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Aldi Germany will offer the Lumia 630 for just €109

Aldi in Germany has a superb offer for anyone looking for a brand new Windows Phone. The Lumia 630 will go on sale soon with a price tag of just €109. According to the website, we're looking at August 28 as to when the smartphone will be available in stores, but it's the price that will surely attract consumers to at least check out Microsoft's mobile platform with its affordable hardware.

To act as a quick reminder what will be included for the low price, purchasers will be able to take full advantage of a 4.5-inch LCD IPS display, 1.2 GHz quad-core processor, 5MP rear shooter, 8GB of internal storage (with microSD expansion support) and a 1,830mAh battery to power everything. Do note that this is a SIM-free option and is not tied to any network in Germany.

Source: Aldi Sued, Aldi Nord

Thanks, Robin, for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Say whuuuut!, but is the phone good?
  • It's windowsphone, nuff said ;)
  • Ask cortana what is the best phone?! She'll answer ya
  • Do note that this is a 512 MB RAM phone .
  • Nah I'm good with 4 Wphones :D not living in Germany anyways to get and give one as a gift :P
  • I paid £99 for the L625 and it has a larger screen as well...
  • Whut???
  • This was supposed to be a comment to the genius above ^^^ calling windows phones nuisance.
  • This looks interesting I wonder if this will started being offered in other Aldi stores around the world.
  • If aldi uk sold them here they would sell like hotcakes!
  • Is this the same Aldi that is in the US for food? I knew Aldi was from Germany. Just didn't realize they were more than just a grocery store in the EU.
  • They are more than just a grocery store in the US as well. They always have non-grocery items in their stores and always great deals. Would not surprise me if this came to the US as well.
  • Yup
  • Go back to forum lmfao. No one needs your negative comments worming around here Google...
  • Whats up with him man is he from google or what ?!
  • I didn't know Aldi sell smartphones ^^
  • This is exactly the kind of sales platform Windows Phone needs.
    People equate Aldi with quality at cheap prices. This is almost at a price where it is an impulse buy. All it needs is a concerted advertising effort and we'll be seeing some seriously good sales numbers.
    Good move Microsoft Mobile. Now give me a 1020 update :)
  • I'm guessing that this is probably your regular Aldi-stunt: buy a dozen phones per store once and offer them cheaply, and not a regular offer. They do this all the time with Medion tablets and laptops.
  • I wonder how is this phone doing, is it actually selling like the 520?
  • Probably not like Lumia 520 but still doing well when considering other WPs.....
  • The number of reviews on amazon for the 630 is about double as high as for the 520 (and the highest amount of reviews of all windows phones) suggesting that it's doing very well here in germany.
  • Welcome back! X{D
  • US Aldi sucks.
  • I don't know why people purchase phones on which they don't have any idea about.....and then simply blame the OS, brand and everything related to it.
  • I was an android user and bought a windows phone last year and i dont know how to use it and whats in it. I only know the O.S and brand which is Nokia. After a year and still loving windows phone ... Haha
  • It's a problem, saw a guy slating the Star Walk app because his phone didn't have a gyro, negative review left because he had a cheap model phone.
  • Same as this flashlite app sucks......lumia 520. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Agreed
  • Nokia servers for using with Nokia Software Updater are down?
  • Ummm the phone should have 1gb ram no excuse if the made it for china and some European country ... Makes no damn sense 100
  • The 630 is really successful here in Germany ATM. I check Amazon Smartphone charts frequently (they sell it for 130€) and it is between 1 and 5, most times around position 3. It has more than 500 comments (Moto G has about 1000, but e.g. 1520er or 930 have about 100).
    That's really a success for WinPhone. Like last time where the 620 was ?our" 530 in Germany the 630 plays the budget-phone card, 530 isn't really made for us.
  • Good offer to increase sells.
    On a side note I hope 'windowstestsmypatiencereloaded' got banned after the comments cleanup.
  • Good afternoon, I'm impressed to read about offers in Germany :-)) Since two month I use the Lumia 630 and like it very much. So I think I will buy another one at Aldi. For 109 Euro it's the best value you can get. The only thing I miss is the cam button, so I'm looking forward for the Lumia 830. I hope it's not as big as shown on the leaks:-( But anyone who want's to try WP 8.1 on very good Low-Budget Phone: Buy the Lumia 630 next week.
  • Don't forget that you can also get a free pair of Nokia headphones for writing a review about the 630 (this might only hold for us folks here in Germany, not sure) Anyway, this makes this offer a pretty good deal in my view.
  • Not that special if you look at recent pricing in Germany:
  • Ok. The offer is not extremly special, but 10 % are 10 %. In fact I just want to say about 100 Euros for a phone like this is a perfect price. And for anyone who wants to test WP8 it's very good. And as I said , I'm looking forward for the new Lumia 830:-)
  • Great news. This Will boost WP8 sales.
  • I guess my son will be getting his first smartphone.
  • German folks should be happy :P
  • Aldi in Denmark get it to a Price for 120 € :-(
  • Better to buy 525.
  • That was to be expected: At 14:00 ECT phones are sold out in Germany at Aldi!! But no surprise, cause every store got only about 5 items. Stupid, cause I think they were able to sell more than 20 pieces per store.