HP Elite x3 testing firmware update that enables charging LED, Windows Hello improvements and more

The HP Elite x3 is not out for another couple of weeks, meaning HP and Microsoft are in the final stages of testing and creating new firmware for the Elite x3's launch. So far, HP is testing a new firmware update that enables a charging LED light, along with huge Windows Hello improvements, support for Double Tap To Wake and more.

As you may have noticed in our unboxing video, the HP Elite x3 is suffering from some pre-launch bugs with the camera. HP is aware of this, and is working on getting these issues fixed in time for the devices launch. This new firmware has improved, but not completely fixed the camera crashing issue. We'll likely see a newer firmware update land before the devices launch that fixes this further.

Apart from bug fixes and stability/performance improvements, the new firmware also introduces Double Tap To Wake, which is far more configurable than what the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 offer. With this newer firmware, you can change the sensitivity of Double Tap, adjust the time between taps, and more.

I've also noticed that with the new firmware, HP has enabled a new battery charging LED, which comes on when the device is connected to power. The LED is located next to the light that comes on when Windows Hello is looking for you, and is an orange color when charging and green when fully charged. This is a nice touch, considering the HP Elite x3 doesn't support Glance screen, with this LED you can easily tell when your device is done charging without needing to unlock it.

Windows Hello also receives a number of unique improvements and features on the HP Elite x3 with this firmware. The Iris Scanner receives the option of making it more difficult for people to spoof Iris logins, and also adds the option of showing a preview of what the Iris scanner can see on the lockscreen, making it easier for users to position their eyes correctly. This is another feature unique to the HP Elite x3, and is not found on Microsoft's own offerings.

The Iris Scanner improvements can be turned off, so if you'd rather not have the Iris scanner preview popup on the lockscreen, you don't have to.

It's great to see HP working hard on making sure the HP Elite x3 runs as good as possible before launch. Hopefully that trend stays true throughout the lifecycle of the Elite x3, as Windows phone OEMs have been known to abandon the platform pretty quickly after getting their phone to market.

It's unclear when HP plans to rollout new firmware for the Elite x3, whether it'll be at launch or alongside the Anniversary Update that's scheduled to rollout on September 13th. If so, then those buying a HP Elite x3 early will be missing these features at first, as the firmware bundled with the Elite x3 does not include these improvements.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • Maybe HP can take over hardware for MS because they seem to have their $hit together.
  • Microsoft is already working on the Surface Phone which I'm sure will be very impressive. You've got to remember that the 950 & 950 XL are the last phones designed by Nokia, not Microsoft.
  • My point is, HP is addressing known issues pre-release or at least for launch day.
    Edit: I am not speaking of design one bit. I don't care if Papa Smurf designed it with sparkles from Smurfet's hair clips, I want it to work appropriately as one would rationally expect.
    EDIT 2: Just to be clear, when you speak of design, I presume you mean the aesthetics and not the OS for Nokia has jack all to do with the OS.
  • Design is both software and hardware. Nokia's Lumia design portfolio with the slowly and steadily catching up Windows Phone/Mobile made msft survive this far, It's upto Surface Phone to shine.
  • No, you are confused in this case. MS did the OS, Nokia did the hardware. Come on man, I shouldn't have to explain this to you or anyone else.
  • thats true. However, driver-level software is usually done by the hardware manufacturer which makes the comparison (somewhat) valid as the issues discussed in this article are mostly driver-based.
  • MS did the OS, but not all the software. The camera software came out of Nokia, and was a significant positive point on the Lumia devices. MS and Nokia working together was as close as it came to the Apple philosophy of unified control of the whole thing. MS has that opportunity now, though they don't think of it like Apple does. They still seem to think they are writing an OS and building a phone to put it on, rather than building a unified product.
  • But you have to wait until "sometime next year" and we all know how fuzzy that can get. One picture at a time -- LG V10
  • Are you talking about the Surface phone next year?
  • Thank you for the down votes, morons.
  • ????????????
  • That is my question too. Gave these savages a down vote tool and they chimp out all over it.
  • Probably the usual trolls, I upvoted all your comments to defy them.
  • +950
  • +950
  • My man! +950
  • Microsoft can't even get their Surface line stable with firmware. They are not a hardware company like hp.
