AE Roulette 3D, delivering a little casino action to our Windows Phone

AE Roulette 3D is an entertaining game that brings a little casino action to our Windows Phone.  The 3D graphics are appealing, game play is realistic and the only thing missing is the noise from the slot machines in the background.

AE Roulette 3D makes for a fun casino game for your Windows Phone and a nice addition to the games of chance genre.

AE Roulette 3D’s main menu offers options that circle the roulette wheel that includes viewing additional games from the developer, links to rate the game in the Windows Phone Store, view your gaming stats, view the help screens, and access the games settings.  You also have the option to login with your Facebook account and invite friends to join in on the action.

Settings cover sound and music levels along with three choices of table colors. 

To jump into the game, tap the play symbol that rests in the center of the roulette wheel.  When you first play AE Roulette 3D, the game will walk you through a tutorial that shows you how to bet and how to transition between the betting table and wheel.

Game play follows along the traditional game of roulette.  Just tap/hold and drag you chips on to the betting table.  When all bets are placed, you can either tap the spin button or sideswipe to view the roulette wheel.

Should the roulette table tap you dry of cash, you can earn chips by visiting various online sites or buy chips via in-app purchases.  While re-installing the game would replenish your cash, it also wipes out your gaming stats.

AE Roulette 3D is a nicely drawn-up version of the classic casino game.  Graphics and animations are smooth, game play simple and for the most part all you need is a little luck for success.  The only downside to AE Roulette 3D is that it lacks the diversity a full casino game will have.  Games that if you get bored with roulette you can move to Blackjack or slots.  For the die-hard roulette gamer, AE Roulette 3D will have plenty of appeal.  Others may find it a little lacking.

AE Roulette 3D is a free game and is available for both Windows Phone 7.x and 8 devices.  You can find your copy of AE Roulette 3D here in the (opens in new tab) Windows Phone Store.

Thanks, Mark W. for the tip!

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