Instagram, Windows Phone and the great Tag kerfuffle using third party apps

While users on Windows Phone have been enjoying the ability to post to Instagram both unofficially (Instagraph, Instance, etc.) and officially (Hipstamatic Oggl), there has been one complicated and vexing issue haunting people: tags.

The concern can be best explained as thus: when users post using third party apps from Windows Phone, those images are not searchable if they use a hashtag. For example, if you publish using Instance with the hashtag “#wp8” in theory when you use the search key to find other photos with “#wp8”, you should see your latest post indexed. However, this is not the case as your image will be hidden.

Rudy Huyn, the developer working on the forthcoming 6tagram app has posted an article via his blog explaining the situation. The news is not very good and highlights the continued cat and mouse game between Windows Phone developers and the services they are trying to make apps for.


A test of hashtags from a flagged account

When Instagram instituted their new security fixes a few weeks ago to reduce spam-bots and unauthorized breaches, the changes also had the side effect of causing interference with third party apps on Windows Phone. The first round of that was any image posted was automatically deleted after about fifteen seconds. That was later improved so that your images stuck, but they were then marked “private” meaning only your followers could see it. Finally, the strings were loosened once more and again, your images were visible to everyone.

At the time, that was great news. However, it is now becoming clear that all is still not right. Images posted with third party apps with a hashtag won’t have those images indexed to be searchable on the Instagram network. That means if we posted a photo of an unreleased Windows Phone with the hashtag #wp8, the only people who would see it were those who follow us (or via other social networks e.g. Twitter, Facebook, if we chose to share it there as well).

Hashtags, like on Twitter, are an important tool for discovery on the photo sharing network. Without them it makes it hard to increase your follower count, as it will only be by word of mouth or other social networks that new users can see your contribution. 

Who’s affected?

Huyn's 6tagram "warning" has ruffled some feathers amongst developers

The consensus seems to be that anyone who posted via Instance, Instagraph (rarer, though still possible) and InstaPic (for Windows 8) now have their accounts flagged for hashtag indexing. Even users of the 6tagram beta (version 12 and earlier) will have been marked by Instagram as potentially being spam.

Our account at daniel_rubino has been identified as offending, making our hashtags useless. That account was created on Android, first posted using Instagraph, with the bulk of the uploaded images via Instance.

Can you be removed from the blacklist?

The forthcoming Instance v2.0 may solve this problem

Yes, in theory, but it gets complicated. In short, if you stop using those offending apps and logout from them, after around seven days your account may be normalized, but that is merely speculation at this point.

The flipside to this is that currently none of the apps in question (except 6tagram beta), actually send the proper logout request to Instagram. Instead, they only wipe the login credentials and cookies locally on the device. Until those developers add in that ability, users simply won’t have a method to get off of the blacklist anytime soon.

Is there a solution for future users?

Yes, so far at least with 6tagram beta 13 and going forward, the problem has been resolved thru a hack. That means when 6tagram hits the Windows Phone Store officially for public release, new users should be ok. Likewise if you never posted to Instagram or have only used the 6tagram beta.

It’s not clear if the developers behind Instagraph, InstaPic or Instance will have similar solutions, though Daniel Gary (developer behind Instance) is aware of the problem and may have a solution for his customers too in his upcoming Instance version 2.0.

The price of not being official and unintented consequences

At this point, Windows Phone users are still being punished for not having an official app from Instagram. While these third party options offer a way in, despite their well-polished design they are still second tier and will suffer these impediments in development.

While it’s our understanding that Microsoft and Instagram are still having talks and an app from Microsoft is ready (complete with lockscreen support and notifications) there is no evidence that a release is impending due to the lack of an agreement between the two companies. Indeed, Microsoft could be angling for deep-level access akin to Facebook and LinkedIn for its users--but that process could take time.

For now, Windows Phone users will just have to get by and put up with these difficulties.

