5 things Windows 10 Mobile converts will hate about iPhone

We recently covered the top 5 things Windows 10 Mobile users would love about Apple's OS, but the other side of the fence isn't all colorful and happy.

iOS has its quirks and design choices which may be huge deal-breakers for some users. Some things take getting used to and some are simply hard to get comfortable with.

5 things Windows 10 Mobile converts will love about iPhone

1. Apple

While it's possible to install third party services from Microsoft or other companies like Google, it doesn't replace the built-in apps Apple offers. This is just one of the many things that are part of Apple's "walled garden." If you buy an iPhone, you're pretty much forced to have something to do with Apple. You need n Apple ID in order to make sure the device works as expected, some apps do not have a Microsoft competitor, like Safari, or there are settings which Apple doesn't allow you to change.

Apple is extremely restrictive in their methods of maintaining their system. Some users tend to complain that Windows 10 Mobile is restrictive, as it doesn't offer a way to change the default apps without hacking the registry, but iOS is on a whole different level, in a negative way. You won't be able to fully integrate Microsoft services into iOS as you can with Windows 10 Mobile and Android, and since Microsoft's ecosystem is one one of the main reasons some people choose Windows, this may be a deal-breaker for you.

Using an iPhone in the Microsoft ecosystem

2. The design

The Apple Human Interface is a very controversial subject in the Windows world. Some people hate it, and some love it. However, many seem to consider iOS to be ugly or too bright, and there is a big possibility that you're one of those people. iOS doesn't include a dark theme either, which Windows phone fans have learned to love.

A dark theme is something that has been requested for a very long time but there are no indicators of anything like this making it's way soon, so don't hold your breath.

3. The lack of Universal Windows Apps

As a Windows 10 Mobile user, odds are you use Windows 10 on your PC. Being able to run the exact same apps on your PC and your phone is an awesome thing. This is not something you'll be able to do with the iPhone.

Obviously, the iPhone cannot run Windows Store apps, and even though many apps you'll find on the App Store may be for the same service as those you use on your PC, the UI and the experience are vastly different. Buttons are placed in completely different parts of the app, labels are either different or gone completely and the design itself doesn't feel consistent with the desktop apps. You won't be able to leverage session handoffs via Project Rome, enjoy synchronized login details between UWP apps on your PC and phone, and fewer apps will be integrated with Cortana.

The only apps that are actually consistent with the desktop variants are Microsoft's Office apps for iOS. Other than that, you'll need a slight learning curve and getting used to every app you download.

4. iTunes

This issue may get less annoying after iTunes hits the Windows Store, but iTunes is a very unpleasant piece of software on Windows, and the macOS variant isn't much better. If you get an iPhone, you will need this program to manage your device with your PC.

iTunes is slow, buggy, and every time you connect your iPhone to your computer, it installs a separate app called "Apple Software Update" which installs other Apple programs on your computer without you asking for it.

iTunes has received a lot of hate through the years, and that's definitely not surprising. There is no storage alternative you can access from the Windows File Explorer or MacOS Finder to move your files to the phone. iTunes also takes up a lot of storage as it tries to sync and backup your iPhone everytime it's connected, no matter if you want it or not. These things can mostly be disabled, but it takes time and effort to do so, especially iTunes' unintuitive UI.

5. The headphone jack.

The latest "and greatest" iPhone doesn't include a headphone jack. This may sound ridiculous, but it's true. While Apple is known for removing essential ports from their devices, this takes the prize. If you get the latest iPhone, you'll have to deal with adapters and dongles, no matter if you want it or not.

You'd be surprised how many times this removal can affect you. Imagine going out with a friend to the park; you have a speaker with you which is driven by an AUX cable. Their phone dies, but you have yours with you, so you want to put on some music, but you can't because you forgot the Lighting Port to AUX adapter at home. The same goes for things like "passing around the AUX cable in the car".

This, unfortunately, doesn't include only headphones and AUX cables. There are many accessories out there that depend on the headphone jack, and they become useless if you use the newest iPhone.

The iPhone is a good device, but it has its quirks. Some of these may be huge deal-breakers for some and staying with Windows 10 Mobile or going with Android may be a much better and a much more satisfying option.

Did you switch to iOS from Windows 10 Mobile? What do you miss? Let us know in the comments.

Dennis Bednarz

Dennis Bednarz is a former writer for Windows Central and the guy behind ModMy. He has been a recognised member of the Microsoft community for years and owns everything from Lumia phones to Surface PCs. He occasionally likes to rant about Windows Phone and drink tea. You can go ahead and follow him on Twitter at @DennisBednarz

