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GAME no longer bundling Alan Wake's American Nightmare with Quantum Break

If you've pre-ordered Quantum Break (opens in new tab) and will be receiving Alan Wake's American Nightmare, you may want to double check with the retailer to ensure you're still getting the extra game. GAME UK is having to replace the latter from the bundle due to age rating issues. Unfortunately, Quantum Break is rated PEGI 16, while Alan Wake's American Nightmare is PEGI 18.

You'll still be getting Quantum Break (opens in new tab), but depending on where you pre-order from, you might receive a different second title. This is due to Quantum Break (the title you technically purchase) is rated for younger audiences. Here's the alert in full on GAME UK's website:

"Unfortunately there's been a slight change to our pre-order offer. Quantum Break is rated PEGI 16, but Alan Wake's American Nightmare is PEGI 18. This means that we can't include it as part of our offer, as it's rated higher than the game being sold.We're really sorry! To make up for it, we'd like to offer you a code for Kameo: Elements of Power, an epic Xbox 360 game now playable on Xbox One. We'll send this over to you via email at the launch of Quantum Break. You can still get your hands on American Nightmare absolutely free if you visit us in-store at launch with proof of purchase and valid photo ID.We're sorry for any inconvenience."

GAME in the UK will replace American Nightmare with Kameo: Elements of Power. Though you can still get the title for free if you visit the store at launch with proof of purchase and photo ID. As noted already, do check with the retailer you're pre-ordering with. Amazon simply has a notice to alert buyers of the age rating differences between the two, but appear to be honoring orders.

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Rich Edmonds
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  • Hahaha, swapping Alan Wake for Kameo...
  • Surprisingly enough Kameo still costs more than AW: AN on the Xbox Marketplace despite its age. I own both though so not sure if I can convince them to give me something else or if it'd be worth trying to sell the latter on eBay.
  • Is there a pre-order offer that *doesn't* include Alan Wake? I answered in the field test survey that it would be a great perk for pre-orders, but for me personally I already own both games digitally, so I would be more enticed to pre-order with a little something different.
  • Alan Wake proper is included with QB. American Nightmare is a spin-off. But in this case, GAME is a high-street retailer so subject to strict age regulations. As such they can't blindly offer an 18 cert game free with a 16 cert game. It's good that they are at least allowing people old enough to go in-store and claim a code, though.
  • This is actually a really good response by Game: Have a different free game, and if you come in-store with ID you can have the original free game as well. Can't say fairer than that.
  • Agree. Keeps their nose clean and in the end, if you're old enough you actually get an extra free game!