Alien: Isolation will bring sci-fi horror to Xbox One and 360 in October

Last month, our own John Callaham posted his ten most anticipated Xbox One games for the fall and Holiday seasons. On that list was a little game called Alien: Isolation from SEGA and The Creative Assembly. You might see the name "Alien" and dismiss the game as another uninspired licensed game, but you'd be wrong to do so. Alien: Isolation looks like it will be not only the best-ever adaptation of the Alien universe, but also a standout horror game.

This week Alien: Isolation has gone gold, which means that the game is complete and ready to be pressed to disc. To celebrate, SEGA has released the first in a new series of trailers. Give it a watch and read our full preview to learn just how horrifying Isolation will be when it arrives on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and other platforms next month.

Beware the alien

Alien: Isolation is closely inspired by the original Ridley Scott Alien film – you know, back when Ridley made coherent films with believable characters. I think his later films have been affected by his years-long war against Samus Aran, but that's another story. Point is, this game stars only one alien instead of a bunch like all of the sequel films and previous game adaptations.

Players will take on the role of original Alien protagonist Ellen Ripley's daughter Amanda as she investigates the disappearance of her mother. Ripley's daughrer was mentioned in a deleted scene from Aliens, which James Cameron later reintegrated in the film's Director's Cut. Unfortunately for Amanda, the space station she is sent to investigate has already become infested by a deadly alien xenomorph.

Alien Isolation Xbox preview

Past Alien(s) games have featured the series' signature xenomorphs, but never the original film's tone. Alien: Isolation isn't a run-and-fun shooter. In fact, shooting the alien to death won't be an option. Instead, Amanda will have to avoid it at all costs if she hopes to survive.

The lone, undeterrable alien will hunt the protagonist and her fellow NPCs by sight, sound, and smell. Amanda will have to crouch, hide, and sneak around through the space station. She can even hold her breath when the alien gets too close. If she runs, she'll just make noise for the alien to hear. Likewise, her flashlight and motion tracker can alert the alien, and will have to be used sparingly.

Alien Isolation Xbox preview

The game will feature more signature Alien touches such as an android crewmate. Just like Ash, the android from the first movie, the android in Isolation will behave a little off and strangely. He won't go dropping black goo in anybody's eye for practically no reason, but he'll still be quirky and possibly dangerous. Who knows, Amanda might even have to deal with the android and alien at the same time.

It will take not only stealth, but also plenty of scavenging for resources, crafting, and improvisation to make it through Alien: Isolation in one piece. Even if the gun you scavenge can't kill the alien, it might distract it long enough to escape.

Alien Isolation Ripley preorder

Revisit some old (and mostly departed) friends by preordering

Preorder to receive the bonus "Crew Expendable" mission, which takes place during the original Alien film and reunites the film's cast for the first time – including Sigourney Weaver. If you preorder from GameStop (or GAME in the UK), you'll also get the "Last Survivor" mission which focuses solely on Sigourney's character as she attempts to reach the escape shuttle at the end of the first Alien.

Both bonus missions will be released as paid DLC down the line, but dedicated Alien fans who preorder won't have to wait… or pay extra.

Alien: Isolation looks to be an extremely atmospheric (and scary) game. We'll find out for ourselves soon! The game comes to Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and 4, and PC on Tuesday, October 7.

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  • Alien: Isolation – Xbox 360 – $49.99 – Amazon Link
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