  • OS: W10M >Android > IOS
    Apps: IOS > Android > W10M
    Customization: Android > W10M > IOS
  • I like that order have u put it
  • I completely agree, I'm really sad that MS is killing their mobile platform
  • IOS gets 1+3+1=5 points.
    Android gets 2+2+3=7 points.
    W10M gets 3+1+2=6 points. Why the hell would I switch from W10M to iOS?
  • Does anyone other than Apple make a good *compact* phone these days? And iOS interface performance is generally better on older/midrange hardware than Android. But yeah, other than that it does seem like Android is better for most people.
  • The Google Pixel is compact
  • IPhone se is probably your best option.
  • I haven't used them yet, but Sony apparently makes good compact versions of their Xperia line.  They still have the great 23 megapixel cameras too.  If I really decide to go to Android, it will be with one of those. 
  • Apps and services you can't get on Windows. Of course, if you're ok at&t, just grab a $199 iPhone se 32gb gophone. It's fast, portable, has a great camera, and it's a breeze to use on shared WiFi from your Lumia or to simply swap your nano sim back and forth.
  • Security W10M>IOS>(by far)Android
  • Good article...
  • Essential article. If I was to move, iOS would have been the choice. So, now that seems even worse than Google? Crazy days. I am absolutely foxed as to how Windows phones are not everywhere... Oh yes I remember, they were everywhere here in the UK then MS just pulled them all from the shops and closed all the Nokia Care Points then dropped B2X on us (presumably B2X was done to us just out of spite for buying MS phones). That's why.
  • Shhhhh! Don't tell any American tech press this - they will deny to high heaven that that Nokia and Windows Phone had a strong foothold and app ecosystem in other markets.
  • Going by your photo, might you have been part of that 'insignificant' (outside of MS-talk, read as 'massive') Indian market? I did hear there might have been one or two devices sold there...
  • Yeah so insignificant that apple begged on their knees to let them manufacture their phones there. Every company out there is trying to have a piece of the pie there. And what happens when ms ignores such markets? It dies a painful death.
  • Also - Back Button
  • Nope, won't hate that....
  • There is nothing I will hate about iPhone because I WILL NOT BE GETTING ONE.
    Funny thing is,, as of this edit my comment has 44 likes, but in actuality there's probably over 60....
    60👍 by proper Windows fans, who belong here.
    16👎 by iDroid haters who have no respect for this site, and the people that made it what it WAS. SMDH
  • Enjoy your feature phone.
  • If you ever reply to any of my comments again I will consider it harassment, and I will report you. I choose not to communicate with you, and that is my right. That's the only warning I'm giving you.
  • Steve Adams and bleached-2 biggest trolling morons on WC. Dan should ban them both-they continue to contribute nothing but worthless bs.
  • Yeah bleached and Steve Adams just keep saying the same thing over and over. They can't take a hint either.
  • Yep, that Steve prick keeps acting like his a really big IT guru. Although all his statements are rubbish and completely useless. btw his a Apple fanboy, who only is here to deliver hate and no respect. Just look at his profil, his gear list consits of Apple XD
  • These may be your posts, but you are posting them in a public place. You cannot expect to shout something out in a room full of people and tell certain people in that room that they cannot reply. You are in fact opening yourself up to this by doing so. It might be frustrating, and given your tone I suspect this guy's been replying to many of your posts in a troll like manner (though I don't know for sure). The solution is ignore, or simply do not shout in a room full of people if you do not wish to be replied to. What would be nice, is if there were a block or filter function to remove the ability your end to see Steve's posts, but given the nature of the site and the effort involved to add such a feature, I doubt it will happen.
  • Umm, no. Sorry, I can, and I have before. If I deem it as trolling, I ask him nicely to stop communications with me, and he continues, that is considered harassment.. Done this before, and reported when said troll kept pursuing me, and it was stopped. Don't think just because you're in "public" you don't have rights. I ABSOLUTELY have the right to report harassment to WC.. And, if he keeps up, I will, and they will do something about it,,, guaranteed.
    Thanks for your input, but you have the wrong idea. Sorry if you disagree.
  • Absolutely right. He is obviously trolling. He contributes nothing to this site and uses it to carry on a vendetta against MS and MS users.
  • You can't tell someone they can't comment on a post you placed in a public forum. It's not like there was a direct, personal attack or threat.
  • Yes, I can, and I will.
  • Now that's the rodneyej we know and love :). By the way, I'm getting extremely sick of trolls on here too, it's bad enough that we have people complaining to high heaven every time there's an article about a competing company, which in my opinion, is good to know, both for us and for Microsoft. It gives them something to shoot for.
  • Just ignore them, pathetic WUMs (Wind Up Merchants)
  • I would certainly enjoy a feature phone + windows tablet combo before I buy a Google or Apple jobbie. They seem even more awful than I thought, after reading this.
  • Yes.. These articles aren't convincing me to switch at all.. Not that that's their priority, but they confirm how much I like my WP.......... With ZERO apps😂😂😂
  • This is the best comment ever. (You almost got me in trouble at work, making honestly crackedup out very loud., I couldn't help it)
  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
  • No back button is what irks me the most. No headphone jack, wireless charging, or glance all make it a deal breaker for me. I just ordered a Lumia 950.
  • NO BACK BUTTON NEEDED,  you SWIPE!   Agree with the headphone jack,  thats why i am keeping my 6s which is still super fast!
  • I hate swiping, so add that to the list.
  • Yes me too. I do love the back button.
  • I would definitely miss the back button.  If I need to use my wife's iPhone, I almost find it unusable without the back button.  As for swiping, it doesn't always work the way you want.  Take browsing in Edge on W10M for example.  Sometimes I swipe because I want to scroll left on the page, but instead it brings me back a page.  I want to turn off that feature, but it doesn't appear that you can. 
  • Yeah, Edge on phones is terrible with that. But that isn't a fault of swipong, it's a fault of Edge.
  • Awesome.   Welcome to 1998.   We have this amazing phone called the startac.    It's right up your alley.   About the same functionality as the windows mobile phones at this point .    Too funny.   
  • I'd love to go back even further than 1998. Put me square into 1983 and I'm happy! New doesn't automatically mean better. Swiping is a totally unnatural use of one's fingers, and to me gives me the *******.
  • So how do you wipe your butt?
  • With your wife's face. Sorry...you asked for it. Pinching (as one might do with a wad of toilet paper) is a natural use for fingers.
  • You wipe your ass you don't swipe it. Go ahead swipe your ass and see how it goes.
  • Wipe/swipe.. They're much the same hence the words being much the same. I'm not gonna preach to anyone about using swipe on a phone though. It's called user preferance and people can and will use their devices how they see fit and what works best for them. I like a back button and it always takes a bit of getting used to going back to iPhones when I do. I do like a swipe keyboard though whether that's SwiftKey or word flow on W10m. I still wish they would add that to my Surface Pro on screen keyboard though