Source: Rudy Huyn’s Blog

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • I hate instagram. Ruining photos since 2011
  • I have yet to see a follower of mine post a filtered picture. (thanks goodness)
  • My problem with Instagram is not anything about filters, but how much it downsizes the photos. The resolution of them is just stupidly low.
  • If you aren't planning to print the photos, does it make a difference
  • I believe so. Before I deleted my account I uploaded a photo from my hotel room when I went to PAX Aus. In the original you could make out a busker playing a piano on the street below. After uploaded to Instagram, you could not. I could have cropped it, but then it would have ruined the rest of the view. Honestly, I do not miss my Instagram account very much at all. In fact, since I deleted it I haven't really uploaded many photos to Facebook either. Kind of over the whole photo sharing thing. Instead I've been showing photos to friends straight off my phone whenever I see them, and explaining the stories behind them directly. Each sharing experience is new and exciting, and I feel like my friendships are richer for it.
    Seriously, give it a shot. Don't upload any photos or status updates describing every minute detail of your life for a week. See how different your conversations with your friends are the following weekend. You'll have more interesting stories to tell and things to share. You won't be stuck with your nose in your phone, I guarantee it!
  • Faith in humanity restored.
  • +920
  • Good post and agree 100%. I find that people have become more anti-social due to social networks for the reasons you wrote, nothing to talk about if you already know everything that is going on. Go to restaurants and couples are eating alone with their noses in their phones and not one word is said between them until they leave. Sad world.
  • So true. I've stopped posting on FB except to share with family that's far away. Everyone else I show in person and I'm much happier for it.
  • Ha well except you will be stuck with your nose in your phone showing the photos to your friends. Whereas if they had seem them on FB/Instagram they could just talk about "that lovely shot you posted" without needing to pull out your phone and view it on a small 4" screen.
  • +1
  • Exactly! I hate how the photos have to be resized to a ridiculously level
  • i myself am a conversationalist. anything i do post on facebook is usually weekly work stuff but fun times i like to share with the friends so we can remember it together and think back and laugh. for my love of tech i never forget love of real interaction.
  • Quality photos really do work!
  • Nooo! Just because us Windows users can't get Instagram, doesn't mean we should fall into the "I never really liked it anyways" trap! Instagram would be great on the Nokia Lumia. 
  • What about pictures posted (hash tags too) before the API changes? Are they safe?
  • No, not if you posted anytime after using one of the apps that violate the API.
  • i posted pics using "instance" before the api changes then posted using official apps and my pictures and hashtags are ok.
  • Same here. @blshvk
  • Same here. My uploaded photos 2 weeks ago are ok.
  • Please... Instagram... Is a shhhhht.
  • There's no need to make The hashtags work. C'mon people, hastags are used just to get likes from people you don't know and get excited by the number of likes increasing ? Stupid.
  • It's that kind of attitude that keeps apps and services on Windows Phone from reaching higher. Settling because you personally find it useless is not a sound strategy for success. By ignoring the problem you're not showing strength but weakness.
  • I hate the sore losers on here....
  • I totally agree, Daniel. While I haven't jumped on the instagram bandwagon, I think it's important to those who do use it. I also think that the instagram developers should stop playing cat and mouse to help other third party developers develop the best app possible with all the features if they aren't willing to create an official app themselves.
    They should realize that it's a bad business practice to shut out potential users all because of the phone they own. It should be available to as many users as possible.
    I hope this situation gets resolved soon.
  • Let the market forces decide. I stopped playing around with instagram. If they don´t want us, they don´t want us. I switched to photoplay that supports all three big platforms.
  • I tried that, nobody's on it!
  • It doesn't matter if you see it stupid. Developer should offer a complete solution,not half-broken.
  • The developer cannot do anything about it if the company, in this case Instagram, changes their restrictions.
  • That's not the point of my comment.
    My point is - "it shouldn't be left broken just because some guy said "nah,that feature is just stupid.".
    I understand about the restrictions.
