6tagram submitted to the Windows Phone Store; Instagram client could go live in next few days

After 18 nights spanned over the last 4 weeks, developer Rudy Huyn has finally concluded his beta for the highly-anticipated Instagram app dubbed 6tagram.

The app has gone through a remarkable 22 beta versions during that time, with multiple updates per day adding many new features during the process. The app was submitted late last night to the Windows Phone Store and should it clear, 6tagram could be live within the next 24 to 72 hours.

6tagram will reportedly be the first 100% API compliant Instagram app for Windows Phone (due to reverse engineering), ensuring that users of the photo service shouldn’t run into any immediate problems, including hashtag shenanigans. The app is loaded with features for a version 1.0 and it should make quite a splash on the scene once it goes live.

6tagram Features version 1.0

  • Support for 29 languages
  • Account creation
  • Find friends on Phone, Facebook, Instagram and Suggestions
  • Video support for both playback and uploading (after in-app purchase)
  • Live Tile with background agent
  • Lens integration 
  • Social network integration: Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Foursquare and VK
  • Tagging: location and people
  • Semantic zoom – pinch the screen to zoom out and see the photos in a cascade
  • Instagram filters including Tilt Shift
  • Like, comment, share, download images
  • Search
  • Full profile editing
  • Open 6tagram directly from internet explorer when you browse the Instagram website

There are also lots of other bells and whistles in the app that make it quite compelling.

Based off of Huyn’s earlier work with 6Sec, a Vine client, 6tagram has quickly morphed into a massive project of its own, including the reported involvement of Instagram. While the app won’t be official in any sense, nor endorsed by Instagram, the app also shouldn’t be targeted by the company for a cease and desist. That still doesn’t guarantee that a sudden API change by Instagram won’t break the app, but it should mean that 6tagram's developer won’t be harassed by lawyers either.

The current beta will end on August 22nd and Huyn will begin immediately working on implementing “fast Instagram update mode” to his server before the validation, a 6Sec update and Windows Phone 7.x support. The app will be free, though like 6sec, you can optionally pay to remove ads and use an in-app purchase for video upload support (to cover Huyn’s server costs).