  • kinda figured since you are using windows 10 moible and thinking its relevant.  yes by all means go back to 83.   phones back then have about the same usefullness as windows 10 moible devices.  And just because android has a back button does not make it the best way to do things.   I keep trying to swipe my android phones becuase its so intuitive with touchscreen.  Just like swiping in edge,  way better than using the buttons.
  • The most popular mobile os (Android) uses a back button too.
  • I remember a time when my phones didn't have a headphone jack as well...
  • Can't you take a hint Steve?
  • You obviously have no idea what you are doing if you don't like swipe.   So easy and efficient 
  • Not all apps support the swipe action as backwards naviation.... yeah, it's so easy and efficient when you swipe and nothing happens.  
  • I hate touch screen only, period. Give me a hardware keyboard like on windows phone or forget it.
  • What Windows Phone has a hardware keyboard?
  • 1. LG GW910
    2. HTC Arrive
    3. HTC 7 Pro
    4. LG Quantum
    5. Dell Venue Pro It's a shame that all of these phone are Windows Phone 7. :(
  • Swiper no swiping!!
  • Clever fox.…!
  • I have enough with accidental back swipes in Edge. WTF thought THAT was a good idea? I can bearly browse certain sites.
  • The problem is I can never figure out which way to swipe on iOS devices. On Windows 10, swiping from the left brings in the task switcher/hamburger menu, on iOS it makes you go back, and to bring in the task switcher you have to swipe from the bottom (at least on iPads, i don't know how you do it on an iPhone. Since I use W10 both on my PCs as well as my phone, this inconsistency would irritate me to no end. Having a dedicated back button that you can hold to show the task switcher just makes more sense for me. And I love the dedicated search button as well. All three buttons in fact, have dual actions on W10M whereas on the iPhone, there's only one button to do that with.
  • To swipe or not to swipe, that is the question! :)
  • I just dropped my 950XL from 7 feet up onto a tiled concrete floor, no case, and spider web cracked the glass (the AMOLED and everything else is perfectly fine - try that with an uncased iPhone). So I had to think about what to get to replace it, or replace the whole display for $200, when I could just get another 950Xl for $350. After pricing iPhones, and thinking about the whole iTunes crap, amongst other stuff, i wrote it off. Looked at the S8, but jeez, it's $850+. Looked at a ZTE Axon 7, somewhat comparable to my phone, with a Snapdragon 820, for the same price as my phone. Then thought about Google, the Android annoyances I see with my Acer tablet, and just couldn't do it. I really can't stand Android's interface and issues. And launchers like Squarehome are poor substitutes for the Windows start screen. Then i thought about how I use my phone and Acer tablet and there's really nothing I'm truly missing with my phone. So bottom line, my replacement 950XL is on it's way. Windows just works and integrates with my other Windows devices too well to give it up.
  • Launcher 10 is a decent W10M style launcher. I'm a big W10M fan but felt the need to move on. Google services are as quiet or as informative you like and I'm really enjoying my time away from W10M. The latest Android is definitely much better than previous versions and definitely worth a go. A good condition OnePlus One is dirt cheap, great value and still an excellent performer. Add in Launcher 10 for a bit more of W10M feel and you're away. Live wallpapers with a W10M style homescreen is awesome!
  • To swipe or not to swipe, that is the question! :)
  • Samsung has those all, but I hate android, so...
  • I understand you. You're not alone since I also hated Android.
  • Who said we gonna shift to iPhone , I'm in love with my 950 XL . Love story . 👍
  • Well, to be fair, the article did not say anybody will shift to iPhone, it said what might be missed if you already shift or potentially planning to.
  • But if no-one is shifting to iPhone, what's the point of the article? I think some are shifting, at great expense, and then discovering the massive downgrade too late. This article has been very helpful for me, as iOS was my plan b. Not any more.
  • Possibly the iPhone is most popular in the US so the authors use their experiences in their surroundings to write the article. It's probably true for some countries, others not.
  • I'm not about to recommend an iPhone to you or anyone as I don't know you or what you want in a phone. I have never used an Android phone and I've never even seen a WP in the wild so I can't compare. I've had an iPhone since the 4 came out and love it. I will say this though. Buy one or don't, but do NOT make your decision based on anything you read on Windows Central. Specially in the comments. I have read a lot of stuff here that is just not true. There are a lot of opinions and they are just that, an opinion. But Also a lot of lies or miss information.
  • Ahhh yes the 950XL, truely a magnificent piece of enginering and worthy of the MS name. Loving it to here in Denmark :)
  • Denmark & everywhere 👍
  • I'd say lack of anything resembling live tiles is one of the bigger issues, Android at least has widgets, Why in 2017 would anyone want their home screen to be bunch of useless static icons?
  • iOS has widgets these days too... Welcome to 2017
  • They aren't on the home screen though, visible by just unlocking, and are all the width of the screen, so you only get 3-4 without scrolling. Android widgets are nice but the number of uefull ones you can get on the page is less than might be expected. A lot of this is what you get used to. I still prefer my 950XL, but I can deal with the iOS and Android UIs, and the other options these open up makes up for a lot UI differences.
  • You don't need to unlock to view widgets on iOS 10. Just pick up your phone, the screen will activate, then swipe to the right. Widgets will appear. But they are inferior to Android's widgets, which aren't as good as live tiles.  
  • Pretty sure they are nothing like live tiles. IOS and android-useless static boring icons on the home screen. Google pretty much copied iOS home screen anyway. Welcome to 2009.
  • Let's be honest, most of the livetiles (3rd party) are hopeless, barely ever update and still show some random persons photo covering the whole tile as your notification.
    Stock apps are a different kettle of fish I admit. They're how 3rd party apps SHOULD utilitise them. They show useful information on the tile so you don't anyways have to open the app. WhatsApp is a great 3rd party one too when you use the widest tile
  • windows 10 moible,  about the same functionality as a rotary phone.  welcome to 1974
  • You can't even spell 'mobile' smh
  • Hahaha and this guy is going around correcting others grammar, in the meanwhile he can't even spell Mobile LMAF
  • "Welcome to 2009", no these screens full of unreadable and chaotic short cuts are more a Windows 95 thing.
  • 100% agree!  I just switched to Android last week with a Samsung S8+.  (If you're gonna do it, go big, right?)  I love my Icon, but it's a bit old now.  I like the apps on Android.  I like the hardware of the S8+.  I just hate all the extra tapping into things.  Any computer or computer-like device should feed you the most common information you would like to see and have it displayed and constantly updating on your screen.  Sports scores, weather updates, headlines, etc..  If you have to continually open apps and click on things, you are wasting valuable time that could be spent interacting more with the people you are standing next to or doing something more important than constantly tapping or clicking on a screen.  Icons on a desktop is so Windows 95 that I'm shocked iOS and Android haven't caught up to Windows in this regard.  Granted, I'm surprised that Windows 10 kinda went backward on the desktop where I can't have a tiled screen on one monitor while using the other to actually do work on (Word, email responses, in depth searching or reading of new, etc.).  Android and iOS have a desktop like aesthetic that is over 20 years old and I don't see them doing anything to update it.  Widgets?  Get real.