  • I don't believe your point has merit in this context.  The app is not broken to begin with.  Lacking a function is also not a case of being broken.  The apps work exactly right.  It is INSTAGRAM that is breaking the posted pictures that have hashtags.  It is INSTAGRAM that has arrogantly decided NOT to support Windows Phone.  Clearly, there is no excuse they can give for not supporting the platform, when a number of third-party apps have fairly quickly been created.  This is 100% on INSTAGRAM. 
  • I agree❕
  • I get the instagram thing, I do, I really do. But why so much press in comparison to Facebook and the fact notifications barely work or for some of us, don't work.
  • What do you want us to say on it? It's an issue with Facebook that Microsoft is aware of and they are working on. There's no "story" (nor do we get a lot of complaints from users about it)
  • I just want to know Microsoft know and are doing something about it, but not in their laid back style, but as a priority. I want to know why after years of WP, it still doesn't work and what the cause of the issue is. When you look at twitter which has perfect notifications, ebay as well and of course WPCentral app. Why can they get it to work so brilliantly yet the Facebook app is and in my experience has always been faulty in respect to notifications.
  • All roads point back to Facebook on this. Their apps are bad on every platform and failed notifications and chat is in their lap, according to Microsoft. Also, as previously mentioned, we don't get a lot of complaints.
  • Why do you believe it should be Microsoft's "priority"? And WHAT, exactly, are you saying "doesn't work" after "years of WP"? Do you believe that Microsoft creates all the apps that are on Windows Phone? And even the apps that Microsoft DOES create to work with other services, surely you are bright enough to realize that, in the end, Microsoft is a THIRD-PARTY developer for those apps that access other services.
  • Facebook notifications are horrible on Android too. We're not alone in this.
  • sucks on the iphone as well.
  • Just use the Facebook website and set notifications to email. Much better user experience.
  • Quite telling about WP quality, isn't it?
  • FB apps suck everywhere.
  • I still don't get how Instagram can be so stubborn about this. People are crying out for them to support WP and devs are going out of their way to male it happen. If they can't be bothered to make their own app what's the big deal about opening the API? Microsoft would make it themselves if they were allowed but they just seem dead set on saying no for the sake of being difficult and I see no reason to believe they aren't trying to make WP fail. Google is doing the same thing and in the end all they're doing is giving the finger to their users.
  • Ah the sad part to me about this thing is that it made two of our most beloved devs fight !
  • What? Can you please explain that?
  • Windows Phone users should use another service, we are big enough for making noise against Instagram.
  • I totally agree. I for one uses Photoplay and LOVE it.
    If you haven't tried it you really should!
  • No. We're definitely not. If we were, then Fhotoroom (which I love) would be a lot bigger.
  • When my family and friends use another service, I'll gladly do so myself.
  • No, no we are not.
    Also, I only know 1 person with a WP and I don't care about sharing anything with a bunch of random people just because their phone runs the same OS as mine.
  • Flickr, 500px, Facebook...
    I tried instagram briefly when I had an android HTC Sensation (only tolerated a week before I returned it for a Nokia 701), but since the people I wanted to share photos with didn't (and still don't) use it, but do use Facebook, I didn't find it worthwhile.
  • Honestly, I don't get why people keep trying so hard to cater to Instagram. Instead of developers' making hacks to get it working, it'd be nice if people just turned their backs on the service for refusing to support Windows Phone. Just stay off their site, and let the drop in traffic convince them.
  • Like they (Instagram) would care,huh.
  • +1 With 3-5% market share, we won't make a dent. Protesting (or really, crossing arms and pouting in the corner) will have no effect.
  • That kind of defeatist attitude is what leads to the problems, though. People are just like "my stance isn't enough," and so people keep their mouths shut. Seriously, people are too fickle, and it's like there's no will to actually try to make a difference in the matter.
    I know my money won't make or break EA, but once they instituted that Online Pass garbage, I refused to do business with them until it went away, and that's exactly what I did. I wanted to try plenty of their games, but I figured having convictions is better than Madden. Honestly, if Instagram saw something of a 5-10% drop in user activity over this, they'd likely cave.
