Aluminum Nokia EOS 41MP is more than just a prototype; already being mass produced?

It looks like the aluminum version of Nokia's EOS 41MP, of which pictures were leaked yesterday, may not just be a one- or two-off prototype. A new image leaked by the same Weibo user, ictech, depicts the metal EOS in the foreground, along with a plethora of its brethren in the background behind it. What does it all mean?

Well, nothing is certain, but the new latest evidence seems to corroborate the theory sparked by the black and white aluminum lens caps that popped up earlier today  that this is not just a prototype, but rather a "version 2" of the Nokia EOS, which was originally known to be polycarbonate. As we've seen with the Lumia 9xx family of phones, it is entirely possibly that different variations could be released (possibly for different carriers) made of either polycarbonate or aluminum.

The EOS, codenamed "Elvis" on AT&T, will sport a 720p 4.5-inch display, a 41MP camera with Carl Zeiss lens and Xenon flash, and 32GB of internal storage. It will run an unspecified version of Windows Phone 8 and will reportedly come pre-loaded with professional-grade photo software.

So what do you think?

Source: ictech; Via: GForGames; Thanks for the tip, Vlad!

Seth Brodeur
  • I don't know man, I'm sure that it'll be one amazing device but I think I prefer my 928
  • Polycarbonate EOS for at&t, Aluminum EOS for T-mobile.... Oh yeah!!!
  • ^THIS^ if history repeats itself the aluminum one will go to T-Mobile.
  • I am pretty sure ATT has secured the phone as an exclusive for a few months at least, there is no reason why ATT would not just want to have greater consumer choice in offering both plastic and aluminium models after the positive reaction to the use of Aluminium on the 925. Again just a speculation like all the rest of it.
  • I hope you're wrong. Since Verizon has sold more W8 devices than ATT maybe Nokia is reconsidering exclusives. I hope they follow the Samsung route and push the EOS on all carries simultaneously. Just imagine how big this would be for W8 and Nokia if just about anywhere in the world you could get it on any carrier. W8 would blow up everyone would be talking about this phone. I'm talking iPhone hype.
  • WP8, not W8
  • I call it all W8. 1 screen mentality here but I guess everyone doesn't use all Microsoft stuff like me. So WP8 it is.
  • Even if they do, calling everything W8 isn't correct. They have different names because they're different products.
  • Wait, what? Where did you get the info that Verizon has sold more wp8 devices than at&t?
  • I think they are referring to the adduplex stats showing more Verizon 822s than ATT 920s in the US. ATT probably has more combined sales across models, but Verizon is doing a great job with what they have available. Be interesting to see sales of the 928 on Verizon.
  • What will really be interesting is seeing the sales numbers for the 925 on T-MO come the fall.
  • Apart from the ad duplex stats, it's well known that AT&T is iPhone land since iPhone was an exclusive for a long time. Verizon users are more friendly towards non-iPhones since the Droid campaign.  Imagine Lumia's full lineup being available on Verizon... 
  • The ad duplex stuff makes sense and it's good to hear that Verizon seems to have a successful wp8 product, but the at&t iphoneland part of your comment is a bit unnecessary and really unconstructive.
  • I think he only mentioned that was because it was just in the news. Att #1 selling phone was the iPhone and they're the #1 iPhone seller in the USA. Kinda sick of hearing about it too.
  • Not in my neck of the woods. I was at my ATT Corp store the other day and all of the reps were carrying 920s. That to me speaks volumes.
  • We're referring to just the USA as a hole. Not worldwide or a certain region. Reps get all kinda freebies and goodies from OEM's to promote their products. If their smart reps their actually using 920's because there superior :)
  • +1
  • Dream on, shotokq :)
  • at&t customers are jellous about tmobile getting a better device than the lumia 920... we are getting paid just for waiting. :)
  • 925 will be exclusive to TMO. Big pink isn't getting the EOS... That device will be exclusive to ATT.
  • yes. polycarbonate to at&t. probably alluminum for verizon or t-mobile.
  • It looks bigger than my 920, maybe that guy has small hands.
  • im thinking the same exact thing, i dont really have to stretch my thumb or pinky out at all really.. and well u can see his hand:P
  • Look at the buttons and their placement compared to the 9xx series. They have more room on both sides.
  • I just hope to be a 5" screen:D (and to be honest looks like) I find my Titan to small for me:D
  • Ditto, I wish HTC would release a W8.1 titan later this year
  • I hope its MAX 4.5", if you want a big ass screen buy a tablet not a phone.
  • Jerk
  • If you want just a phone buy a nokia 3310, I want a smartphone so it can have a 5" screen to see better the pictures and video that I took with 41mp camera. On a 5" screen the browsing is better, using skype is more enjoyable and all the programs will be cooler
  • I hope its MIN 5.5", if you still think calls are more relevant than media, photo, chat, internet, apps, etc. buy a dumb phone not a smartphone. I could simply use earphones for those few calls on a 6.3". The era where still  'I phone' is almost dead!
  • Plus the camera hole is smaller than the polycarbonate EOS.
  • yeah, i wanned to say that, not just the polycarbonate, if you look at the old Aluminum leaks, it was of same size as the polycarbonate, this one looks actually neat, so its obvious now that the leaks were just to get feedback on the hump, and sense it was called the hump, they figured.... well lets make it smaller :D
  • The hole just looks a lot smaller, I would not be surprised if this turns out to be an early prototype of the 925, before the final design changes.
