Batman 'Court of Owls' game possibly in development at Warner Bros. Montreal

Ever since Batman: Arkham Knight launched on Xbox One and other platforms, gamers have been asking for a new title in the beloved franchise. Unfortunately, it looks like developer Rocksteady Studios is working on another project — which isn't a Superman game — and Warner Bros. Montreal is possibly developing another Batman title.

Today, GamingMonk spotted a Warner Bros. Montreal employee showing off a shirt with the Court of Owls logo. According to DC Comics, the Court of Owls is an organized crime group and secret society in Batman and other graphic novels. They've existed since Colonial-era Gotham City and their objective is to controls all aspects of people's lives. What's worse is that the Court of Owls kidnaps children from the circus, and trains them into assassins known as "Talons." If you cross the Court of Owls by trying to undermine their power, the Talons come after you.

The Court of Owls has always been associated with Batman — unless it's a standalone Robin game — so this might be another Batman project. The studio has worked on Batman: Arkham Origins so it's familiar with the franchise. However, like any rumor, take it with a grain of salt until we have official conformation. Unfortunately, Warner Bros. Montreal won't be at The Game Awards 2018 taking place this week. We'll have to keep on waiting for the official reveal.

If you want your Batman fix, be sure to check out Batman: Arkham Knight on Xbox One. Despite it's storytelling issues, it runs great on Xbox One X without enhancements. Let us know what you think about the Court of Owls news too!

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Asher Madan

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