  • The amount would be less than 1%❕.. Not every WP user uses Instagram clients...
  • +10 the best way to do it is get on their nerves by trying to get access until they let us
  • If wp users not using their service would've lead to a real "drop in traffic" we would've already have had the app.
  • +1. I don't think Keith gets it.
  • I wonder at what percent market share does wp8 have to be at for apps like instagram to get on board with wp8 I hope not In double digits
  • I would think, at the very least, it would have to be in double digits.
  • I hope this gets solved.
    Honestly, it doesn't affect me, my Instagram is private and I only approve following requests from close friends. So I couldn't care less if they don't appear on search since people wouldn't see the photos any way.
    But I can see how this reflects on the platform in general.
    Now just a little provocation: "While it’s our understanding that Microsoft and Instagram are still having talks and an official app is ready (complete with lockscreen support and notifications)".
    Oh, really Daniel? Since when? Last time I heard you, you said there was no Instagram App done awaiting release, albeit what many of us have been saying for months...;P
  • False. I always maintained that Microsoft had an app, akin to the YouTube app which was talked about a year before they released it. What I did say was there were (and still are) no plans for an immediate release due to a lack of an agreement. Rumors and people here on this site in comments kept saying London (Lumia 925), New York (Lumia 1020) and every other Nokia event Instagram was coming. I said nope, it was not. There is no app as in there is no app that will be coming out. Microsoft merely has a contingency plan in place should an agreement occur but that is obviously not happening anytime in the near future. That nuance is crucial because most people take it to mean "it's being worked on for a future release and we'll have it soon" which is not the same thing as having a "plan B". It's not rocket science that Microsoft would have a backup plan should they get clearance. Even if they didn't, like with YouTube, they could still rock the boat. But that's not the same thing as "OMG, Instagram is coming to Windows Phone!" which is how most third-rate blogs and people here in comments took that info.
  • Integration eh? Sounds quite interesting…
  • BOOM!
  • I've seen people get undressed in a comment section before but that was something special. I actually screen capped that. Lmfao.
  • True. But you did say in a podcast that "there was no App" (you'll forgive if I don't go search for it now but it was probably one of those that preceeded one of Nokia's events. I think it was the announcement of the L925, not sure). You probably didn't mean it that way, but that's that. And I was not the only one here who noted that change of official speech from you =P Anyway, are you sure it's Microsoft who holds the App and not Nokia? 'cause everything indicated at Nokia being the one with the App. As for the agreement...I'm not surprised. Let us not forget who created Instagram and still runs it, despite the FB take-over: a former Google employee (who, according to rumour, was fired from Microsoft). Still, I have the feeling Instagram is asking for more money than what Microsoft is willing to give them. And in the end, it's always a question of money. 
  • It's not Nokia and yes, it's almost definitely tied to money/revenue, etc. Instagram is probably taking advantage of the situation and trying to get as much as they can from MS, since they know they can technically afford it. MS though is still a business and not willing to throw money away either.
  • At some point however, Microsoft are either going to have to get serious about WP (this includes sorting out the numerous bugs and failing) and stump up however much Instagram are asking for, or watch the WP platform, and their OEM partners, including Nokia, fade away over to Droid or Tizen etc... The biggest complaint I hear from all sides, consumers and critics, is the lack of key apps (followed by features, not so much bugs). Where's the business sense in allowing your rival to maintain a clear, distinct advantage over your product, if it prevents a massive amount of would be customers, from even considering your product? I've said it before and I'll say it again, Microsoft either need to put up or shut up. :(
  • +++ Couldn't agree more! The way they're doing it at the moment, I'm afraid it looks more like the latter.
  • So, how can I know if I'm flagged a spammer? Although, I'm almost pretty sure that's the case since I've uploaded quite a few pics using Instance.
  • Upload a picture with a hashtag. Then look for it from android/ios. If you won't find it - bad news.
  • So now Daniel is saying that a official app is ready and complete... Hummmm...
