This versatile dock supports four 4K displays, but not if you have a MacBook (Windows FTW)

Kensington K34050WW Dock
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What you need to know

  • Kensington just launched the SD4790P Quad 4K Dock.
  • The device supports up to four external monitors and has several ports to connect all of your devices.
  • The Kensington SD4790P also supports 10Gbps data speeds and 100W power delivery.
  • You can purchase the Kensington SD4790P Quad 4K Dock now for $279.99.

As desk setups expand to meet growing demand, it's quite common to use multiple monitors. What's not as common, however, is having a PC that can drive all of your displays without some help. That's where docking stations come in, such as the newly launched Kensington SD4790P Quad 4K Dock.

The Kensington SD4790P Quad 4K Dock supports up to four 4K displays at 60Hz through its two DisplayLink connections. You can also use the dock for dual displays through USB-C Alt mode. There are a total of six video ports on the dock, letting you choose between HDMI® 2.0, DP++ 1.4, and DP++ 1.2.

Note that while there are six video ports on the dock, you can only connect to four external displays at a time.

Kensington SD4790P Quad 4K Dock | $279.99 at Amazon

Kensington SD4790P Quad 4K Dock | $279.99 at Amazon

This docking station supports up to four 4K displays at 60Hz. It also has 1Gbps data speeds and supports up to 100W power delivery.

Here's the full range of ports on the Kensington SD4790P Dock:

  • Front:
    • 2 USB-C 3.2 Gen2 10Gbps
    • Combo audio jack
  • Back
    • 4 USB-A 3.2 Gen1 5Gbps
    • 1 Gbps Ethernet
    • 3 HDMI
    • 3 DisplayPort

Despite the "U" in USB standing for universal, the capabilities of your desk setup depend greatly on your device. For example, connecting a Windows laptop or Chromebook to the Kensington SD4790P allows for support of up to four monitors. Connecting a MacBook with an M1, M2, or M3 monitor only supports up to three monitors.

The Kensington SD4790P supports up to 100W of charging for USB-C Alt Mode laptops, meaning your device can stay fully charged for when you need to disconnect it from the dock and take it on the go.

You can free up some desk space and secure the Kensington SD4790P Dock.  A mounting bracket (sold separately for $21.99) lets you attach the dock to a desk. You can also ensure the dock and host cable fit snuggly with screw lock design of the dock.

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