  • But they've managed to beat the rivals with their innovative hardware (shift in design) in a short time period. Msft is a quick study, I hope Surface phone inspires OEMs to make their own Continuum sporting devices.
  • hp and lenovo are still the leaders in pc hardware for the last quarter. Ms may be doing well but not as well as them. Ms falls in the "other" category if you look at market share. Hp had way more experience.
  • Microsoft's goal is not to beat their partners in hardware sales, so I am not sure why you are bringing that up. HP, Lenovo, and Dell all have many more SKUs so they should be selling more, they'd be out of business if they did not.
  • I'm bringing it up because I mentioned they have more experience in hardware......
  • People are having hard time paying (and trusting) what msft deserves for their hardware. I mean I wouldn't (also couldn't) get the high end Surface Phone when it launches. Msft does all the marketing and inspiring part where other OEMs take a leap of faith and confidence in doing such designs at differing rates for differing people. If you have a Surface line, you would know what it's worth. And if you have one and you don't know, I'm sorry that it's not for you.
  • And still hp can't get thermals right for a single laptop.
  • They did such a bang up job on the band and band 2 hardware, didn't they?
  • Hardly the same as a phone or PC. I have always wondered, what is theefman?
  • Yes, they did.
  • Completely different teams actually, as Dan will no doubt confirm if he sees these comments... And I've loved my MSB2, haven't had any of the QC issues others have had, not saying they don't exist, certainly seem way too prevalent.
  • They have way more experience because of pc's, printers,etc. Ms still had distant issues with their Surface line. You want better reliability and quicker support you're better off with hp. Ms deals with the software, hp hardware.
  • That's what I mean. Of course, they may have more at stake having gone with Windows and not launching a phone since the Stone AGE - HP must get it right from the get go for this experiment to be successful. God, I miss Penny Dreadful....
  • LOL.  I'm sorry but HP's reliablity is crap.  I've had my corporate HP latptop replaced 3 times this year alone.  I shudder to think how reliable their consumer products are.  You have no idea.
  • One of their new premium models? My bro has a new spectre x360 and the thing is solid. He usually destroys laptops' within a few months, this one is still like new and he treats it horribly.
  • The HP Elite x3 has had an interesting pre-order phase in the UK, with the original launch date being August 18th. It was then pushed to August 22nd, and has now been pushed again to September 6th. HP really isn't doing a good job at getting their new handset out to customers.
    Hopefully this is the last delay HP will have to make, as we're dying to get our hands on one to mess with. Let us know if you pre-ordered the HP Elite x3 in the UK down below.
  • See what happens when you rush a product with bugs... The reviews destroy it before it has a chance to show its true self. Happened to the 950 series. Great phones now but the early launch was horrible. They should have been delayed until they were ready.
  • The HP Elite x3 has had an interesting pre-order phase in the UK, with the original launch date being August 18th. It was then pushed to August 22nd, and has now been pushed again to September 6th. HP really isn't doing a good job at getting their new handset out to customers.
    Hopefully this is the last delay HP will have to make, as we're dying to get our hands on one to mess with. Let us know if you pre-ordered the HP Elite x3 in the UK down below.
  • I got mine last Thursday
  • from where?
  • Clove UK
  • where are you located?  the ones from clove is EMEA/UK version? you can tell me the network bands on the phone?  does it say on the box, manual or spec sheet?  I am in US and want to get it from handtec because it is slighttly cheaper than US retailers and I want to make sure it support USA t-mobile and ATT LTE bands, 2,4,5,12,17.  mainly 4.   Does it say anywhere in the package?
  • https://www.clove.co.uk/hp-elite-x3 specs are listed above.  I've not looked through packaging as I've put away in the loft sorry.
  • oh.  The LTE bands numbers wasn't there before.  band 4 is not in the list.   
  • I recieved mine this morning from microsoft store. Like you i was pretty miffed when it was delayed until 6th Sept
  • What do you mean it's not out if it's already shipped to paying customers.
  • I mean it's not out, as in it's not officially shipping to paying customers. One retailer in the UK got a limited amount of stock in early, which is why we have one. Otherwise, not available yet.
  • How does the B O loudspeaker sound?
  • It's loud. I wouldn't say it's the best speaker I've ever heard on a phone, but definitely not bad.
