Agent 47 heads to Japan for Hitman's season finale on Xbox and PC

The season finale for Hitman 2016 is here, taking Agent 47 to Hokkaido in Japan for a climatic finish. IO Interactive say that the first season's final mission, dubbed "Situs Inversus" is the "culmination" of everything players have learned throughout the first season's previous episodes.

Situs Inversus is a congenital condition by which many of the body's major organs are placed on the opposite side to usual. This could be a clue as to the nature of the final mission's kill targets, or perhaps a metaphor for the conclusion of the game's mysterious plot. Either way, players can pick up the final episode on Xbox Live or on Steam right now to find out the truth.

Hokkaido will take players into a Japanese private hospital and spa for the rich and powerful. Agent 47 is tasked to navigate this secluded facility, which is decorated with traditional Japanese furnishings and cutting-edge medical technology. It even has a sushi restaurant, ripe for the poisoning.

In a statement, Hitman's developer IO Interactive hailed the episodic nature of the game, after the franchise's previous entry, Hitman Absolution, proved disappointingly linear. It looks as though the new model has been successful for IO Interactive and Square Enix,

"It was a brave decision to go fully digital episodic with Hitman, fundamentally changing how we make the game, and for us it has been a major success. I want to say a big thank you to all the players for making this possible! Together we've built and run the biggest and most replayable locations of any Hitman game and added new live content every single week since launch."

Io-Interactive's Studio Head Hannes Seifert went on to state that this isn't the end of Hitman, noting that the "World of Assassination" will be ever-expanding. Considering Square Enix are calling the past six episodes "Season 1," it seems fair to assume there will be a "Season 2."

Stay tuned to MML on Wednesday where we'll be doing a giveaway of an Xbox One Hitman Collector's Edition to celebrate the first season's completion!

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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