There's now an official Age of Empires Gear Shop where you can load up on branded merch

Age Of Empires Gear Shop
Age Of Empires Gear Shop (Image credit: Microsoft)

It's been a grand few years for the Age of Empires franchise, and it's now expanded further with the recent addition of an official Age of Empires Gear Shop over at the Xbox website. Age of Empires has been revived thanks to the remastering of the original trilogy into Definitive Editions, and its communities — especially for Age of Empires 2 — are thriving. If you want to show that you're still in love with this legendary series, there are 16 different merch options available now.

Want to sip wine, coffee, beer, or tea and think back on that time you tower-rushed an enemy into submission? Grab a wine glass, tumbler, beer stein, or mug. There's even a mug with Wololo! printed on it. Bit chilly in your office when you're advancing to through the ages? An Age of Empires 2 and 3 Sherpa blanket is available, as well as a sweatshirt with a sheep on it with the words "King of Scouts" printed below. It's clear this merch was designed by fans of the series. T-shirts, phone covers, and tote bags round out the options.

Visit the official Age of Empires Gear Shop

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