All the weird clues for the possible new WB Games Montréal Batman game (so far)

Batman: Arkham Origins
Batman: Arkham Origins (Image credit: WB Games Montreal)

WB Games Montréal has been slowly teasing a new project, most likely a new Batman game, and by slowly we mean slowly — over the course of a few months. According to new images posted by the company Thursday, there's still a lot more clues to be revealed.

The following logo, which depicts an emblem with swords and what look like talons surrounded by bird wings, was tweeted from the studio's official account with nothing but the text "/redacted."

However, if you go to the official website and use the redacted string, you'll see a much larger image. At the time of this writing, there are only two emblems inserted into a much larger dial. As you can see, there are at least eight more slots to go.

Dial on WB Games Montreal's website for possible new Batman game

Source: WB Games Montreal (Image credit: Source: WB Games Montreal)

This is just the latest of many clues the studio has released over the past few months. The first official clue we received was in September, when the WB Games Montréal Twitter account posted after a long hiatus with a cryptic, short video and the words "Capture the Knight/Cape sur la nuit."

The general consensus was that the company was teasing the next Batman game, but specifically, an adaptation of Batman: The Court of Owls, which was a comics storyline created by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo from 2011. It follows Bruce Wayne as he contends with the titular court, which we learn is a secret cabal made up of some of Gotham's wealthiest families. They also employ assassins called Talons and are often seen wearing owl masks.

The first cryptic clue runs through a series of four logos that can pertain to a lot of aspects of the Batman mythos (the demon head, for example, brings up images of Ra's al Ghul) but greatly resemble the logo for the Court of Owls (more on this later). The big kicker though was when Snyder, in a now deleted tweet, quote-tweeted the WB Montréal post and said "Wait for it... #BewaretheCourtofOwls."

This new Batman game theory was only strengthened with the tweet before this on Sept. 22, which showed the studio celebrating the Caped Crusader's 80th anniversary. Considering it created the last Batman game, Arkham Origins, them tweeting about the character isn't strange. However, it was done after a nearly four-year hiatus.

There have been other signs that have been popping up for a couple years now. In Nov. 2018, an associate producer at the studio tweeted the picture below, which shows off a shirt with the Court of Owls logo.

It doesn't help that this photo from the studio's holiday party also exists.

Granted both of these could just show that there are huge Batman fans working at the studio. Regardless, the evidence is overwhelming that WB Games Montréal is working on a new project and that it will likely be a new Batman game. Whether it'll be The Court of Owls or something else is still up in the air.

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