6snap Snapchat Windows Phone

Earlier this morning, Rudy Huyn rolled out an update to 6snap, his unofficial Snapchat client for Windows Phone. However, that update was evidently built on a 'preview' compiler causing unforeseen crashing when the app was launched on people's phones. Due to the glitch, Huyn pulled the app until he could push out a second update to apply a fix.

Now, version is live in the Store and with it comes a handful of improvements and modifications, including a fix for the earlier crashing.


  • Use 2 times less network bandwidth
  • Improved design
  • Play snaps in the right order
  • Use latest Snapchat API
  • Fix for earlier crashes

All in all, a rather solid update for the Snapchat client on Windows Phone.

Recently, Snapchat has begun cracking down on all third-party applications across platforms due to concerns over security. In short, when third-party apps act as a middleman for account information and logging in, data can be compromised if a nefarious app is accidentally used. Such a scenario is what lead to 'the Snappening' hacking event a few weeks ago where over 90,000 Snapchat photos were posted online.

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It is not clear if Huyn's usage of the latest Snapchat API will foil the company from detecting it as a third party app. Snapchat has warned that continued usage of unauthorized apps could lead to a user's account being locked, eventually even permanently.

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