    The suposed tray in the background that is an alleged evidence of mass production means nothing, since it shows only few phones and for testing I am sure Nokia would make at least 50 to spread them round even if they are not the final product.
  • I was thinking we are seeing leaks of two different devices in the past few weeks.
    In the hands of the photographer, this device seems huge, unless they have really small hands. If we go by the eos hole, and assume they are the same size, for the same camera hardware, the polycarbonite one would be the replacement hero phone for the 920 on AT&T. The only way they would be able to shrink this hole is if they are able to shrink the hardware, and let's remember they have a 41 mega pixel sensor in would be a huge undertaking to get that sensor shrunk down and still keep the phone affordable. This metal one (presumably aluminum, or any number of other alloys that it could made from), would be a competitor for the phablets that are out there. I would hope that Nokia is smart enough to know that phablets are not for everyone, and would still be manufacturing a hero phone replacement in the same form factor as their current phones. I couldn't fit a phablet in my pocket, that's for sure. I don't carry around bags, or want to holster a phone, so I'm really hoping that this is not the only form factor that they will have eos with.
    In the end, I'm going to assume they are making more than one form factor with EOS, to compete with brands like the Galaxy, that have multiple sizes. Makes sense, no?
  • My only concern with that theory is that if previous rumors are right and GDR3 won't come out till holiday season, then this will be 720p on a 5 or 5+ inch screen, which won't fly in today's market.
  • Not unless this is still a test model for Nokia to test before the holiday season. Most don't realize that it takes a long time, from concept to reality, for a device to come to the public. The photos don't prove mass production, but they are at least test the size, how it works with the current hardware, how it fits and feels in the hand, etc... It isn't uncommon for companies to have a low run done on these devices for internal testing. The mold shown in previous pictures with the polycarbonite model is a little bit of proof for this. I would assume in mass production, there'd be more than one piece formed on the mold. But the body is shown resting on a single mold, showing pre-production/prototyping of low run devices. In mass production, the factory would be running 16-24 hour shifts, there'd be more light in the photos, and people working everywhere. To get this many photos without getting canned would be hard to do. Now the same could be said with prototypes (non disclosures signed by the manufacturer/mold maker). Nokia knows who they outsource stuff to, so they would be able to stop these leaks, but they don' maybe they want all of this talk? In the first photo, we see a couple stacks of shells sitting in a vaccu-formed support so the cases can be packaged up and shipped to whoever will be assembling the device. So for them to figure out who is taking the photos if they wanted these leaks stopped wouldn't be that hard.
    So...these could have 1080p by the time they are released. I guess time will tell whether these are leaks from long ago...or recent.
  • Definitely agree...
  • I have a feeling it will be a "phablet". That thing looks huge. This will be the killer device for them all.
  • If he's Asian it might just be small hands.
    Edit: That's exactly how my white hand fits my 920 :) I probably should've tested before commenting.
  • Looking at the size of the buttons, and comparing to where the top and bottom are in distance to the other buttons, this device appears to be notably larger than the 920. I'm betting on this being the 5" phablet.
  • It's probably a Chinese child worker holding it.
  • ^LIKE^
  • I bought the 900 and 920 last year, might need to take a break this time around unless they come up with some incredible deal. Maybe they can bundle it with the Xbox One :D
  • Same here
  • You guys are tripping, that's just undyed polycarbonate. You can see the signature swirls really well in the left image.
  • I'm pretty certain its dyed before it get cuts 
  • Correct, Nokia have long touted that they completely dye their polycarbonate so that even chipped its the same colour all the way through
  • You are probably right...  you can see his hand through the camera hole so this is just an empty case.
  • If you look carefully at the moon you can clearly see that it is made of cheese
  • Hahahaha good one mate
  • No wireless charging dots. Either built in or absent completely. Interesting. I love polycarbonate, but aluminum should be more upscale. Also, Murtazin (yes, him) did say he saw Aluminum Nokia flagship destined for production. Yes, we know the guy's reputation, but he was also the first to leak Nokia's WP plan.
  • As much as I love the idea of a metal variant of the EOS, I just can't help but wonder why the machining of that aluminum looks so terrible.
  • Looks kinda brushed, maybe before final polish?
  • If that's the case, I'll be one happy camper. I trust Nokia, but these "leaks" are making me nervous. Let's hope you're right.
  • That's just the machined part, once it gets colour and is anodized it'll look  nice and smooth..
  • Maybe it's not machined. Maybe it's cast aluminum.. Cast aluminum will have rough edges before its finished properly.
  • Common please come to ATT with all aluminum
  • The camera looks so much more smaller! The body looks thin too!!!! It sucks that it'll be exclusive to AT&T. Again...
  • This^ Camera crater looks a lot smaller
  • Yeah the body looks to be longer and thinner then the 920. That's a good thing, and hopefully it packs the 41mp cam.
  • Yes it does look thinner. I likee :). I like the aluminum. I do hope it has wireless charging even if its a case
  • Yah, it looks that bigger one was one of the earlier prototypes before they got it engineered fully.  This size is amazing if they get a full fledged EOS + low light camera in there.  Instantly buying this.
  • Well, let's think this out. We already have two polycarb and one aluminum version of the previous flagship. So, it would stand as reasonable speculation they may be doing the same thing. Using anecdotal evidence, i.e. wishful thinking, we can also postulate that Nokia is releasing this flagship on numerous carriers within a short timespan of each other.