  • These are the better articles.
  • I'll keep my 950XL until something significantly better is released. If mine breaks, in the meantime, I'll buy another. Going to Google or Apple for my mobile OS is not and has never been an option for me.
  • I actually tried both Android and iOS when I recently dropped and broke my 950.  Didn't like either so I bought another 950.
  • I feel similar. 950xl users really are in a state of freefall. As far as the general public is concerned, the s8 is the talk if the town. My friend has one and I've been comparing it. It is a good phone but it's nothing I can justify paying for because it's not really that much of an upgrade to an almost two year old phone os-wise when comparing capabilities.
  • That's how I feel, but unfortunately, in the Verizon world, I'm stuck on the prior generation Lumia Icon (basically the 930). Still a great phone running Windows 10 Creators Update, but I know with each passing season, it gets a little more dated. If I had to buy a new phone today, I'd probably still buy a new Icon, but it's getting harder and harder to make that choice. I'd probably go with an Android phone for better integration with the MS ecosystem.
  • I feel for you bro. I was stuck on Verizon with my Icon too, but I wanted the 950XL so bad I jumped ship and went with Straight Talk. So glad I did. The service for the most part is decent on ATT except for when I go into Nebraska (a big black hole for ATT in case you don't know), but the upgraded features of the phone are so worth it. The camera is excellent, a very noticeable upgrade from the Icons already great camera, yeah it may not compare to the S8 but it still holds up fine to iPhone 6 and probably 6s, and is on pretty even keel with S7 besides the S7 being a bit faster in some situations and having a better front camera than the 950XL.
  • Same here bro. No other option but win10m...
  • #1 should be your phone will now be stolen if using it in public.
  • The main thing I hate about an I phone is it isn't as good as my Lumia 950 but gets better promotion in the media
  • Paul...thats your very dilusional opinion.   Coming from the 1020 and 950xl,  the iphone is miles ahead of windows 10 moible. 
  • Had nothing but problems with the I phone hated it , very tied into just using apple stuff. You are right it is my opinion but not delusional just my choice. And I would have been politer had the comment been made the other way round.
  • And that's your delusional opinion.  I tried out an iPhone a couple weeks ago and coudn't stand it.
  • yes,  thats why it sells millions and millions of phones compared to the 10 windows 10 moible sell.   if w10m was such an awesome device,  it would sell.  sorry.
  • My thoughts exactly. No way does the best phone system sell so poorly while the supposed inferior ones flourish. Specially when you can get a flagship WP for a lot less money.
  • No, the reason the iPhone sells millions and millions is because it is fashionable, has little to do with functionality, if anything, one of its big appeals is that it is so limited it makes an excellent device for technologically illiterate people.
  • Are you so sure Steve that there aren't just more stupid people out there? I find most Americans to be very miss informed.
  • The reason people buy iPhone, is because of the hype and the simplicity of its use. Even a retarded person like Steve can operate it, and others who sniff gasoline.
  • That's the thing about opinions. I own a iPhone 6S, Galaxy S7 Edge and Lumia Icon and the iPhone is the least satisfying device to use of the bunch.
  • The 950 is 2 yrs old. IPhone STILL doesn't have wireless charging or an amoled screen amongst many other things. Your opinion is mute Steve
  • Miles ahead?? The phone's charger is a fire hazard, the wifi demon firmware has had big issues, the 5 series had major hardware issues ranging from speakers to the ON button getting dull fast, etc. Dude please stop youre BS, its getting pretty emberrasing in this lobby.
  • Got an iPhone 7 gave it to my grandson horrible thing even he wants to get an android
  • That's not a very nice way to describe your grandson
  • 5? But, there are 6 letters in "iPhone"...
  • I thought the Phonie was silent, but understood.  
  • I've seen the ugly side of the Apple as it were, iPhone 7 is nice but its a Faberge egg as far as I'm concerned lol 😅
  • Unlike your previous article you wont be getting and hate. However you wont be getting any love either. Taking jabs at other people favourite phone companies is unnecessary.
  • But it's entertaining
  • He's not taking jabs at Apple, I think those are all legitimate complaints.  Especially about Apple (I just flatout dislike their products) and iTunes (which I've also had to suffer with on Windows).
  • iTunes alone is almost reason enough to not get an iPhone.
  • Not "almost"... Definitively!
  • As I just switched back to an iPhone 7 Plus last week, the thing I miss most is having my text alerts come over my bluetooth in my car.
  • Text don't come in over bluetooth with iPhones?  Seems like it should be a normal function.
  • Then you're doing something wrong because I get alerts. Can send texts using Siri over Bluetooth too.
  • Never had an iPhone myself, but after 5 mins with my mate's one, I know I'd hate not having an SD card slot (without an external adapter, which obviously isn't free), and not being able to send files via Bluetooth to anything that isn't another iPhone. I share photos and videos on the go with friends all the time, so these 2 limitations are a huge deal breaker for me. I'm *rather unlikely* to ever get an iPhone due to this.   Though lack of Universal Apps? No, I wouldn't hate that, since there weren't all that many universal apps for WM, at least out of the ones I use anyway. Pretty much just Skype and Groove, so that wouldn't bother me at all.
  • "3. The lack of Universal Windows Apps" sorry, UWP is far away of being a success story. Most services I use have a website (Whatsapp, Player.fm, Trakt.tv, Runkeeper, OneDrive, Pocket, Wunderlist, even Excel), so there is no need for an app on Desktop/Laptop. I don´t know which services the author is talking about, but I don´t miss apps on my desktop. An app on the a big machine can be nice, but it´s not necessary since the apps moved into the web. Doesn´t matter which OS you choose, just use your browser.
    I use my smartphone different than my desktop and laptop, so I use apps for the smartphone and applications on my desktop. I hate to use Excel on the smartphone, that´s not work to me, it´s just entering some numbers or have a quick look on a sheet. And I use excel and SQL on the desktop a lot.
  • "3. The lack of Universal Windows Apps" => I'll feel right at home then
  • Not being properly able to attach anything in a mail, why nobody complains about this? In my opinion, this is unacceptable in 2017
  • Which OS are you speaking of?
  • iOs
  • Care to elaborate? This sounds interesting.
  • Basically, if you want to attach something to a mail -apart from photos-, you have to open the right app for the file type (excel, pdf, word ecc) and share from there. This means, for example, that if in a mail thread, someone asks you "please, attach those ppt and pdf we need", you simply have no way to do it answering the thread. You have to copy all the recipient's addresses, copy the mail text, go to adobe, create a new mail from there, past everything and send. Then, you have to repeat the same from power point. Insane. The only alternative is using links to some cloud service, but in many enterprises, cloud links are blocked by policies.
