5 tips to help you switch from Windows Mobile to iPhone

Because the iPhone is as popular as it is, you're able to use virtually any popular app or service on it. The truth is, you can happily switch and still be all about Microsoft if you want to. After all, why should you give up the services you love just because you change phone platforms?

The sad truth is Windows 10 Mobile just isn't competing right now, so the holiday season may well have been the opportunity to make the switch. If the iPhone is where you're headed, we have some tips to make the transition as painless as possible.

1. Get an Apple ID

Apple ID

If you're going to use an iPhone, you're going to need an Apple ID. Without one, you can't sign in to the phone or download apps. So if you don't already have an Apple ID, get one. It's easier to do on your PC than on a phone, so it's a good idea to do it in advance.

You're not required to have a credit card on file to download apps or content from the App Store, so you can literally just sign up for an account and use it to log into your phone. You don't even have to use most of Apple's stock apps anymore, you can uninstall a whole bunch of them. If you want to buy apps without using a credit card, you'll need to pick up vouchers from a retailer and redeem the codes.

Sign up for an Apple ID (opens in new tab)

2. Microsoft it all up


If you're going to be keeping all your Microsoft services and accounts intact (why wouldn't you?), you'll be happy to know iOS is your friend. Microsoft supports the platform with all its core apps and services.

And they're mostly pretty darn good. You can still get the Xbox app. And your Outlook mail and calendars are safe. Microsoft is even bringing Edge to the App Store soon, and its new streaming platform, Mixer, is already there. Anything you need to use you'll find in the App Store.

See Microsoft Apps in the App Store (opens in new tab)

3. Set up Outlook contacts, calendars, and mail


Microsoft does have an Outlook app available for iOS and it's pretty good. You can just download it and get your mail and calendars that way, but it's not the only way.

By integrating your Outlook account into the iPhone directly you can use the iPhone stock calendar and mail apps, as well as being able to use a range of third-party solutions which hook into that information. Fantastical, for example, is one of the best calendar apps on the iPhone and it'll be able to hook into your Outlook account once you've set it up on the phone.

If you're looking for a guide to getting going, we've got just the thing for you.

How to set up Outlook calendars, mail and contacts on the iPhone

5. Add Windows Central to Apple News!

Windows Central on Apple News

Unlike Android, iOS doesn't have an official Windows Central app. They won't let us. Sad face for that one.

What it does have is Apple News which is pre-loaded on every iPhone. And Windows Central is on Apple News so you don't need to be very far away from the latest and greatest in the world of Microsoft! You'll also want to keep tabs on iMore for the best from the Apple side of the tracks. And they do have an app.

Your tips

These are some basic tips to help get started on an easy, Microsoft-filled life on iPhone. If you recently made the switch, help out your fellow readers by sharing your own tips and tricks in the comments below.

Updated December 22, 2017: Guide refreshed to make sure you've got the best tips if you got a new iPhone for the holidays!

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

Richard Devine is a Managing Editor at Windows Central with over a decade of experience. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently, you'll find him steering the site's coverage of all manner of PC hardware and reviews. Find him on Mastodon at mstdn.social/@richdevine