  • Thanks for answering. How does it Compare to iPhone - something we all know is pretty good for a phone? Lastly, does it have an option to adjust the equalizer?
  • @FOURTH HORSEMAN No, we don't all know. Frankly it is pretty bad for the price. And frankly most phones are not iPhones, but Samsung android phones. So how should most know at all ;)
  • Well, you should know. How else can you compare and contrast with features on our phones and discuss them in our comments and forums?
    Also, I don't give a rats a$$ about iphones cost or that Android is more prevalent - what I do know is the speaker on an iPhone most often beats the snot out of any Android. Yes, I have all three and use them on a daily basis.
    Also, as to "how should most know all"? Go to any store and try one out. Its free, man.
  • I have seen iphone sounds, they are not loud, not good if you have hearing problem, you have to put it next to your ear to hear the low pitch.   you can adjust equalizer under extras menu, equalizer, there are lots of options.
  • I think the volume of a smart phone is par for the course regardless of which hardware you have. I am inquiring about the clarity. As a person that owns Bowers and Wilkins all around in my home theatre, I appreciate good sound. Apparently, that isn't happening hear (see what I did there?).
  •     Lol you really think that any smartphone would have high end sounding speakers even some bog standard speasker with just B&O branding for a marketing exercise??  You cannot expect that "clarity" alone accounts for a good sound surely.  B&W make some decent products, but whilst your home theatre setup may sound good, it's most definitely not high end and not comparable to a phone. The Elite X3 speaker is front facing, which helps and it doesnt distort audibly at higher volumes however it's "just" a phone speaker.  I'd far rather listen to my High-end hadphones through my tube amp and dac any day using my laptop as source via USB.
  • You, being from the UK, should know that B+W are high end.
    Are you high right now? Seriously!
    I bet you cant afford them - which is why you are trying to down them. I don't care what you think.
    Now, of course we cannot compare my awesome sound system to a phones speaker! I meant, I like high fidelity sound - that tis all - I wasn't looking for just loudness, but clarity.
    Honestly, I had so much more respect for you when I learned months ago that you appreciated high fidelity sound because you were asking, as I was, how the audio set-up on the 950 was/is.
  • I've owned in the last few years b&o, Bose, mordaunt short, Yamaha, monitor audio, and the list goes on. I also have a high end dedicated headphone, tube amp and dac as a system which is worth £000's so don't tell me what I can and can't afford lol! All I was saying is that just because you have a b&o system and the Elite X3 has a b&o logo, it doesn't mean that the Elite X3 speaker will be good by default like you presume it will. Btw I had more respect for you when I'd not yet come across the many posts where you just talk so much rubbish. But anyway too much space has been wasted on this thread by people's petty arguing already so I'm calling quits on this whilst I'm ahead.
  • You misunderstand. I have Bowers and Wilkins.
  • "I see sounds, man..." - Byu1 :D You hear colors too?
  • Yep.  
  • AAWP just reviewed it today. Same as Zac's thoughts, it seems.
  • All the major retailers in the netherlands began shipping last week, if i order one now I will get it tomorrow. I guess someone missed the release memo.
  • Kinda strange that it was said to be business phone that wont be promoted. Now that it was launched half baked we should wait for promotion as an evidence of launch :)
  • So why do you care? You're smelling something negative? HP is onto it. That's all we should care about.
  • If you notice, no tech media have covered its "launch" because while some retail outfits are selling it and even some regional HP online stores, it is not officially launched/being promoted by HP yet. Wait for some time in September. Once you see real reviews hit, that is when it officially launches.
  • I thought the tech media were ignoring its release because it's running Windows Mobile ;)
  • No, not that. HP in the US is planning some things for media, but not for a few weeks. If you notice, it did not ship with Lap Dock, recent firmware, or even examples of its virtualized software abilities.
  • No they did that to the Acer Jade Primo. One picture at a time -- LG V10
  • Gsmarena always does Windows device reviews. They are pretty unbiased.
  • They probably the only one's ill read a review of a windows phone
  • Yes, GSMArena.com is my go-to place for phone news and reviews. They cover every single phone regardless of platform. So professional. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • On the marketing front, It is quite necessary for all tech media to have a "review" before the official launch because this windows 10 mobile is necessary to get eyes & ears before the vaio phone biz. Launch. The success of hp elite x3, Vaio phone biz. is needed to get more OEMs on board.