  • Wow, that's crazy, I didn't realize that. I guess I took it for granted that in W10M you can dive right into your file browser from the mail app to easily attach files. Thanks for sharing.
  • Good artical... There's many things I despise about Apple but at the end of the day, it works and works very well for me... I use all three platforms. Like anything, it take a bit getting used to especially if you're a noobie.
  • One particular thing I don't like is after texting someone and going back to the home screen.  When you want to text someone else, it takes you back to your previous conversation.  You will have to tap "Contacts" in the upper left hand corner to select a new person to text. Android does this as well, but at least you can tap on the back button at the lower left.
  • No hands free texting, and the horrible Mail app are my top iOS hates. Slow widgets screen and poor search are pretty high on the list too. And the notifications on lock screen are just... weird... takes too many taps to do anything with them. Oh, and the calendar doesn't let you edit single instances of a reoccuring event.
  • Interesting because I do hands free texting with Siri all the time. Also, you can edit single instances of a reoccurring event in calendar. As a matter of fact when I try to save my edit I'm asked if I want to save just this one or all reoccurring ones. As to the mail app, that one I'll give you. I'm not a fan either. I use Outlook for ios and it works very well.
  • My Nokia 920 is a tank, but it was slowing down and had a lot of chinks in its armor.  I was offered a 2 for one deal at AT&T.  My middle daughter just reached smartphone age and wanted an iPhone.  The AT&T store had no Windows phones.  A sign that I should consider to switching.  I got an iPhone 7s and my daughter an iPhone 7.  I hate the interface and am confused how navigate at times.  The upside is Apps, FaceTime with my three daughters and wife.  I hate iTunes and installed Groove music.  Works great.  Maybe when Windows comes out with a killer Surface phone I'll come sprinting back!
  • IPhone interface is so freaking boring and I don't need 50 apps for drawing mustaches on cats. I just pin my frequently used websites.
  • So how, then, do you draw mustaches on cats? I use a sharpie marker.
  • 10 years later iOS is still a boring grid of static icons with only a tweak to the color palette.
  • And the look of the OS for Windows Mobile hasn't changed in five years, what's your point?
  • Sin Ogaris, at least my live tiles change every few seconds to make my start screen come alive.
  • I wonder if you ever use Windows Mobile in the first place. Seriously, you can resize the tile and rearrange to your personal taste. Trust me, not one person would share the same UI despite using the same exact phone!
  • I wonder if you ever use Windows Mobile in the first place. Seriously, you can resize the tile and rearrange to your personal taste. Trust me, not one person would share the same UI despite using the same exact phone!
  • Lumia 950 XL is all I need.
  • #1 should have been the glass, which is apparently the same stuff they use for bar fights in movies. Just look at it wrong and it cracks.
  • So many Iphones with smashed screens. Also some of my friends have complained about poor battery life.
  • I hate my v20. The keyboard predictions is the worst.
  • file manager,
  • Dennis Bednarz; How did they let you and James Ward get away with articles like this touting anything good in windows phone on windows central? My smart money is both of you knows someone that knows someone as such are allowed to share facts.... Huh.. we'll just have to see how long they'll let ya continue this.. Facts Situation..
  • I loooooooove my lumia 950!!!!!!
  • I'd go back to a Nokia 3310 before getting an iPhone
  • I occasionally charge up my 6500 slide just to play Doom.
  • I still have my N8. I use it as a bedside clock because of the great, allways on and properly bright Glance.
  • I never thought I'd be writing this as I have a perfectly wonderful 950XL that works well, has a great camera, and that I love using. But, my employer (a rather large organization) has forced me to start using the iPhone 6S they provided instead of letting me use their SIM card in my personal Windows Phone. This has worked for years, but someone new in IT has purged all of us from the system. I do enjoy the unlimited data service which I can use for my own needs as well, but May 18 was a dark day when I had to switch off my 950XL and learn to use the iPhone. One experience I will freely admit is that several of the apps I used for personal business on the 950XL are much better in their iPhone versions. Beyond that, I don't find the iPhone UX to more intuitive or better organized at all. If it was intuitive I wouldn't have spent as much time as I did trying to figure out how to move those damn boring icons about without triggering the useless 3D touch. And what about those icons? Yep, it is that same static grid from the dawn of time. The Today page is actually useful because it borrows from Windows Mobile. Why the hell can't I force the phone to turn on with that page rather than the grid? Why can't a select a few icons that I use frequently on the grid to be bigger and more noticeable? Why can't I put more than 4 icons on the Dock? Geez Apple, is this basic UI stuff too tough for you? Beyond these beefs, I've Microsofted my iPhone as much as I could: Cortana is in, Siri is Out. One Cloud is in, iCloud is out. The Office apps are in and so is SwiftKey. All of these Apple apps and FaceTime and others have been moved way off to a distant screen and stuck in a folder. And one more thing: can someone recommend a nice but thin cover for this phone, but one that does not include that vanity hole on the rear that all iPhone users seem to use?
  • If you have a non-Plus iPhone 6s, OnePlus has an official case that has their logo in place of the Apple one. https://www.windowscentral.com/e?link=https2F2Fcrea...
  • #0: No file manager.
    #-1: No camera button.
    #-2: No back button.
    #-3: No Windows Central app.
    #-4: Non-standard charger.
    #-5: Giant top and bottom bezels.
    #-6: No decent TubeCast alternative. YouTube Red/Youtube app doesn't count.
    #-7: No global search button.
  • #0: No file manager. You can get several in the store. Reality is most people don't use phones that way. They open an app and the files associated are available to that app. There  has always been disagreement on whether a user should have to manage their files, even on desktop OSs. We just always have and haven't found a better way that people will accept. (change aversion) #-1: No camera button. In the camera app, the volume up is a shutter button. From off, click on (either power button or home button) and swipe left for instant camera access. It gets to the camera faster than the dedicated camera button on my 950XL.
    #-2: No back button. Granted. The UI is designed to not rely on one though, and there are back options on screen within many apps where it makes sense. If you follow a link from e-mail for example, there is a back to mail link on screen.
    #-3: No Windows Central app. Mobile Nation's Apple/iPhone site is iMore. There is an iMore app, just like there is an Android Central app for Android. 
    #-4: Non-standard charger. Yea, but they are ubiquitous. There are crappy iPhone chargers at the impulse bins at grocery store checkouts. 
    #-5: Giant top and bottom bezels. Only recently a concern as others started trimming those down. Next iPhone apparently will follow the crowd.
    #-6: No decent TubeCast alternative. YouTube Red/Youtube app doesn't count. That's an opinion. Perfectly good YouTube access available.
    #-7: No global search button. Swipe down on the screen  for spotlight search. Searches apps, mail, documents, web, etc. Works pretty well. 
