Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 once again $30 off in the Windows Store

It seems like Adobe's Photoshop Elements 15 is rarely without a discount in the Windows Store. But if you have yet to give it a shot, another sale has recently kicked off. Right now, you can grab Photoshop Elements 15 (opens in new tab) at a solid $30 discount. For those keeping track, that drops the price down from $99.99 to $69.99.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 includes a number of tools for organizing and editing photos. It's definitely not a full professional solution like Photoshop itself, but it makes it simple to add effects to your photos and make quick edits. Smart photo tagging is also included, which is pretty handy, as are batch photo edits.

We've seen this discount quite a bit on Photoshop Elements 15, so it's not all that surprising to see it once more. Still, if you can justify the $70 for what Elements offers, it's worth checking out. As of this writing, the sale is set to run for 14 more days, so you've got some time to decide.

Download Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 at the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

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  • I wonder if I could replace my Photoshop usage with this. They are putting the creative cloud fees up in the UK so I don't intend to renew. I really just use it for creating the odd logo for my apps... Would this edition let me open psd files that somebody created in Full Fat Photoshop or is it a completely different format?
  • Still cheaper on other places like Amazon. Make it as cheap as everywhere else and I buy it.
  • Do you get 10 licenses for the price on Amazon?
  • It's a legit point. Amazon/normal license is for just three devices IIRC, but with Windows Store version it is 10. That matters for me at least :P
  • You have more laptops than most of us will own in a life time from your reviews. Lol
  • same price at amazon
  • Last time I checked it was a bit cheaper but as the regular price and around 50€ in sale from time to time. You can also get Elements 15 for 50€ without any sale here in Germany from other big shops. Yes I don't get 10 licenses but most people who buy Photoshop Elements don't have 10 PCs. 70$ is not a bad price but not a good deal either. And the regular 99$ have nothing to do with the free market. 60-70 is normal.
  • oh I am in u.s. it the same price here sorry should have point that out :)
  • Yeah my mistake to begin with. The article is about the dollar price not about the euro price even if it's the same. But I guess there are other shops in the US as well who sell PE15 for less? I'm a fan of the Windows Store eco system but 20€ more is way too much for me.
  • that a sweet deal. they must have the price lock down here
  • that a sweet deal. they must have the price lock down here
  • I wonder how much pressure is on Adobe to sale Elements at a lower price since Paint.NET and other photo editing apps are coming to the Windows Store.
  • I wonder if they fixed the 10S bug Daniel mentioned earlier.
  • Why can't this just be included in the CC subscription?
  • ...and once many negative reviews and $69 ??? H ll no, not without a trial. You might actual sell the thing if you let people try it first....unless it is as bad as some reviews say.
  • Just download the normal version from the Adobe website, gives you 30 days.
  • Yeah, but the problem I appreciate reading is not with the performance, but there seems to be a scaling issue in the Windows Store version making it extremely difficult to select thing. I'd like to know how hard.
  • Be aware it won't install on Windows 10S. I had to upgrade to Pro.
  • I still find creative cloud a better deal. I've got Photoshop and light room, along with a portfolio page, for $9.99/month. May cost more, but well worth the extra.
  • Just get Affinity Photo instead. One time payment, just as capable as PS, and better in almost every way.