  • so why not use this LED for notifications then?
  • Moly phones do this too as does Acer Jade Primo. None have notification LEDs. It's not clear why. Maybe APIs not written yet.
  • I posed the LED Notification query some months ago to someone on the Insider team. The API is already in Windows 10 Mobile, it just needs to be implemented by developers.
  • I don't see it in the current SDK, but having our dev look into it. I remember hearing/seeing hooks in the OS for it, but I am not sure anyone can actually enable it. Not even Microsoft has it for any apps.
  • This should be a global OS setting with ability to disable per app basis in notifications were you can currently set priority, vibrate etc. So I think an OS update is needed.
  • May be LED notification is msft's least priority. We can't always ask msft for the things that we see on Android phones.
  • *sigh* there's an article written by you from ONE YEAR ago about W10M supporting notification LEDs. I don't understand why it is so hard to implement
  • Stop yelling, you Savage.
  • Actually, that was a combo of rumors and sightings in the OS for LED notifications. The point is, as of today, it is not in the OS for devs to enable, nor is there any sign that it is something that is coming.
  • That's a shame but hopefully it will come one day.  For me, I'd like to be able to set the LED notifications on the Elite X3 to a given colour per type of app/system alert you choose, so it flashes intermittently until you swipe away from the action centre or address it in the given app/system setting.
  • We are talking about W10m. Is a miracle they have finally added the media player controls in the lockscreen. LED APIs, wearable notifications and a decent LinkedIn app will be available in 2030 (if we are lucky).
  • LinkedIn is the least of our problems. Of course, in retrospect, it would be an outlet for the laid off MS employees...LOL.
  • I think linkedln is avaiable in the windows store. media player control in lockcreen?  lockscreen it configured to wakup when you touch it. you want the lockscreen stay on?
  • He does not know what he is talking about for LinkedIn. Ignore him.
  • Linkedin is available, but it's a lot worse than the iOS or Android version. The lockscreen is still a lot worse than Android (just look at the notification system). I'm a windows phone/windows10m fan and user, but a lot of things are still missing.
  • Omg *.*
  • may hve to dump my Lumia 730 which has inbuilt led, but likely wont be enabled just like Lumia 930 too. :(
  • Hopefully W10M OEMs will put ROMs on WDRT with the latest OS and firmware in a timely fashion. It sucks having to use WDRT and being a major OS update behind. Even worse, WP 8.1 devices have to update to TH2 THEN RS1. Way too time consuming. Edit: I would like to add that MS has already stated they're not providing W10M ROMs for 8.1 devices, which is understandable. But at least try to encourage all W10M OEMs to provide the latest and greatest on WDRT, including MS themselves.
  • Nokia Lumia 735 notification LED?
  • Yes
  • oh damn it, this article just stopped me from pre-ordering, i hadnt realize it didnt have glance, gutted. looks like the only other phone with glance with this size / spec is the note 7 - seems like there is ALWAYS a compromise to be had, now i will miss live tiles.
  • Wow...glance screen means that much?!
    Surely notification LED's help offset the shortcoming?!
  • Only LED notifications aren't supported.
  • I am not fussed about glance screen, I don't see why this is a major thing? Previous HTC trophey, 920, 1520, and 950xl, I tend to turn it off or put it to 30 seconds...
  • I recently bought one of those BLU R1 HD phones with the Amazon ads since my 640 started having some hardware issues and there isn't anywhere to really buy one anymore and I refuse to pay $100+ for the 650, which I don't really feel is much better than the 640. I will say that besides the fact that it runs Android, the two things that really bother me is the lack of a Glance-like feature and also that the screen doesn't get dim enough. It has a similar Glance option when plugged in, but man does it light up my room at night. Just not dim enough. I think I have been pampered a bit too much by the budget screens on my Lumias.
  • What Live Tile doesn't have a superior widget available on Android? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • interesting, so there is an equivalent on android? i was unaware of this as havent had a modern android phone in AGES, widgets sound an alternative, will google them
  • Widgets s*ck... Period... And yeah, go to hell, for heavens sake :D
  • Widgets are just Live Tiles that are chaseable and actionable. Are Live Tiles going to suck when MS gets around to implementing the features? There is no difference other than Live Tiles have limited functionality.