    Also, would the next Nokia "Flagship" be only a 4.5" screen or would we be looking at a larger 4.7" or even 5" screen? Would it run at 720p or the much vaunted (and in my opinion overhyped on a phone) 1080p resolution? Just saying. As this is all speculation for the moment and we also have rumors and speculation as to what the next iterations of WP will bring, don't we also believe this phone would bring with it the "latest and greatest" tech?
  • While I agree that 1080p is a gimmick for a phone, I imagine that this device will be marketed as a phone for people who are serious about their photography and a 1080p display may actually be a desired feature.
  • or could go the other way seeing that 1080p is a battery slut machine.
  • This has to be 1080p and next gen, otherwise it's gonna flop. Not everyone really cares about the camera when everything else is already pretty good with the camera, and is better in all other respects of being a phone. Also, what benefit will it give over a 92x device? Because I don't see very many people switching from or even at all to this device from all the devices Nokia has released recently. Some are bound by contracts too...
  • Obviously it has an incredible camera! That's why people buy it, if you don't care for this camera and just want the best flagship than I think you should wait a little longer
  • A large screen will appeal to a lot of people, an excellent camera in such a portable package will appeal to a lot of people, both together makes things very interesting, to my knowledge no one else has that combination. It will sell very well. I always thought 1080p, quad core and the like were coming with Blue at the end of the year. I thought that only the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 and 800 supported it.
  • I think its going to be metal only, the polycarbonate was prototype and they are going with metal after the 925. Aluminum will make the device lighter and thinner.
  • They just need to put one phone on all US carriers, this exclusivity is anmoying.
  • Agreed.
  • Nokia is not in a position to offer to anyone. They need to sell large amount of devices upfront so exclusivity is the only route for them right now.
  • That does make sense to me. Do you mean that they'd have trouble getting all of the carriers to carry one of their phones?
  • Actually, Nokia needs to be in more carriers in the US, and they really need the CDMA catrier community outside of Verizon (and that includes a catrier which has a CEO who was a member of their board of directors years ago).
  • I don't like aluminium phones. But from those photos it seems they reduced the awful volcano a bit. And that's positive. Still awful but a positive improvement.
    I still wouldn't pick it over the L920 though.
  • The camera is not installed yet.  This is an empty case, you can see his fingers through the hole.
  • It's not installed but you can clearly notice the reduction of the whole size by comparing these photos to the previous ones that were released. ;)
  • might be a 12megapixel phone like n8
  • This is better than just taking a black 920 and putting a big camera on it.
  • Nothing is for sure until the official announcement.. Looking forward.
  • We all know
  • i honestly kinda dont like leaked images llike this cuz it ruins the fun and makese for stupid rumors
  • ^This^ I'm kinda torn on leaks - on one hand it's cool to get an early look at something coming down the road, but on the other hand it ruins Nokia's surprise and spoils the fun. Unless it's a controlled leak, I wish that there were some *just* consequences (we've all heard horror stories of worker abuse from these factories) for these kinds of leaks.
  • Looks like an SD card slot on top. Maybe I'm seeing things...
  • Or the place the sim card tray goes?
  • SIM card slot like 920
  • Oh fine
  • I think it kind of looks stupid...I like the aluminum case, but the huge lens on the back. Not for me..though I would like the 41 mega pixel camera...shoot it is Nokia it has to be amazing ;-)
  • Huge lens on the back? You must've not seen the other leaks. Ugly as heck putting a pothole in the back of the L920.
  • Looks like aluminum to me, but looks like very early prototype cause the finish looks terrible. Also, what's up with the little slit above the camera bulge? Possibly relief for the aluminum stamping process... Anyway, I really hope this variant ends up at AT&T. That smaller camera bulge looks much better than the previous pics. Sign me up for one!!
  • Is it just me or does the camera hump look smaller in diameter than the first images (black body)?
  • It sure does
  • I honestly don't think it's the same 41MP sensor as that sensor has a 1/1.2" sensor.  The first EOS pics looked like it had the 1/1.2" sensor...but not this.  I will be dissappointed if this turns out to be less than my 808.  I was hoping to ditch Symbian for a equal or greater camera.  Plus the xenon flash is not present here.  I still say this is a variant of some kind and not the actual ATT EOS.
  • Or maybe this is EOS and ATT is the one getting the variant. After all ATT is just na american carrier and the EOS will be released worldwide. So if someone gets a variant of the EOS is ATT and not the other way 'round ;)
  • <p>It might look smaller with respect to the rest of the body. This could be a phablet with the same camera.</p>
  • Please let this be true!
  • Now this looks a little better than the other pothole version.
  • They heard your complaining last night and made a quick changed just for you. :-P
  • Lolz! Its a good thing.
  • The phone looks bigger than the L920 look at the volume rocker it's too far down from the top.
  • I noticed that too. Wpc had mentioned a phablet pureview pro version. I hope this is it. The early leaks just reeked of desperation and thoughtlessness.
  • I have 4 920's now. I will buy it for the top of the line camera phone. The pictures I have seen from the 808 are incredible. Looking forward to the EOS release.
    I will miss having the USB port on the bottom, but a small sacrifice I guess.
    Patiently awaiting MS upping the OS scale to 1080p. As soon as a 1080p Nokia Windows phone is realeased I will pre-purchase it as well.
  • I really hope that this is true.
  • Call me crazy, but perhaps instead of color variants of the EOS, one will be plastic and the other aluminum?
  • There have been leaks of the original EOS sporting yellow, black, grey, and red.
