6snap Snapchat Windows Phone

Snapchat has a had a rough few weeks in terms of security. People's photos were allegedly stolen and posted online recently through the use of a third-party apps. Those apps used reversed-engineered APIs to access the service, which creates a significant vulnerability in account security.

Now, the company appears to be taking a hardline against the practice by sending out emails to those who have been utilizing third-party apps, including 6snap found on Windows Phone.

Numerous complaints have streamed into Windows Central from people receiving emails from the company asking the user to stop using third-party Snapchat apps:

"We've noticed that you're using a third-party application to access Snapchat, putting yourself (and possibly your friends) at risk. Please change your password and stop using third-party applications when you access Snapchat.

The email then directs users to snapchat.com/locked for more information, which reveals the consequences for not heeding their warning:

"If you do not stop using third-party applications, your account may be permanently locked."

On iOS and Android, avoiding third-party apps is much easier than Windows Phone since the former operating systems have official apps. Windows Phone does not, so people need to rely on apps like 6snap by developer Rudy Huyn or they must go without.

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For what it is worth, Snapchat has said they will develop a public API to avoid such security breaches in the future. However, there is no ETA on when that API development will be completed.

For now, users will evidently have to stop using third-party apps on Windows Phone (and Android and iOS) or risk having their accounts permanently locked. However, the consequences are obviously more dramatic for those with a Windows Phone.

Source: Snapchat Blog; via: Windows Central Forums; Thanks, Elias, and others, for the tips!