  • No. Widgets slow down your phone, are unnecessary big, and aren't as well implemented and deeply integrated in the system as live tiles. You can't put widgets for as many apps on your start screen, as live tiles without getting lost, and/or slowing down your phone. Most of them aren't even resizable, and they look too different from each other. So they just fell sh*tty compared to live tiles. And no, live tiles won't s*ck if they become actionable, because MS knows how to implement them with style, so it'll look, feel and work good. Google's only reason for building android is to get their ads on peoples phones... That OS looks even worse than iOS :D So live tiles aren't anything like widgets :D
  • Widgets may have affected performance and battery life 5 years ago, but now that isn't true at all. Maybe on lowest end hardware, but haven't seen any issues with my Galaxy Grand Prime, which is like $30 new. Most widgets are resizeable and they change completely based on the size you want. A 1x1 widget can look completely different if you make it 5x5. I cannot think of any widgets that I use that aren't resizeable. I am sure there are some. Any issues with the look of a widget is on the developer, not Google. Remember when Windows was great because it gave you choice and the ability to do anything you want. Now Windows fanboys are arguing the Apple locked down, our way or the highway approach is right. All of your other issues with Widgets are completely subjective. Good luck with Microsoft implementing actionable and chaseable Tiles properly. You know it will be full of bugs and very limited, if they are able to get it working at all. As they are now, they are nearly useless as any information they show is random and you cannot directly access it. You click the Tile and pray that the info you saw is easy to find. Many times it isn't and that is really frustrating. I do not see anymore ads on Android as I do on Windows 10 or WP8. That is totally up to the app developer and none of the Google apps have ads. Your point is lost, regardless of Google's intentions. Microsoft's aren't much different and they are much less open with what they are doing with your data, what data they collect and allowing you to opt out. If you have problems with Google, then Microsoft certainly isn't the answer! https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2016/08/windows-10-microsoft-blatantly-dis... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • And you're wrong again... But I'm too tired after a long workday, so I won't waste my time on you :D
  • Take it up with the EFF. Who is getting Scrooged now?! ;) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Really? You are switching OS just because of glance screen missing on this phone?... Strange... But you know what you're doing ;)
  • one of the main reasons, but certainly not the only reason, a few apps i have found i need of late are not on this platform
  • Ok, you know what you want...
  • Enjoy the Note 7.  I've tried moving back to Android 3 times since my Samsung Omnia 7 in 2010, and each time I've come running back as the Android OS is just too messy for my liking.
  • Glance is a Terrible drain on battery in note 7 . Why ?
  • battery drain has never bothered me, its nearly always on a qi charging plate, much better for ME to have glance than a full battery all the time.
  • Glance and double tap to wake should be a requirement for all W10 mobile devices. The HP device appears to be a game changing device, but no glance is a no sell for many current Windows mobile users.
  •   edit:With how easy it is to unlock with the fingerprit scanner, I dont think I'll miss glance. Ideally you'll be able to set the LED notifications to a given colour per type of app/system alert you choose, so it flashes intermittently until you wipe from action centre or address it in the given app/system setting. That will suffice for me.  Already the Elite X3 is the phone I've been waiting for I'm delighted with mine. Once the next firmware version is released hopefully it will polish some of the issues out. Edit: My mentioning of LED notification is just somthing I want implemented - I've not read that it is expected to happen.
  • Does the led also indicate notifications?
  • No. Windows 10 does not have that ability.
  • I'm so glad I cancelled my preorder of clove now.. Looks like just another windows phone without good camera and glance.
    Is it possible to add glance to it with updates.
    Speakers are very poor also.
  •   You'll never know now....since you cancelled....I got one from Clove on Thursday, and it's the best Windows Mobile handset by miles (I'm selling my L950XL) .  The camera picture quality is good- the bugs will be ironed out and it will then probably be 90-95% of the L950/950XL quality.  Speakers are not poor, they are perfectly adequate for what can be expected of any phone. As for Glance, it's a small ommission that is not worth ditching a great phone for.
  • I'm glad I cancelled pepper.. £700.00 versus buggy phone with ok this and that..
    Don't get me wrong I do hope it improves, I really do because I've been a huge Lumia fan since Nokia brought it back from grave.
