take away fingerprint location. That fingerprint scanner is perfect guys
  • So it's slow (compared to a year old device that really didn't get a lot of love from MS in the design process) and the camera is spotty. I don't care what else it offers, no way would an average consumer consider this. Good thing it's not for consumers. Yikes.
  • I don't recall anyone saying that it's slow.  It's just not a big noticeable difference.  Not unlike my computer upgrade from an older i7 processor to a newer gen one.  I didn't notice much difference in my daily tasks.
  • win10mobile is totally incomplete, animations and overall reloading is too much slower than 8.1.They need to optimize it again.
  • (Queue Frozen song)  Let it go...  
  • No matter how powerful it is or surface phone, without apps its like holding a brick in ur hand just for music and videos.Too bad I am facing these productivity issues too much.
  • I believe writers should know that "payed" isn't a word.
  • It is generally obsolete, but is technically still correct. http://www.dictionary.com/browse/payed How about we critque/comment on the content and not nutpick spelling like some 3rd grade English teacher, mmkay? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Crazy how so many people are quick to try and correct me without doing research first. Thanks jrcus! :)
  • Is "paid" wrong?
  • Not to nutpick but I believe you mean "nitpick" :-p
  • Am I the only one who wish the screen is smaller? I wish all flagships came in reg and XL sizes.
  • Nah I wish there was an XL version of the X3 with an extra 0.5in ish of screen. Borderline tablet but just about pocketable!
  • I'm in the market for this phone. I'll wait to see if MS comes up with some surprise phones at the hw event (my gut feeling tells me they will). If not then the x3 is mine. Although I may come to regret it as 75% of the local apps will be pulled from the store in the next six months for lack of users.
  • I have and have always had, all the apps I need, but I really don't use more then four of them "all the time".
    Do app developers get feed back showing how often their apps are used?
    Sorry, off topic.
  • I miss wireless charging in this phone.
  • It does have wireless charging, for both standards.
  • Is there seriously no glance screen?
  • Nope, but they are looking into finding a solution for this.
  • Looks really good.Wonder if there's a price drop in the nearest future
  • How is the screen on the x3 better? The screen on the 950xl is the same resolution with more ppi and .3 smaller. It should be more crisp. Does the x3 just get brighter? I pretty much never use my 950xl with fill brightness, usually at 50% or the suggested brightness.
  • I think both have great looking screens, to the point it's not a big deal but still worth mentioning. Like how it is technically faster but in real world usage it shouldn't really be that noticeable
  • I actually think the fingerprint scanner is perfectly placed. It is exactly where my index finger should hit it when using the phone with one hand. I don't see how this thing could be any faster. Everything is instant on my x3.
  • Seems like a nice device; however, in the end I don't believe I will be happy with it. The way it looks I'll be using a different mobile OS in 2017. Had good run with Windows Mobile since 2011, but I lost faith in the phones. I'll definitely still use MS services.
  • What the hell is 'payed'?
  • I'll stick with my 950 XL while waiting for the rumored Surface Phone, but if we don't hear anything official in 2 years I'll replace it with XP Elite X3 (or newer).
  • I am also waiting for a rumored Surface phone. All other phones look cool, but I'm patient. Still rocking my Lumina 820. Love 8.1. Won't upgrade until I see something really worth upgrading to.
  • I was holding out for the x3, but after seeing a camera comparison with the 950xl, the x3 video quality just didn't stand up compared to the 950. I, like many are hoping ms will release the rumoured surface phone but until then I am happy with my 950xl.
  • nice!! to me that giant screen apart from price would be a big problem but its just preferance :).
    Cant w8 to hear your review on the next update of continiuum and w10 mobile overall :D (since cant be insider on fast anymore cause studies xd)
  • I found myself in the market for a Windows phone at a really bad time with very limited selection. I had a Lumia 830 and recently the power button stopped responding so well. I got around it using the double tap to wake feature, but that got old after a while. I was considering the Lumia 950/950xl and the elite x3. I decided to go with the x3 since it was newer hardware and I assumed it would be supported a little longer. I've gotten used to the large screen and a few of the other differences. Being able to move the keyboard from side to side is very helpful for one-handed use. As a previous Lumia user, I really miss the dedicated camera button. With such a large screen, I feel like it would be much easier to hold and take photos if it had a dedicated button. I was also surprised to find that it only had Bluetooth 4.0. I guess I just assumed it would have the latest and greatest with all the other high end specs. 4.1/4.2 would be nice to provide better Bluetooth integration in my car, such as showing playlists and additional song information. I've got a bit of time to decide if I want to return the device or not. I've been a long a longtime windows phone/mobile user, since windows phone 7. For the first time I'm considering jumping ship to android or ios. I'd of course still use a lot of the MS services. I need my Groove music!
  • I would love an X3 but I personally think the screens on the 950 and XL are fabulous and as clear and bright as you need them to be. The camera, which I believe is the same on both models, is fantastic too and you get a shutter button, there isn't one on the X3. Given that the X3 doesn't perform any better overall my personal opinion is that unless you are craving for the best looking phone of the three - I don't actually have a problem with the design of the 950/XL - then given the huge price difference you would be better of saving your money and buying the XL.