Aeries is a brand new and powerful Twitter client for your Windows Phone

There's been a plethora of Twitter apps for Windows Phone devices, and a lot of them went packing due to Twitter's API restrictions, but here's another one, and it looks quite good. Aeries has been designed to make using Twitter easier and features a neat and intuitive UI.

I've been using a beta version of Aeries for a few weeks, and I can safely say that along with Tweetium, it is definitely one of the top Twitter apps for Windows Phone in 2015.

The app packs in a multitude of features to customize the design and user experience – even the gestures to interact with your timeline. You can also set filters to block anything from Users to Tweets containing particular text. The app also allows you to save the position you have read in each of your timelines.

Aeries also offers offline support that is pretty good allowing you to read your tweets even when your data connection has given up. Finally, there is support for themes, including dark, black, and white.

The app is a tad expensive at $4.49, and there's no trial available, but that's owing to Twitter's token limit rather than a developer's limitation. In other words, do not take it out on the dev. Free trials would shorten this app's lifespan on the market.

It is worth the money though and supports multiple Twitter accounts, and is a great alternative to the very limited official Twitter app and the recent pin on my Home screen, Tweetium.

QR: Aeries

Abhishek Baxi