Adventure Time is coming soon to Minecraft

The wacky world of Adventure Time is headed to all versions of Minecraft. Mojang has cleverly teased the game's next mash-up pack with a recreation of the Adventure Time intro made entirely in Minecraft.

There's no word on just when Jake the Dog and Finn the Human will be busting into the blocky world of Minecraft, but the land of Ooo will arrive sooner rather than later. The Ice King, Princess Bubblegum, and Adventure Time's other candy creatures and its cadre of princesses are presumably on the way as well.

Look for the Adventure Time mash-up pack to hit the Minecraft on Pocket, Windows 10 and console editions relatively soon.

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  • so excited!
  • Nope
  • I always dodged Minecraft, but this news may change my mind 😀
  • I tried to get into this show. Its so boring. Dont understand the hype for it.
  • Haha 😋
  • Ask Donald for explanation.
  • Looking forward to it! :)
  • Hey guys just wanted to ask for some help. I have brought a lot of skins, texture packs and mash up packs. They are all installed, but for a couple of months it comes up saying I can only load the world with the texture pack as a trial, I get it to take me to it to buy again it recognises I have already brought it, tell me I should find it in my game and apps. I do see it there but the game still won't let me play it with a texture pack on. I've deleted them and re-installed them, still no luck Any ideas would be great.
  • Have you tried resetting the apps? You'll lose all your in-game settings. Open All Settings > Apps > Apps & features > Select the app > Advanced options > Reset button and then try a uninstall/reinstall. You can also try resetting the store, Offline permissions and managing your devices. Good luck.
  • Hey thanks for the info, but this time it didn't work for me. Still can't play a world with texture packs on
  • Today after being so frustrated with Minecraft I deleted it all and re installed it and all the dlc I brought and it now works
  • Our four kids can't wait for this pack to come in and I'm sure I'll get in on some of the fun too.