    Adequate doesn't do much for me but that's not to say it doesn't satisfy others..
  • There is an well known saying in IT..."Bug free software is obsolete". Whilst this is just IT humour, there is a truth to it to a degree.  I'm sure it will improve just as 950XL did since I bought one on launch day for £329.99 (950XL was far far bugger than Elite X3 is now). I'm not entirely sure what you think a smartphone speaker is/should be capble of, but adequate = good.  That is all anyone could reasonably expect.  It's loud enough, clear and doesn't distort at high volumes.  
  • Blackberry good. I used to be able to set my phone down on island and walk around a large kitchen and cosy and chat away loud and clear.
    And use audio to listen to nice crisp music with excellent volume.
    These speakers need to pull this off for ( business)
  • Elite X3 speaker will be fine for what you want to use it for.
  • I agree. I bought mine from the Microsoft store at a mall near me yesterday and I love it as well. I love music, so the speaker was a big deal for me. I think it sounds waay better than the 950XL, which is on the back of the phone's body. I wanted to have the latest Windows Phone. That is the reason I bought it. There is a color difference that I noticed when I set up the HP Elite X3's main screen like my 950XL, but that wasn't something that would make me take it back. I love glance too, but glance is just one screen prior to the mains screen that has all that info on it too. No one is that lazy, are they? LOL.I don't see the tap to wake up feature on teh Elite, but that's okay too. There is a tap to make your phone go to sleep, but I have yet to find the tap to wake up feature. 
  • Will Glance ever be an option from other manufacturers?? For me it's the only deal breaker keeping me from buying this phone.
  • Why is every Windows Phone awesome except for one major feature? They can never just come up with the ultimate phone. My assumption is the Surface Phone will be missing something that would make it a no brainer. They have all of the pieces but simply can not figure out how to put then all together. Very frustrating.
  • What do you think is missing in the Surface Pro 4 and Book that makes it a no brainer? Surface line doesn't disappoint tech enthusiasts. I hope the trend passes on to the Surface Phone. Only thing to worry about would be the cost of it.
  • Hear hear! I guess my 1520 is the last phone that had it all
  • L1520 was the last Nokia design and it shows. Soon we will see what Nokia & friends accomplish free of MS.
  • I genuinely thought that 1520 was the best phone I'd had at one point, but the phantom touch issues that plagued my handset caused me to return it.  Having had my Elite X3 for a few days now, it feels like it's the spiritual successor to the 1520.
  • HP is really working hard to make their phone worth it for business consumers. Good partnership.
    This phone should have had a better camera and flash, otherwise perfect.
  • Great....
  • Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 offer. You mean 950 XL right?
  • I never cared for glance. I always set it to time out quick. I would much rather have led notifications any day like my beloved blackberries!
  • No Glance No Sale!!!
  • We, as humans, have become quite lazy, yes? LOL.
  • I bet the HP will get double tap to wake before my at&t Lumia 950.
  • Already has it
  • Any chance these features coming to lumias?
  • I wish all phones had charging LEDs.
  • Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL for Windows has one
  • For people dont like windows mobile should get syncphone, holofone.
  • I smell RS2 improvements (;
    It's actually cool to see a non-Lumia device get features like this. I just hope Microsoft works on making all of these features OS-level stuff, cause they're pretty useful.
  • People are strange... Here's this beast of a phone, and they still find things to complain about. For some people, nothing's enough :D
  • Yup some people are never happy! Or, want something for nothing! Typically the latter is more likely regarding some of the comments on this thread!!
  • something for nothing is hardly apt when paying nearly £800
  • I bet this unreleased phone will get double tap to wake before my at&t lumia 950.
  • Its released and it already has double tap to wake.
  • So, he was right.  
  • I just bought mine yesterday. I didn't see double tap to wake on it. There is double tap to put it to sleep. However, I'm doing an update now, so I assume, double tap to awake will be on there afterwards.
  • Being able to turn Double Tap To Wake on, is already more configurable than my AT&T Lumia 950 ;(
  • Kudos for the Windows Hello alignment tool. Why that is not standard issue is beyond me...
  • Ok. It is well past the release date. Where is the updated firmware. I have a camera that is useless. It would be nice if they would keep us in the loop.