8 great gadget gifts you'll want to give yourself

Giving great gifts to your loved ones feels good. But so does treating yourself. As we go into the holiday season there are deals to be had and a ton of hot new products on the shelves.

If you're a tech-head, here are 8 great gadgets to gift yourself this season!

B&O Play E8 truly wireless earbuds

As phone companies start to kill the headphone jack, you're left with a choice: Use a dongle or go wireless.

Truly wireless earbuds are the new thing, and Bang and Olufsen has a premium set available in its B&O Play lineup. You get 4 hours per charge with a carry case that gives two further 4 hour charges, and you'll be getting high-quality streaming over Bluetooth 4.2 along with a transparency mode that lets in the sounds from the world around you.

They look awesome, fit nice and snug into ears and are available in two colors for $299.

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Scuf Elite Controller

The best Xbox One controller you can buy is the Elite Wireless. But they all look the same, and who wants to be like everyone else?

Customize it up a little while still getting all the benefits of the Elite controller. The best place to go is Scuf, a company that has been making pro-grade controllers with crazy designs for many years now.

The latest is a super limited edition Forza Elite controller complete with Alcantara trim. They only made 500 and they're $300 each, but none of your friends will own one!

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Dyson Air Multiplier

No-one can relax when they're too hot. If you need a little help cooling down, Dyson's striking Air Multiplier will do the job while looking the part in any modern home or office setup.

It comes in different sizes and colors, and some models even have a heater to keep you cosy on those cold winter nights. It's around $300 but there's nothing quite like it.

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Sonos One

Sonos One

Sonos One Review 2 1jzyp (Image credit: Windows Central)

Sonos finally got into the smart speaker market with the One and its integration with Amazon Alexa. While it's more expensive than an Echo, it forms part of a larger home audio setup with Sonos' other speakers yet offers the smart features that once were missing.

It comes in white or black, streams audio from a host of online services and if you get two at $199 each, you can pair them together for proper stereo sound.

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Xbox One X

Xbox One X

The most powerful games console ever made is an Xbox. 4K gaming at up to 60 frames per second, HDR, 4K Blu-ray and an ever-growing library of enhanced titles makes the Xbox One X the place to play console games.

Microsoft has some great exclusives like Forza 7 as well as support from third-party titles like Assassin's Creed Origins and Wolfenstein 2. Games look their best on Xbox One X, and for $500 you can be part of that.

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Fitbit Ionic

Fitbit Ionic

Hey, look, Fitbit makes a smartwatch now! The Ionic is indeed a proper smartwatch packed with all the fitness features folks have been enjoying from Fitbit for years now.

The styling is unique, the battery life is pretty good and you can even use it to pay for things and run some wrist-specific applications. It'll only get better, too, and even though it's $300 you're getting a great watch with some of the best fitness features on the market today.

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DJI Spark

A DJI drone that doesn't run away with your wallet? Where do we sign! The Spark is a smaller, less expensive drone at $500 that still has that DJI quality feel to it.

It's got a 2-axis gimbal 12MP camera that also shoots 1080p video at 30 FPS. In sport mode it'll go up to 31mph, has an operating range of 1.2 miles and 16 minutes of flying time per charge. So you'll still need some extra batteries if you're out for the day!

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Samsung Odyssey HMD

Daniel Rubino wearing an Odyssey

Daniel Rubino wearing an Odyssey (Image credit: Windows Central)

Windows Mixed Reality now supports Steam VR apps and games making it a great place to spend some virtual time. And about the best headset for the job is Samsung's Odyssey.

$449 gets you the headset and motion controllers bundled together, along with built in headphones tuned by AKG. The 2880 x 1600 AMOLED display works at 90Hz so it looks great, and with the built in array microphone you can also talk to Cortana without any additional hardware.

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