Alienware Aurora R6 with Kaby Lake now shipping

Dell's latest refresh to its Alienware Aurora desktop PC is now shipping on both sides of the Atlantic, with prices starting in the U.S. at $799.

The Aurora R6 is only a mild refresh over the previous generation R5, with the main attraction being the new 7th generation Kaby Lake processors from Intel. At the entry level you're getting a Core i5 7400, 8GB of RAM and a 4GB AMD RX 460 GPU.

Various configurations are available, with the range topper coming in at over $3,000 and packing a Core i7 7700K, 32GB of HyperX Fury RAM and two GTX 1080 GPUs. Dell's shipping takes place within 3-5 days, but resellers such as Amazon UK were due to start shipping today, though some initial inventory issues seem apparent.

The Aurora was reborn in 2016, coming back into the Alienware lineup as the much smaller X51 departed. It's a clever mid-tower PC that manages to cram a huge amount of power into a still fairly small box. The innovative design has the power supply on a hinge, pulling back to reveal the inner workings. It'll support four RAM sticks, as well having a pair of vacant SSD bays and a 3.5-inch HDD slot as well.

We'll be taking a closer look at the R5 variant of the Aurora very soon, so stay tuned for that. If it sounds like the PC for you, hit the link below and get your order on.

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Richard Devine
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