5 things Windows 10 Mobile converts will love about iPhone

And lots of Windows 10 Mobile users are former users of a system that happens to have a lot of common with modern versions of iOS: Windows Phone 8.

1. Fluidity, speed, and performance

The animations on iPhone run at sixty frames per second (FPS), which results in liquid smooth transitions when switching between apps or going back to the home screen. The performance gets worse as new, more demanding updates get rolled out to older devices, but even old iPhones manage to keep decent performance while being many years old.

iPhones also perform well in general, and even with tri-core processors and a mere 2GB of RAM, they stack up very well against Android and Windows flagships, outperforming them in many cases. Most benchmarks result in iPhones being much more powerful than competing devices, so you can run demanding games or perform other heavy tasks if so desired.

2. The apps

Imagine having every single app you'd need right at your fingertips. That's a dream Windows 10 Mobile users have been fantasizing about for a very long while. Windows phones have always struggled with app support and recent versions of the OS, unfortunately, failed to attract more developers. Apps such as Snapchat, banking apps, local traffic apps and more are simply nonexistent on the platform.

It's not only about the quantity but also the quality. A lot of apps on the Windows store receive a lot less priority from the developers than the iOS, and even Android, versions because of the minimal market share. The apps are updated very rarely and they lack important features in many cases. They are often poorly designed, too.

This is not an issue with iOS. Most app developers see iOS as the highest priority platform to develop for and therefore put a lot of effort into making their apps available and a joy to use. This includes Microsoft and its own services, which are superior on Apple's platform, with the exception of Groove Music, which still lags behind the Windows version.

3. The support

No matter where you go, whatever you try to do, if it's meant to work on a smartphone, it will work with the iPhone. Windows 10 Mobile users are often left out when it comes to accessories, game controllers, NFC payment methods and much more. As Windows 10 Mobile has a minimal amount of market share, a lot of manufacturers or developers don't see the need to support the platform. The iPhone often gets full support from third parties and therefore can control your drone, play your favorite game using a gamepad, or even control your whole smart home. iOS users are not treated like second-class citizens; instead, they get most of the focus and, therefore, the most polished experience.

4. Consistency

Windows Phone and even Windows 10 Mobile are often praised for their beautiful UIs. Unfortunately, Windows 10 Mobile didn't quite follow the steps of its predecessor. The system may look good but it's very inconsistent and has a lot of different variations of Microsoft's Modern Design Language 2 (MDL2) instead of keeping itself to one of them. iOS doesn't have this issue. iOS keeps a strict and consistent design language across most first-party apps and many third-party ones, as well. This makes the OS feel complete.

There are a lot of users staying with Windows 10 Mobile because of its design. It was once a fair thing to say but with the release of MDL2, Microsoft brought iOS and Windows closer than ever before. Apple's Human Interface and Microsoft's Modern Design Language 2 are very similar, from iconography to the positioning of elements, with the biggest exception being the lack of a dark theme in iOS.

Most users would definitely be satisfied with a UI this close to what they got used to while using Windows 10 Mobile, and as iOS is very easy to learn, the smaller quirks one needs to get used to will resolve themselves very quickly.

5. Hardware



If you happen to prioritize build quality and a premium feel in a phone, the iPhone is a good choice. Windows 10 Mobile devices are often criticized for using cheap materials. The iPhone is made out of aluminum and glass, which not only looks good but also feels like a higher-end product. There are a couple of Windows devices out there that come close to the iPhone, including the Alcatel Idol 4S, but Apple's offering is equally good if not better.

The software experience is excellent and won't make you feel like a second-class citizen, and the hardware perfectly accompanies this. There are some cons to the iPhone's design and the materials it uses — even 7000-series aluminum Apple uses can be easily scratched. Thankfully, there is an enormous selection of cases for every iPhone model, even though using a case is not everyone's cup of tea.

iOS is a very robust system, and the iPhone is a very polished phone. Odds are that you will be happy with an iPhone if you are coming from Windows 10 Mobile and the money you spent on a shiny new iPhone won't be in vain.

Dennis Bednarz

Dennis Bednarz is a former writer for Windows Central and the guy behind ModMy. He has been a recognised member of the Microsoft community for years and owns everything from Lumia phones to Surface PCs. He occasionally likes to rant about Windows Phone and drink tea. You can go ahead and follow him on Twitter at @DennisBednarz