    If the motive of the official app was not released yet is because MS wants a native integration just like FB I will start to hate MS! Damn, first get the app released and after discuss about deeply integration!!
  • No, not official from instagram. A MS made app like the old YouTube app.
  • +1  
  • +1 I absolutely loved the YouTube app from Microsoft, it is better in some ways than MetroTube, especially when it came to playing a series of videos in a Playlist. I am sure many wouldn't mind Instagram from Microsoft, after all, they are the software giants!!!
  • The YouTube app forced Google into sitting down with Microsoft and working out a way forward. Previous to this, YouTube themselves wanted Microsoft to launch their, but were unable to because Google had prevented it. If they do the same with the MS Instagram app and hack the API, I'm sure the pressure would then be on Instagram to take it seriously. I don't care for Instagram, but not having key apps like this for the platform, will only continue to fuel the 'lack of apps' argument levelled towards WP.
  • That would explaine why my likes have gone down from avg of 100 to 10.
  • A lot of people complained that WP don't have instagram which stop them from choosing WP and go for android/iphone...just curious if there is an official app from instagram, how many percent of WP market can grow? What will be next app to be targeting for not choosing WP...lolz
  • The thing is...apart from Google Apps, every other major app is on - or coming to - WP. Except Instagram. But you can be sure, if Instagram is released before YouTube, then YouTube will become the new Instagram. Although perhaps not with as big of a fuss around it because, unlike Instagram, you can access YouTube and do your stuff via the web-browser.
  • Hipstamatic Oggl is official Instagram upload channel? I am missing something. Anyone care to educate me?
  • Yup. They've got blessing from Instagram.
    So, Oggl is an official and legit way to upload to IG from WP.
    Too bad it's only for 1GB...
  • Thank you for that info! It looks a sleek app but not sure about its layout
  • They're the only ones who have official access to Instagram. On the other hand you're bound to all the restrictions of that awful App: no chosing images from your photohub, mandatory registration with Oggl without any kind of privacy settings, mandatory use of their "selection" of "filters" to "curate" your photos...which makes Instagram filters seem actually acceptable by comparison. Not to mention the only thing you can do on Oggl is upload to instagram...nothing else.
    (Oh, and you can't run Oggl on 512MB devices)
  • What sort of privacy flaws are we talking here?
  • Luckily I NEVER search for hash tags. I can barely keep up with post from people I follow.
  • But my followers will still be able to see my picture normally and won't notice anything weird?
  • Yes, they will.
    And here I wondered why didn't my last photos get any attention... except for followers. Until I read Rudy's twitter.
  • Yeah its a shame this is the case. It was nice to get likes particularly if a pic was WP8 related and another fan saw something they liked in a pic of yours. There were some nice WP pics out there on instagram.
  • Yup.
    And I'm an artist. I was usually posting pics with hashtags relating the art and getting many likes ever since I used Android.
    But I think I'll just have to wait for now.
    And I cannot even subscribe for Instance v2 beta test... What a shame.
  • I also don't get when your account gets flagged as 'suspicious'. Is it only if you uploaded anything or also when you only used a third-party app for viewing pics?
  • Uploading, not viewers.
  • I was waiting for this article things were pretty uhh interesting with the developers earlier on twitter. I don't really care about tags I only really use them on twitter but I hope they find a solution to this problem.
  • I like photography and instagram very important for me,
  • #unitedwespam #wp8 #winning
  • Bulls*it :)
  • Kerfuffle, lol. Such an underused word.
  • +1
  • Can't wait for 6tagram
  • Would it work to delete the account and then registering new with the exact same name using 6tagram?
  • Honestly, I don't know...probably? Of course you'd lose all of your followers and images, but I suppose that could work. Best to try on a dummy account first.
  • I was just wondering... But that can't be the solution, maybe I'll try that if nothing else works after a couple of days/weeks. But I'll test it and give you guys a heads-up.
  • I tried with a dummy account. It doesn't allow you to re-create immediately and I have no idea how long the "wait" period is. It looks like it closes the account though and not immediately frees it up...
  • Wow, that was fast. Thanks for testing! That was my only idea of how to solve that problem... This is really annoying.
    EDIT: Maybe you could try it again in a few days and see if the account is freed up again?
  • Yup, I will. 