  • Minding the fact that you call it faster in what camera button is concern, and i know is not true, cause well, is not. Your other comparisons go down the drain. Till you make 300 swipes to turn on camera i already took the picture;)
  • Yeah, I've used both the iPhone is faster to get to the camera than the 950xl is.
  • You must have lighting fingers, because I couldn't press a button and execute a swipe in the time it takes my 950XL to launch with the camera button.
  • You can't touch a button and swipe a finger within a couple of seconds? Granted the software side of my camera has been on the fritz for a while now, so that could be part of the problem.
  • No, you haven't.
  • For file manager, I mean one that works like the Windows Phone Files app where I can look at all the documents on my phone and move stuff around on my internal storage. Camera button meant as a shortcut as I can pull my phone out of my pocket and the camera is almost ready as well as operating more like a point-and-shoot with a two-stage button. If I go Android, I won't leave Windows Central. For bezels, as far as I know, the Lumia 1520's top and bottom bezels are smaller than the iPhone's ones. I haven't found any third-party YouTube apps on iOS that have the same feature set as TubeCast yet. "Global search" meant being able to go straight into search from anywhere on the device.
  • #NailedIt but you could also add in no continuum, no mouse support, bad keyboard layout as extras
  • These are 5 things I've hated from mid-00's (except 3,5mm jack, that's of course brand new irritating "innovation" from apple). Got iPod Shuffle as a present, and oh my dear loving god this mp3 player sucked. Ditched it for cd-mp3, CD Burning software (integrated into Windows OS) is 100 times better than trying to do something with iTunes. But ipad2 was ok - awful and with iTunes, of course, but then I've got Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, and even iTunes pad 2 looks ok when comparing to android tablets.
  • Wow. You nailed it. The app thing is actually huge. The dark them is a must. The OS IS FUGLY. And iTunes is a mess.
  • Oh, all these issues are dwarfed by the fatal limitations of the current state of WP10. I've used both major mobile OS platforms and Windows 10 Mobile. While aesthetically WP wins in my opinion, it's the last I would pick up as my daily driver right now. Have fun living in the bubble people!
  • Their are 3000 more limitations on ios then on windows mobile. Android is a mess and i see no change to it. Symbian and Meego were the best mobile systems ever made, till date i have not touched one single mobile os that can be called smart enough to compete with the multitude of functions this two systems had. Hack, they were mobile desktop then phone os. Both have Real multi-tasking not this crapp what android ios and windows mobile have. And this is just a small part. So if you want to say something, better say something that matters, cause no system is worthy to be called smart. So, stop acting like you live outside of the bubble cause you ain't;)!
  • I am using WP as my daily driver right now. 😛
  • I hate that upper left back button
  • Yup...so do I.  
  • I see the upper left back button as a slap in the face to anyone who wanted a phone to work ergonomically, yes, I realize the hamburger button is in the top left on Android and W10M, but the back button that is probably the most used button on my phone? It needs to be on the bottom where I can get to it.
  • That's if it is even there, It drives me batty that navigation from app to app on iOS is so completely random. I have an iPhone 6 for work but still use my 950XL for the majority of work like emails because I can get things done so much quicker (Adding multiple files on an iPhone to an email os incredibly frustrating for one thing). The main thing I constantly use the iPhone for is making work phone calls.
  • The One plus 3T has a dark mode interface!
  • Copycats!!
  • 1 + 3=4 And that's the highest note it deserves. Hack, that's too high, should be 1-3= -2. That's right!
  • Article needs to be updated as Apple Software Update -does- ask you if you want to install Apple's other software via tick boxes. Yes they are ticked on by default but that's no different from Microsoft apps (at least in the past) which attempt to change your default search engine & homepage to Bing & MSN respectively.
  • there is only one thing i can think of i will mis the most, a propper file system. i am used to work from onedrive or a sd card. That's the way i am organized. Getting films to a iPhone I need to use iTunes. Transferring files from one to a other device I use a usb-c stick. Not allowed in ios. the 5 things in this article are not deal beakers.
  • 3. The lack of Universal Windows Apps Isn't that a drawback for Windows Phone as well? ;)
  • I'm sticking with Windows Phone till the end. Love rocking my 950.
  • iTunes is malware.
  • I think you just insulted malware.
  • Can you send an SMS by voice by ringing a number from a car? Or can an iPhone read out an incoming SMS? Everyone I know says only Cortana can do this....
  • Well, their is only one thing i hate about apple and iphones.
  • I have a iPhone 7 Plus and an Alcatel IDOL 4S.  The second the IDOL 4S takes pictures reliably...and I mean...actually saves all of them...I'll switch back.  I don't know what it is about that phone, but the camera is completely unreliable.  I've found my switch, and I've been trying since December, very difficult.  I find the navigation to be mostly random and a complete and utter mess.  Swipe left for the widgets, but up from the bottom for quick actions...but if you wanted to actually change Bluetooth to pair to something else?  Now you're going to Settings...the entire navigation is a cluster. That said...life inside the walled garden isn't terrible...1000's of cases, 3rd devices, stable apps with top support.  There's a lot to be frustrated with...but there's a strong upside as well.  I went in believing I wouldn't be able to customize anything...and have been surprised by what I could personalize. However...BOTH Apple & MS provide equal amounts of frustration...it is not just an Apple 'thing'.  
  • I can't say that my Idol takes pics reliably, but it does save them all.
  • #1 - the interface is stale, sterile, and uninspiring.  Not to mention the ugly pastel colors.
  •  That logo.  And that horrible music in their commercials.  I will not be a part of that crowd.
  • Live tiles... Once you get used to them, it's impossible to use dead icons again.
  • But they don't do anything. They just show pretty pictures. Live Tiles are the biggest non event in mobile.
  • The weather shows today's weather and flips to show the next five days.  My calendar live tile shows today's appointments and the next several days as well.  ALL WHILE LOOKING DOPE DOING IT...   What do you mean non event?
  • Live tiles "don't do anything"? How about showing WhatsApp, Telegram,Viber and WeChat messages? I can actually see who wrote me and what they wrote. Same goes for SMS and phone calls. It's easy to tell if I need to answer right away and if I don't I can just leave them there as a reminder. No need to tap, swipe or anything else.
  • Exactly. Now that Telegram had updated their app, you can directly reply to a selected message without opening the app at all. I doubt if its Android counterpart can do exactly that.
  • You must never use news or talks apps like CNET or Flipboard or even TED, right? 😂
  • Amen, brothers and sisters!
  • Add fingerprint scanner. If you ever used the Elite x3, the tap to wake on the device is so much better. Placement of the scanner also better on Elite x3. I use ny work iPhone 6 as a paper weight, and secondary clock alarm. If there is an app i really need to set things, or get a discount for, i can use it. But i don't carry the iPhone or use it.
  • Like i always say, there is no alternativ for Win Mobile. The way it looks, works cant be found in the other OS. Yir to many companys dont support Win Mobile with apps, but hey the Win OS still looks best!