  • You guys seriously gotta stop this iPhone Android thing... if it dies, then it's dead, but please stop this wasteland thing, it's quite annoying.
  • Agreed.  Windows Central...Windows is an OS.  Don't tell me about some other inferior OS on this site.
  • They'd have to stop reporting about WM10 in that case - would you like that.
  • Windows 10 (Mobile or otherwise) is a FAR superior OS.  The entire idea of a home screen should be to feed you information you want without having to seek it out.  You shouldn't have to interact with a phone or computer as often as "icons on a desktop" makes you.  If I can glance at a phone or computer screen and get scores, weather forecasts, news headlines, sender/subject of emails and messages, and I don't have to click on something to do so, that's how an OS should look.  If you have to open an app to get that info or seek it out by sliding over some widget, you're working too hard to get the simplest information.  Android and iOS are crap in comparison to Windows as an OS.  The only thing they have going for them is the app market, not the ability to eventually be a computer in your pocket as Windows on ARM will be.  Granted, Microsoft is the absolute worst at marketing, as the Zune and Windows Mobile have born out.
  • Android and iOS also have stability and guaranteed support which W10M does not.
    And that for me makes those two OS's superior in the long run.
  • Windows has stability, too.  As for support...well, we can all blame Microsoft for being idiots.  As for those two things making the other OS's superior?  The "icons on a desktop" experience is so Windows 95 that these other OS's can't in any way be superior.  They might have access to more apps, but that's really about it as an OS and that doesn't make the OS itself superior in any way.  It makes them about 20+ years behind the times.
  • Well why are you here instead of Apple or Android's pages.
  • Whahah, Android having support, what a joke!
  • I love how they down vote you... Morons dont even know the truth.... You want the Truth YOUR A WINDOWS PHONE USER... YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH ! No matter how much you love or hate iOS or Android, it is a matter of time for about 90% of the people on this site have no choice, or just get finally fed up.  Your not getting any new app support, I am even shocked Microsoft is updating Windows 10 mobile any more. They have been very clear about their choices here. The writing has been on the wall for a few months now.... If ANYPLACE would be the last to give up on it, it would be this site, Now these types of posts (are common now)should really tell people something but, some people just dont get the hit.  It's dead Jim. It's sad, I really loved Windows Phone...after 6 devices I had to give up.  Just the basics like a smartwatch, or Tap TO PAY (something I use a lot), you just cant do on WIndows Phone (I am a verizon user). I moved on...watching and hoping Microsoft will get their crap together... and guess what ?  Never going to happen, they pretty much have given up on Mobile, why haven't you ?
  • I agree with you, I stayed with Windows Phone since when Lumia 920 (I was the unofficial WP ambassador in the company) came out but the expereince was just not catching up with the other OS. Now I have a Samsung S7 and I am thinking, "Why didn't I move sooner..."
  • Totally agree!
    Msft does not even exploit its Live Tile UI/UX to the fullest. It should be the starting point for what is now My People on the Task Bar, completely stupid. They can make Live Tiles actionable as well. Go for it Msft GO!
  • I like interacting with my phone, so because I'm not doing it the same way you do I'm doing it wrong?  Please teach me how to use my phone, I can't stand the thought that I've been using my phones incorrectly for years.
  • There are certain interactions you kinda have to do, such as reading articles or getting more information about a headline you saw on a live tile.  But if you are on the go and trying to make quick plans for a weekend, it's nice to be able to just glance at the screen and see the forecast for the week.  If you just want a sports score, headlines, to see who just emailed or messaged you and the jist of the message, you shouldn't have to waste time digging into an app to see it.  "Icons on a desktop" wastes a lot of time for people who have more important things to do.  I have kids to spend time with.  I don't want to have to dig into apps while they are around when I can merely glance at the screen.  Same when friends are over.  Ideally, we all put our phones at the end of the table or in a basket while we visit, but sometimes you are waiting on certain info that doesn't pop up like a text does, but can be glanced at with a live tile.  Some of us have lives and don't want to interact with a phone all the time when it could be so much more useful.  Not all of us live in our parents' basement playing video games.  Some of us live a block from the beach and have social lives and more important responsibilities.  This is why computer and phones should be doing more to give us info at a glance.  Live tiles are the best option for that from the OS' we have on phones at this time.  If you like the old fashioned "icons on a desktop", more power to ya.  But it's 2017.  They should be providing more.
  • Actually yes i would, Windows 10 Mobile is not the future of Windows 10 on Mobile devices. Windows 10 on ARM is.
  • The last thing we need to hear is a sales pitch for moving over to iOS. I come here for news on Windows not Apple.  Cut the crap out. And if you are going to give 5 things we will love it would be quite appropriate to also give 5 (at least) things Windows users will miss or not like about iOS.  And yeah there are easily 5 things you could point out.
  • that would be all well and good, but when I saw a photo of Dona Sarkar taking a selfie with an iPhone, that's was all I needed to move on
  • I don't disagree about moving on as I'm probably moving over to Android when my 950xl breaks or gets old enough to warrant it. My point is here at Windows Central I dont want to see pitches for iOS and Android.  If mobile is dead stop talking about it don't try and make sales pitches for other platforms on a Windows site.
  • Microsoft made all the IOS / Android sales pitch you need at Build 2017, not to mention selling an android phone in their retail stores. at least the folks here at WC understand the transition isn't going to be easy for some. giving some guidance isn't the end of the world, but it is a gutsy move
  • Are these guys being paid by Apple and Google.
  • It's already dead, why not help users move to a new operating system?
  • iMore and AndroidCentral are there.
  • But they don't focus specifically on ex-Windows users. And if you don't follow those sites already, you're not going to see the articles. 
  • If they don't then they need to. If I were to switch, I would also switch the site. I wouldn't look at Windows Central for iOS or Android stuff. I am looking at this article because I did not yet switch.
  • With the exception of this article, moat of the other articles ARE about using Microsoft services on other platforms. I agree that this one right here does not fit that at all. But for the most part I am glad that they talk about how to get the best of a Microsoft experience outside of W10M for those of us who need to switch.
  • They should be mentioning MS services that are available for your apple or android device on imore or android central because you would be using one of those two devices. Here we use a windows laptop, desktop, or phone and if Apple and android had service available for one of those devices then mention it here, not how to switch over because as another commenter said, Those sites are specific to those platforms.
  • So you are a fan of microsoft related stuff right? Xbox, PC, groove, etc?? So why would you all of a sudden stop coming here because you decided to use a different PHONE os?? This is blind fanboyism and trust me, it doesnt do you any favors in life. After I seitched to an LG android device, first thing I downloaded was windows central's app and I still come here every morning to read MY news. Regardless of what phone you use, if you are in any way a part of the ms ecosystem, there is value here. Choice is a good thing and you can still be a super fan of MS and windows without using an old outdated phone with no apps. They caused this situation, not us, so don't be mad at users who switch or the guys writing these articles. Doesnt make them any less fans.
  • I think you are missing the point of this site. It isn't exclusive to Windows devices, it is a site for all of Microsoft's devices and services which are also available on iOS, Mac and Android. If this was the case they shouldn't have beeen any articles for MS Band as this did not run Windows.
  • I think you are missing the point of the site. It's WindowsCentral and not MicrosoftCentral. Simple as that.
  • iMore? Ohhhh... you mean that Pokémon Go / Nintendo Switch website! How does that help with iOS?
  • Really....I am a convert to iphone....its miles and miles ahead of windows 10 mobile...which is DEAD.  simple.  
  • Fair statement, but guides like these are click bait there is no real information except the same info that is already known by apps blah blah blah apps blah. If they are going to post this garbage at least post a side by side comparison of key components of Windows 10m and the similar features or comparable ones that someone jumping ship can relate to and help the plunge. Apps blah blah **** me.
  • More articles about moving from Mac to PC?
  • Now why would the biased writer of this article do that? Have you noticed that all he writes about the few times you see his name attached to an article?
  • I agree with that one!
  • If it's "dead" then the only way i'm going to switch is if MS themselves offered to trade my 950xl in for a 6s+ or 7+
  • Nothing about our phones is dead. They still work just fine. Why do I have to say this?
  • If it's dead then you shouldn't be here because you should already be moved and don't need the advice or assistance moving things. 
  • These guys are literally adamant to put the last nail in the coffin of windows phone.
  • A few WC podcasts ago they joked about what would happen if they stopped pretending the Windows mobile ecosystem was going to rebound. They talked about if that would get Microsoft's attention or not since this site has one of the largest WM userbases. Could it get Microsoft to say something official or not? 2 days before the podcast was released they started admitting the "ship" is sinking and is barely above water. It would be nice if the doom and gloom articles were less frequent.