  • Can't wait for the negative comments about "Windows Central promoting iOS" on this post.
  • Well it it. But at least this headline is upfront about it instead of talking about a great app for iphone ... that's not available for windows mobile.
  • This article, the OnePlus review, and the Win10 Mobile -> Android article are definitely useful to me. I recommended Windows 10 Mobile to family long ago. As they end up needing replacement phones, it's nice to have a resource to point them to that will ease them into something new. As for myself, I'm of course sticking to Windows
  • That assumes you trust the recommendation.  I trust nobody who recommends any Android or iPhone.
  • At this point, you really shouldn't be trusting anyone who recommends a Windows phone. Stick with what you like, but if you think it's a good phone recommendation you've got problems.
  • It's hard to be negative about Android and iOS promotions, when even Microsoft is doing it at Build.
  • Are you yelling or just forgot to turn off caps lock :/
  • 😂😂😂 BOTH!! Nice catch.❤
  • If my 950XL continues to work the way it does, I'll be fine keeping it till it dies. That's when I will get an Android, and only if no Enterprise version of WM exists as well. Probably never iPhone though. If Microsoft Store cease to exist for WM, that would be another reason for me to get Android device before my device physically dies.
  • Same here. I'm keeping this 950 xl alive until something better comes within the Microsoft ecosystem (I mean, Windows). Could it be the Andromeda device, but even then, if it takes a bit to come out I'll track and get another W10M. I don't feel like getting into that whole crappy Android world, it's too convoluted hardware and software wise and I'd lose a lot of things I like and are unique to MS. And I don't like Google's data mining policies so I keep their services at minimum. And as bad as Google is, Apple is 100% out of the question, of course.
  • It's called switching because you are changing your primary device from one platform to another. Microsoft has killed W10M; it is no longer and option. It is a sinking ship and people will need to leave it one day or another. At some point there will be no more security updates, no more patches and no more apps. It's dead and people need to accept that.
  • For every device,, at some point, there will be no updates, or patches, and that device will be obsolete. That goes for Android, and iOS, as well... Who cares.
    My 950 is still supported now, and works great. If I get an Android device today it will be an addition, not a conversion... Who cares?. Lol.
    You iDroid trolls are too damn closed minded... ****, this 950 could last long enough for MS to come with whatever they have coming next,, if there will be something. So, at that point there will be no absolute need for me, or anyone if they please, to get an Android device. So.... But, for me, even then, I will still get an Android device for apps.. Switching, no.. Having both? Yes. That's all it is. No need to turn this into some stupid immature competition. SMDH 🙄
  • Sometimes, I think all these switch articles are just to get traffic from fanboys. See the difference in number of comments, from these to normal positive articles.
  • I think the clicks and comments from hard-core Microsoft fans are a byproduct of the current situation. I think there is value in these type of articles in themselves as the reality is many people have switched or will be switching (at least until W10 on Arm arrives).
  • The trouble is none of the information in the article is at all useful or new or... anything really. One wonders why it is needed. iPhones are fantastic if you want to buy into the ecosystem, they suck if you don't.
  • Ya, it is a shame Windows Central has had to resort to these articles (Meaning Windows Phones are slowly going extinct) but as said Microsoft is pushing it that way, so be it.
  • I don't mind that, but I honestly don't think iphone is a possible choice for Windows Phone user. - It can never look like WP
    - you can never set up default apps
    - you can't use it as flash disk Etc...
  • Your wait is over: Negative complaint, b/c this is ***Windows***Central and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. I hate Apple anything. IOS doesn't even have Live Tiles!!! Ugh!!!!!!!
  • Exactly! I think windows central will leave Windows devices.
  • Anyone noticed the IOS promoting on Win Central? Perhaps a rename to AppleCentral ;o)
  • Windows Central is a essential part of the proces to smoothly transitioning the Windows Phone community of to other mobile platforms... #understandable but #SAD
  • I'm sort of OK with it so long as the next article is '5 tips to help Windows Mobile users avoid iPhone/Android nastiness long enough for the not-Phone revolution to begin'.
  • Step 1. Get an Apple ID...nope, I'm out.
  • Don't need it
  • Hey Richard,
    Do you want a tip of how to move jobs from Windows Central to Apple Central (or whatever name is).
    Take your article (and perhaps yourself) to another forum!
  • Lol.. Sounds like "we don't like your kind round here, now get, get, get, get""
    You know, corn pipe style. 🌽
  • Yep, my Lumia 950XL ring tone is (and has been since my L820) Duelling Banjos for a reason.
  • Newsflash dude. Windows 10 mobile is dead. Sorry to burst your bubble, but you will need to switch at some point in time. I for one am grateful that they are atleast trying to help people get the best Microsoft experience they can on the most often used devices in people's lives.
  • Nope. I'd rather buy a dumb phone and tether a Win tablet to it. I have no need to switch at all. You don't speak for me. Try thinking outside the box occasionally.
  • That's one thing. The other is that promoting iPhone which isn't a good choice for Windows user at all is plain stupid
  • It's not like a gmail account where you're worried about being tracked or whatever. its so you can download apps from the App Store.  Its pretty secure as far as your personal info.
  • I have one, but rarely ever use it (as I rarely ever use my iPad itself). But it's my Microsoft account btw 😂 I'll never give up on it, because it's my main e-mail address for more than ten years now 😀
  • And you can use it no issues with the iphone!
  • goodbye goodbye, I'm leaving you today goodbye, ra ta ta ta ta!
  • Na na! Na na! Hey! Hey! Goodbye!
  • The big negative is, from what i have found, there is no way to get iOS notifications on Windows 10.
  • Which is why Android is vastly superior ;)
  • But I just bought a brand new Lumia 1520...
  • Wow.. I want one too.. 😍😍😍
  • And you won't get W10M Creators update, unless you become an insider....
  • Which of course he'll be
  • I'm already an insider and I am on the "fast ring" with the latest build. I changed the phone to 950 XL in the registry, as I had done with my 1320. Runs really well on the 1520 and the 1320!   :D
  • I just bought a brand new Lumia 950 XL. Cant wait to get it on my hands...
  • Yeah me too, it's just taking so long to get in in the mail!
  • Lucky you! It's there best dang phone I've ever owned
  • 1520 was definitely the best phone I've ever had in my hands... Well, the iPhone 7s+ is stupid nice, but the 1520 just was amazing.. Still got it, but it's jacked.
  • Next article... Tips for those who are staying with WINDOWS for the foreseeable future.
  • They should try to drink tea on St John wort, take long walks thru the wood and doing breathing exercises.
  • Lol.. What?
  • It may help them cope with the stress of staying Windows fans.
  • I'm staying, it's really no stress. It's JUST A DAMN PHONE. Lol. You guys act like using WP is stressful like getting audited by the IRS.. You kids don't know what stress is......