We’ll of course keep you posted when the app will go live as you will hear it here first. In the meantime, you can watch our hands on video with an earlier beta above, showing how the app will work.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Nice
  • You know what I'm thinking ... The "Man" can set an awesome app (6tagram) in less than two months. Alright! Working day and night without stopping. Then goes through my head ... What the guys at Facebook with an excellent structure does. Who can not create an official app in time for Windows Phone. No comments ... Or rather, Reviews. LoL.
  • I don't know. 4 wks is 28 days by my calculations. 18 of 28 days work? Is Rudy French or something? That's just lazy...efficient, but lazy.
  • I think you misunderstand what I'm saying. I'm being ironic. I'm not talking about the delay in the working time of a third-party developer with a great willingness to help and support the WP. I'm talking about the group of owners, those responsible for Instagram being incompetent and time consuming to create an app that say "needed" for many in the WP.
  • I got that. I was being sarcastic...mostly because I know Rudy to be French (at least I think he's French). It is obvious he is an important asset to WP. I wish he had more time resources to devote to other app concepts.
  • Imagine him creating a great Youtube!? It would be great. The fact is that MS has also created a good Youtube. The problem was the envy of Google. Regarding Youtube are well attended. Let's not play this burden to Rudy. LOL. But think about it. He could even Youtube clone of MS that would quiet in Google. But if MS do. Will be blocked. LOL.
  • Instagram periodically changes these API...
    Last time (with Instance) all my photos were deleted, and 6tagram uses private APIs too (if I am not wrong).
    PAY MUCH ATTENTION on using this kind of "border line" apps (to WPCentral: it would be nice to advice your readers about this too)...
  • But it should not be a problem with this app since it will be officially recommended by Instagram
  • Thats not true. Instagram is just putting a blind eye to this app. All they called rudy for was legal stuff
  • Yeah but as long as there is no legal offense, there shouldn't be any reason for them to block it.
  • Well, to summarize that, the calling of Instagram to Rudy was only to 'white list' his app. Sorry if I'm wrong.
  • That could provide Instagram telemetry data on how many WPs are using their service and how much of it. If numbers get serious maybe they will get serious too, but its gonna take time.
  • Might be. It's interesting to see, while Instagram is still underestimating Windows Phone until this time. Hope it will bring some light to Windows Phone users here.
  • Thank u!!!!
  • not mentioning two-faced evils at google which couldn't release a single app after 2 years and pulling down apps where they were suppose to do.
  • the default facebk app is not made by facbok itself, it is made by microsoft, this can show how attentive they have been so far.
    it is not like they cant source an external company and put them under contract for maintaining the app
  • Good, let's see what all the buzz is about. Good luck with the app.
  • It's an awesome app. I like it better than tue official versions I also use on Android & iOS.
  • Yes running beta right now and its wayyyyyyyyyy beter then the official IG App..smother..
  • What's the 6 all about? Rudy loves it lol
  • It's there so it stays at the top of your app list, and also stays grouped with 6sec.
    (Kidding, of course, but still a nice "feature.")
  • I tweeted to him about it, and it's kind of like his brand.
    Therefore I assume the next client Rudy makes will have another six tacked onto it.
  • AskaLangly? I lold.
  • At least your username insists your real name is Rob, aha. Just using my Nintendo username/Mii.
  • 6 is from vines 6 second videos, since 6sec did well, the name stuck to this.
  • I prefer his than the official apps actually, cant wait for 6thsense (wikipedia), 6andthecity (city lens) and his own version of Final Fantasy 6!!! :D
  • Lol
  • He already makes a Wikipedia app. It's just called "Wikipedia". The Wikimedia Foundation actually endorsed it.
  • I would assume it's from 6sec on out. I'm well aware of Wiki (Fuse and Friend Tracker too).
  • He already has a semi-official Wikipedia app called "Wikipedia"!
  • Ive been using INSTANCE for a while now, if i install this do i have ta add everyone again?
  • No, all info will be saved through your instagram account. I go back and forth between Instance and Metrogram, and I've never had an issue.
  • Ok thank you so much.
  • Not if you use the same account
  • No they are tied to your account
  • no problem!!
  • You should add lens support with filters too. It would be a killer feature
  • Easily one of the best WP8 apps out there.
  • Yes
  • It's awesome. Rudy's a beast!
