96% of users satisfied with AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 in new Nielsen study

The overwhelming majority of Lumia 900 users are loving their phone

We know from personal experience that owners of the Lumia 900 (review) have a lot of pride in their device and that feeling has now been quantified in a new study commissioned by Nokia. Nokia hired Nielsen’s back in April to survey US buyers of their flagship Windows Phone to see how happy they were with their purchase decision. The numbers speak for themselves:

  • 96 per cent of owners are extremely satisfied or somewhat satisfied with their Lumia 900
  • 95 per cent of owners are willing to recommend the Lumia 900
  • 83 per cent say that their expectations are better or much better than expected
  • 85 per cent say they would repurchase the Lumia 900
  • 91 per cent think their phone is better than other mobiles out on the market
  • 95 per cent thought downloading an app from the Marketplace was easy to do

The survey was the online one we reported back in May and consisted of 810 people averaging 18 minutes to complete the questionnaire. Of course we wonder now how many of you skewed the results lending a sampling bias to Nielsen by not necessarily representing the average consumer (as opposed to “enthusiasts”). Ahem.

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Results from the Nokia-Nielsen study (April 27, 2012 and on May 18, 2012)

Interestingly, nearly two-thirds of the people sampled had purchased their Lumia 900 through AT&T in a store as opposed to an online dealer like Amazon Wireless. We don’t have any numbers for comparison but it’s clear that in-store purchases are still king even when heavy-discounts are offered online (Amazon Wireless is routinely cheaper than AT&T direct).

Having said all of that we don’t doubt that many Lumia 900 users, either average or enthusiast, are very happy with their purchase. Nokia tends to garner brand loyalty and we’ve already seen how “Lumia” trends higher than “Windows Phone” reinforcing that notion. Today’s results are just as impressive.