  • The shouldn't have to pretend, they should reach out to Microsoft show them how their site member feel instead of just localizing it here in their forums.
  • YEs....all 50 of you will make microsoft change their minds.  There are MANY people in this place who LOVE windows 10 as a desktop/notebook os...but know that windows 10 mobile is In the TRENCH....with a headstone....NOT everyone here is under the massive dilusion that windows 10 mobile is anything other than DEAD....let the downvotes begin for the truth.   They (microsoft) did not even use a windows 10 mobile device for their recent build.   DEAD!!!!!!! DONE!!!!!! OVER!!!!!!!!!.  Enjoy...they will still work like windows RT devices work....but there is no further development for 10 mobile. 
  • They arent pushing it. They are responding to what their readers are already doing.
  • If it is of no interest just ignore the article. Simple.
  • Say again bro, Windows Central has lost it's Pride and Credibility. Won't be surprised if they've all switched by now. Most of their articles nowadays are about ios, Android migration or using MS services on them. W10M fans are already sad don't scratch our wonds with these kinda articles with no proper info.
  • iOS doesn't even have a back button. That makes it endlessly annoying. Just that absence alone would make Android the only alternative.
  • iOS does not need one, you can swipe back and forth easily
  • Try with one hand genius
  • I can swype with one hand just fine genius.
  • You apparently haven't watched their videos, listened to the podcast, or read many of the articles. Some have switched, but the core WC team are still using Windows mobile devices. Daniel has an Android and iPhone for work purposes (writting articles), but the Windows phone is still his daily driver. The Windows mobile ecosystem is on it's last legs, and I'm relieved to see that WC isn't sugar coating it anymore. However, it would be nice to have fewer doom and gloom articles. Some weeks it feels like they're trying to push the few of us left onto another platform. The comment sections have been getting more volitile since they started the doom and goom too. I'm going to stick with my 950XL until they say they don't support it anymore.
  • Why? I'm presently trying to decide between ios and android from.windows 10 and I find these articles helpful.
  • You could find more resources if you read articles on iMore or Android central sense it's their sole focus...use some common sense dude!
    1. Live tiles,
    2. Continuum ability to turn your phone to a PC,
    3. SD card,
    4. Proper file manager/explorer, and
    5. Wireless charging.
  • And the back button
  • Again...if you read,  you don't NEED a back button..you just swype!  fanboys....tooooooo funny!
  • Can you do it while you r driving ??? APPLE FUNBOYS....
  • when I am driving I dont use my phone.    IDIOT!   I use apple carplay.  I don't have to touch my phone and be distracted.  plus,  its still easier to swype the screen the look for a small button.  NO MATTER WHAT YOUR DOING!
  • Back button and live tiles (if they work) are the only advantage of W10M. Everything else is inferior, buggy beyond repair. Just "restore" from a backup in W10M which is basically not possible and needs hours of manual work.  
  • Glance.
  • iphone has somewhat of a glance feature too..just pickup your phone and the lockscreen is displayed no need to hit a button.
  • 1. They were nice, but I miss them not at all. 2. I had an Icon, never had Continuum to miss. 3. Don't miss it at all. I use OneDrive to back up my camera roll and move them off my phone. 4. There's an app for that. 5. It was nice, but I still used wire charging more than wireless. It was faster. But that's just me.
  • They wont stop. They are annoyed with Microsoft when it comes to mobile.
  • Well again, they have contacts in microsoft of supposed to; why don't they setup a meeting to discuss their frustrations? I myselft don't just air them out here, I also tweet Satya, Terry, and Bill; I don't know if they even read their tweets, but I have a better chance of them reading it on their twitter accounts than on WC....check it out @OMG55 on twitter and join in on my  rants instead of localizing it here which falls on deaf ears.
  • OMG55,  MICROSOFT DOES NOT want and are not developing windows 10 mobile anymore.  Hell EVEN MICROSOFT presenters were all using iphones at build.  If thats not the biggest CLUE ever,  I don't know what is.
  • What's your problem? I just don't read the article and don't react on it. It's just that simple 🛀
  • Fully on your side...what a crap ia happening lately I just can't believe it anymore. All the time just Android and Apple....
  • Agreed 100%....Unfortunately it is like reverse psychology...the more win10 mobile community opposes these type of articles, the more WC gets to publish them!
  • Well, we should stop coming to this site then. That's where this is leading. If I wanted to read about how awesome the iPhone is I'd read The Verge.
  • Agreed. Is it so hard to understand that if we're here it's because we chose a Windows Phone over an iPhone??? I don't want to see any more iPhone or Android articles. If there's no news about WM, or if it dies forever, so be it. But I don't like iPhones a bit and I prefer this site because supposedly it's not about iphones  
  • I see this as an article for the people at Microsoft. We know they are reading.
  • Very old.
  • When Ms himself promoting other os instead of windows 10 mobile then you can't expect anything else from others.....can you?
  • Ummm, how do I put this...  No
  • You forgot to add #6 The low resolution for a higher priced phone.
  • Because the 950s resolution makes a lot of sense for it and it's basic battery life.  I really wish that had a lesser resolution.
  • The 950 is higher rez and lasts longer than an iPhone 6 (because that's the one it should be compared to)
  • Yeah the regular iPhone has sad battery life.  I personally don't care about it being a higher resolution (I'm going to guess that a good number of people don't care about that either, provided it looks fine on the phone) and I own one. I wish they followed in the steps of the Idol 4S and have a lesser resolution for battery life gains. Rereading my comment, it reads like I'm knocking the 950. It's a solid phone but the battery life is a disappointment. If only there was a phone with nice battery life that isn't big (5.2" and below, but preferably below), I would love to own it and use as my phone.
  • my 6s has great battery life.  I use it ALOT all day and still have 60% ish,  when I plug in at night.
  • For $650 you get the lowest resolution and pixel density display out of any flagship, the least RAM out of any flagship, the smallest camera sensor out of any flagship, the smallest battery and the longest charging times out of any flagship (the most pathetic thing ever in my opinion), only 32GB of storage with no expandable memory, no headphone jack, NFC only useful for Apple Pay. What are people even paying for? Sure, "speed tests" show that the iPhone can load apps faster than Android and Windows 10 Mobile. But to me, just excelling in one or two areas and being garbage in everything else makes it far from worth my money. If they stop cheaping out on hardware, maybe it might at least be worth considering (at least hardware-wise, as I have no interest in their boring UI). But Apple has no reason to want to give their customers more for their money, as they are making great profits no matter what they do/don't do.
  • No OLED
    No Wireless charging
    No Glance/Always on notifications But, apps are best on iOS and they have the power to update every supported model regardless of carrier.
  • Windows 10M gets OTA Updates too, independent from their carrier
  • SO does IOS....more so than 10M....at least EVERY IOS device gets the same updates..unlike windows 10/8 devices...
  • Is iPhone 4 and 3gs getting the latest update?
  • Are windows phone 6.5 or hell even some windows 10 devices getting the latest update?  NOPE!
  • why do you need higher resoultion in a phone that only eats battery life,  why do you need higher specs when the iphone is consistantly the fastest phone available?  spec racing is great for fanboy isms,  but for real life,  real world useage judges what is the best...not specs.  
  • It makes no sense for anyone to defend poor hardware though. That's like saying, "yes, I prefer to have bare minimum specs for a premium price, because I just want all that extra money to go into Apple's greedy pocket." Eventually they're going to add more RAM (because newer versions of iOS is going to require it, forcing customers to buy new iPhones because Apple doesn't care about future-proofing anything). They're probably going to have OLED, higher resolution displays, bigger batteries, fast charging, etc etc, and then their fans who have been vigorously trying to justify every pathetic spec about the iPhone will all of a sudden go "Yes, this better hardware is necessary now, since Apple said so." If speed is your number one priority in a phone, then the iPhone is probably for you. But if everything else is also important, I don't see how it's worth it.
  • Also, in your argument about resolution, are you happy with a flagship device meeting the bare minimum resolution to be considered a Retina display (300ppi)? Because that pixel density is something I would expect from a mid-range, or even budget phone. According to Apple fanboys' god Steve Jobs, at 300ppi your eyes can't distinguish individual pixels at 10-12 inches, meaning any closer and even he will agree that they can be seen. But that's not a problem for any other flagship phone with 2-4 times the resolution with 100-250 more ppi. Using a cheaper, low resolution IPS display allows them to use a cheaper, smaller battery. The end result is garbage specs with battery life no better than any other flagship phone, resulting in simply more profit for Apple and zero benefits for the user.
  • I am happy with my iphone beceuase it does everything I need it to do.  simple.  I dont' care about specs....thats a waste of time.  spec's mean nothing.   Its how the phone works,  Apple makes the iphone work faster than any other phone in the same time frame,  regardless of specs.   I get all the best apps not third party hack job **** apps.  So,  fast phone, great useful apps from first party,  high quality device,  not plastic like "OTHER" phones "cough" 950/xl "cough".   My battery lasts more than a day,  I have never been bothered by the screen resolution .  That is just a spec racers spec.  Real world users don't care....they go by how it looks and how fast it is.  specs mean NOTHING.