  • Time for some conspiracy theory: - What if? The polycarbonate version was thought during the 920. But then when they started to work on 925, they decided to build a metal EOS instead of polycarbonate cause 920 got may negative comment for its size and weight due to the use of polycarbonate. 
    So what to do with the polycarbonate one? Leak it to internet to create a stir. When people are expecting a bulky and heavy (as according to some) polycarbonate EOS, give a surprise by releasing a metal one instead which is light and slim.
    This fits cause, out of nowhere this vizileaks account crops up on twitter and starts to leak absolute clear photos of EOS(which happens to be the top of Nokia models till now) from all angles and even comparisions with 920. Which phone in past history has leaked to this extent? 
    I think that vizileaks account is owned by Nokia/MS and are purposefully leaking polycarbonate one to generate some hype. 
  • I hope you're right. All this kind of reminds me of Xbox one leaks.
  • What they are doing, is a controlled leak. They just put enough leaks out just so people don't put their hopes to high. This way by the time it comes, people will still have a sense of what was coming out.
    Apple learned it the hard way when they released the iPhone 4s and 5. People were expecting lots of crazy things, and as you already know, it was just an uprade.
  • Its been suggested that there's nothing new besides the camera. I feel as though its not worth upgrading to anything at this point until after MS's final major update "WP blue". What's a good camera without a bigger screen size, enough storage to hold, and 1080 display to view the clear crisps pics.
  • It should carry quad core and 2mb ram since it could need more powerful specs to process intensive photos. And another 2012 spec phone wont help appealing new buyers. Wait till gdr3 to get quad core support though. Just a hope but again, looking at their msg " zoom reinvented" im sure nokia will use the same apecs as 92x, sigh
  • I agree. Can't help but think that Nokia is constantly leaving something on the table w their flagships. A 41mp camera w specs u mentioned + 1080p ( even if useless on phone) would leave many naysayers w fewer reasons, if any, not to switch.
  • The 920 processor can't do 20 or 41 mp sensors, so something has to change in the 920 specs.
  • The 920s processor, the Snadragon S4 dual core, can support up to 20px max. The snapdragon 800 can support up to 55. So if it's 41, there is no way they are using a regular s4 from the 920 without a dedicated chip. So either the S4 with dedicated imaging chip, or they surprise us and announce the Snapdragon 800
  • 2mb ram... XD maybe you should correct that
  • People get too hung up in the specs. Seriously, it matters on bloated OS's like IOS and Android where phones turn into slow churning junk after a few OS updates, but that hasn't been the case with WP. I'm cool with dual core, the best camera in the world on a smartphone, 32GB storage, and hopefully an amazing display around 4.7". 720p is fine on a phone in my opinion.
  • Why is everything leaking these days? :|
  • Faulty plumbing.
  • Lmao
  • nice one xD
  • They need to stop focusing on camera hardware and software and get going on the app selection. I could care less about the camera on my phone as long as the usability of the software is up to par.
  • Look at it this way. If Nokia were to focus on app availability, they could only match the the other competitors read ios and android), but by focusing on camera tech, which they already have a firm grip over, they can blow their competitors out of the water.
  • Camera phones were popular back in the feature phone days until the iPhone showed up. Sony and Nokia ruled them all. Because of the social seen of today, Nokia concentrating on camera is the correct path. Camera wars of yesteryears vs social of today.
  • App selection?  When did it become Nokia's responsibility to create apps for Microsoft's OS?
    Educate yourself on Nokia.  Please?
  • Fortunately, a company can do more than one thing at a time. But even then it makes sense to concentrate on camera. Because even if it had the same apps, that just brings it to the level of other phones, but the camera is going to differentiate it from every iPhone, Android phone and BB phone out there.
  • Come to papi baby.....
  • Could this be a 5+ inch Nokia Lumia getting ready for release at the end of the year? Look at the buttons. There is a significant amount of space from the top of the phone to the volume rocker and a little more from the bottom to the camera button. This looks like a Nokia phablet to me, getting ready to launch with GDR3 at the end of the year/early next year when 1080p support is brought to Windows Phone.
    Ok, I'm kind of excited now. I know I'm just getting my hopes up and something completely different can happen, but I really want a phablet Windows Phone. I love big screens. And this unibody looks a bit thinner, especially when you look at the camera hump. Pay close attention to that hump - it doesn't look as obtrusive as the hump on the polycarbonate leaks we saw. It's a little bit more subtle.
    If this is a thin, large 1080p AMOLED screen phone with a Pureview camera and a bigger battery it will be my next phone. Once that dream comes true, the only thing I'll be waiting for is a full Windows 8 Lumia tablet...
  • This pic looks longer than the previous leaks. Wonder if this is the phab version?
  • Its a 5 incher.
  • That's what she said.
  • The camera hole looks small. Could that be a
  • I'm not into big holes.
  • Lol. Neither am I. ;)
  • LOL!
  • Yeah, i'm going to say phablet too. Either that or those hands are really small. It's clearly evident in the spacing of the buttons, and spacing of center port at top and sim slot compared to the edges. The smaller hump makes more sense now as they have had time to re-engineer that monstrous volcano down to a more 925'ish size. Where the 900 with the "XX" was branded this way because it was a prototype. The new lens castings actually have the new Zeiss branding and numbering stamped in. I really hope this is the one with a 1080p screen. Anything less will be just as behind as the 920 when introduced.
    And please, let that not be a usb on top. I hate the top usb ports on phones. Stupid, stupid design. Why would I want my usb charge cable jutting out the top of my phone in my car dock?