    Y'all all need to calm down😂😂😂😂
  • So true! I got audited by the IRS once, it was not cool!!
  • Lol... That blows worse than support for WP💔
  • They should write an article, Ten things worse than being a Windows phone fan. 1. Being a Apple fanboy, 2. Buying a Pixel XL2, 3. Being married to my last three ex-wives, 4. Signing up for an Apple account, 5. Telling people you voted for Trump, 6. Being Hillary Clinton, 7. Paying $1149 for a new iPhone X and dropping it on the first day, 8. Jamming your toe on the desk and then dropping your new iPhone on the first day, 9, Forgetting your new iPhone on the coffee table and running back into the room and finding your 3 year old playing with it, 10, Waiting for your L950XL to come in the mail.
  • Best comment ever! Love your style!!
  • Would you be quiet, its more than just a DAMN phone. We mainly live our lives via these things, while we can live without them, we choose not to
  • Oh, are you talking to me?..... Huh?
  • Yes I am talking to you
  • Yeah, makes a good flashlight too!
  • They have Jason for that
  • Learn to swim, because unless you jump ship you will probably drown. W10M is dead and it's just a matter of time before It becomes completely useless. The guys at Windows Central are atleast kind enough to not play pretend anymore.
  • YES x10. I want to see this article. **** it, I'm gonna try and find the time to write this article. I have the skill... hopefully I'll find the time. Watch this space.
  • Been debating on replacing the screen to use it primarily over my Lumia 950.
  • YAY!! More articles on how to NOT USE WINDOWS. What are you people doing?
  • Became Zombies ?
  • Isn't it the other way arund?
  • Uhhhm, theyre following microsoft's lead?
  • I would not call it a lead. Much more a surrender.....
  • nope....  not happening (...and the idea that Apple won't let Windows Central make an app for iOS is really just cheesy, is that true?)
  • It is, there's no android central app either. But you can get windows central and iMore apps on android. Considering how great Apple think they are, they seem to not want their customers to know anything about the competition. Very telling, in my opinion.
  • Send them a link to this article and maybe they will let them make an app.
  • I hate this type of posts.. Indirectly making windows phone fans to switch the OS.. I still love ❤ my L640XL even though it makes no sense
  • WC got corrupted I guess... What is the best anti-idroid (VIRUS) application for WC..
  • Microsoft was corrupted. Years of creating mediocre platforms and services has caught up with them. Your issue is with Microsoft.
  • What's wrong with the platform, and services?.....
    W10M, and it's services, aren't in themselves bad at all. In fact, they're actually really good to use.. That was never the problem..... The problem was a lack of apps, and mostly MS's lack of effective marketing... MS is to blame for WP's lack of success, but the teams developed a terrific product. It's a shame more people didn't get a chance to find out. I still use it today, and it works great.. Just ZERO apps now. Lol
  • I said "years" of poor platforms and services. Windows 7 was awesome, but Vista was a train wreck as was Windows 8. I don't mind Windows 10, but it hasn't had smooth sailing. I don't even need to explain Zune, Kin, Band or Windows phones. Microsoft services were almost non-existent back in 2008. They certainly had nothing that could compete with Gmail or iTunes. Apple and Google have been working on and improving their services for a decade now. Today Microsoft is taking it seriously, but they are so far behind and people have already chosen their services/ecosystems. This is all catching up to Microsoft. Better experiences could be had from their competitors for at least a decade now. Microsoft really needs to bring their A game if they want to keep relevant with consumers. They need to start leading with great products instead of following with mediocre ones.
  • I see.. But, they're pretty damn good now...
  • You mean gmail that was in perpetual beta back then?  gmail is a mess, can't stand it and don't have an account on it.  Zune HD was actually pretty nice, but they saw the writing on the wall that music players were being replaced by phones.  You don't mention all the google things that have been pissed away, and there are a lot of them.  I guess you don't mind having all your data minded by the scroogle, some of us do.
  • Wether you like Gmail or not, it was a very popular service and brought many people into Google's ecosystem. Everyone has failed projects, but Microsoft failing at mobile is a huge one that Apple and Google didn't fail with. Hate to break it to you, but Microsoft mines your data as well, but they aren't as forthcoming with how it is being used. Windows 10 is also full of ads that are built right into the UI! https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2016/08/windows-10-microsoft-blatantly-dis... https://www.thurrott.com/windows/windows-10/89112/microsoft-added-anothe...
  • Whats wrong with platform and services?? How many countries have access to bing rewards. How many countries can access cortana without changing region / language etc
  • Why do I suddenly wish the internet line to Australia will go down?
  • 1 - This is WINDOWS Central, not Windows Phone Central anymore; 2 - Windows Phone is dead. Gone. Accept it. 3 - They're just helping people who actually want usable smartphones to find what's best for them and ease the transition. If you want to go down with the ship, just skip these articles. Most people don't want to drown though.
  • Whilst I sympathise with your sentiment I think you're wrong; 1. - Windows Central as in Windows on any device, phone or otherwise. IoS is not Windows hence the justifiable criticism.
    2. - I would love for you to provide some proof of that from an official and reliable source, because all I've seen thus far is hyperbole and speculation.
    3. - Windows on mobile is usable. I used mine this morning to take pics, browse the web, message the wife on telegram and use duolingo. Oh, and it got an update last night (so much for being dead).
  • This comment is stolen from Ashanmaril on reddit. "I get it - on one hand, there's been a few signs Microsoft might be streamlining the development of W10M. They bought Nokia and killed it off shortly after, not to mention further layoffs from Microsoft's own mobile division. They specifically said they've retrenched in regards to phones. They dropped nearly every feature from the Kreativity Update. They haven't released a flagship since 2015. Microsoft's own new products are usually released exclusively for iOS/Android. Major apps have been pulling their apps over the past year, with Microsoft showing no effort to try and keep the remainders around. They have multiple broken apps that they won't fix, or haven't been updated in forever. They don't advertise for Windows Phone devices any more. They never show a Windows Phone device in demos. They've partnered with Samsung, a competitor, to push Microsoft services on a special Microsoft Edition S8. You can't find any mention of Windows Phone or any links to buy devices on the Microsoft website any more. None of their employees use Windows Phones, including the head of the insider program, Belfiore, and likely Nadella himself. They cut off a good chunk of users who couldn't upgrade from Windows Phone 8 to Windows 10 Mobile, and further cut more W10M devices from getting the new "major" version update. They've mentioned no plans for future hardware. But on the other hand, we just got a new share icon, so I choose to believe this is all part of a long-term strategy!"
