Alienware unleashes new gaming monitors and slick accessories

Just in time for E3 2017, Alienware is taking the wraps off of some new monitors and accessories just for gamers. Not only does each new offering look pretty slick, but there's plenty to like from the gamer's perspective.

First up is a pair of new Alienware 25 gaming monitors. Each is 24.5-inches, with only a 1080p TN display. What each monitor lacks in resolution, however, it makes up for in refresh rate. The Alienware 25 hums along at a speedy native 240Hz, leaving plenty of headroom for exorbitant frame rates. A brightness of 400 nits and 1 millisecond response time should also mean a crisp picture and low latency.

Though each monitor carries the same specs, which one is for you lies in your choice of graphics card manufacturer: NVIDIA or AMD. For $499, you can pick up the version equipped with AMD FreeSync and a silver rear covering. For a slightly higher $699, you can grab the NVIDIA G-Sync model, which features a slightly darker back and accents. Both will do the job of smoothing out frame rates with a compatible graphics card, but the G-Sync model is slightly more expensive due to licensing fees with NVIDIA.

Alienware Pro Gaming Keyboard

If you're looking to up your accessory game, Alienware is also introducing two new keyboards. Called simply the Alienware Advanced Gaming Keyboard and Alienware Pro Gaming Keyboard, both feature backlit keys and mechanical key switches.

Game-centric features like anti-ghosting and macro commands are present here as well. The Advanced Gaming model will be available for $89, while the Pro Gaming model steps things up to $120 for an upgrade to full RGB backlighting, onboard memory, and a dedicated volume roller.

Alienware Gaming Mouse

Rounding out Alienware's new batch of accessories is a pair of mice. Designated the Alienware Elite Gaming Mouse and the Alienware Advanced Gaming Mouse, both are stacked with features you'd expect like programmable buttons, RGB lighting, and DPI switching. The Advanced model comes in at $49, while the Elite model moves up to $90 for the luxury of being able to adjust its weight in four different zones.

The new accessories and monitors are all set to go one sale from Dell starting June 13.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • $200 = "slightly higher" lol
  • Apparently "slightly" means about 40% more.
  • Nvidia "Because someone has to compete with Intel on who screws their customers more" And FTR these monitors with only a 1080p resolution SUCK! Samsung is coming out with new HDR 144hz FreeSync 2 1440p monitors for the same freaking price.
    Dell tax CONFIRMED.
  • I was about to say the same thing about "slightly higher" 😄
  • I was just thinking the same! Slightly more expensive? 200 bucks!
  • I know Alienware makes the "best" TN displays but I honestly feel like that screen technology is holding them back from having amazing displays. Just look at the XPS 13's IPS LCD vs. the Alienware 13's good, but not great, TN display.
  • They should start dabbling in OLED.
  • That'd be nice.
  • I doubt Alienware is paying Nvidia $200 in licensing for each display sold; that is just an insane price difference.    
  • Thought it was a typo when I saw slightly higher then $700! I hope there's a rebate of $200 on that monitor. Wtf.
  • Until Vega launches, that G-Sync tax ain't goin' nowhere. Really hope that the new AMD cards give Nvidia a run for their money.