  • The actual camera on the 925 is the same as the 920. They were just available to reduce the other things - wireless charging and packaging to make it smaller.
  • I do want the USB on top,see in the US we set the phone in our cup holders, passenger seat,etc. USB out the top fits better and makes more sense guy
  • May be its the otherway around this is coming and the polycarbonate is the engineering sample :)
    On pictures its fugly because of the hump but thats the same statement i have for the PV808 until i saw it in actual. So will wait and see..
  • Now that's a camera bump I can get behind. If it drops next month it's mine. 
  • It'll be one of a kind...
  • Am really excited and looking forward to the release of this phone and I hope it has a better processor compared to Lumia 925 and also an upgraded ram to maybe 2g
  • But they all run smooth with the processor they have now. Is adding extra core and ram an actual need because you're seeing lag or its just a necessity?
  • Given the 920's processor can't handle a 20 or 41 mp image sensor something has to change.
  • Samsung hardly spying on Nokia, all leaks, remmember 920 event fiasco, first info apears on hard android site the verge. After from campany was spin off 2 people worked on cameras. After that samsung opening side by side own software building. Its well known strategy of destroying and spying company.
  • Another event) xbox one in microsoft placehold.first negative news the verge without even testing made a verdict xbox has problems with tv receiver. Another allways online. But ps4 always are too. Yes if you want play ps3 game rhe save saving on online only.
  • I'm not sure why folks support fiendish companies like Samsung.
  • The WP8 EOS has the camera sensor off center. This clearly has a center sensor. Looks to me like this is something else.
  • It pisses me of AT&T gets all the new phones first. Verizon gets less attractive variants' and waits an unspecified time for an equivalent. Booo
  • I don't think this is the same device as any of the lens cover leaks. Firstly, ALL of the lens covers that have been leaked, including the aluminium one, have had the lens at the edge of the crater. This aluminium device clearly has the sensor mounted in the centre of the crater, thus this device does not belong to any of the lens covers that have been leaked.
    The size of the cutout for the sensor looks about right, Wikipedia tells me that the EOS sensor is 13mm diagonally which looks about right.
    I'd say this is probably the next flagship lumia set to arrive with GDR3. It could be a phablet or just a 4.7-5" device with a 1080P screen or a worldwide version of EOS set to launch at a later date. But I don't think this is the same EOS that will arrive next month.
  • Totaly agree, i don't think this is EOS.
    it is obvious that all the lens covers leaked are for the polycarbonate  EOS and not for this one, due to its size and the location of the lens and the xenon flash.
    I guess this will b the new flagship Lumia.
  • Whoa. OK Nokia & MS, you've got my attention. Suddenly with a noticeably smaller hole for the lens and an aluminum body, this thing is looking pretty sexy.
  • Yeah, I definitely agree. I just hope they introduce colored aluminum bodies with this phone instead of plain black/silver! Cyan, red or yellow aluminum would look awesome.
  • Would be sick is T-Mobile gets the second version if there is such thing as a second version....
  • If this thing is legit it will be one of the smartphones with the worst signal reception.... 
  • Just because Apple doesn't know how to design an antenna doesn't mean Nokia doesn't. Just because it's metal doesn't mean there's no engineering solution to create great reception. Come on.
  • Smaller camera sensor hole = probably smaller sensor = probably not as good as the 808's 1/1.2" sensor = no xenon flash = kind of dissappointing (for people who own the 808 already).  -whatever  
  • Maybe the camera hole looks smaller because this case is larger than the previously leaked one? I think this is definitely the EOS.
  • Folks, we like small holes. And this one looks awesomely tight! Unlike the gargantuan other. Its like they took the L920 and abused its rear.
  • I like tight small holes, don't you? :-P
  • People are going to make so much fun of this ungainly phone.  Especially when they find out that "Zoom Reinvented" is nothing more than digital zoom, which everyone has known for years is a worthless feature that is better handled after you have the photo on your PC.  And now Nokia might be making multiple models?  I hope the survival of the company doesn't depend on this because it has flop written all over it.
  • Ignorant people are going to make fun. Smart people are going to recognize the value. So are you saying that phonecam is not for the stupid?
  • I think most people are happy enough with the camera on their slim, lightweight, and stylish phone, and won't be interested in switching to an ugly phone with a big tumor growing out the back of it to get slightly improved photos.
  • Well actually I know lot of people, who still have their N8s just because of its camera capabilities (and because of Symbian, too). N8 also had that bump and noone cared about it (me neither).
    Also the word "slightly" in your post... well, not very appropriate, if you ask me.
  • Sorry to say this, if you call the 808 photos "slightly improved", you have clearly no idea what you're talking about.
    Regarding what ither people buy: the world thankfully doesn't consist of trwndfolliwing sheep only.
    One more thing: its up to you what you find ugly and what not. But please keep from telling the rest if the world what they must think, OK?
  • Slightly improved photos on the 808....hrrm. that your wishful thinking?  Go get an 808 and you will see how this modern marvel is a piece of technology to treasure. With that said, I will only upgrade to a equal or greater camera from the 808...nothing less.  If you own an 808 or seen what the 808 can do and don't like Symbian such as myself...then the 41MP EOS would be something to jump ship for. 
  • Hate it when people make comments without knowing what they are talking about.
  • For one to say that, they must think they know better.  Mind sharing your insight that differs?
  • well, yeah. Its pretty well understood that the zoome on the 808 pureview is more than simply digital zoom.