  • Anyone reading this and still trying to make an argument that this platform isn't dead is completely delusional and borderline insane. Bravo, sir.
  • 1.How many articles are people ok with when its about anything microsoft and NOT "windows"? So we cant talk MS apps and services for those using or switching to other platforms? Justifiable lol what a laugh. 2.Unless you want to use their phone for enterprise/business...MS themselves are telling you their phones are no longer made for the consumer. So for consumers like me..windows phone has been "dead" for a while now. 3. A zune is still useful too and so is an original xbox and so is the microsoft band and ... Point being, for the majority of the world out there if you cant get updates or get the newest applications(which WP doesnt) it might as well be useless. I've loved windows phone for a long time now..since my kin two..but ive moved on and soon ill have to help my mom move on as well so these articles are very helpful! And MS related since I still use and made all my MS apps the go tos on my android.
  • Your last zune update was when?
  • WHen was your last lagdroid update?
  • 1 - Windows Central as in "Microsoft Central". However, there's that pesky thing called "trademarks". The site is about Microsoft things (Windows, Xbox, Surface, etc). iOS is an operating system where Microsoft is investing money by bringing their services. Articles to help people moving to a living smartphone OS whilst keeping their Microsoft services falls rightly within the scope of Windows Central. But hey, I'm not the boss around here. I'm pretty sure if Daniel disagrees, he'll let us know (and, well, his authors).   2 - I would love for you to provide some proof that BB10, Symbian or even Windows RT are officially dead. You won't find them. However, users and devs have left those platforms and the companies that created them stopped putting money into them. That makes them dead. Just like Windows Phone. 3 - You can do all of that with a modern dumbphone. Congratulations, you're able to live with a dumbphone.
  • How is my 950 not usable🤔🤔🤔🤔
    Explain that one to me. I mean, I use it all day for pretty much every task you use your phone for. Minus, an app, or two, we both most likely access the same things from our phones on a daily basis... You make it sound like It's highly dysfunctional, when It's not... I definitely wouldn't recommend it to any non fan (mainly because there are no new devices, or apps), but it's plenty good enough for fans to stick with (for the time being).. All these stupid comments about how it's not a working smartphone, are, well just stupid. That's totally not the case. I'm not saying it's going anywhere special as WM, but WM is still getting updates, and working for a lot of us who like it... We're just saying the next iteration can't come soon enough...
  • And, the damn camera is terrific, even if the S8 blows it out of the water.. It's still very very good. Lol😂😂😂😂😂
  • Rod...there won't be a next iteration. I told you once WP would die without Nokia. I told you that Nokia would be back. I told you Microsoft would drop their hardware and "Microsoft Mobile" and that they'd focus on Android and iOS. All of that happened exactly as I told you it would. For the love of God, believe me when I tell you WP/10M is dead and won't come back.   As for WP being useless. Well, modern dumbphones aren't useless either. Many people use them. They can browse the web, access a couple of apps from the Opera store and take pictures. The only thing your 950 does better than a dumbphone, currently, is taking pictures. As a smartphone though, it's pretty much dead. It doesn't get the latest apps, it doesn't get the latest functionality...heck, it didn't even get the simple colour picker that Microsoft added to Windows 10. You can cling to it desperately and try to pretend the ship didn't sink and you're not swimming in the water. I'm pretty sure you're surrounded by a handful of other WP-fanboys AND BlackBerry fanboys as well (well, those few who refuse to use the new BlackBerry's running Android and continue to use BB10). Just don't pretend that it's a proper smartphone anymore ;)   (By the way...the S6 and G4 already surpassed the 950. The S7 completely destroys it. And so does the S8 lol XD)
  • After the last update my L650 and L730 are flying!
  • Yes, funny because right now, in the midst of all this talk about WM being dead, WM is better than it ever has been...... If apps were pouring in, and there was a nice high end device available on at least two major carriers, I could definitely recommend it....... Dude, Microsoft is stupid.
  • As in "their souls finally left their corpses" flying I presume? ;P
  • Look everyone, a childish attorney! He knows the law but doesnt respect people's right to use whatever phone they want. Only he has rights. I don't use WP anymore but as long as rodneyej others choose to use it, I respect that and won't bash them for their choice because they know the state of WP and are good with it.
  • Promoting this trash because of Build 2017!? 😆 no thanks, I'll switch to Android when the Nokia 9 releases 😎
  • The Nokia 6 isn't so bad and is built like a brick 💩 house
  • Full of heating issues
  • Outside windows 10 mobile cortana sucks on ios and android, so for this reason and this reason alone i'm out. 
  • You mean: Outside W10M in the US Cortana....... Sucks
  • Totally agree & that's why I'm sticking to my NL950 XL DS because Cortana works very well for me in Jamaica. Tried Cortana on a coworker's Nexus 6 & it was most disappointing. 
  • Just try and import those SMS and whatsapp messages... Took me 6hrs to do SMS via Android and whatsapp impossible.
  • On Android: SMS - Most OEMs have an app to help you transfer the files to their phones. WhatsApp - Go to settings, do a back up, done.
  • Its not that simple. WhatsApp backs up stuff on google drive in Android, OneDrive in windows Mobile and on icould in ios. Good luck switching between two backups
  • I've recently been forced to remove my work email from my personal 950XL and use a company issued iPhone 7+.  It sucks for work.  I loved pinning mail folders, contacts, maps, documents and other assorded items related to projects, teams, and/or customers into specific folders and have it all work. The iPhone is extremely inefficient at organizing and grouping related content. It's been a nightmare for me trying to keep up with my job.
  • So much this ^^^ !!!
  • How did they force you?
  • We use O365 and our legal department and IT security issued a new policy stating that devices not owned by the organization will no longer be permitted to have email accessible by the native mail clients of those devices. Sure you can access webmail, but it's not the same.  We had to sign the policy and submit it to HR. I really love my job so I complied.
  • Good.  Nobody but the most irresponsible would quit a job they like over being asked to use a particular operating system. I mean, priorities, people.
  • Why is Apple preventing you from having a Windows Central app?
  • Yet they're wasting their time trying to promote them, I mean have some self-respect!
  • Their iOS Store has a policy of not allowing apps that promote other platforms. Having "Windows" on the app promotes a rival to their crapOS. Spotify had the same issues with them.
  • In a word....DUMB!
  • What a F*****G ABOMINATION!!
  • iphone MS edition coming soon to a MS store near you.
  • Lol. I bet. 😂😂😂😂
  • No
  • Nice copy and paste of the switching to android article.
  • Already have an old iPhone. If nothing's happening with Windows mobile I'll switch to android. Apple is toxic.
  • Stooop it pleaseee
  • Its stings...sure will for some...
    I remember Daniel saying in a recent podcast 'android hurts the soul'...