  • I don't think you understand. Specs are hardware, and to say hardware means nothing is ignorant. I would argue that hardware is more important than software, since software can be updated at no cost to the user, at any time in the future, as long as the hardware supports it. That means hardware is almost always the bottleneck, and having bare minimum specs means it's not future proof. Hardware is also what you're paying for, and determines the price of the device, not what software it's running. With the iPhone you're paying the same amount of money as most other flagships, but get less in almost every way. People like you who continue to defend Apple are the reasons why you will never get anything better. Actually, if I was greedy like Apple, I would do the exact same thing because my idiot customers apparently "don't care" what garbage I give them, and will always defend my greed. And do you know how many people on here have criticized MS simply because of the design choices on the 950/XL since the day it was even leaked? I criticize MS nonstop about everything I have a problem with. We do that because we don't blindly take what they give us and say "I don't care." We criticize them to let them know that we're not stupid, and we expect the most for our money. I still don't understand what benefit you get out of defending Apple's greed. In fact, if more people criticize them, the better it is for the actual customers, whether they're ignorant or not. For example, bendgate. Apple would NEVER have switched to a more expensive material if bendgate never existed.
  • loved iPhone, loved windows mobile and still feel 8.1 mobile was the best but now I'm on android and I love the fact I have all the apps nearly. Something windows has never been able to do and something that is getting worst even in 2017. When microsoft didn't even bother bringing gesters speakerphone option to their windows 10 mobile you know its bad. I cant recommend windows mobile now, but gladly recommend android and iPhone, both great devices though I personally don't like the iso so android was my personal choice. due to microsfts handling of windows mobile 10, how its treated its users with onedrive storage loses, apps n taking too long to have features they had 12-24 months ago and well their complete ignorance of windows 10 mobile and its own apps, hell my 2 year Lumia 930 is no longer supported with latest updates creater then I wouldn't recommend any windows product full stop.
  • Creators Update in RP is still fully supported.
  • though not yet switched but the point you raised are the same as mine, 8.1 was great on features.
    why they didn't bring onboard all the features that were on 8.1 to 10 boogles my mind to this day!!! they didn't listen to feedback as well (were selective). they concentrated on cosmetic things like square pictures to round etc instead of the everyday live features one would use, GESTURES for example. as for me i did't mind the few apps on the store.
  • I wont recommend Windows 10 mobile to anyone but if I had to buy new phone tomorrow it would be a Windows 10 Phone they are still the best.
  • Being fair to Dennis, the chosen picture fully negates any of the valid points made around apps or any other iphone benefits......
  • **** this site l am removing the app
    There are many other places that offer better info goodbye
  • Bye
  • 🤗🤗🤗
  • Bye!
  • Me too... I am removing the app. It has served it due. I just have to have my email removed from their newsletter.
  • Daniel,  I guess this will ween out the fanboys that still think this is windows phone central!  Will be nice not hearing about how windows mobile is still relevant,  and growing for a change!  
  • Well, it's not windows phone central. It's not windows central either. It is windows 10 central!
  • Daniel, what is the deal? I really enjoyed the content of this site and now it's just full of negative articles. We don't visit this site to hear about iOS/Android. I'd bet that the majority of us switched to Windows Phones in the first place because there were things we didn't like about iOS/Android. I get it, we've been through the ups and downs for YEARS with this platform. But can you honestly tell me that Apple and Google are out-innovating Microsoft in the mobile computing space. Microsoft is on the cusp of removing that clunky barrier between smartphone-sized devices and the larger form factors (desktops, laptops, tablets). It's exciting! Which is why there's no need to show people the iOS/Android doors on a WP site.
  • No it's not.  its full of FACTUAL information regarding all facets of windows.  I.E.  WINDOWS MOBILE IS DEAD!  the buttercup fanboys just can't handle it. 
  • you mean all facets of windows 10!
  • sure...plus other things microsoft as well...like apps for other platforms etc...windows 10 mobile is NOT windows 10.  never was,  never will be...the wool was pulled over the fanboys eyes there!
  • The foresight I'm talking about is beyond your cognitive power, you troll. LOL who f'ing cares about Windows 10 mobile If you have a full Windows 10 running on ARM scaling to all form factors.
  • WAAAAHHHHH TROLL.  ha ha fanboy.  Yep you can scale windows 10 arm on any device...but guess what it still wont work as a proper mobile OS since the apps are not made for mobile..just windows 10.   its exactly the same thing....win32 programs are NOT mobile centric.  Web browsers are not mobile centric.  PROPERLY DEVELOPED MOBILE APPS are.  if you actually used your phone as a mobile device,  not a continuum laptop/desktop thingy you would see this.  I say this all the time.  windows 10 mobile is a desktop device.   I can do ALOT of things with my iphone that I could not do on windows 10 moible.  LOTS of things. I am thinking the fanboys here are the ones lacking congnitive abilies.  Since they are on the same treadmill of thinking that a desktop app/program will magically make an awesome mobile device.
  • BTW,  Abilities autocorrected to "WHATEVER" it is down there!/up there....NOT MY LACK OF COGNITIVE power...FYI.  It was the lack of windows 10's abilities on my notebook.
  • I used an iPhone 6s while my 950 was getting fixed. I really tried to like it. I really did, but those dead icons drove me crazy. I was over the moon when I got back my 950.
  • Same here, when my Lumia 640 XL was in the service.
  • If you love the Apple style, locked down, walled garden, our way or the highway experience of Windows phone then you will love iPhone. It is almost even more locked down!
  • Windows Mobile and Windows 10 S are also locked down, just to Microsoft's services instead of Apple's. 
  • That is what I was trying to say. It didn't​come out too well. It is ironic that Microsoft fans that have always panned Apple for their walled garden approach now love when Microsoft does it. I think that is the biggest reason Windows phones failed. Locked down isn't the right strategy for Microsoft. Walked gardens aren't what made Microsoft great.
  • Which is why one already crashed and burned and the other one will soon follow suit ;)
  • What evidence do you have that iOS will soon crash and burn?
  • I think he was referring to W10S, not iOS. It will be years or decades before iPhone fails.
  • This thread is what happens when I try to read comments without my coffee :)
  • You wrote "Windows Mobile and Windows 10 S are also locked down".
      Why on Earth would I be talking about iOS when I clearly wrote "ONE (...) AND THE OTHER"?
  • Because the article is focused on iOS?
  • But your comment wasn't. And I was answering to you, not the article. Otherwise I would have posted a regular comment, not a reply.
  • Wow! Yet again. Damn!!!!
  • Yeah guys, this is getting a little annoying. Way to add fuel to the fire. Figured you guys would try to put it out...
  • I have to say, these 5 points are pretty much spot on. When I left my 950 for the iPhone 7 these were all the positives that became evident. Stability and performance was a big one. I got my 950 when it launched and the early version of Windows 10 mobile was a mess. It improved significantly by the time I got my iPhone 7, but by then it was too little, too late. The pathetic app store made all the issues that much harder to tolerate. Point 4, however, isn't one of the strong points for iOS. Sure, it's generally true that there is consistency, but there are a ton of odd quirks. In fact, once I was sufficiently familiar with Windows 10 mobile most things became second nature. The one thing I recall being garbage was online image searches via Cortana; WP8 did a far better job of that. On the other hand, I've had my iPhone 7 since launch and there are still small things here and there that don't feel intuitive. 3D touch, for one, isn't implemented consistently, even within Apple's own apps. So there's that moments pause where I have to check if the action I want is accessed via a long or harder press. But sure, in general iOS isn't bad at all. I do think we're reaching a point where Windows 10 needs some evolution because everyone is moving on from the overly flat, monochrome look.
  • I see the point behind the rundowns of Android and Apple devices. I don't like the feeling of a windows source telling me to go marry my sexy cousin (apple) or grumpy stepchild ( android).
  • No microsd support. That is enough for not loving this device. Thanks!
  • When you have up to 256GB of internal space (depending which you purchase) why would you need a microSD card?
  • because you can use it with other devices that have microSD card reader and you don't want to use cloud?
  • Except that not all things work. Like if you download a Spotify playlist to the card and then try to use it in a new phone, you have to format or it throws errors. microSD cards aren't the greatest thing out there. Convenient in some cases, sure, but not the best.
  • I meant more like pictures. Those work everywhere ;) 
  • Cost.
  • Biggest thing for me is i can buy a 32GB Lumia 950XL and add a 128GB card for what, $40 or $50? Whereas to get that kind of internal memory in an iPhone I'd have to pay several hundred dollars extra. The memory speed doesn't matter because I'm storing photos and music on my card and saving my internal memory for 4k video and often used apps, but it doesn't hurt to just get a faster microSD card.