  • Excuse me bro, never go full retard on the internet. There are always people around who know better than you. If you dismis off the pureview tech as 'digital zoom', I pity your ingnorance/half baked knowledge. Read up some more about how images are taken normally and how it is here. Read up some more on the principle of supersampling (FYI its likd of like comparing a 128kbps mp3 to a .wav file) and if you can comprehend those read up about the Nyquist theorem. Peace.
  • Awesome you kicked is @$$ with so many beautiful words. Lol
  • I know very well how Pureview works, there is no need for namecalling.  We'll just have to wait and see who turns out to be right about this phone, but it's going to be me.
  • Oh, really?
    Do you call a image with 1:1 pixel correspondance between the image and sensor as a lossy zoomed image?
    Do you know how the oversampling followed by downsampling is a *proven* technique, that cannot give an inferior image as compared to any single set of its constituent sample space images?
    Do you know the pureview on the 808 enables lossless zoom while recording video?
    Do you know that the 808 had HAAC mics?
    Do you even know what you are talking about when you compared this with 'digital zoom on the pc'? FYI, 'digital zoom on the pc' is usually, at best, bicubic interpolation of the neighboring pixels where the resulting pixels don't correspond in RGB space to any one of the parent pixels (unless all of the parents were identical).
    Stop making a fool of yourself on the internet kid. You are making yourself look bad. Look, mistakes happen. You might dislike the phone for some reason and put upa comment to bash it, but this insistence on justifying your comment make you look even more stupid than you already are.
  • +100 and many thanks. A lot of ignorance going on here.
  • You thank the 'ignorant folks' ? 
    EDIT: Aah, I get it now :D
  • I edited it. I'm going on zero hours of sleep in the last 45 hours BC of finals.
  • Yes, my condescending friend, as I said I get all that and I agree that PureView encompasses some nice image processing that will give you a very good 5 Mpixel image using the full sensor right out of the camera, without having to extract the RAW image data and play with it offline.  All of this has nothing to do with my initial comment, though.  What I'm talking about is that if the native picture is 35 Mpixel, then at "4X Zoom" for example this is a 2 Mpixel camera.  Am I wrong?  People are going to compare this to the Galaxy Zoom, which - while it looks far worse even than the EOS - at 4X Zoom is still a 16 Mpixel camera.
  • Now thats more like it, although you never acknowledged the Pureview as something genuinely useful prior to that last  comment.
    Yep, it will be compared to the galaxy cam by a certain section of the population but its like saying that a  Ferrari is a flop because it'll be compared to a Ford. These devices are never meant to take the market by storm, they are somewhat niche devices and there are a good number of people willing to buy them, including me. We fully realise what we are upto and we know how the pureview stands against the Galaxy cam thats nearly double the thickness of this one, not to mention having inferior imaging.
    Zoom is not everything, if it were, I'd be running around with a cheapo 18-200mm lens on my Canon, instead of the 18-55mm or the 50mm. There is plainly no substitute to having a good sensor or lens and while the Galaxy cam might appeal to the masses (no, not to the masses, to a certain section of unassuming simpletons) it never even stands a chance against a 808 based WP phone. One cannot call Ferraris/Porshes a failure because they dont sell as much as Ford/Toyotas..
  • Guys, what really matters would be an update of windows phone
  • The code name of the phone is "Elvis".  In Finnish, Elvis translates to a "show-off person", a person that considers himself better than the others. I think this is what Nokia has in mind with this phone. Remains to be seen how much better it actually will be...
  • I think those aluminium bodies are just rough templates from the factory, which are going to be further polished (brushed etc).
  • And there you go, another 920 variant. I expect more from Nokia.i mean I love my 920 but how far are they going to go with the same design language. Hopefully not like Samsung with 30 different siblings and twins.
  • Looking at the camera hump, the size of the buttons and the free space around it and the relative size wrt the guys hands I have to say this looks significantly bigger than the L920. 
    I may be stretching this a bit too much, but it is quite possible that this is indeed the phablet version. I sure would love to see a 1080p screen if its a phablet and a very good battery. After all, MS has vowed to the keep quiet and deliver philosophy right? COuld this be the device with the 1080p enabled for the first time?
    One thing id for sure, this isnt the same size as the 920 or even the EOS for that matter, this one is substantially larger.
  • It better be a magnesium-titanium alloy.  Aluminum is so last decade.  Each lens needs to have its own built-in lens shutter with a true 1/800 second speed.  60MP, RAW + JPEG mode, and it better come with Adobe Lightroom 4. 
  • Lmao. Sorry.
    This phone is no bigger than the 920. You can determine the size by looking at the microUSB opening which would be about 8mm wide. From that you can determine this body is about the size of the 920 but thinner (about 7mm) with the hump extruding another 3mm
    This body looks quite different from the earlier assembled prototype though with no Xenon and apparantly noroom for a mechanical shutter. So we could be looking at two models. This being the lower end one and another bigger model as well..
  • You're right that whole body size can be quite easely determined based on micro-USB port being about 8mm wide. But I'm not sure how you did your calculations. Using a simple ruler I've measured this phones body to be about 80mm wide when Lumia 920 has 70,8mm wide body.
    This is clearly a phablet of Lumia line.
  • Pretty rough measurments using photoshop: 80x155x9mm.
    So it's not a 5inch smartphone, it's screen somewhere between 5 and 6 inches.