  • When I leave Windows Mobile I will leave Microsoft.
  • I wonder when windows central will terminate their win mobile app...
  • You won't. There's no reason to do it. When I jumped ship years ago, I thought I'd do the same but the only thing I don't use is Microsoft's Outlook app because it's downright horrible. But I do still use my outlook email, I simply got another email app from the Play Store.
  • OneDrive, word online, Wunderlist, great sync between devices, skype, outlook. Microsoft is not just about phones.
  • Honestly guys, these posts/guides are extremely helpful for those of us coming up on contract and have limited to no options. The future of W10M is hazy at best, and with no hardware or software giving W10M fans the warm fuzzy for what's on the horizon...Windows Central is doing what they can to give their readers the best information available. Windows Central, to me, isn't just headlining Microsoft hardware/software...they're reporting on Windows as a service as well. iOS and android have Microsoft apps and it's incumbent upon them to report on how those services function on non-Windows operating systems. Frankly, these kinds of guides are helpful for somebody like me who is really on the fence about whether to continue to commit to W10M.
  • They know W10M is dead.. Move on guys.. PLEASE! its done!
  • Shan't.
  • What about a guide to help those poor unfortunate people who already are on iOS and Android? A guide to help them over where the grass is green and MS is the boss...
  • Where is that mythical place?
  • Follow up article....How to switch from Iphone and Android to Surface Windows Ultramobile PC with Cellular Connectivity: Business and Cloud Edition
  • how about Five tips to help us switch from www.windowscentral.com to https://www.engadget.com/
  • If I'm forced (which I probably will be), I could do android. Mainly because I'd rather have customization, not have to deal with iTunes and google assistant is a lot better than siri. Of course, if we want sync'd bookmarks, we would all have to abandon edge on desktop, and Cortana would be pretty useless as well on both platforms.
  • Cortana on Android integrates with the phone and syncs with your Windows 10 PC (and as Microsoft announced at Build, they'll work to make her even more integrated into Android). Edge you'd have to leave behind, indeed. Though...that's not too great of a loss.
  • Yes, but if I'm not mistaken; Cortana on android won't work in a sleep state. I'm not sure about lock screen. Those are the most important times where i would want to use it, especially while driving. There was a rumor that samsung may he willing to provide deeper integration, having a hardware button that can activate her.
  • Great article! 
  • Trying to see the logic about writing an article on a MS based website about where to go if you leave Windows. In one hand you talk about how it could get better and the other hand where to go if it's taking too long to get better.
  • Uh, what happened to step 4?
  • Can't believe nobody mentioned it before you
  • Honestly I prefer no phone if i don't have a windows phone.
  • Oh thank you for your help in pushing me away from Windows, Windows Central. I am sure the millions of others can show us how wonderful an iPhone is. LOL
  • Microsoft is silently supporting ios and android. Why don't they show existing flagship devices on their promotional videos.
  • Sad that they even have a damn topic like this on here. Wow!
  • Wake up people. The writers are trolling us because they are desperate for clicks, traffic. Deny them this by not reading these sorts of articles. Simple.
  • I am not going anywhere. Windows Phone for life
  • good article but any Win Phone users would probably be better served with Android (phone with fingerprint reader is a must), especially for notifications to Win10 desktop, even Pushbullet iOS is gimped in comparison. Easier backup/restore between devices too without all the iClumsy stuff
  • ApplePhones DO have fingertip scanners.
  • well if i need to move on to another platform I'm not sure I'm going to be all Microsoft.
  • One more of these and we will need a "5 steps to help you move from Windows Central to Thurrott" (or similar)
  • Hahahahahaha XD
  • ...its Thursday, time to discuss churning...as no one basically has a winphone ...why do you bother..
  • Guys, this is Microsoft 2017. BUILD. We used to have: Microsoft like a garage. With a paintshop. bodyshop, staff and mecanics. When your car broke down you drove your car inside and Microsoft would fix your car. That was Microsoft. It's closed down by Nadella. Now, 2017 they build a new garage. No paintshop, no bodyshop, no staff and no mecanics. No, just an empty building. And Microsoft is inviting OEMS and developers to come in to the building, create their own bodyshop, paintshop, delivering staff and mecanics. And then they only charge the OEMS and developers just for using their building. O, and don't forget. Whenever a Microsoft staff member is on stage he or she is: EXCITED.
  • What is this blog for!!!!!! Why the negativity :/
  • If I am switch to iph - which looks more and more likely as my next phone, I won't care most of the MS app and for sure I don't need WC's help, I can simply have the apple store guy set it up for me and answer all my questions.  Unlike when I ask question about my 950 no one have a clue at MS store.  Just saying.
  • This is just on time, as someone in the forums recently asked how to do this. Otherwise, there is a forums app for Windows Central available. Additionally, it's important to note that it is not required for you to use iCloud at all, unless you want to. You can use iTunes to backup your iPhone, which is what I have been doing since I don't care for iCloud. If you don't care to use the Mail app, just turn off notifications for it and just enable them for Outlook only.
  • Lets be totally honest. You have 3 choices 1) a nascent app system for a newly hybrid OS that's first to market(Windows) 2) A ad-based platform that intensively datafarms, even when you don't know they are doing it 3) A walled garden that is high in incompatibility and obstacles for users. None of these is entirely ideal. If someone wants to pick one over the other, they might or might not regret it, but it's their choice. In the end, their isn't a mobile OS on the market where the user isn't making compromises. At least however 1) has a chance of improving, whereas 2) and 3) are only going to get worse the more users and money those respective companies make.
  • Keep telling yourself that mate. Android and iOS are actually being developed. 
  • With a caveat: your point 1) has a chance of improving.....but only on devices at some point in the future (2 years? 3? 5?) Any update, relying on a variation of full Windows 10 ARM will not come to any current devices.  So it kind of renders it irrelevant.   Some on these forums have been on the same devices since circa 2013 and advising them to stick with a dead end version of Windows Mobile is irresponsible. When Windows on phones improves in 2019-2021, they can come back then.
  • Newly hybrid OS, so forget abt wp7.5, wp8 n now how now most of current devices are left out. MS still diesnt have a clue what it wants to do in consumer space but sure choose windows huh.
  • Five tips to help you switch from Windows Mobile to iPhone ... Why in HELL do you need five (5) tips, all you need to know is Microsoft has abandoned their own product so why hang around and wait for them to pull their heads out of their asses. They had a great product and should have partnered with Nokia and NOT buy them and ruin the entire line of Mobile devices. Microsoft is a product of having to much money and not enough common sense, they've lost contact with the buying public, and the little crap they do sell, is way over priced, its as if they don't want people buying this trash. They need to come back to the average consumer and not with all this high-end bullshit that's priced out of the reach of most people.