  • Thats why Samsung S8+ is the way to go. 
  • No micro SD card support...   Personally, I'd rather to Android than iPhone if I have to...
  • Also, low specs cameras, in app purchases for functional apps, proprietary everything and a life cycle of about 1 year, no iris scanner, no continuum, etc...
  • ...and that you feel it necessary to write an article on this subject makes 6 things... SMH...
  • Must be a slow news day to come up with this list. 1) You can delete most Apple apps, and the ones that remain you can put in a folder and call it Extras. Then install what you want ... Outlook can replace the Calendar, Contacts, and Email app if you want it ! With all the different "accounts" we set up, is an Apple account really that big of an issue ? 2) Nope ... iPhone does not have live tiles. The controls are boring ... but at least we have a phone with all of the essential apps we need. 3) We may not have Universal Apps but we do have all the essential apps, including those that disappeared from the Microsoft Store. I do use my phone for security monitoring, communications, banking, some social media, and business related functions. At least I can access the apps I need to do my job. 4) Most of us only use iTunes for music, and it does the job. There is no reason to use iTunes to update an iPhone. You do that over Wi-Fi and it works just fine. 5) Headphone jack: Really ? This is an issue in the age of Bluetooth ? Bluetooth earbuds are a reality, and so are speakers. I use a Bose Bluetooth speaker ... why would I need wires to carry around and plug in. Before anyone comments about "Apple fan boy" ... forget it. I made the move out of necessity because I needed certain apps for my business. There was no choice ... so why be a grump about it. Yeah, I would prefer a Win Phone, but I don't have an option. My Icon still sits on a charger, staying updated as an insider, and would be ready to hook up to a wireless account IF it was ever able to get the essential apps I need to conduct business ... but until then ... no need to whine about it.
  • The headphone jack is a complete non issue, I've been using wireless headphones for at least the last six years.
  • Unfortunately, not everyone owns a wireless headphone. And now, even Android manufacturers like OnePlus is ready to ditch headphone jacks as well. 😑
  • I would say to anyone moving away from Windows Phone (which I did a while ago, but keep some of my windows devices around just in case) you would be much better switching to Android than ios.
  • Also they would hate having switched for the hype of "jumping ship" created by this site 🤣.
  • Just stop already. This is Windows central. Stick to Windows and wm10. We area not interested in apple or Google. If we are we will switch to the appropriate forum.
  • Well said. 👍
  • If Windows Central had top comments like YouTube does, than this would be the top comment!
  • I like iTunes. That's one of the main reasons I jumped ship. No other program can seamlessly sync your music. It's the only true alternative to Zune for storing all your tunes on your phone.
  • iTunes is the worst music app ever developed by any company in the history of the world.
  • iOS UI is a disaster and iTunes is basically malware. i have iPhone for work and i really hate that there is no glance.
  • Those of you prospective iPhone owners who connect your current phone to your company's Exchange server will want to know that updating meeting requests (includes accepting) will make a mess of the appointment. Why? Because after all these years, Apple STILL has not fixed the glaring bug in their calendar app. I cannot tell you how many times I've seen a Help Desk article on the company intranet telling people to not do anything with meeting requests on their phones. Meanwhile, those of us not using iPhones have no problems managing meeting requests on our phones. Edit: Outlook on iPhone might solve the issue, but I don't know of any coworkers who have tried it.
  • Perhaps it's a problem within your company. I'm retired so I had to ask my wife about this. She said they have no trouble at her current place of employment nor did they at her last place of employment.
  • Could be we didn't have the latest version of Exchange. Still Apple had more than enough versions of iPhone and the app to get that fixed. Good to hear your wife didn't see the problem. Which iPhone is she running, and does she know the version of Exchange her company uses?
  • She has the 7+ same as me. I would have to ask her about the Exchange version later. She's on a business trip and I won't get a chance to talk to her for awhile.
  • I'm gonna stick it out with my Lumia 950XL.
  • Why on Earth woud anyone go from WM to iphone and not Android. The Apple ecosystem is god awful.
  • Well, no. 2 is deal breaker for me.
  • For me, it's number one
  • I will stay with my Lumia 950 until there's a replacement, or I die.  If I cannot stay with a Microsoft phone, I will go to Android. I will under no conditions use an iPhone.
  • I read all of the comments and I must its what ever works for you. In my case I have the HP elite x3. In our home office (wife's office) I use Continuum all of the time. My wife looks over and says "that is so cool, I want that". I must say that the more I use Continuum the HP x3 the more I love it. It would be so difficult at this point to switch over to an iPhone.
  • I love it to, I just wish they would give the feature more love... it has SO much potential.
  • You could have listed Apple in all five slots.  Because Apple.
  • I can add a few more to this: If you want to add a Reward card, say CVS or Best Buy to Microsoft Wallet you scan the card and in it goes, ready to use.  If you try this on IOS you fail.  In IOS you have to download the vendor's "app", log in to said app and then utilize the menu option to add their card to the IOS wallet.  This of course adds ridiculously needless tedium, more data than you might possibly want to store on your phone, and adds nothing to the functionality of the resulting wallet card.  Go IOS for that idiocy. If you want to modify a Bluetooth you'd think you could access the menu by swiping up.  But no.  You can turn on off bluetooth from the bottom swipe menu but if you want to mess at all with so much as connecting to a paired device that is not connecting automatically you have to jump over to the Options and down 3 menu trees before you finally get to mess with the Bluetooth items.  Oh and the Polar HR monitor refused to work with Polar's own heart rate App "Polar Beat", go figure.  Again, so much for this IOS just works myth. I'm going to be very sad having to switch.  But for VZ customer's the story for Windows Phone is over.  It's good to be free but sad when you knew how it could have been.
  • I also hate having to go through 3 touches on the keyboard just to find the # key on the iphone... its one of the most used keyboard symbols, its just plain dumb Apple
  • I was given an iPhone from my work.....i hate it it sucks....
  • Ditto
  • My Lumia 1520 is way better than that stupid iPhone 6s
  • As some other users have already asked this: Why on earth will anyone want to move to iOS? Even the apple fanboys are now increasingly switching over to android. I am absolutely saddened at the current state of windows mobile, but am trying to pep-talk myself into buying a S8 or HTC U11 (I prefer the later in almost every way though). Still I hold on to my 640XL, and feel really sad that I won't be using it for long. However, an iPhone is never even thought of. If the choice was truly between W10 and iOS, I would have held on to my ageing widnows phone for as long as possible.
  • My wife says she also hates the way you dismiss apps on iOS and prefers the W10M way. She also misses live tiles.
  • Your wife sounds like a very likeable person!
