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Aeries Twitter client can now save videos and GIFs with latest update

Aeries, the popular third-party Twitter app, has been updated, adding a way to quickly save videos and GIFs for the first time. The update also has a number of bug fixes.

Here's what users can expect in Aeries version 2.2.42:

  • Fixed a crash when trying to view the details of a deleted tweet.
  • Fixed interaction with video controls and restored close on tap/click
  • Themes are now dynamic, not requiring a restart when switching - this also applies to when sunset mode is on.
  • Now easily save videos and GIFs
  • Fixed an issue where initial sections for an account would have duplicate interactions sections.
  • Fixed an issue where autosuggest would not work on some devices.
  • Fixed a crash when pinning a user to home.
  • Fixed an issue with undoing retweets.

Download Aeries from the Windows Store (opens in new tab) ($2.99)

QR: Aeries

  • No disrespect to Aries, but I like the new twitter client since their latest update. I hope many keep using both because developers like this behind Aries have helped keep WP on the map with the apps they provide us users. Posted via Windows Central app for Windows 10!
    Proudly rocking my Lumia 1520!
  • As long as the original Twitter app start on top and not where I left it the last time, I will keep using third party apps like Aeries and Tweet It!
  • This! A million time this. The official app in its current state is unusable. While I appreciate them adding gif and vid support, the start on top issue fundamentally breaks the twitter experience.
  • Yep. And is it me or does the twitter app not really use location properly for trends. I find the old app to be much better in that regard.
  • I'd like to have the option to not automatically play those GIFs and videos.
  • Saving gifs is a feature I've been looking for in a client for a while. I doubt I'll get Aries because I really like the updated official client but kudos to that team.
  • I was so excited for GIF with Windows 10 Mobile. Unfortunately it has been very hokey. Saving a GIF is hit or miss. When they do save, they pretty much all play through the photo app, but only about half of those are sendable by SMS. It always comes back with am unable to attach error. And even when it does successfully send it, it immediately crashes the app. Is this the same for everyone else?
  • photo sharing via text message is one of the worst ways to share a photo in general. Use skype, WhatsApp or something else that uses internet.or share a link to a OneDrive folder. Also for sending a photo for texting I believe it's called mms
  • Aeries or Tweetium? Which one would you choose?
  • Official twitter app? Posted with @¥€~-^£¥*%$#£¥_#%&*-?"!!!
  • Official twitter app? Posted with @¥€~-^£¥*%$#£¥_#%&*-?"!!!
  • Tweetium all the way. Tried the official app and it's pretty nice but I still prefer Tweetium. Actionable notifications, giphy support (still missing on the official app), et al.
  • Forgot to mention the Connect+ tab. Tweetium is the only 3rd-party client I tried on all platforms to provide such detailed notifications (only missing polls and photo tagging, which aren't supported In API level). It makes the Pro IAP so worthy.
  • Aeries!! Coz Tweetium has horrible UI.