  • Agree
  • Wait, hold up...who won't let you make an ios version of WC app, apple? Mobile nations or whatever ? And why not??
  • I'm sure its Apple.
  • Ok so start making articles about leaving Windows 10 OS (ARM/S/Pro/Etc.) to Apple OS for desktop. Sounds stupid, isn't it?
    When will Windows Central Editors understand that people here don't really care about switching to x or y or z? They like Windows 10 OS everywhere, every device and want to see and practice its progression...
  • Um...YOU don't really care...some of us like & appreciate the guidance.
  • No Live Tiles? I'll pass!
  • So... Where's tip #4? Or is my browser just not loading it?
  • So I think this is an appropriate article to ask if anyone has heard any news regarding that new hp elite x3?
  • I sadly moved to an iPhone 7 just before Xmas as my L950 was really starting to irritate me (crashes, reboots, etc) however as much as I like the extra apps and Apple Pay, iOS equally frustrates me. On top the phone randomly freezes for several seconds and 4G-to-WiFi transition is not as fluid. Please no one suggest Android as it's not allowed in my regulated industry unless it's a Samsung running Knox. Plus been there done that, didn't like it. So for me the sun isn't brighter on the other side and in fact I do miss my WM, but until MSFT can sort themselves out I'll continue to be frustrated by iOS.
  • I switched in Dec too...but still have my Idol 4S with me at all times.  I concur that the 4G to Wifi (for me its when I leave WiFi and need it to hop over to LTE)...isn't great.  Had a couple app crashes, and some weirdness requiring a reboot.  We've also had to have 2 of them warranty repaired for stuck power buttons.  However, the Apple Store guys were top notch...fixed on the spot zero hassle.   Navigating iOS is an exercise in futility...nothing is the same...confusing notification panel that can swipe left & right on...swipes from the top, swipes from the bottom with 2 windows...it's a mess.  Never know where the 'back' or 'done' button is... I hear ya...
  • Here is a summation of the article: "Please exit the sinking ship in an orderly fashion. No need to panic, everything you need is on the rescue ships. Please follow all instructions. This will minimize any loss suffered from abandoning ship. For your convenience, there are 2 rescue ships available, the USS Android and USS iOS. As soon as you have boarded one of the ships, please login using your login info that you used on the former ship, the USS Win10M. This will ensure a smooth transition, faster checkin times to your new home screen, where your belongings will be waiting for you. We hope you have a pleasant rest of your journey. Ships counselors, courtesy of Windows Central, are standing by should you need assistance. Just check into Windowscentral.com for help."
  • Will Julie direct me to my cabin on the Lido or Fiesta Desk?  (Old school reference...)
  • I dont want to.
  • The timing of this article is terrible...the day 2 of 2017 Build event hasn't even started yet!
  • wait what? why doesn't apple allow a windows central app? what could possibly be the reason?
  • Oh gosh, what is coming next is how to migrate and sign up from Windows Central to Android Central and IMore in Mobile Nation...ahahaha
  • Unfortunately you cannot blame people for wanting to jump ship and go to a new platform. My mom LOVED her Lumia 1520 we got her, but after a few years, and very few options for major apps, she had enough. We got her an Android phone (Nexbit Robin) and after a few weeks of missing the Windows 10 UI, she's completely forgotten about the Lumia.
  • Well, I switched to an iPhone se two months ago as a result of my 640 locking up. The iPhone certainly has way more app opportunities, and some of these are quite useful. However, I write this post now from another 640 that I found on Craigslist. I sold the iPhone. I'm feeling better now.
  • Before, their was, how to Change to Windows Phone. Now is: How to not use Windows Phone. Interesting
  • Outlook on ios was a train wreck for me. You can't even create new contacts within the app.
  • You create contacts using the Contacts app and then it will sync back to Outlook since your account is in accounts.
  • Seriously?  Enough with these craptastic articles.  Help switch to Android!  Helpful tips for switching to iPhone!  How about "Getting the most out of your WIndows Phone"?  or  "Ways to optimize your WIndows Phone Experience".  How about "An open letter to Satya, We're Still HERE!!!"?  Seriously.  These switch articles are getting ridiculous.
  • If you go back through the history of the articles, everything you want is there.  However, since nothing in the world of Windows Mobile is changing, new articles are irrelevant.  As is your post.
  • Yeah going Windows Central to read about windows products! Wait what is this.... It writes about how we should ditch our windows 10 mobiles for Iphones and Android phones..... I'm out....
  • Are we going to see Apple and Microsoft partnering ?
  • Can you get MS Movies and TV on iOS?  That is one of the annoying thing about android.  Propbably the only service/app that MS has not made available to other platforms.
  • Nope. I have an iPad Mini 3 and a Nexus 7 and neither OS has MS Movies and TV. Even if they did have it, neither OS is worth the switch IMO. Most companies have vastly improved their mobile websites to the point where the iOS and Android apps are very similar to those websites. Hell, some websites now send notifications through Edge removing the need for apps.
  • Not even Microsoft uses Windows, seriously Windows. Their Day 1 keynote was nothing about Windows, it was about this supposed future of AI, some new platform they want to invent.
  • No matter how hard you try, my Lumia 650 is staying in my hands T_T
  • Not switching. I had already come from iOS and are not going back!!!
  • Oh, look! A bunch of triggered Windows Phone/Mobile fans!
  • Like Seriously? If you search windows central online you find this as their slogan "The center of the Windows Universe - featuring news, reviews, help & tips, buyer guides, forums and accessories."  this is the center of the Windows Universe?-"It stings, but if you're a Windows 10 Mobile user thinking of jumping ship to iPhone, let us help your transition." no wonder not many left on platform.  
  • Yeah, you're right.  Its Windows Central's fault that nobody is left on the platform.  /s
  • #6. If you opt for the iPhone 7 remember to plan on drilling out the hidden 3mm headphone jack so you can use your previous earbuds. It's on YouTube.
  • I just deleted your app from my phone Windows Central, I NEVER, after this post, intend to look at your site ever again.  I am a proud Windows 10 Mobile user and have been a proud Windows Phone user for many years now and I will never swich to anything else.  I am so tired of all these type articles and I understand its just an article but it is happening way way too often now with your site.  Every week there is some negative article about Windows Phone.  To everyone reading this I know Microsoft has let us down by keeping quiet on upcoming hardware, not making more phones, marketing, showcasing other Mobile OS's at presentations, selling an Andriod Phone in Microsoft stores, slow to fix issues with our current phones.  I get it but I firmly believe, and this straight out of Nadella's mouth they will be making more windows phones.  Micrsoft is coming out with something different and unique which it has to do instead of making another "mobile phone".  When the time is right Microsoft will unveil the "ultimate mobile device" and it will blow all other mobile devices out of the water.  When that day comes I hope all you that have spoken negatively againt Windows Phone/Moblie EAT CROW!  Until then I will continue to use and love my Lumia 950 and 735.  Good bye Windows Central!