  • Been beta testing it from the very beginning. It's imho the most polished, feature richest and most beautiful Instagram app available. And this includes the official ones for Android and iOS and also the awful Oggle (cr)app.
  • I'm really looking forward trying it!
  • Rudy is a speed-demon, coding machine. I've loved the beta releases and there's suppose to be even more in the release. It's nice having developers who put the kind of time and effort that guys like Rudy do. Even if you're not that fond of Rudy's style, which I don't really understand, you have to appreciate his efforts.
  • Cool, I'm sure it will be great.
    My luck, I'll pay for it and in a few weeks instagram will make an official app.
  • I really don't think you'll have to worry about that. Plus, this and Instance V2 will probably blow an official app out of the water.
  • Instance V2 ??
  • Yeah, Daniel Gary is about to release the Beta for V2 of Instance. There are a few issues with V1 that he is taking care of... (^_-)-☆
  • V2 looks absolutely awesome!
  • I'm sure, Rudy's apps are amazing... but as with any 3rd party app, if an official comes out I'd drop the 3rd party.
  • At least you'll be supporting a loyal WP developer who works hard for the platform.
  • Well I already bought instance, it hasn't been updated in months and I understand the guy just doesn't have the time to keep it up to date with the latest features and APIs.
    I also bought metrotube and I've grown to hate it.
    Neither apps are on my Start screen anymore.
  • What's to hate about Metrotube?
  • Well, Rudy is an established developer that continuously works and updates his apps, so I wouldn't worry about giving him money. But what's wrong with Metrotube?
  • What's wrong with MetroTube?
  • Cool!
  • It looks like it will be an -instance-... I mean an instant hit.
  • Horrible
  • I thought it was funny.
  • You're welcome.
  • what is Video support – both playback and uploading (after in-app purchase)? :O
  • Exactly what it sounds like. Instagram, like Vine, now has video submissions. This supports it. Free for playback in your stream; one time cost for you to upload videos.
  • playback is totally free :D 
    You can upload 1 video for free. You can unlock "unlimited video upload" for a little price: $1.49 (less than what it costs us). Video upload needs a encoding server to : re-encode videos, join video parts, crop video, add instagram meta data in the video. For that, we need very big (and expensive) servers.
  • Great job man, you got my money :)
  • You say we. How many people are in your crew?
  • nice. I wonder how much you have to pay for those servers. In any case I'll inapp purchase once it's available. Great job.
  • Did you publish to Indonesia?
  • you can happily take my money once the app is up. :P
  • This is the post I've been waiting for. Thanks
  • +1
  • I never understood why semantic zoom wasn't in wp8, has anyone else ever wanted to pinch out on a long webpage to see it all zoomed out to jump to the bottom or the top. I think its a great idea
  • I'd appreciate that sort of control.. and a forward button too (unless I missed how that's done)..
  • Yes, zoom like that and a "jump to bottom/top" option in the ellipse menu would be most welcome.
  • Looking forward to trying it. I had reached out to Rudy via Twitter but got no beta love.
  • Email me. ...daniel.miranda298@gmail.com... I think I can send it to u
  • Does someone know if you can create an instagram account in the app?
  • The answer is in the article.
  • whoops sry my fault. Thanks for answering anyway.
  • "6tagram Features version 1.0
    • Support for 29 languages
    • Account creation
    [...]" Its in the text...
  • WP7?
  • Reading the article is fundamental.
  • Ops I  missed that ;)
  • That's coming later this month.
  • How does one open it from instagrams website?
  • The option will be available once the App launches officially... (^_-)-☆ Keep an eye out for it.
  • Time foe instance to catch up. Hopefully people will still appreciate that app for the hard work.
  • Guess I'll down load this one and compare it to instance to see which ones better. Just by reading the article I think 6tagram will have more features.
  • 6tagram will be better for the pure fact video support
  • I really like the instance layout and such but I'm on the beta for this and it's day and night better.
  • Sounds good.
  • Rudy deserves every penny he ever receives, though he does this because he truly enjoys this
  • Don't want to be that guy but I think these "star" developers are probably backed by MS heavily (and rightfully so.)
  • Unless you have some kind of evidence I wouldn't go around making those accusations. Just saying.
  • That was what I meant when I said; "Don't want to be that guy". I have no evidence but I don't consider it as a bad thing. I think it would be a shame if they don't get any official backing for what they do.
