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We previously looked at Air Pick Voice (check out our in-depth post for more information) at the January WPUG meetup and it left us highly impressed. The concept enables the user to control music playback on a PC with a Windows Phone app. Not only that, but streaming functionality is present allowing playback to be achieved on the smartphone.

APV has since been rebranded (for a second time) and is now TellDJ, what's more is that testing of the desktop software is well under way. TellDJ Rehearsal is now available to download for testing and feedback, which includes the Voice Recognition Lab to fine tune the software to your voice / accent. Development is still active so we look forward to see what the developer adds in the future.

Should the website be unavailable, be sure to keep up-to-date with KeyboardP's blog, and a backup mirror is online until the site is back up.

Source: TellDJ