Source: Nokia Conversations/Nielsen

Daniel Rubino

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  • Great news!
  • I am pleased with my 900. BUT, I am not pleased that there will not be more support for WP 8. If this survey was done after the announcement last month, I doubt the satisfaction of the product would have been as high.
  • Depends on many factors e.g. who was surveyed and if they have knowledge of WP8 (my bet is most "normal" people who don't follow tech closely aren't even aware of it, let alone the controversy). Even the majority of our audience is satisfied with the proposed 7.8 update, so I'm not so sure the numbers would be skewed too much. It also depends on how you phrase it. Most rationale people would respond negatively if you tell them they can't get something. 
  • I think that most people the replied to the survey are not trolling tech sites to find out when the next update or newest hardware is set to arrive on the scene.
  • Wouldnt matter IMO, the survey was about their experience with the phone.  What happens in 4 months shouldnt influence what they are experiencing right now which is what the survey is surveying. 
  • All of that is true. I AM pleased with my hardware and had the original Focus from launch and am pleased with most of the aspects of the WP 7, 7.5, and what I cam gleam of 7.8, I should enjoy. I would have been interested in knowing what the recommendation % would have been post WP 8 conference.
  • Starting to tire of all the "no WP8" comments. Time to start enjoying your phone for what it is.
  • You just cant be happy with what you got ;)
  • Amen! Then again, by the time WP8 comes out, my contract expires, so I can upgrade my HD7! :D Still love my HD7
  • Contract or no contract, im all over WP8. Haven't been this excited since the first iPhone came out ;-)
  • I'm selling old phones and the weeks approaching wp8, I will sell my current phone to buy whatever Nokia wp8 phone comes out on AT&T off contract
  • HD7 is a great device and with a 32gb micro sd its a supreme device.
  • I bet those are the same people who get married and think they can "change" their partner after the fact.. It's like if you couldn't deal with their flaws while dating you need to break up. Dont' ignore warning signs. If all you needs are not meet now why take the plunge?
    Some people learn these life lessons early on and some people never lear.
  • Well said.
  • Exactly. Lets face it alot of us "enthusiusts" never let our contracts expire before getting a new phone anyway and most didnt expect the full upgrade once the core changed. Had MS just rolled out the update and called it WP8 and just didnt have everything available we wouldnt be having this discussion but because they were upfront on it the press jumps all over it. You dont see Apple getting bashed for missing features in each new version that arent available for older handsets.
  • The survey was conducted in May, before the WP8 announcement. Wonder what would be the opinion now.
  • I don't think the announcement of a new os automatically makes your device perform worse. That sais I told my father his 710 is not getting wp8, he asked me "what's that ?".
  • My opinion would be the same. I bought a phone I can use and enjoy now, and in the fall, I'll be getting the latest and greatest Hardware. It's not like i can take my Lumia 900 to the shop and have them pimp it out, lol. You don't see iPhone fans getting mad that their iPhone 3GS or 4 doesn't have siri or the latest. They're just happy to say, i have an iPhone.
  • I don't care about wp8 hardware specs, If i did...i should have gone with LAGGY androids... I always wanted smoothnes fast and freaking ot just work... I don't play HD games and all that.. What i have with my l900 and titan1 hd7 is always 100% satisfaction.. Now I'm waiting for the new SURFACE...
  • You buy your phone (any phone, not only WP or just Nokia) because its the best at the time of purchase, not because it can be better, at least that's what most people do. People didnt get iphone 4, because in the future you might get that "s" attached to your phone, no, they go and switched to a newer phone, so stop bitching and enjoy phone you've got, because phone is great and you know it.
  • I sold my 710 to my co worker..she was an android girl..now she will never go back android or iPhone she love the speed of every task that WP brings.. Even her boyfriend waiting to get one from sprint...the announcements doesn't not affect people at all.. MSFT did the right thing.. 7.5 will not get wp8.BOOM get over it..
  • Count me in to this survey to make the percentage 96.2
  • WP enthusiasts definitely affected those results but I think it gives us an idea of what the average consumer thinks about the L900.
  • actually idk bout u but if I knew a phone was gonna get better after I bought it, that would sway me towards purchasing a product, ur argument doesn't apply much, even with users that dont know much about the updates, who kno that there device will continue to b supported after purchase
  • I took this survey after just having exchanged my Lumia due to the Wi-Fi bug, and while I was dealing with the purple screen bug, so I was less than kind with my responses.  If I had to do it all over again based on my experience so far, I definitely would've picked up the Titan II instead.  Most of what I like about my Lumia 900 is based on what I like about Windows Phone in general, and most of what I dislike about my Lumia 900 is based on flaws/shortcomings with the hardware itself.  Add in the fact that I've discovered that I don't use any of the exclusive Nokia apps (much to my surprise, honestly) and boom.  Shoulda bought a Titan II.  Live and learn, I guess.  Hopefully Nokia brings their A-game with WP8 because if not, I'd be ecstatic with a WP8 device using HTC One X hardware.
  • Then Nokia and AT&T should be able to find a way to satisfy those of us who ARE disappointed.
  • I wouldn't be surprised if at&t, Nokia, and Microsoft ran some deal for current lumia 900 owners.
  • I'm happy with my Nokia l900 just the way I bought it, and any updates or new apps is just a plus. Thanks Nokia and Microsoft!!! I'm all in :-)
  • Love my Lumia 900. Best phone on market at time of purchase. I look forward to wp8. Till then I'm gonna love this phone
  • Day before yesterday, I just filled out another survey from e-rewards about current cell phones on the market. It was a comprehensive survey, and took me 20 minutes to complete. I gave high marks across the board for my 900. I wonder when they'll publish the results. The surveyor was J.D. Power & Associates.
  • Yea but ask them in 6 months when they won't get any more updates. Glad I held on to my first gen Focus and am waiting for WP8.
  • HahHaha sure they are happy with having windows phone. But are not happy with AT&T service and high bills and no unlimited data service. Sprint unlimited all you can eat. Yes windows phone 8 will be coming to sprint this fall. Don't be jealous now hahaha
  • Ok I won't be jealous of your unlimited dial-up internet.
  • I'm in the 4% that is not happy.
  • Me too! My Radar is better all around than my 900.