  • Just to be clear, Rudy has clearly stated he is not supported by Microsoft or anybody for that matter. He does this for his love of the platform.
  • He said in a tweet, he didn't get paid by Microsoft.
  • is this also avail for 7.8?
  • Rudy going to be working on the 7.8 version this week...he announced it on his twitter
  • how long is that going to take?
  • About nine and a half.
  • I've been using the beta since it came out, it really is an incredible app. Updated on a daily basis. You'll appreciate Rudys hard work on this I guarantee it
  • My 6sec still doesn't work on WiFi? Not too excited for another 1\2 working app.
  • upload can't work if your phone is under battery saver. write me to 6sec@feelmygeek.com when you have problem, I can't help if you don't send me emails ;)
  • I'm not sure if I'm the only one but does 6sec drain a ton of battery for anyone else? That app is unusable for me except when I'm near a charger as it drains so much battery and the phone gets real hot. I have a Lumia 920 BTW.
  • My 8X will go through a charge in 30 mins and gets real hot when using 6sec, also.
  • Always works for me...
  • People like you can cause Devs to get frustrated and just stop developing.
    If you think you can do it better, go ahead, or provide feedback to the developer so they can fix it. Getting pretty tired of these reactions. 
  • Finally after using 6sec I've been waiting for this app
  • +1 million
  • Totally! Rudy is a Winphone App developing genius. Love all his apps.
  • Looking forward to it!!
  • Been waiting for this news for some time.
  • The beta has been fantastic
  • Tell Rudy to build 6tube after this XD lol
  • Nice one. I'm sure it will be one killer app.
  • I haven't been able to sign back into this app since I reset my phone a  couple of weeks ago.  Reinstalled, everything.
  • you perhaps changed your microsoft id (beta is only available to a list of microsoft id)
  • Have you ever seen the movie "Rudy"?
  • So excited! He makes the best apps ever!
  • 29 languages in 4 weeks? I almost find that the most impressive feat
  • That part was done in a couple of days... He had a little help from the beta testers for it.
  • So waiting for this!
  • Sweet... can't wait.
  • Oh cool! Really hope its up early :)
  • Hyun is one of the baddest WP devs on the platform.
  • So.. How We should act, because of instance we are now showing to instagram as spammers and instance doesnt have that update yet to fix this problem.. Does that help when u singout from instagram for a week? I would Like to see my pics and tags work they should be once again.
  • I'm interested in this question too.
  • Instance V2 will fix that, but if you don't feel like waiting you can just delete your account and recreate it...
  • Rudy if you are reading this, pls consider making a Youtube app, and a twitter client app. I'm sure that you can make something more than awesome! Good luck.
  • Tbh, I think those bases are covered. For Youtube there is already MetroTube and MyTube which are both fantastic and with Rudy being a high profile dev, Google may just shut his app down. As for Twitter, there are a ton and it's an area that's already covered with an official app. I'd rather Rudy continue down this road of filling in app gaps where non-WP users couldn't complain about an app being missing so their silly little argument is void. That said, I wouldn't mind if Rudy made a podcast app though :P
  • I bought metrotube long ago, but stopped using it. After the Microsoft YouTube app went down, I went back to it... and realized how much I didn't like it. "Suggested videos" rarely changes, leaving me with the same start screen almost all the time, no "popular now" from you tube, etc.
    Overall, I just don't like it. Wish I had never bought it.
  • Have you tried MyTube? I will never go back to metrotube!
  • He only does apps that don't have official ones in the store.
  • Like YouTube...
  • Arguably better than the iOS apps. I love it
  • I reinstalled the phone and left Instance out, waiting for this release. Ready to pay for it. :)
  • Great, and I just bought instance :(
  • We aren't talking about a crazy amount of money, I'm sure you will survive. Besides, Instance V2 is coming so no worries.
  • Yeah I will haha thanks :)
  • @Daniel Can you invite Rudy to do a in depth interview? I love to know what drives him and how he became this coding monster and what kind of person he is. Im sure my fellow WPCentral readers will agree :-)
  • Sure, will look into it.
  • I'm interested in seeing an interview with him as well!
  • Daniel, I created a forum thread where readers can submit questions to Rudy: http://forums.wpcentral.com/developer-spotlight/238163-5D-w...
  • I know I will enjoy watching that interview.
  • I don't think robots can really give interviews. Rudy is clearly more machine than man.
  • Really looking forward to it too! Rudy has quickly gained the respect of the Windows Phone community. 
  • Omagaaaaaa omagaaaaaaa