  • (Psst! Hey, you still around?)
  • By Chris,  I will enjoy this place even more without your whiny crybaby posts!  thanks!
  • Adverse to change much?  Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
  • Lol, stop drinking the Kool aid that Jason Ward serves. W10M is DEAD, Nadella strangled it with his own hands.
  • Dear author,
    Are you iPhone or android fan boy??
    Your articles became unpleasant and ridiculous... Have you ever thought to change hobby?? I think it's time to do yours smooth transition!!!
  • Get a life. LOL
  • I just can't for the life of me understand why any Windows fan would go Apple anything instead of Android. Android is exactly the same as Windows has always been, flexible, a little messy, but infinitely customizable. Apple is... Apple. Maybe if you're truly paranoid about your data I guess I could see it. But from an overall philosophical standpoint it seems backwards to me.
  • Different people value different things. Additionally, aside from the Pixel, Apple makes their own hardware and software, just like Microsoft did with the last set of phones that came out.
  • Microsoft made one year of phones, arguably their worst one, that did not onboard anyone into Windows 10 mobile. Google not making their own hardware makes them more like Microsoft, not less.
  • I understand the point of delivering the content on this.  But it should be posted on another mobile nations site.  I come here to try and be positive about the state and look for ways to make it better.  I was amazed today that when I pinned my Go to meeting app it had my meetings on the live tile.  Not sure I can get that anywhere else....
  • Next article: Five tips to help you switch from Windows Mobile to a landline.
  • Write about: "Five tips to help you switch from iPhone to Windows Mobile. Thanks.
  • Pablo,  Tip one...buy a used crappy super old windows 10 moible phone.  2.  have none of the lastest features the others can do. 3.  have no security or support from microsoft  4.  Enjoy your crappy phone experience on windows mobile.   Only needed 4.  
  • Android is much better. iPhone is a locked down pos with no customization. 
  • I ditched my Windows Icon on Verizon back in January 2016. Contract was up, no new Windows phones available, couldn't upgrade beyond windows 8 (I think; i don't recall the version I was on, but there was a newer one available that was a PITA to move to), and not a soul I knew used Windows Phone. All my family members had Apple devices, so it was really a no-brainer to switch to an iPhone to get us all on the same ecosystem to be able to text, video chat, and be able to easily track what they're doing on their phones. (There was no way on earth they were all moving to WP) I didn't want to necessarily, but I didn't have much choice given the above. And you know what? I'm sooooooooooooooooo glad I did. I was a WP evangelist, too. Always talking about how good the camerass were, how cool live tiles were, etc etc, to anyone who'd listen (their listening lasted all of about 13 seconds before their eyes glazed over and I could tell they'd tuned me out). But I soon got tired of all the sh*t that came with being on WP. The neverending waiting and wishing and hoping for the next great phone, for the next great software upgrade, for the next halfway decent app to come to the windows ecosystem. Ok, actually, I take that last one back. I didn't care a whit about the "App Gap" when I was on WP. I didn't use all that many of them and don't care too much about games, so it wasn't a big deal to me. Not a big deal, that is, until I moved over to an Apple device.  I found a ton of apps that were actually useful in my everyday life. From banking (I use a relatively small credit union in socal that never would have had an app on WP, along with a Cap One CC), to entertainment (HBO, Showtime, Starz, Epix) to sports (watching NCAA games on my phone was really cool), to lots of useful travel apps. Even if I could go back to WP now I don't know that I would. All in all, I just had to recalibrate how I look at my phone. I loved my Icon, and I looked at it as a cool piece of technology. There's no shortage of people who feel that way about the iPhone, but I'm not really one of them. These days, I view my phone as a tool. That's it.  I need my phone to be able to reliably make calls and send texts. I need to be able to keep in touch with my family. I want to be able to take reasonably good pics with it (and with my iPhone 6s, they're pretty darn good). The Iphone does all of those things exceedingly well, and very reliably. It just works. It almost never crashes. The camera is lightning fast shot to shot.  All the things I struggled with on my Icon are non-issues on my iphone. I certainly ain't no apple fanboy (still use PCs and that will never change), and I don't talk it up every chance I get, but as a tool it does what I need it to do. So, yeah, you can all blast me, but I don't regret ditching WP, not for a single second. I do have occasional pangs of what could have been, but MS dorked it up, pretty much at every turn.  Now, that said, I haven't totally ditched the MS ecosystem. From my years using windows phones (928 then the Icon), I'm dug in on several fronts. My main personal email address is on Outlook. I also used OneDrive for my cloud storage, so I've never moved over to iCloud, and I used OneNote a lot too. And of course I've always used MS Office.  I continue to use all of those things on my iPhone. I do all my backups (camera roll and all) to OneDrive instead of the icloud, and it works without a hitch. The OneDrive app is great, as are the MS Office apps (i use them sparingly, however). I have the Outlook app, and it's ok, though I prefer using the iphone mail functionality (I hate the focused inbox). I never got into Groove because I was already dug in on Amazon for music, and that app is incredible on iOS. I also still play the xbox game Wordament and also pulled down the Microsoft Pix app, which is very cool, too. So that's my story and I'm stickin' to it. My life with an iphone is just waaaaaay easier. To quote Kramer, "I'm out there and I'm lovin' every minute of it!" :) I gave up the struggle and the pain and the annoyance and the frustration that is inherent in being a WP (I guess it's Windows Mobile now?) user, but I still get to continue to use all the great stuff I love about Microsoft that they do well. Give up the ghost, yo. Come to the dark side. I'll buy you a beer when you get here. You'll see just how simple it can be to own a mobile phone. :)
  • I don't know why you got downvoted.  I couldn't agree with this post more.
  • Richard Devine is an absolute moron who just is infatuated with clickbait. There I said it. And no I did not read the stupid article, because it does not belong here. Now how does one type a wet tongue raspberry? :P ""
  • TRAITOR    
  • Well, after all this years today is the day I removed windowscentral from bookmarks...
  • Lol enjoy
  • Actually, straw that broke the camels back. I just removed "Windows Central" sic, from my other news threads and soon as I sign off here will be removing "Windows Central" sic apps from all my Windows devices. Interesting to note that "Windows Central" sic just turns out to be everyone else's stories but with added Android and ios crap. Goodbye and good riddance ios/android/put down Windows Central.
  • I guess this is the end..for us...i just switched to s8