  • Agreed installing apps onto sd always caused me heaps of problems on multiple Windows phones.
  • microSD slots are the number 1 problem of every single phone on the market. If the system slow downs or throws an error at you its always because the microSD card in 80% of all causes
  • Put it simple: Apple is not capable to make a phone that has microSD card
  • I have the 128gb iphone 6s,  I have all my files uploading automatically to onedrive.  Why The F&@K would you need SD?
  • Here is why, cos I also want the option to have a local storage, which does not require cellular data to access my files.
    Some things are preferred offline, eg, you'll prefer an offline dictionary over an online one.
  • and all that stuff can still fit on my 128gb internal storage.  again....SD is NOT needed anymore.  only for crappy phones with 32 gb of storage or less.  And another thing,  Iphones manage their internal storage VERY efficently unlike android and windows mobile devices.
  • When the iphone gets totally damaged, you lose all the content in your iPhone storage.
    If you had a micro SD card phone, you'll simply remove the SD from the damaged phone.
  • NO.  Its all in my onedrive...so wrong again!
  • I tried so hard not to post a point-by-point rebuttal...
  • Do it
  • Why are these trash articles on Windows Central? Windows Mobile might be dead but only because the combined it with regular Windows 10.
  • It is dead because people didn't want them and didn't buy them. "Combined with Windows" is a unicorn at this point. When it actually happens, then you might be able to make that point.
  • No...windows mobile is dead because they (microsoft) messed with it so much that it drove away its user base.  50 fanboys here does not count as a user base!
  • Bahahaha! Umm, NO thanks! Been there, done that! Honestly I would go to Android if Windows Phone went away permanently LONG before I would ever consider going back to Snapple! Heck, I would go to Blackberry before iCrap any day of the week!
  • Same here. I've worked on iPhones in the past and I can tell you from a build quality standpoint, it's complete garbage.
  • Really? I sorta enjoy the iPhone. Having used Zune, I think it's a terrifc alternative to WP. Never made it to WM10.   Wanted a Sammy WP 10 but they never made it so I switch to Android before ultimately settling for iOS. It's smoother, it has iTunes to sync my music, and it has widgets that perform sorta the live tile feature of WP. That and Hey Siri( with screen off) were the ultimated additions that made me switch to iPhone. I don't think it's perfect. I would like to have themes a la Samsung Galaxy and more granular control of for example using the phone's mic when connected to a Bluetooth device, instead of the device itself,
  • I wanna be the windows lover that I am and say, no. But going from wp8.1 on my 1520 to the **** that is wp10 on 950xl, i can say, if microsoft doesn't get its **** together, they deserve this.
  • Stop with iOS. What about Android?
  • I steel use windows phone
  • I see spell correct works great on windows phone as does everything else.
  • I wonder if iphone forum post windows phone topics on their site?
  • When the iPhone dies, then yes, they will start posting Android articles. Windows phone will be long dead at that point.
  • WIndows phone is DEAD NOW....
  • I'm using Android at the moment as an "experiment," and can't stand it vs. Windows 10 Mobile, and no way am I paying for an iPhone, paying those prices for storage is extortion.
  • How much is a 128GB or 256GB Windows 10 phone with fast storage?
  • I bought an Android phone a few weeks ago to see if I could make the switch. I lasted about a week before returning the phone and switching back to my Lumia 950. Positives were that I had access to more apps and I got more reliable notifications on my Garmin watch. Even after "Microsofting it all up" as explained in some of the articles on this website, basic things like email, calendars, phone dialing, and visual voicemail do not function with the ease that they do on Windows phones.
  • Let's be fair -- It takes longer than "about a week" to get used to a new platform.
  • Thanks for the honesty, Jez.
  • What do you mean Jez?   I have 128gb iphone 6s,  and I have 1TB of onedrive inlcuded in my 365 account.  what storage are you talking about?  Icloud?
  • I'll dissent from the comments. I appreciate these articles. I used to keep up with the strengths and weaknesses of each platform, but haven't as much in a while. If - and I am still using if, not when - Windows 10 on mobile devices is not a viable option, I want to know which one is going to be best for me. I've thought about this hypothetical a lot lately and my bottom line is I alternate between wanting security of iOS and wanting freedom of Android.
  • At no point is a thousand dollar midrange phone on my radar.
    Don't need an article for that.
  • In my opinion none of these are better on iPhone. Yes, again for my purposes, there is no app issue for me on W10.
  • Why does "windows central" keep pimping Apple and Android? Or games or other items? Mouths to feed, but you know, we can get those articles anywhere
  • Because you can use smartphones in conjunction with Windows and Android and iOS are the only viable smartphone platforms. The XBox runs Windows, so that is obviously why they report on games.
  • Win Central is now a corporate paid website.
    Look at all the clickbait, no info articles. Also the constant Android and Apple 'nudge' articles.... W10M may be on life support, but Windows Central is a shadow of it's former self and I'm officially calling it dead, as of today.......
  • No, it is windows 10 central !
  • NO...its WINDOWSCENTRAL. COM  not windows 10 central.com....take off the blinder!
  • One thing always rolls in my mind is that in iPhones the hardware is not kinda standard. The resolution something (iPhone 7 : 1334x750) not familiar and battery is mAH is not even mentioned there. It just says "Up to 2 hours longer battery life than iPhone 6s " that's it.
  • I agree about consistency. I miss that a lot from Wp8/8.1.
  • I'd rather go live on a deserted island than use an iPhone as my personal smartphone. Nearly everything about it is just so bland. Childish apps. Boring and outdated UI. Lame hardware design. No innovative features. Bleh. I'll stick with my Lumia 950 XL until Surface on ARM comes around to save the day.
  • Everything you listed is much worse on Windows phones. Fisher Price, large colorful square UI. Non-existent apps and the ones it does have are terrible. No features whatsoever (claiming the iPhone has less features than Windows phone is crazy). There is no hardware to even speak of on Windows phone and the few choices are terrible (the Idol 4S is nice, but not iPhone nice). WoA isn't going to save the day. It will be surprising if they even use it to make Windows phones again. It will likely just be cheap laptops and 2in1s. Performance will be terrible for a few years and by the time ARM has caught up, WoA will be a joke.
  • ha ha fanboy GUstav.  I bet you wouldnt....Everything you said about iphone and IOS is actually the accurate description for windows 10 moible .
  • You forgot to mention that people who move to iPhone will love malware named iTunes, no SSD support, no live tiles, no SMS support in Windows 10 etc. Windows 10 Mobile is dead when the call feature is dead on my device
  • I guess windows RT is not dead then either?????
  • There's NO universe where I support Apple.  I think all iPhones are ugly beyond my ability to describe, the user interface is just stupid and uinviting.  I've never needed the plethura of apps other people seem to not be able to live without.  If Apple went away as a company, I'd celebrate.
  • That makes two of us
  • There is literally an iSheep in the articles photo 🐑
    On a serious note, I also would like to see the Android and iPhone articles gone
  • Enough is enough of this ****. Either this is a Windows site or it's a ******* shill site for iPhone and Android. Leave these articles to Android and iPhone sites. If people are interested in that platform that's where they need to go.
  • Clickbait garbage #sad I cant imagine wanting a phone made by suicidal children,
  • A phone made in the same Foxconn factory the Surface is made in?
  • Correction: iPhones 4S to 6S are dual core. iPhone 7 is quad core. From 5S onward they have a companion core used exclusively for health tracking, so keep that in mind.
  • Jason Ward 3 million word article on why the iPhone is the true Surface Phone in 3...2....1..... :)
  • A reminder, if anyone needs one, of the top 5 reasons not to get an iPhone: 1. Loss of individuality. Windows and Android give you so much more customisation. I've never seen an iPhone stand out, ever.
    2. Giving money to anticompetitive, infuriating and overrated Apple, and further increasing their monopoly in the market, stifling innovation. Apple have got to be one of the luckiest companies ever, granted they have done lots of things very well, but to collect such a following of people who refuse to even consider any other options is just astounding.
    3. Price. iPhones cost a bomb, and the screens still break far too easily, resulting in horrendously overpriced repair costs.
    4. iTunes. The most frustrating software known to man (well not quite, but you get my point). Surely it's not worth that?
    5. iPhone myths. There are so many flying about, because of consumer ignorance and mob mentality. "iPhones just work" say they. No, they break just as often as other products of a similar price range. "iPhones are the easiest to use". Again, incorrect, you're just used to how they work. They are actually really hard to use for me, and you can't take the battery out, or insert an SD card. "Other phones are slow". You're thinking of that £100 Samsung device from 2013, aren't you?