  • Okay i did a test with two dummy accounts....the conclusions are-
    1.if you delete your wont be able to reuse your username...only email attached to deleted account can be reused...(same thing stated in Instagram's FAQs)
    2.but if u free ur username first and then delete it..then u will be able to reuse your username as well as your email...
    Example: if your username is-lumia920.change your username like to lumia720 and delete your you can make a new account with username:lumia920...
    Hope i helped :)
  • Yup, Rudy recommended this too. Of course, you will still lose your followers and previous images but it is an option.
  • As far as I know you cant register a new Insta account with a name that was already used, even if that account was cancelled. PS. Wow, Im on that print, hahahahaha
  • +1 IG FAQ state that you can't re-use old user name. It is lost forever.
  • Instagam just needs to shut up and release an official app. It would seem all the time they spend screwing with third party developers and fixing policies that block them, they could have just made an app. Its one thing to just not develop an app for a platform. Its another thing to actually make using the service a hassle on a platform and intentionally making things difficult or blocking apps. At this point I consider Instagram just as much in foul play as Google.
  • Im getting kind of tired of all this junk lol....When the other platforms 1-Get the App for free lol, 2- Dont have to deal with any of this nonesense.
    I love WP8, but god damn. 
  • So...logging out for 7 days of 6tagram beta, instance, instagraph & co. will not work for now? And there is no other way? Sorry, English is not my first language and I'm a little confused. Lol
  • Every Instagraph app is paired with a genuine Instagram app that actually uploads, so it is exactly as posting from an iPhone/Android device. No difference :)
    An Instagraph user cannot be "blacklisted" nor blocked by API change, you will be always safe ;)
  • How come Daniel notes it possible on Instagraph too?
  • Rudy documented one case, when not using a filter, of it getting flagged. The majority, probably 99% will be fine as Venetasoft says.
  • Not all Rudy says is law... ;)
  • At next API change, 6tagram could be broken, and/or users could be blacklisted, as Instance and all 3rd party apps using private API.
    This is a risk that should be written on the app description, so the user will be aware of it.
  • I have be banned with only one upload using instagraph, reproduced 3 times ;)
  • That would mean that regular Instagram users from iOS/Android devices can be blacklisted too (as Instagraph posts through regular ios/andorid hw devices)
  • in fact, I can't say what for the moment but I promise that you can have this bug at 100% using some features of your app (I estimate to 1% the chance that it happens, but it can happens) 
  • Instagraph backend uses iOS/Android devices to post, so an Instagraph user can be blacklisted exactly like an android/iOS Instagram user can be, no more nor less that that ;)
  • This explains why when I post a picture via 6tagram or Instance I hardly get any likes/comments, but when I posted on my Nexus 7 with the official app, I get the likes.
    Personally I just wish Streamzoo would realse an app for WP8 and I can be done with Instagram.
  • Can I get off the blacklist if I stop using instance on WP8 and continue on my Android device?
  • Yes, though the question is we don't know how long it will take before you're cleared.
  • I think everyone realizes that not having and official instragam app is a very bad marketing for Microsoft and its partners.......the only way through this is by market share of windows phones......they will need to make something on windows phone like Xbox.....apps that do something with Xbox one or some kind of exclusive to windows phone to push in users then all will follow....
  • Yes, that would help in one area..
  • What if we log out from all our third-party apps, then revoke access permission from those apps by going to our Account Settings on the Instagram website, then wait 7 days? Would our "suspicious" status be completely taken away that way.
  • ^Will this work??
  • No, because these unofficial apps don't signal themselves to instagram. So they're not even listed under "managed apps".
  • Another day another instagram rant, instagram u smell like shit
  • Just like Xbox,Microsoft needs to throw some cash around for instagram,and loose some revenue to gain market share.Snap Chat,Vine,Instagram,and other apps are holding up WP from reaching its full potential.
  • I do know but iPhone users can see my hash tags and I post from instance
  • Is it this serious to instagram.
  • I created my account with blue stacks and upload via instance and you can see my hashtags from other users. I am not blacklisted.