  • I don't blame you. I currently have LG Flex and I have seen those Apple phones let me say when they get a little old they really look bad as in ugly bad. While I like the S8 they look so narrow and long. I'll need to go to the store for a hands on to get a feel for it against an LG V30.
  • Never Apple...
  • Never ever Google...
  • How about transferring all of your text messages and SMS messages to the IPhone?
    Does it transfer easily or do they remain on the Windows Phone?
  • The very thought makes me ill.
  • 5 tips for the author... Stick it!  x 5
  • Windows Phone does everything that I need it to do.  I have never liked Apples, now outdated, solution.  The thought of giving them any of my money makes me spit up a little. I am not one of the sheeples. I buy simply the best product (for me) on the market.  Windows Phone.  Now leave me alone while I reboot.  It will just take 2 minutes.  Lov ya!  
  • I just reactivated mine today :)
  • how to switch from windows 10 to macos coming soon...
  • If Microsoft canceled Windows, that would make sense. They didn't. They did cancel Windows phones though, so this article is relevant.
  • Don't recommend anyone to get an iPhone, much less the iPhone X. Get an LG v30, or a note 8, or an essencial phoneor an s8. IPhone is a rip off and a joke when compared to the competition
  • $1000. There really is a sucker born every minute.
  • One could have a nice holiday in europe, buy a car, a smart phone and still have money left over. Yes, here in the UK you can get a decent car for £245. Just look up on autotrader.co.uk. Which you could drive over to france via ferry, spend a few days in Paris, see the sites, buy souveniers etc. £1,000 goes a long way. Sure because of brexit the exchange rates aren't all that for spending money. At the end you've still got car, which you can use to make more money by doing deliveries for fast food chains etc.
  • Richard: Do all the tips in this article also apply to iPod Touch 6th generation?
    It is $800 cheaper than iPhone!!!
    Thinking of using iPod Touch only for the lack of apps....
  • Probably, but the iOS updates to the iPod touch will intentionally slow down the device to force you to buy new iFruit.
  • 1. Get a frontal lobotomy.
  • Windows central should focus more on promoting livings insist outside of the iPhone and American made phones. How about how to migrate from windows phone to the Hauwei mate 10 pro, HTC v30, etc. Break away from the norm.
  • Using 950xl .... Still a great camera phone with continnum and great display...
  • Stop "helping" us switch to Iphone. No one wants to.
  • This is Windows central, please use any phones but Windows. You're making a lot of people work for nothing. Just buy something else, and use our apps because you're sadomasochist. Thank you!
    P.S. My Lumia 950 is still amazing!
  • nah, phones is just a mobile device for communication, i wonder why most of the ppl put their whole life into a phone.
    just stick with what you like which works for you, that's all.
  • That was true years ago...unfortunately today phones have it are in the process of morphing into peoples personal computers. Which is why Nadella's abandoning W10M was foolish. When you see where the industry is going you stand and fight, even if that means a decade of losses in the space. anyone looked at Tesla's or Netflix's profit / loss statement lately? Instead the company's resident quarterly beancounter chose to burn down the house for a little extra light in the here and now.
  • Android would've been a more viable option since it's ease of use and support are inferior to Apple's iOS.
  • When will I be allowed to use Android on my lumia 640? Waiting for the rom micoscrewjule!
  • Nadella says "Were not making Surface phone because Samsung's upcoming foldable phone is the future and considering dropping my
    Apple iPhone for Samsung Android foldable device with telephony because that is where the future is at".
    If My 950xl ever breaks in March 2018 I might have to go with Samsung galaxy S9 or Huawei mate pro 10, but LG V30 still has headphone jack and 2 year warranty. My 950xl has to break first though. Screw iPhone, that fad will end someday. Going to have to try and keep my wife on the 950 otherwise teaching her a new platform I will pull my hair out listening to " fix it" or "I don't like this, I want my old phone back". I'm pretty sure I'll be bald one day.
  • The iPhone is most definitely not a fad.
  • Enough of this repeated iPhone crap. Please.
  • iOS went let you guys have a windows central app? Why wont they???
  • Apple isn't blocking crap. Windows Central doesn't have any iOS devs.
  • Actually, pretty much all the apps fall under mobile nations which last I checked, included imore.
  • There should be only one app for all Mobiles Nations sites.
  • If people only use their phones for one year and throw them away to get a new and does so for years then think about the big pile of electronic garbage we create. This can never be good for the environment. My Lumia 950 XL works well for now. I like to leave a clean world for my kids 😉
  • I guess you don't realise how sad you appear.
  • I guess you do not really understand the problem with millions after millions throwing their phones out year after year. The electronic garbage pile that ends up in the poor countries polluting is not something you take lightly. Of course the unknown happy shop to your drop and must have the newest dude couldn't care less. Do I sound sad? No I am giving you the truth without any spin or candy. Take it or see it yourself.
  • Sadly it's been that way for a longtime. It started with lightbulbs that lasted too long so companies just tried to make them burn out quicker just so they could sell more. Now it's like that with everything. Not a good way to be if you want the human race to last.
  • Very true. If Microsoft would come out with a phone that can last longer it would help all of us. Windows 10 will not go to Windows 11. It will be 10. Something for a long time.
  • Never on ios
  • I hate both Apple and Google, but Apple is really for stupid only. This is a proven FACT.
  • The main point of the switch articles is to reflect Nadella's plea that you not abandon everything Microsoft when you go to Android or iOS in favor of Apple or Google's competing offerings. Unfortunately for the future of Microsoft, that is a very real possibility with Macs and Chromebooks replacing Windows 10 laptops in the backpacks and dorm rooms of the next generation of consumers who have never owned anything Microsoft in the lives...but understanding that requires vision and an understanding of the world outside of a balance sheet.
  • I am doing everything in this article not with an iPhone flagship! I went with $800 cheaper iPod touch 6 for the lack of apps. I can tether it with my L950 on the road. Heck, I can even make a phone call with it on Wi-Fi...
  • Why would I want that. My Lumia does everything I want it to... I'm not going until new pocket PC device sees the light!
  • I would rather use a dumb phone than any apple device. Any company that charges 1000 USD for a phone and then has the "courage" not to include a fast charger in the box and charge you 60 bucks for it should be boycotted. Same thing for any company that removes the headphone jack to while they own the biggest Bluetooth headphone brand.
  • Step #6 Cry
  • Interesting, I guess. If I ever needed to switch in the next three years I'll come back to this article. My HP Elite X3, 950 XL, 950 AND 640 XL are doing VERY well, so why would I change. I have the Moto 5S Plus for two apps that I need, otherwise WM is soooooooo much better.
  • How does adding this ****** blog help users switch to iPhone?