  • Oliver fanboy. Lets rebute your way out of touch claims. 1.  I don't buy a phone to LOOK better, different,  or COOL...or to stand out. 2.  Apple does not have a monopoly,  just as google does not have a monopoly,  Apple is not stiffling innovation,  They have a following because their phones WORK and WORKS fast,  and are not left to rot like garbage...I.E.  many many windows phones. 3.  Price.   The 950 XL was more expensive when it was released than my iphone 6s.   So...there goes that one.  screens do not break any more easily on an Iphone compared to any other windows phone...really,  i broke my screen 2 times on my 1020 and have never broken any of my iphone screens.  There goes that one.   4.  Itunes is exactly as frustrating as Groove is to use.  And really its not bad if you have an IQ over 20.   You would not know if people are trying to develop a 3d autocad graphic for a microchip using a pair of reading glasses.. 5.  Iphones DO just work,  I phones ARE easy to use,  You dont need to take the battery out or instert an SD card...there is an amazing thing called cloud storage now,  ONE DRIVE.  Other phones are slow....may I direct you to this little video regarding the speed of the iphone compared to the nexus 6 (fastest android phone at that time) and the "amazingly fast 950"..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zc3WP8PmKpU   There you will see how fast the iphone really is.   So please before spewing ALOT of garbage,  do some research.  Lets go for reasons not to buy a windows 10 mobile phone. Lack of apps,  lack of devices,  lack of support from MS,  lack of accessories,  lack of wearables,  lack of apps,  lack of apps,  and lack of devices.  oh did I mention lack of apps....with apps running for zee hills daily why would you want to one a very expensive feature phone.           
  • Truly you have some blame to bear for many people jumping ship. My phone does what it must as a smart phone and if all you kids care about it is not having Snapchat then leave windows phone already. Came from iOS and not going back. I am staying put with my L830 and L950xl.
  • I care less about snapchat...i have many Normal adult oreinted apps on my iphone that are no where to be found on windows mobile.  I love that every windows fanboys uses snapchat as their goto.  There are literally thousands upon thousands of useful apps on IOS and ANDROID that are not on windows phone/mobile/etc that have many uses that you can do on the website.  silly fanboys.
  • Thank you steve for reminding us about the app gap.
    I still love my windows phone.
  • I installed windows central app to receive updates about the current things happening in windows world. I don't want to shift to ****** ios. Whoever wants they will follow the corresponding apps. If this site will continue to praise or advise to shift to those *****, i cannot do anything except unfollow and uninstall this app. There is mspoweruser and many other sites and apps to get news about windows. And I'm nobody to warn you. It is just an information. Posted from my hp Elite x3.
  • I don't mind the articles, it's just confusing. Not sure if I opened imore or android central by mistake some days...
  • Does it have mytube? Does it have fantasia painter? Does it have camera 360 sight? Heck no. Then, I'm not going anywhere soon. And please don't try to tell me that mytube=youtube. Heck no mytube is far ahead of the competition and much much better than youtube official app.😭 There's no app in the iOS which has the level of customization and editing like fantasia painter😝. There's also no app that can edit so good, have the editing algorithm so good as in camera 360 sight. Check out my instagram @the_ruminant_photographer to get an idea of editing apps capability. All the images have been edited with either fantasia or camera 360 sight. There are few OS related things which stop me giving up on windows mobile.
    1. Keyboard and its prediction(OMG they are so accurate)
    2. Copy text just as you select the text(no holding and then selecting copy command) & paste button given in keyboad(again no holding down to paste text). It is so fast and fluid.
    3. Music player controls in the volume rocker. It is fast and intuitive also faster than swiping up then change song.
    4. 30 levels of music volume(OMG). I don't thing there is any other phone that gives this much precision with volume 👏.
    5. Keyboard shows much more predicted text options as I type as compared to just 2 on iOS and android(one is just the option to add the word in dictionary)
    6. Offline maps......soooo good. Sometimes my friend wonders how the hell it can locate you without internet(thanks to sensorcore) although maps recently become s**t after creators update.
    7. Super easy switching of left and right hand mode in keyboard.
    8. Option to hide the navigation bar just by swiping up. In android it depends on the app you are using. In WM it is independent but intelligent to hide according to the app.
    9. .........hmmmmm.....you can add more by yourself. Don't forget some of the UI design concepts were taken from the WM in other OSes. You know those well. I'm not saying iOS is bad it is obviously overall better in terms of features and functionality but is nowhere near the WM UI elements.
  • Right on, man. MyTube and Fantasia Painter. Two of the best.
  • No it has the offical YOUTUBE app and about a thousand Painter apps that are better than fantasia.
  • I will reply in same arrogance as Apple users. Apple user: Surface Book is beautiful Device but I can't use it as my daily driver because I edit videos using Final Cut Pro X and it exclusive to Apple ecosystem. (They know premiere pro and after effects are far superior than final cut pro x but still....) Me: I also can't shift to iOS because I have practiced editing ny pics on fantasia and camera 360 sight and both of them are not available on iOS or android. It is exclusive to windows mobile. So, I just can't shift to any other platform as of now. Sorry! Apple users just can't bear the fact that there are apps that are not available to iOS and exclusive to windows mobile. Please have some patience bro.
  • I forgot to mention one more feature of OS. I can't just swipe pages to find an installed app. In WM it is easy to jump to the character.
  • yeah, iOS needs the all app list
  • I consider iPhone. The app quality is better on iOS. Update support is top notch. Ultimately, I couldnt give up:
    Wireless Charging
    OLED screens
    Glance/Always on Notifications
    USB C "Imagine having every single app you'd need right at your fingertips. That's a dream Windows 10 Mobile users have been fantasizing about for a very long while." 
    Actually, anyone still on WP now is probably not a heavy app user and more into the core functions of the phone.  
  • pallentx,Those are my top 4 also.
  • Wow, still going with this negativity bullshit. Your 5 reasons are conversely why I use MS! Windows OS is changing, NOT going away. Switch at your own peril. Keep your 950, your HP, your Alcatel or whatever beast you are running because that's the way loyalty works.
  • I will keep my 950. I absolutely hope they make something exciting. But, I have no loyalty to any company.
    I have loved Windows Phone and still do, but the loss of some key apps and a few apps that are buggy and nonfunctional and not getting fixed have driven me away. If MS can do something exciting that changes that, I'll be back in a flash, but until then, I'll use what meets my needs.
  • I love Apple's support...I love it so much, that 3 of our 4 iPhone 7 Plus's have failed and needed warranty repairs.  So yeah...there's that.  Meanwhile, I'm on my Idol 4S again and its working great.  No power buttons stuck down...no digitizier failures...and yeah...the battery actually hasn't needed to be replaced yet.  So...yeah...my iPhone transition has been great!  Crap hardware, inconsistent app design with a 'back' link apps always jumping around depending on the app...or sometimes in the app itself.  Keyboard/word prediction is absolutely awful...especially with only 3 choices for work prediction...where WM might give me as many as 5-7 on the screen and I can continue to swipe left to pull more words over.
      What else to I Love about my iPhone?  Just...so...many...things.   Killer battery life...I will absolutely give them huge credit for that...the battery life is amazing.
  • I thought about getting one when I was switching. Then I remembered iTunes... Yeah, all in on Android now, thanks lol
  • Its possible to use an iPhone without iTunes now, but its probably not ideal.
    You also have to convert any WMA or FLAC or any other media to one of Apple's three or four supported file types.
  • Here we go again...
    I now realize why you post these articles. You know that it will get your fans to click on it to voice their outrage. That is some tabloid level click-bait bullshit. You cannot possibly be this ignorant of your target audience. So to reward you for this crap I am turning my ad-blocker back on for this site. Once you all cut this crap out then I will turn it off again. I suggest everyone else do the same.
  • I am in.
    I will never read or comment on any clickbait article on this site again.
  • Looks like someone is trying to give me a bad rap...
  • WTH is happening to Windows Central or other Window mobile forum? Why all the authors are crying all over the place. If you do not want to stay on Windows Mobile anymore, then jump to other platforms that you want. This is just stupid. If you want to write more about Android or iPhone, move over to iMore or AndroidCentral. We come in here to read more about Windows platforms, not to see your crying about it every day.
  • What's annoying is Windows Central really don't care about our app updates and changelogs anymore. They are very busy with writing iphone cliche articles or switching stories which nobody really care or give a damn about. For example popular apps like Skype, Telegram, Uber, Dropbox and core apps like Microsoft Tips, Store, Groove Music, Calculator, Voice Recorder got new updates this week and nobody wrote anything about them. This is really a shame for a microsoft based web site. Just check windowsblogitalia or mspoweruser and see the latest news about Windows 10 Mobiles progress...
  • The fact is, Windows Phone users are leaving the platform in mass right now. They are writing articles for those readers.
  • If they are leaving as you've claimed, then they will find the tips in imore.
    Remember they now belong to imore, where this article belong.
  • This is a "what is first hen or egg" question... What is causing what...
  • MSPower all the way!
  • No thanks, i am staying!!!
  • Is there a quota for articles if so id rather see ads for a deal in your store than this
  • I don't care if Windows Mobile is dead! I'll still use mine until it falls apart in my hands. I care about the unified experience. The core Windows apps are still updated at the same time. When I get a text or call on my phone, I get the notification on my laptop. Is Microsoft Movies and TV on iOS? I have dozens of movies and thousands of episodes of TV shows on there. So don't tell me it's an easy transition. I'm fully invested in the full platform. You can take it from my cold, dead hands. Next you're going to tell us to transfer from PC to iPad or Chromebooks.