  • It is a very good app. I've been in the beta my app now reads as version 1 after todays latest update does this mean I now have the full version?
  • I kept some features secret, you will be surprised by the final version ;)
  • Woohoo!
  • Ooh cheers Rudy. Such great work and thank you for letting me beta test. Keep me in mind for your next beta
  • Hopefully he makes a Snapchat app, 6chat maybe haha! What ever happened to the official app that was suppose to come out Mid to End of July, WPCentral did an article on that???!
  • That would be freaking AWESOME! (^_^)/ I'll beta test it...
  • Awesome, Rudy you are the man ! It will be interesting to see a comparison between 6tgram & Instance !
  • I personally prefer 6tagram having used both.
  • Cool , I'll give it a shot when it comes out .
  • I think what WP needs just now a fully functional and beautiful Facebook app.the MS Facebook is horrible where top news and recent news holds no difference at all. MS needs to update it on a massive scale.UI is smooth but then an app is not only about UI.
  • I hope that it will not stutter like 6sec always does. Everytime it starts buffering a video, it lags...
  • Just tried6sec again after this statement and I see no stuttering. Dont think I have suffered with that at all. Bad connection?
  • So pumped!!
  • Take my money now!!!
  • Soo pumped!
  • Hope it'll support 7x fuck
  • Not yet, he's working on it.
  • Looking forward to this app. Very good quality app. Looks and functions way better than lame official instagram app for other OS's.
  • thank you rudy for your efforts great app
  • Owh, i just can't wait for this! And Instance V2 too!
  • I believe Rudy posted something about v1 being feature complete relative to the latest versions on iOS and Android.
  • I remember him mentioning that accounts created with apps like Instance will be marked as spam or something by Instagram and will somehow limit functionality.  Is that resolved?  Or do I need to delete and create a brand new account through 6tagram?  I created my account in Instance and use that.  I'd love to use 6tagram too, but not sure if this issue is resolved.
  • Last time (with Instance) all my photos were deleted too, and 6tagram uses private APIs (if I am not wrong).
    Instagram can change the API at any moment, so who uses this kind of Apps can be "blacklisted"
    or "marked as suspicious" at any time too.
  • +1 I'm pretty sure they work well but I'd also like some assurance.
  • No you don't need to create an account because 6tagram will no longer see your account as a spam. Rudy has the ok from instagram to use there API so they will read our accounts as if we are using instagram itself. We will be self. Plus he answered this question in twitter as well.
  • Now we just need 6Book and 6Tube for even more Rudy Huyn goodness. Or if we really want to be like Android and iOS, 6FartApp.
  • I request Rudy to plz make facebook messenger app....
  • Do notifications actually work Daniel????
  • Excellent work Rudy. Beta was great. Looking forward to the full version and 7.x version :)
  • Another Instagram app Y.a.y
  • I hope it's a free app - I don't mind an ads bar, just no popups, please. :)
  • Its not free, sorry bro.
  • Technically it is, as long as you don't mind ads, and don't want to upload videos. It is suggested though that you do make the in-app purchases to help support Rudy, and the costs of his server, not to mention all of his time spent developing the app. ;D
  • So, there actually are some hipsters who are using this ugly service.
  • Tons...haha I don't get it either. But I may start using it a bit after Rudy releases his app.
  • Hipsters, grandmas, celebs, politicians, animals. And no, they all don't use filters.
  • What happened with that crap look-like-shit app Instagraph that was raised to the sky by wpcentral crew? LOL.
  • That's when it wasn't any alternatives. Someone have to take the first step.
  • I still can't get it from the store
  • Maybe next can be:
    6terest (Pinterest)
    6board (Flipboard)
  • Flipboard is coming to WP8 soon (Pinterest should be also) and Rudy don't do apps that have official offerings.
  • Hi Daniel,i was wondering what is that app with a word "W" in it's live title? I am also curious about the app beside the Smart Camera app. Thx alot
  • This seemingly fantastic app proves my point. Instagram management is platform prejudice: They hate anything Microsoft. But developers that see the superiority in Windows Phone can create some amazing apps rivaling service providers like Instagram own apps.
  • He should really make a SnapChat app , it get's annoying sometimes having to get back on my 8X just to look at my Snaps
  • Its been renames #6tag and he had to remove some features as well
  • no features removed ;) Only some adjustments (icons, text, etc..)
  • hi how long does it take to be come as lumia 920 ?its amazing app 
  • I hope these app.available in philippines &  lumia 900 :(
    i like these app. !!