  • 720p? Why not 768 (or 1080 as some have asked)? Current high-end Lumias are 1280x768, why would this be a downgrade? In fact, that's one of their selling points against much of the competition, which is "only" 1280x720. 1280x768 is an odd aspect ratio, falling between the more popular 16:9 and 16:10.
    Is the article or rumor mistaken, or is there a move away from that aspect ratio?
  • Clearly this device has nothing to do with EOS line, which will be presented next month. This is the new Nokia flagship, replacement of Lumia 920, with bigger screen and similar camera tech. Destined to arrive with WP8.1.
  • this is the eos pro with a 5 inch 1080p screen and a quadcore chip also has the camera array by Pelican Imaging Qualcomm and Nokia both are investor in Pelican Imaging new camera array . Its square and will fit in hole, it already works with Qualcomm chip the 800 series, which means also that this phone will have the best chip available from Qualcomm, and that it will arrive with the gdr3 release. This is my dream phone for sure, this also means that the quadcore htc phone rumored last year will be coming to with gdr3 and its supposed to be a beast to. Here is qualcomm mesantion of the array and Pelicans. and watch the camera tricks video that also looks like the nokia tablet as well 
    Thats also why the hump looks smaller on metal eos. 
    you heard it here first, hehe
  • not sure about the nokia tablet cant tell if its windows or android looks plausible but i think its androidhow ever the home button is square and blacked out and the android home buttons kinda look fake especially on the phone as they are high up on da phone on the tablet why would they black out the home button if its not windows?
  • even that phone has buttons below the android button that are greyed out, hum?
  • This may sound stupid but what if it does have a quad-core chip full HD screen and just activate it with an update. Like a tv you can change resolutions,
  • It looks like it could be one with a five-inch screen. The buttons are much smaller, (and have more space,) the guys hand looks puny in comparison, (my hand doesn't look as stretched out on while holding my Lumia 920 the same way,) and the camera looks like it is the same size as the current one, but takes up less room, as its in a bigger body. Also, the SIM slot looks smaller. The device looks CONSIDERABLY thinner, probably due to being larger so the innards can be distributed better. I wouldn't be surprised if the polycarbonate EOS comes out on AT&T here in the states, (and the same version on other carriers in the Americas and around the world,) then this new aluminum version with a 5" 1080p display comes at the end of the year, six months after, probably on more carriers.
  • Off the subject here, is there anyone here having problems with city lens?
  • You should go to the forums if you really want an answer.
  • +1 on that
  • How about intl version I want to buy one. The camera if you are to compare the square hole and the finger fits exactly then we expect a really small camera area than the first version. The hump seems to be smaller, are we expecting a lower pixel or no shutter
  • no a even better one by pelican imaging and nokia
  • Dont post it here sammysheeps fandroid is gonna copy it again. They are again to rob it. They are getting more money in their pocket without paying anything and selling it overpriced. Nokia and invested alot on technology and sammy just keeps copying everything. I love samsung before but i read articles supported by data as well as how much it cost to manufacture a phone without paying to google. I estimate them getting 200 usd per phone on their flagship devices on their pockets. Search the top earning corporations and samsung is one of them, the fact that the technology on the device they are selling either came from apple or nokia. This is unfair fight. I will buy anything except samsung.
  • Come on.. Really.. Nokia really has something to reveal.. ,I'm quite sure that Nokia is the best, I mean in every aspect, mobile phone maker that exists.. I'm serious. Nokia is the most dedicated than any other vendor, whether they make WP devices or not.. We are witnessing a technological revolution right now, and Nokia is definitely the next Apple in terms of changing the market.. Believe it or not Nokia is in the process of shifting the market Into another direction.. This is why I stuck by WP since day one.. I've had faith that it would become special, and its been happening for a while now.. Knowing that whatever device nokia plans to unveil next month is 99% complete in development makes me woder what's next and already in engineering phases, and even cooler what's on the drawing board for 2014 and beyond!! I tell you people, we have some monumental times ahead in WP history... What do you WPnians think❓❓❓
  • yep, thats why you buy Nokia stock now while its still fairly cheap.
  • Not getting. Want a memory card slot. Love Nokia but still disappointed
  • the metal phone has a plastic bottom may be where the memory card slot is
  • Why would Nokia start offering this device if the 925/8 just hit the shelves? It feels like Sammy's approach to phones (throw at the wall, see what sticks).
  • How would the antenna on an aluminum body work? Even the 925 uses significant amounts of polycarbonate for its aluminum form. Design wise, aluminum would be cool, but engineering wise, I think it is impossible. Also with aluminum body, would the metal interfere with the wireless charging?
  • In the pervious pictures from vizileak the space on the side of  the camera hump was a lot smaller then this one is. I hope this is a phablet. 
  • The only way I would upgrade to this from my 920 is if it is 5" screen and has the same or better OIS. Glad to see this camera finally coming to WP either way though.
  • I have my 920 for two years, any other phone news is irrelevant to me. #team920
  • It is bigger than the 920. Look at the distance between the top of the volume buttons and the edge of the device. Ditto for the camera button on bottom. Spacing between the power & volume set is the same as my 920. Its longer.
  • It may well be a phablet looks big enough to be one! If it is a phablet why put in a 41mp camera in it would be horrible trying to take pictures with :/
  • It has wireless chargin!!! :D I guess that's why the camera hole looks smaller, I can't see any visible wireless charging holes at the bottom, I hope this is a phablet XDDD
  • Given all leaked info I'm happy that I will be choosing my next phone after July 11 :D but sad that I won't be able to watch Nokia's event live :(
  • Doesn't look like a phablet to me at all like other commenters have said. The button spacing looks similar to the L900 actually and this person likely has small hands. I do hope it's in the 4.7 to 5" range though!