  • No way. Not a chance. No Apple product.
  • Does iOS have Finder? Still not? Well then I'll move to Android, when I move.
  • Of ALL the companies on the planet, I thought Microsoft would never abandon its core base of users and fans. And that seems exactly what it has and is doing regarding phones. All of this "Windows Phone is dead" crap must be orchestrated by, well, Microsoft itself. It seems to me that a lot of company insight is given to writers who post using the "anythng but Windows Phone" theme. If it's using a slow painful process to kill off Windows Phone rather than just pulling the plug, I'm very disappointed. Hopefully that's not the case. I'm NOT going to iOS and I really don't like my droid, which I must have, in addition to my Lumia 735 Windows Phone, just so I can have decent cell service. If Microsoft doesn't say something meaningful about phones very, very soon, I'm going back to a flip phone. Microsoft should certainly strive to sell a good mid-high end phone, but it seems like it's losing credibility by abandoning the Lumia line. Low priced phones that perform equally well is something that seems important to reach out to school age kids and lower income folks. Why would Microsoft abandon this approach? Maybe it did only earn $5 million from phones in the recent filing, but that was a profit. Lumias weren't given a decent chance after Windows 10 Mobile, which I think significantly improved them and made them much more marketable. Market penetration is slow. Microsoft is a great company that does phenomenal research and makes great products, but it has lost its way on phones. If there's a future in phones, why not just plainly say so instead of whimsical words. To successfully market in the US, it MUST offer cdma. How could anyone miss that.
  • Dennis Bennarz, you and the entire windows central staff are idiots!!! Close down windows central and go work for an Apple website. You are all Apple fanboys and deepthroat that Apple down to the core!!!
  • lol never! if Win 10 mobile is completely dead im still going to use win10 mobile. i trust Satya on his new view for WPhones.
  • you are a silly fanboy with massive blinders on if you trust nutella for anything regarding mobile.
  • keep being disrespectful by calling him like that. that is why he is leading MS and u are not, your opinion means zero to me. good luck in life.
  • I have very good luck in life.   I have no desire to run MS.  no thanks.  have to deal with all the whiney fanboys all the time...NAH!  ha ha....but it's true Nadella has ruined windows moible.   You can look at it anyway you want.  I can guarantee that the surface phone will not be released.   MS has their sights on other things now...not mobile.   Oh,  btw,  your opinions are not needed either thanks.
  • Reading this article is a complete waste of time. All the five reasons are not motivating at all.
    1. Live tiles,
    2. Continuum ability to turn your phone to a PC,
    3. SD card,
    4. Proper file manager/explorer, and
    5. Wireless charging.
  • Ya...I can't agree on a lot of things. iOS might be fluid with their transitions, but iOS isn't fast. When I still owned an iPhone I would jailbreak it right away, and one of the first things I would install was a way to speed up or remove all transitions. Sure, transitions are nice, but iOS animations take forever to complete. On the flip side, Windows Mobile's animations have always been quick and fluid. Yes, there are a lot more third party accessories like cases for iPhone, but they're obscenely expensive. I've found minimalist cases going for $25-$30. Apple's cables are proprietary and expensive. You could get a third party one, but they'll never be as cheap as a USB cable. Hahaha, for hardware you only mention the premium casing, how it can be easily damaged, and recommend checking out the array of cases. That's my issue with a lot of these high style devices. They look nice,  but they're so fragile you need to slap them inside a thick case just to protect that high end material you won't see again until you trade in your device for a new iPhone just to immediately put that one into a case. The high end smartphone market has become more about having a status symbol in your pocket than anything else. Why not mention the internal hardware of the iPhone? Sure, it's not the latest/greatest/best on the market, but iOS runs well on it. I've owned 2 iPhones, 2 iPod Touches, 4 Lumias, and the OnePlus 2. For me, Windows mobile is the best fit. It's not without flaws and shortcomings, but I've found that it works best for me. I'm going to be rocking my 950XL until it dies on me. Then if Microsoft hasn't come out with a new phone I might consider switching back to iOS (my second favorite mobile OS) and jailbreaking it right away. I will hate myself everyday for switching, but Windows mobile is a sinking ship that Microsoft isn't sending the Coast Guard out to rescue.
  • Ironic this popped up today since I'm switching to a 7 Plus this afternoon. I love WM10 , but my 950 is getting more unstable everyday. Hopefully Microsoft will re-invent the category soon so I can go back.
  • All smartphones need a reset once in a while. But if you wanna burn money...
  • Fake news...
  • I would miss continuum most of all. In continuum mode, the full web browser negates the need for apps.
  • During BUILD, Microsoft never mentioned Continuum.   It was a stop gap feature a couple of years ago, but now that they have full Windows on ARM, it's basically a dead end.   Samsung's Dex technology actually surpasses Continuum in functionality, it's so behind.
  • Hey! stop lying to yourself, Dex is not much of a success. The apps show up in small sizes like the ones on your phone with no way to re-size them.
  • and my desktop negates the needs for corntinuum.   I have a phone to be mobile,  not connected to a ******* monitor.  thats what fanboys don't get with windows 10 moible.   OH WE CAN CONNECT TO A MONITOR...why would you want ot using a phone?  defeats having a mobile computing device.  
  • It's things like Facetime and iMessage (or 'Messaging', the new name) that keep me using an iPhone as a daily driver, otherwise I'd be on a Google Pixel, HTC or Samsung device.
  • We were due 4 one of these. 30 seconds had passed
  • I still love ❤ my 535 iPhone no
  • I said before no one CARES!!! GET THAT into your skull
  • Useless waste of time. This article has nothing to do with windows in any way.
  • Trash ass articles. Get rid of these writers. Where's Zach?
  • Hi which phone can you recommend between iphone 7 plus and samsung s8 im really confussed?
  • I recommend the Lumia 950xl
  • I was thinking of getting it but i can see along the line i would suffer because it seems as if Microsoft no longer interested in WM10 and this happened before when i was using Lumia 800 they stopped supporting it and i suffered
  • a dead lame phone   nice
  • @FinnBogg Great! Can you post a link to the Verizon store where I can purchase one?
  • The S8 is a great phone, and has better Microsoft integration, however, iOS is better polished. It's up to personal preference. Whatever you go with, you'll end up with a good phone.
  • No matter how hard you guys try, I am keeping my Lumia 650 in my pockets during day and my headboard at night until the day it dies.
  • I thought this was "Windows Central"
  • I won't be switching from my L950. Partly because of lack of funds. But this is the harsh reality for WP users. No point hiding from it.
  • Somebody send a link to these comments to Satya's Twitter account or somewhere...I find it hard to believe they truly understand the passion of their W10M users.
  • yes all 50 of you are very passionate.  Now,  Microsoft sees where the acutal users are,  and are developing for those millions and millions of users instead of 50 of you!  make sense....probably won't to the blind fanboys of the world.  
  • Wow, that article from the headings sounded like you guys were describing Windows Phone! >.> Anyways, I really miss driving mode and a better voice assistant. Really hate having to ask Siri to read my messages to me while I drive. I liked it better when Cortana would ask me.
  • 🤣🤣🤣
  • I would be happy with the iPhone, I don't like iOS though.  Put Win mobile on the iPhone hardware!
  • yes,  and totally ruin the phone.
  • iOS is just bad, i use it every day for work.  Win phone is so much better experience, i do wish it was on the newer better hardware like the iphone hardware has though.
  • Everything is spot on, though #4 doesn't bother me much. Win Mobile is dead as a doornail, that much is clear, so you can't really go wrong with the other options. That said, I personally wouldn't ever get an iPhone. I've had one in my hands for 5 minutes, and in that time, I found out it doesn't support SD cards (without an adapter anywy, and they sure as hell aren't free), and it can't send files via Bluetooth to anything that isn't another iPhone. These 2 are deal breakers for me. I'm not paying this much money for something that still doesn't support things that my old Nokia N73 supported back in 2007, thank you very much. But if that isn't a problem for you, yeah, go for it. At least you're gonna get something that's actually supported. Unless MS improves their OS (... yeah, as if!) and WM phones become widely available, my next phone will be with Android. Mind you, Android was the very reason I decided to give WP a go, but WP/WM isn't in a position to compete anymore. Can't cling to a dead platform forever.
  • You forgot designed obsolescence. Buy a new iPhone every 12 months.
  • YOu are wacked.   My mother in law is still using an iphone 4.   and still downloads current apps on it!   you need to take off the fanboy blinders.  If anything windows mobile has had designed obsolescence.   WIndows 7 not being able to update to windows 8, not being able to update to windows 10 moible,  etc....think about what you said....wow...fanboys are either...1.  blind,  2  stupid.
  • Apple fanatic.
  • As I type this on my DELL 2 in 1 computer,  with my other dell 2 in 1 computer beside me,  while my acer 17" notebook is downstairs in my music studio,  and my HP computer is in my living room.   Yep apple fanatic for sure.  BLIND FANBOY!
  • Heresy
