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Affinity Photo, Publisher, Designer get big performance boosts in v1.10 update

Affinity Publisher Windows 10
Affinity Publisher Windows 10 (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Affinity Photo, Designer, and Publisher all received updates to version 1.10.
  • Memory improvements now allow Affinity Publisher to smoothly load documents with thousands of pages.
  • Affinity Designer's rendering is up to 10 times faster for complex documents than it was previously.

Serif, the makers of Affinity Photo, Designer, and Publisher, have rolled out an update for the entire Affinity suite of applications. Affinity v1.10 brings improvements to all three apps, including improved rendering in Affinity Designer, better blending in Affinity Photo, and faster loading of large documents in Affinity Publisher.

There isn't a full changelog of the Affinity v1.10 update at this time, but Serif shares many of the new features in a recent post (opens in new tab).

Memory management in Affinity Publisher has been completely rewritten as part of the update. As a result, Serif promises that the app can instantly load "huge documents" with thousands of pages. Live editing, which lets you see edits in real-time before committing to them, is also smoother in the app following the update.

Affinity Designer's rendering engine is now up to ten times faster when handling complex documents. Serif managing director Ash Hewson explains that this comes in handy when bringing PDFs into the app, "While it's quite rare for anyone to create designs with hundreds of thousands of objects, although some people do, we are seeing many examples of PDFs being imported into Designer – for example that were generated in a CAD app or similar – which can easily have that number."

Serif explains that Affinity Photo "has also received extensive performance tweaks." The only specific example shared is that blending layers together is more efficient following the update.

The updates to the app are free and available through either the Affinity website or the Microsoft Store, depending on where you purchased any of the apps.

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  • These are great apps! For anyone considering them, wait for a sale. They are frequently offered at a discount of up to 50%.
  • Yup. I totally agree. I use the entire Affinity but I recommend anyone looking to grab them to wait until a sale.
  • Since the pandemic ISN'T over I hoping they bring back their discount soon but I guessing they won't for a bit because they just ended their pandemic discounts not too too long ago.
  • A friend have dropped Adobe photoshop and illustrator and is now using the Affinity suite. Works great on her Mac and her Wacom Cintiq Pro,
  • I didn't really notice any improvements the last time we had a "seems faster" update for Affinity Designer, but it was never slow to begin with, so all these improvements are welcome.
  • I updated them all! Affinity apps are great. I use them with Blender when I must hand paint some 3D models by using the feature "save Affinity layers" on a tiff file, very handy 🤓
  • Recently downloaded the apps at a massive discount on Microsoft Store. Really looking forward to digging into them over time.