  • Nokia preparing two Lumia phablets and a low-cost Lumia 920 
  • This is not the EOS
  • The Nokia Lumia Pureview device is made from aluminum. there is no two versions . the polycarbonte is the case wich support wireless charging.
  • This indeed Nokia phablet, this looks for sure bigger than 4.5" screen, look at the positions of the side buttons and how they are far from the top and buttom compared to 920, this is i think the next phablet, very thin, i dont think it is a 41 MP camera, maybe its pureview with lower MP, or maybe its a new camera technology like lytro type cameras (look at the square at the middile of the camera ring opening).
    What do you think guys?
  • 41 MPX is huge! Even the next generation of smartphone like the galaxy sv will not achieve this quality what is good is that despite 41MPX the smartphone is rather thin
  • I saw Nokia made a joke of this on either Facebook or Twitter, they had a Nokia and a huge Camera lense on top of it, along with peoples stupid answers, they didn't get it or heard that Nokia is about to release the Lumia EOS with a 41MP camera, which will floor about everybodys phone, camera wise. I'm Gawdawful happy with my 920, but the way this thing sounds, I may upgrade it just to get the Camera, there are no phones period, that will have that good of a camera on it. It will drive, Apple, the Droids, especially Samsung, and Blackberrys cameras into the ground. I know alot of people just love their phones because of Cameras, once people see this MF, their going to crap their pants on the kind of pics it will do. All I can say is Go Microsoft and Nokia. Even though Apple is hooking up with Bing, I know they will be around, the one I hope they knock down are the Droids. I read a Stockbroking article that basically said the same thing that Droid is going to go in the ground. :) 
  • I hope the Aluminum version goes to att with 64gb of memory.
  • This metallic device is NOT EOS. Vizileaks has just said it to me right now!    
  • Thanks for getting Vizi to respond.....I myself thought about tweeting them about those pics as we seem to have a lot of confusion on what IS or what ISN'T the EOS.  I think a lot of people are going to be very disappointed come next month.  I favor the first EOS leaks due to the actual 41MP sensor size.  Going by the laws of physics here, these metal looking shells here do not look like they would support the 1/1.2" sensor as in the 808 (according the the camera hole). 
  • Why on the examples of the case without the "lens cap" is the square hole for I assume the sensor in the center of the "hump" as to where the lens on the assembled phone is more to the top and off center? How does this work?
  • There is 2 sim slots I see. Sim card capabilty?
  • If the EOS chassis is made of aluminium then the release of the Lumia 950 will be probably all aluminium too - when ever that is!
  • I feel like I'm the only one that thought the first leaks of EOS with the humongous hump was good looking. I thought it looked like it meant business and I really liked it. Either way I'm getting whatever 41 mpx phone they come out with
  • Which one will Australia get I wonder? Definitely would like this to replace my 820.
  • This is not an EOS aluminum device. This is a phablet. You can find info and pics below.
    "According to the latest source of rumors via NokiaPoweruser there are a couple new devices on the way for a September/October announcement/release. Mainly two phablet Lumias, starting with a 5.5″-6″ screen with a camera module similar to the Lumia 925, the next generation of which would have a higher Megapixel camera and a Lytro (adjustable focus) setup." Source: mynokiablog
    edit: one more thing to say: the camera is square cause it is lytro camera. it is the camera tech that nokia has already been investing.
  • I am excited that Nokia seems to be bringing the true Pure view (as seen in the 808) to WP8. I think that 4.5-4.7 is a great screen size and 5 is a good maximum. Enjoying multimedia (games, pictures, videos) is much better on the larger screens. Its too bad that 1080p is not supported yet considering how standard its becoming on hero/flagship phones. As a Verizon customer I am hoping this plays out similar to the 920. ATT will get it now and be the only game in town for about 6 months then Verizon will get a slightly different version. I do however agree that putting flagship/hero devices on all networks at the same time is better and doable considering how well Lumias are doing when it comes to public awareness.
  • the circle on the back of the aluminum body is smaller than the polycarb. body.  Leads to think that these are two different phones.  Not just carrier variants. 
  • I want this phone so bad.
  • Usb looks small so do the buttons. His hand looks outstretched too. I think this is the same eos lens but with a bigger body. I think this is a phablet ;) i hope so as I've been wanting a bigger screen for my next upgrade.
  • What i suppose with too many leaks from vVizLeaks etc etc etc... Aluminium body,Polycarobonate body and all... i came to a conclusion that actually there are going to be two devices and not one.The reason i say this is because the aluminium casing has a smaller size hump for the camera and the polycarbonate one has a bigger one...So i suppose There will be a Eos or whatever Nokia Names it will be a 41 Megapixel PureView device whereas the Aluminium one will be a probably a 16 MEgapixel Or 23 MEgapixel Snapper.... With a bigger 5 inch Display Probably a Phablet.....
    My guess  of big hump and small hump may not go well with you and you may say that big and small hump necessarily does not mean  more and less megapixels......But those are the guesses......
    also i think The Aluminium Phalet may be a competition for Samusung galaxy Note 3 as its also going to have a aluminium body as per the leaks and the Eos as a Smarthphone....and A big Hump on a Phablet Does not Goes well......... and Nokia might launch it later...........All the Things Above Mentioned are just Guesses and hopes :)