Acclaimed puzzler 'The Talos Principle' may warp on Xbox One soon [updated]

Updated August 31, 2018: The Talos Principle will launch on Xbox One on August 31.

When it comes to third-party games, it's always disheartening to see some experiences hit one platform over the other. This happened with The Witness, but the puzzle game eventually made its way to Xbox One.

The other puzzle game that has garnered tremendous acclaim is The Talos Principle. According to publisher Devolver Digital, The Talos Principe is a narrative-driven puzzle game which can be played from the first-person or third-person perspective. You step into the shoes of a robot with a human consciousness. The goal is to solve logic-based puzzles and progress further in other to uncover the truth about yourself and the current state of the world.

Today, TrueAchievements discovered forty achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore for an unannounced Xbox One version. Considering that the achievements are already live, an announcement and release might be imminent.

We'll keep you posted as soon as we know more. We've reached out to Devolver Digital for comment. It's great to see that the game is making the leap to Microsoft's console because it's already available on PC, iOS, and PlayStation 4.

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Asher Madan

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  • I really liked this game, only joking... I really loved this game. When they added VR to the mix, it just made it perfect, and that's a shame because I don't think we're going to see VR support on the xbox any time soon, if ever. I'll probably buy it again on the xbox anyway if not just for the xbox achievements.
    If you've not played it before, and do want a challenge, it's a really great game with lots of hidden easter eggs and a (subjectively) good ending. It'll certainly make you think, and in more ways than one.
  • I always fancied this, when i saw it at the Games store I used to work in, but didn't have a PS4 at the time.. ( I do now) but I'll totally get the Xbox One version
  • I played this on the PC and I liked it so much that I contacted the devs to bring this to the Xbox one. They responded saying thank you and they always listen to their customers. Guess they do. 🙂