6snap update brings latest Snapchat API, less data usage, and improved design

Earlier this morning, Rudy Huyn rolled out an update to 6snap, his unofficial Snapchat client for Windows Phone. However, that update was evidently built on a 'preview' compiler causing unforeseen crashing when the app was launched on people's phones. Due to the glitch, Huyn pulled the app until he could push out a second update to apply a fix.

Now, version is live in the Store and with it comes a handful of improvements and modifications, including a fix for the earlier crashing.


  • Use 2 times less network bandwidth
  • Improved design
  • Play snaps in the right order
  • Use latest Snapchat API
  • Fix for earlier crashes

All in all, a rather solid update for the Snapchat client on Windows Phone.

Recently, Snapchat has begun cracking down on all third-party applications across platforms due to concerns over security. In short, when third-party apps act as a middleman for account information and logging in, data can be compromised if a nefarious app is accidentally used. Such a scenario is what lead to 'the Snappening' hacking event a few weeks ago where over 90,000 Snapchat photos were posted online.

It is not clear if Huyn's usage of the latest Snapchat API will foil the company from detecting it as a third party app. Snapchat has warned that continued usage of unauthorized apps could lead to a user's account being locked, eventually even permanently.

QR: 6snap

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • Seems fatter
  • *faster
    *inb4 grammar nazi*
  • But "fatter" is funny stuff.
  • Danny Boy, working late.
  • Seems faster
  • Have this installed but haven't been using it lately, especially after reading about having account locked.
  • Especially if you've got lots of nude selfies. lol!
  • App still doesn't let me verify my phone number and add from my contacts; would be nice if this bug gets fixed asap, been a couple of months since I have had this issue.
  • Same here. :(
  • That works on my phone...
  • SAME! adds number but contacts screen is just blank
  • Same here
  • Same. My number apparently isn't valid :(
  • Same! My 'From contacts' tab is blank BEFORE the new update.
  • Try selecting the country again, it said US (English) that didn't work, but when I selected from the pull down list it did.
  • I did that. It verifies but I never receive a text and when I reopen the app the country reverts backs to UK (English). Add from contacts still blank.
  • Can't add contacts
  • Rudy,please make a fb app too.
  • Ya really need it .
  • Never thought of that, Facebook is a multi-function app, not as easy as making apps that are great
  • Yup true
  • Seems snappy
  • +920
  • "Two times less" is really a meaningless phrase.
  • Have you ever read Derrida? The French are well versed in meaningless phrases.* *_This is likely the nerdiest smartass comment I have made yet around here_
  • Yeah, I don't even know enough about him to attempt a smartarse reply.  Touché, Rubino, touché.
  • I bet he meant that it uses half as much as before and I bet you knew that, you just wanted to be an ***hole.
  • It doesn't mean that, though, does it?  It would mean -1 * whatever the original amount was.  So it actually gives you bandwidth back on your monthly allowance, which would be quite a feat.  "Two times less" is not a phrase I've ever heard before, I can almost forgive Rudy because he's French.  My knowledge of French consisted of 4 grudging years of compulsory high-school teaching and from what little I can remember, I'm sure an equivalent phrase would be unacceptable in French also.  But I admit I am judging someone by higher standards than I would judge myself.
  • Nice attempt at an explanation, Elyl
  • I'm with you mate. It's not French we are reading here, nor does everybody knows french.
  • Well, as a French I can tell that this is the literal translation of "deux fois moins", which is used by everyone here :-) But you're right, it sounds weird anyway, if "one time less" is zero (ie the amount minus itself), we would fall in negative values... Edit: while "half the time" should have been used here, I haven't found why we are using "deux fois moins" (two times less). Bing didn't gave me the origin of what is indeed an awkward expression.
  • Very interesting.  I had always just used "demi" for half, didn't know that was the French phrase, and yeah, it does look like the literal translation.  Surprised we don't use it since we stole so much of our vocabulary from you!  Still doesn't make any sense though :)
  • 'Two times less' is not an uncommon phrase here in the UK. Example: "You are two times less likely to X than Y." 'Two times less' means ½ as much or the original value divided by 2.
  • So two times less than means a quarter of?  That sounds like nonsense.  I've never heard this comparison in my 35 years living in the UK.  It seems there's actually a page dedicated to how this phrase is meaningless: http://timesless.com/
  • Quarter, where did I say that? Two times less = value x ½. Example: You have 10 items, I have two times less items than you. I have 5 items. It may not be grammatically correct, but that's certainly how it's interpreted by many.
  • You said "'Two times less' means ½ as much or the original value divided by 2.".  Divide something by 2 and you have a half.  A half of a half is a quarter.
  • Yeah, I'm aware of what I said :D. Notice that I said 'or', meaning either one, but not both. So either value x ½ or value divided by 2, both are the same.
  • feck, sorry mate, I read that or as of!
  • Haha, no worries. An interesting debate nonetheless. :D
  • It's still not available in the app store
  • Where is the Snappening? I was present for the Fappening!
  • I'm "freaking out" (please note sarcasm. In fact, just for good measure ';)' )
  • No more "video is too large" error!
  • YES!!!!
  • Did he fix the bug if you close the app your timer restarts?
  • I hope not. Lol.
  • Right when the news/announcement about "Snapcash" just came out  an hour ago. Lol. :P
  • Yeah lets keep using until our accounts are LOCKED!!
  • Kinda still want weather filter, notifications for chats, snapcash, etc.
  • Well, still slow on Lumia 720!
  • Bad phone = bad experience.
  • The app looks really good on the 830
  • He needs T fix 6sec. It's like he abandoned that app
  • I don't know why "From contacts" thing not working .
  • Some let us know if the APIs let you get pass the permanent lock that snapchat is threaten 3rd party app user with.
  • Just for the snaps in the right order this update is worth it
  • Would love to see the changes but I can't because I had my phone stolen earlier today :'( Can someone post screenshots showing what's new?
  • Weird... Not many people want to steal Windows Phones. Lol!
  • Lol
  • Please fix the Add From Contacts bug.
    Everything else is great.
  • Still no multi accounts?:(
  • rajtolasaria my snapchat username
  • after taking a picture in landscape mode and want to draw something on it the draw button goes under the next button making it unclickable so you have to turn your phone in portrait to get acces to the button
  • You have to break your screen and then its fixed
  • For a second I thought that said unlickable. :P
  • When can we have additional features like time stamps and all which is there in current Snapchat.
  • Can't use 6snap anymore. Snap chat emailed me warning me about being locked out
  • Just got locked too!
  • https://www.change.org/p/snapchat-make-snapchat-for-windows-phone?recrui... SIGN THIS PETITION FOR THE APP
  • They locked my account
  • Hello, I just signed the petition, "Snapchat: Make Snapchat for Windows Phone!." I think this is important. Will you sign it too? Here's the link: http://www.change.org/p/snapchat-make-snapchat-for-windows-phone Thanks, Daniel