  • I'm not a fan of iPhones nor apple but none of these seem like a deal breaker especially the apps as appstore apps are more of and have greater functionality. Plus most desktop apps that users use are .Exe apps
  • 3 thing you will hate as a W10M user in v1703... Currently, I fight my Creators Update Windows Phone for weird battery behavior (keeps being soaked empty overnight) and a very nasty bug in Edge, which seems to lock up the phone from time to time, especially on React-based websites. There are also persistent touch screen hickups. It was a long way, from efficient to crawl. Maybe one of the pair of interns in Redmonds cellars developing W10M can fix at least the battery stuff?
  • Just that damn app gap is a problem in wp
  • As long as you have all the required essential app, I don't really see much problem with this app gap thing.
  • Live Tiles, how I miss Live Tiles.   Oh, and the predictive text on Windows Phone was streets ahead of what I get on the iPhone.  Even worse now I'm on Android
  • I still use my Lumia 640 as my daily driver. I have my Samsung Galaxy as my occasional use phone. There are features that I like about the Galaxy S7 like its waterproof, and I can run any app on it. But, there are still features that my Windows phone has that are lacking on the Samsung phone. I can't stand that I can't disable the volume warning and every time I hook my phone to my car's Bluetooth I have to unlock the phone and press yes to allow the volume to max out so I can hear it in my car. I can't get my text messages read to me on either of my car's blue tooth systems like my Windows phone will and when I voice my text messages it will add the question mark automatically on a question. I like that an emoji will pop up when I text certain words. The battery last longer on my Windows phone too!  I have tried to use the Galaxy for a week at a time, but I tend to go 2 or 3 days and I miss my Windows seamless car mode that is lacking on one of the most popular Android phones. I only paid $40 for my Lumia 640, and it has been worth every cent! It's a shame that Google has done everything in its power to crush Windows Mobile, although I am sure Microsoft didn't help the situation either. I love the live tiles and how I can make a website a tile which helps when there is no app but I can save the web page and it works pretty close to the app many times. Examples are Great Clips, my Credit Union, Google Drive, Gas Buddy, My Honeywell Thermostat and there are others.
  • Which Galaxy?
  • Windows Phone fans assemble, repeat after me, we will never move to another platform unless there is no windows Phone available if urs was broken!!
  • I'm currently using both Windows 10 Mobile and iOS 10 with the former as my primary daily driver while the latter purely for mobile gaming and entertainment alike, so there shouldn't be a problem for me. I'm happy with these two OS and would never, EVER coming back to Android!
  • I just ordered an iPhone after being with Windows since WP8. Judging from reviews I watch on YouTube, I think what I'll miss most on WM10 is the dark theme. I'm still keeping my L930 in case iOS is bright as the sun, I guess.
  • Don't forget Glance screen and double tap to wake.
  • That's why you're probably better off with Android if you feel it's time to switch. My LG G6 has Always on Display, double tap to wake and dark theme, and even a pretty close W10m homescreen. It's more familiar feeling than iPhone for Windows phone users.
  • How about the godawful keyboard or lack of a proper back button. Not to mention the stupid thing where when you search with siri she forgets the results in 2 seconds...if you don't react quick enough you'll have to search all over again. Did I mention I hate the freaking soft keyboard on the iPhone? I love the clickiness of windows phones keyboard that assures me a key has been pressed. I type lightening quick on windows. And that stupid layout. aargh!!!
  • Forgot to mention how much I hate googles youtube app. I can't believe this is all they could come up with. And on IOS that's the only option you really have. The old Tubecast app(before google changed their api to block its best features) and MyTube are sooo superior to anything ios has.
  • Yeah! I don't like these things about iPhone and iOS. So why are you still trying to get me to switch to it? *grabs Lumia 650 tightly*
  • There is good and bad about every mobile device, switching is easy, I recently switched from Windows 10 Mobile to Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and I have no regrets. People tend to forget, all those Android Apps, Microsoft own the patents for them, they leased, sold or licensed them to Google, makes you wonder why Microsoft chose NOT TO USE App technology they already own, instead they DOOMED their own product with the lack or mainstream apps, and extremely bad service. Microsoft Apps. work better on Android Phones then on Windows 10 and they are updated often. My Galaxy S8 Plus updates in like 4 minutes whereas my Windows 10 Mobile use to take almost 4 hours and even then some parts never worked right. People Microsoft want you to switch so they can end this charade of caring about its own Mobile device, they need to convert them into handheld Xbox Portable Game and MP3 Players.
  • I use all three platforms and have done since their inception. Each has its quirks, however my preferred choice is Android. It's a dam shame that all the talk about windows 10 mobile, ended up as just that, TALK and what's transpired has been a complete disappointment.
  • I have a Galaxy S7 and it just drives me crazy when I try using it. I end up going happily back to my Windows Lumia 640. I can not get any reception in my workplace on my Galaxy S7 yet my $40 Lumia 640 does. Go figure!
  • Interesting article and comments. I have both a Samsung GS6 and my Elite X3.  Keep thinking of switching to IOS because that is what the kids all use, my friends all use and the next generation. If only they had a back button and Glance. (My X3 doesn't have glance either but my 950xl does.) Still, it is a challenge not to have apps that I need for work and the oh-so-important Starbucks app. (nothing beats ordering ahead and having the drink available when I arrive) Maybe I'll switch if I can find a way to attach a Word document to an email in Iphone land.  
  • I just hate iPhone and everything about that silly ecosystem. Android is worse. There is no other choice for us. I am sticking and will always stick to Windows Mobile.
  • I won't really mind much about iOS, but you are so true with Android.
  • Switched to iPhone SE from Lumia 950 and I don't hate anything about it. Interface may be plain, but I'm not really missing strange faces appearing on Contacts tile... :-) iPhone is fast, and I mean Lumia-920-five-years-ago-fast! Now I take my Lumia 950 and it feels slugish...really strange considering the hardware side. iPhone just works with no glitches, all apps you may ever need are there , evem Microsoft goodies are running perfect on it. Outlook is fine, but built in email, calendar and contacts provide more complete experience.
    Maybe I switch back to MS phones in the future, once they replace laptops :-)
  • There is nothing that I don't like about iOS or Android. I think that they're both pretty good platforms. However, I like Windows phone more than anything else and AM NOT SWITCHING TO ANOTHER PLATFORM ANY TIME SOON!!! ;-) N.B: I am currently using a Lumia 640 XL with the Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update.
  • Glad to hear it. I am happy with my Lumia 640, it works great with Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update. Well worth the $40 I paid for it. Wish I could say that about my Samsung Galaxy S7 which luckily was an insurance upgrade that only cost me $99 to replace my S5. I still prefer to use my Windows phone as my daily ride.
  • No headphone jack, no microSD card slot, no models with removable batteries, no live tiles and no models that exceed 5.5" yet.
  • Exactly