  • I'm getting tired of hearing about instagram, its not even that good of an app. But if people want it that badly, all I can say is I hope Microsoft can come to an agreement with them soon.
  • We should stop writing, talking, caring about instagram and just use Flickr and write about it. They have an official app, that may need an overhaul, but at least it's official. All these great cameras in mobiles (esp. Lumias) and crying about a service that would have been good in 2003? I just don't get it.
  • I thought the Flickr app was busted for uploads? There are a ton of complaints about that app. And TBH, Flickr blew it with the social thing.
  • The social elements in the Flickr app are fine. Leaving comments and adding favourites is enough. It's the the organizing of contents that just lacks everything (can't create sets, can add photos to sets, can't edit details, removing geodata etc.). That's where Flickr has to improve the app.
    Pixl for Flickr already tried to mimic the Instagram style (filters, filters and filters), and IMHO they've done bad to do so. Some day in the far future Instagram may merge completely with Facebook, and then we regret bothering with all this Instagram bunkum.
  • I mentioned of full Instagram Integration in a previous article last week and a few of you said that I was crazy,, and that it was not possible...
  • Mr Rubino.. You seem very passionate about the subject.
  • It just further proves how much WP needs a official IG app, and how ridiculous it is that we still don't have one..
  • @stjimmie, Not so much that as I see the numbers on these articles and site traffic. People care a lot about this topic. It's like when we write on the Facebook or WhatsApp apps. They're huge tentpole services that people use and want, it's just a fact. Honestly, if I wrote this and 10 of you responded instead of the 100+ (on a Sunday evening!), I wouldn't touch the subject again.
  • Dont even bother Daniel...we know you're not a fan of instagram, thanks for doing your job as always!
  • I created an instagram account and I never used it.
  • I have blue shoes.
  • When did you start wearing shoes?
  • I think apple and google are paying off the instagram developers to not make an app for wp8.. Just doesn't make sense.. Wp8 is popular.. Why would you forced people to by an android or apple phone just to use your app?
  • Buy^
  • Screw instagram, should be called simpletongram; sort an update to the Flickr app instead..
  • And how do we know if our account is flagged? I logged in once using Instance a while back. Didn't post anything though.
  • People just use Mobli... It is a superior service. that WPCentral never demo. I dont know why
  • Thanks for the suggestion, I'm trying it out now. I kind of find it better than instagram because there's not as many children, and you can post whatever you please. Plus I noticed video recording is lot longer than the 15 seconds on instagram.
  • To know of you are flagged: 1. Post a photo with a hashtag (like "#lumia920")
    2. Search for that hashtag
    3. If you see your photo listed, you are ok; if not, bad News.
  • exactly, but don't use a popular hashtag cause there are filtered (only popular posts to not have 1000 spams)
  • Rudy why 6sec is not listed on the Store any more...?
    I need to reinstall it :(
  • I used a #catporn hashtag and i still can see my picture on Instance and on an official Instagram on my ipod as well. Is that means i am OK?
  • Yep, you are fine. Me, in the other hand, got #banned (got it, hashtag-banned, huh? HUH?). Cant say if it was Instapic or Instance...
  • be careful, you need to search with an other phone or an other app, some apps keeps your post is memory and manually insert it
  • I don't understand why Instagram doesn't make an app for Windows Phone.  Is there any real reason like difficulty?  I would think games are alot harder to make since they have so many levels and the animations and graphics are difficult, but aren't apps like instagram and vine simpler to create?  Is it just about waiting for the right bribe?  I don't use instagram, facebook, twitter, or any of that stuff, but I just don't get why they wouldn't want as many users as possible.  
  • Sounds like u have personal issues against an app that just released. If u don't like filters why download the apps?
  • Everybody should just understand its a business and they don't care about the consumers as much as you think they should. If the money isn't right they won't do it. People complaining on sites like this says there is a problem but that's it because u all have a windows phone, so they already got your money. The app will come when they want it to, any other conversation is just whining honestly. If u need instagram that bad, maybe the best solution is to put the phone down and go out in the real world lol. I swear you'd think instagram runs the world.