  • Seriously?! What is wrong with you guys at WPCentral lately? This has been the common theme for the last month or so. You guys honestly need to sack up. You sound like a bunch of whiny idiots when you talk about being wronged by Microsoft. If you want to make your exit from Windows mobile, there's the door, don't let it hit you on the way out. Look at everything Microsoft is investing in to support mobile! Pretty sure the majority of us that visit the site are focused on what's beyond the curve, not just another smartphone. Anyway, go sport your new iPhone and Apple airpods while you're at it. Speaking of which...you've got something on your chin...might wanna wipe that off.
  • Its not WPcentral...its windows central...not windows phone central.  They saw the writing on the wall Ages ago and changed with the times...unlike blind little fanboys here...keep ******** about everything that does not praise the dead platform of windows 10 moible.  
  • Oh look, it's the little troll again. Getting testy while using your new iPhone? Can't find your dating apps amongst the walls of icons? Nobody cares about Windows 10 mobile, you prick! You can't deny the investments Microsoft has surrounding mobile INNOVATION. They are shooting beyond the curve. Smartphones as we know them have peaked! Again....you have something on your chin....  
  •  OOOOO did someone not get any because their parents never left the house again?  you are so funny.  Waaaahhhh fanboy crying again!  too funny I am not getting testy at all i am enjoying the **** out fo my iphone...more than I can say about when I was using my windows phones.   And there are NO dating apps on my phone,  i can assure you...or snapchat or pokemon.  I actually do things on my phone not wate time with that ****...or be tied to a monitor like the ONLY feature of windows 10 mobile...continuum...I do have something on my chin,  my wife!  unlike you who spends all their time cranking out to a computer screen...ha ha...
  • So when are you going to promote playstation to Xbox users?
  • Xbox is still being developed by microsoft,  why would they do that?  silly fanboy,.
  • Maybe they know what we dont know for sure Microsoft cant just say to us please go to other platforms.But all i know these guys are good in predicting the future of a platform like they did with Blackberry.
  • Hope you guys get the message. Not interested please leave it.
  • F**k off.
  • Rumors say the new name of the site will be Iwindroid 😂😂😂 🤣
  • So you want me to unfollow this site..
  • Quit peddling the Duplo Phone already. If I wanted iCabal news I wouldn't be reading Windows Central.
  • Stop writing about ios or android,just Windows Mobile
  • ha ha...duplo phone...way more useful that the POS lumias now.  As soon as ms took it over from nokia the nails were driven into the coffin.
  • I won't be switching from my L950. Partly because of lack of funds. But this is the harsh reality for WP users. No point hiding from it.
  • Hardware aside, no live tiles or deep Cortana integration is the killer for me be it android or ios. I'll just keep waiting for a pocketable Windows device and stick with my 950XL until then.
  • I guess your pockets will be at least 11" diagonally,  no mobile pocket devices from MS....done!
  •  Time will tell. Either way I'm in no hurry. My device is good for at least another year or two so I'm content to kick back  and see what happens. Cheers!
  • Being as tho we have these things, minus 100's of thousands of apps we'll never search for, see, or feel the effects of... In a nutshell... We'd love very little... Hmmm... Copy that!
  • Fire DennisBednarz right now! Who th H**** do you think you are? Stop this doomsday bull. If you don't like windows gtfo and DON'T be a writer. Simple. Now get out!
  • Yesterday I talked to the COO of Microsoft Belgium during a Insiders meeting. I asked him flatout how Windows 10 Mobile's future is looking. And he asured me that the OS would not be discarded since HP was also there promoting the Elite X 3. Also the fact he himself still uses Windows 10 Mobile reasured me again that I should not give in on the switch, but just hold on to my trusty 950 :). Spread the word people, a little good news is very appreciated in these times as a Windows 10 Mobile fan!
  • you hit nail KEVIN.....your COO said exactly what I have been saying...they are not "discarding" or claiming it's dead because HP and alcatel are still selling their remaining stock.  However...that being said,  no new development will be happening...etc.
  • Yeah but the fact they STILL sell it, could mean there will be new development in the future. I still think now is some kind of transition fase of some sort. And if there are no new special features or apps coming, I don't care because right now it has everything I need.
  • NO...the fact they still sell it is because it's NOT selling and they are exhausting their current supply.  Just as you can still buy a 950xl on microsofts website...they stopped building that phone a year ago,  yet you can still buy them new today.
  • no wireless charger. A deal breaker. After using wireless charging with my 920 and 950, not having it seems like a backwards step. Also I don't want an app for every website.the favourite website bar works for me.
  • Personally, reading these kinds of articles makes me sad. It reminds me of why I left W10M a month ago. However, I would never and WILL never recommend a former WP user to take on iPhone. Ever. Never. Been there, done that. I returned somewhat begrudgingly to Android with Google's Pixel XL, and instantly downloaded every single app I had on WP or different variants. Then, I looked long and hard for a better launcher, and found one in 10 Launcher. How you guys have failed to mention 10 Launcher with all of these articles is beyond me. I tried MS Arrow Launcher, and even their Next lack screen. Couldn't get past how they looked. So I returned to what I loved and found it in 10 Launcher. If you are leaving WP, I completely understand. But don't leave it for iPhone. Leave it for the Pixel, and get 10 Launcher. Its free and even has VERY similar live tile support for almost every single app on my home screen. That developer must be praised for doing such an excellent job in bringing Windows to Android. There. I've said enough.
  • Can we expect an in-depth article how to charge an iPhone?
  • It is pathetic that WC editor-in-chief allows these articles to get published!
  • The problem with W10 Mobile - apart from the name - is Microsoft.
  • Wow, there's so much hate in these comments, and so many people take it personally. With the attitude in these comments you'd think Apple goes around killing people's dogs, slashing their car tires, slipping carcinogens into their kids' food, etc, but really the worst they've done is create an interface some people don't like, or their animation speeds are too slow, or static icons are boring etc. Unreal!
  • Wait... What???  They don't kill dogs and poison children????  Are you saying that is 'fake news'?????  :):):)
  • Finally. Thank you.
  • My last windows phone was the lumina 1520.3 I now own a Galaxy s7 edge and an IPhone 7 plus and I must say I don't miss windows 10 mobile. When I need to use Windows I pull out my surface book but when I'm on the go I'm with my two phones. Until Microsoft gets serious about mobile, I see no need holding onto a windows phone.
  • How can I ban this kind of articles ?
  • No to all five, thanks. 
  • Android and iPhone have assistants that are actually available in your country with out changing you location to us or UK or Australia. ++
  • People would be better of switching to android rather than iphone. iOS might be robust and iphone has one of the best mobile hardware, but the interface is just horrible especially in newer updates. The back button implementation feels tacked on (bunched up at the top), hindering multitasking instead of improving it. And the implementation of home button to lock/unlock is just dumbing it down. Even on real life locks you have to turn them different way to lock/unlock them.
  • I can't get pass that grid of icons UX in iPhoneandroid.
  • Omg! Unless you can absolutely tell us and guarantee us there will never again be another wp again and we have to move... Please stop. Is there something your not telling us?
  • Take this windows mobile fanboys!
    mspoweruser - microsoft-removes-phone-call-related-apis-windows-10-fall-creators-update
    There ya go..MS ****** commitment and their crap talking. Feature 2 is nothing but another WP7.8 Windows 10 mobile is dead, but you keep living in a fantasy world...
  • Three things that Windows users will love about their new flip phones: It's not apple It's not android Go ahead and fall in love with it -- Nadella CAN'T KILL IT
  • I vomit....
  • I have only ever used Windows phone as my smartphone (since wp7), but this week I have started to try and get used to an android device. It's not easy, and good to know that it's sim free unlocked which means I can put my Sim back in my Lumia anytime. I'm not fussed about the App gap really. But W10M isnn't doing it. Things like swipe texting is far superior on Android, and so many other things to. Yes windows is still a great UI,Can't believe I'm even using Android, but at least is fully set up with Microsoft services, including lock screen and launcher.
  • If I wanted to know about bloody iPhone I would sign up for an iPhone forum. I and most of the people who subscribe to WC have a windows phone - I think.... STOP prattling on about iPhone 😬
  • Wow, 290 comments! Apple should make a Windows-powered iPhone 8.
  • Lol number 5. Is completely false.... Aluminium is actually a cheaper material than Lumia 950 poly shell no matter how anyone perceives it... It's fact when it come to price and properties of each material....
  • you ask me to leave a comment? Sure, I am leaving a comment. There is nothing in the World better than everything else. Same with cell phones, otherwise everyone would stick to iPhone 1s. Why don't they if it was so great? It is all about evolution and advancement of human ingenuity.  However here, we do not need to read, how invisibly more fluid or animated or simply put, "cute" other systems are. That's beyond the point! Do we want to waste time talking how much better it feels to have 950XL or iPhone 8 or in your hand?
  • That's all it is , a shiny new iPhone with a dinosaur operating system, so very mundane to use. I use all three, but iphone is meh, the interaction between human and machine interface is so boring. Single everything button drives me nuts. It's missing physical camera button, that also annoys me. I m not spending anymore money on buying Apple, I would rather wait till Nokia 9 is out, till then I have 2 WM, one Droid, and 1 iPhone. That's plenty for now.