Microsoft has discussed fresh news ahead of Age of Empires, its iconic real-time strategy (RTS) series for PC. As Age of Empires Definitive Edition hits its first anniversary on Windows 10, a new blog post dives into its eighth update, alongside tease of an Inside Xbox debut.

Detailed via its Update 8 changelog, Microsoft is promising "exciting announcements" during next month's installment of the monthly live show.

Age of Empires will have a segment on Inside Xbox in March! Make sure to tune in here when we go live, because we're going to have some very exciting announcements!

There's no shortage of speculation, with Age of Empires entering its second year on the market and development of Relic Entertainment's Age of Empires IV underway. While the series' rumored Xbox debut could prove promising, the Xbox platform now also extends to Windows 10, making Inside Xbox a fitting setting to host news of its fourth PC-exclusive installment.

Microsoft is yet to commit to a formal date for Inside Xbox this March. Expect more details in the weeks ahead, alongside the show's full schedule.

A classic reborn

Age of Empires: Definitive Edition

Welcome back to history.

If you managed to miss the original Age of Empires, this is your time to get stuck in. The Definitive Edition is an excellent nod to the classic title, with 4K resolution and other graphical improvements.

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