AlphaJax now on Windows 8, syncs games across all your screens

Twenty days or so ago, we showed you guys a few Windows 8 games that were in the process of a beta. We had Halo: Spartan Assault, Ty: The Tasmanian Devil, and AlphaJax. Since then, two of those three games became available for you to officially download without being a resident of Trinidad and Tobago. Now, you can grab the last piece of the puzzle – Alphajax is on Windows 8.

AlphaJax blew up early on in the history of Windows Phone. It launched back in October 21st 2010, a few weeks before Windows Phone 7 became available to the public. The word game is a variant of Scrabble, so it quickly shot up to the top downloads lists for anyone wanting a fun game on Windows Phone. It didn’t take long for Microsoft to notice this gem in the Windows Phone Store. They quickly began working with the developers to help get it certified for Xbox Live status and bring in achievements.

Now you with AlphaJax for Windows 8 you can take everything you love about the game on Windows Phone to larger screens. Sure enough after installing the game on our Surface Pro we quickly noticed all the achievements we’ve unlocked on Windows Phone syncing with the Windows 8 version. Yup, everything syncs. All games, scores, and statistics will stay in harmony as you move between games on Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. It’s a beautiful world.

You can grab AlphaJax for free for all your Windows 8 machines. The game works on all machines regardless of processor and is ad-supported. Grab it here in the Store

Thanks for the tip Edwin!

Sam Sabri