Adobe Photoshop runs natively on Windows 10 on ARM starting this month

Surface Pro X
Surface Pro X (Image credit: Daniel Rubino/Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Windows 10 on ARM devices can natively run Adobe Photoshop as of this month.
  • Photoshop on Windows 10 on ARM supports almost all of the same features as other versions of the app
  • Native Windows 10 on ARM support brings Photoshop to devices such as the Surface Pro X.

Adobe Photoshop can natively run on Windows 10 on ARM PCs, such as the Surface Pro X starting this month. Native support brings one of the best Windows 10 photo editing apps to a growing collection of devices built for working on the go. A help page from Adobe specifies that native support rolls out for Photoshop this month and outlines all of the details.

Photoshop supports the vast majority of the same features as the version available on non-ARM PCs. There is, however, a small list of features that aren't available on Photoshop running natively on Windows 10 on ARM:

  • Import, Export and playback of embedded video layers
  • Shake Reduction filter
  • Invite to Edit workflows are not supported. To learn alternative ways to send invitations via Web, see Access and edit shared cloud documents.
  • Preset Syncing is not on by default
  • Windows Dial Support
  • Generator and related features
  • Opening or placing U3D files
  • Starting Photoshop from Lightroom 'Edit In' command
  • Oil Paint Filter
  • Spell Checking and hyphenation for Hebrew and Arabic languages
  • Plugin Marketplace panel

Microsoft started beta testing Windows 10 on ARM support for Photoshop back in November 2020. Now, it's rolling out to everyone this month.

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