  • I think your wrong, Nokia, Microsoft, HTC, and window phone developers want people people who own window phone to help and recommend the platform to there friends and family so the notion that they got your money is wrong......remember also that Microsoft earns a small percentage from developers who charge for their product so they are earning off current users....and at your last comment that we swear instragam rules the world....well we don't want ios and android to rule the world..
  • You could say you disagree but since im wrong I'll defend my statement. Yes they want the word of mouth. But it will be done when microsoft wants it to be done. All the complaining in the world isn't going to change or speed up the process because its already a popular application and windows phone is third behind IOS and android. What's holding it up is the business aspect and that has to deal with money. If windows phone needed the instagram applications profit so bad they'd have it. Right now their taking their time and consumers are complaining, its classic business in the world we live in. And the notion that (they got your money) is true because you bought the phone, you probably buy apps beside instagram, and the more you complain, the more people here about windows phone. Android went through the same thing and now its as big or bigger then IOS. And how about nothing ruling the world, just use what you like and deal with the limitations. Because todays limitations are tomorrows innovations.
  • I've only ever had Windows Phones so Instagram has never been an option or important to me. But I can imagine if you were wanting to cross over from another operating system you'd want it if you already use it. Therefore, its important we have it on here.
  • I just posted 2 photos from instance and my photos showed up when I searched for the hashtags. So it may not be a consistent thing for all.
  • try with an other phone ;)
  • I can still see them on my galaxy s4 active. BTW, Rudy if you still need beta testers shoot me an email at my instagram name is strikeIII, same as here.
  • Its weird since Facebook owns instagram now that Microsoft can't get this thing official. Facebook and ms live each other
  • Windows doesnt need assholes like instagram. We can builf our own world. We can succeed if we just market it right and believe. We can do it!
  • Everyone should move to Oggl. Its great for photographers and you hardly find any selfies of tennagers. There some great inspirations there. The app might not be at its fullest yet but its getting there. Screw instagram. Yes im a little bitter.
  • just inspired me to use oggl.. :D
  • I don't understand y Nokia doesn't come up with a NokiaGram. It would be like cinemagraph but with the ability to comment or #2insta... But able to follow people. I think 8 million people would be a good number of subscribers to start with
  • Not all of our friends got Nokia. Best alternative solution for WP users atm is Eyeem which is great and all, but doesn't got the install base of Instagram. Instagram is a phenomenon. You dont have to like it or use it, but WP platform need it. 
  • My instance account doesn't let me login. I don't understand why. It keeps saying wrong username and password. I am literally tired of it. Its the most beautiful instagram client and i miss it. Any solution or alternatives.?? :)
  • Try reinstalling
  • Wow..!! Thanks..!! It worked..!! Thanks a ton mate.!! :))
  • You know what? Before Windows phone I had never used Instagram, but with the release of Instance - or Instagraph as it was called - I decided to use it, even bought the app. Now with all of this...frankly bollocking around I really don't care to bother with anything related to Instagram. In the long run its their loss not mine.
  • same... I actually prefer Fhotoroom and Photoplay, that's supportive and stable in the long run.
  • Remember one of the leads techs at Nokia? This:
    We'll see if Instagram is one of them.
  • me and a couple of my friends using instagram through instance cant use hashtags at all.. neither can we 'tag' or mention any user in our comments/captions..
    the pic/comment gets uploaded only if its plain sentences.. the moment u put in an '@username' or hashtag whatever u were trying to upload never completes.. just keeps showing 'posting' >_<
    anyone else here with this problem?:/ 
  • not a big instagram user.. but this is hurting the WP OS!!! WTF!! just release it like the YOUTUBE APP... never going to update my YT!!! lol....
  • Great info - thanks for sharing...
  • Moved over to flickr and using the Pixlr App now. To be honest I like it a heck of a lot more than Instawhatever and all the wannabees
  • I still have itsdagram and I have been posting to Instagram from my Windows Phone 8 for about 2 weeks now. I have searched for for #wpphoto and I have seen my photos and others in the results.
  • About the logout request. Would changing your passed would send out a proper logout request? since it logs you out of all your accounts when you do that.