Developers: Amazon adds cloud support for Windows Phone and Windows Store apps in available SDK

Amazon Web Services (AWS), the company's cloud services, has added SDK support for Microsoft's Windows Phone and Windows platforms. In a blog post on the official AWS blog, a developer preview of the next version of the SDK for .NET introduces support for apps on both platforms. Developers can connect to Windows and Windows Phone apps to AWS services and develop an app that's backed by the cloud platform.

Essentially Amazon's version of Microsoft Azure (what isn't Amazon dipping its toe into these days?), this brings Windows support up to speed with iOS and Android. Amazon continues to build on its online offering to become the centralised hub for developers and to cater for all devices. It's a welcomed addition and one we're sure many developers will take advantage of. Be sure to check out the AWS post for more details.

Source: AWS, via: TechCrunch

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Rich. Can you please tell what that means in layman's terms to end-users? Thank you.
  • Pretty sure it just means developers can start developing apps for amazon mp3 and stuff
  • Exactly. And of course the subtext is WP is now big enough and growing fast enough for them to want to tap into the customer base.
    Unlike B&N who have ignored us.
  • Thanks. I thought that it could mean apps connected to cloud will save our game progress for example.
  • There is no public API for Amazon MP3, so not much third party devs can do. Just got to wait for an official app. As others have pointed out, AWS is simply a cloud service that a lot of big companies (including Netflix) use, so this makes it easier for a lot of them to build WP apps.
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  • Not here please.
  • Yeah, I'm pretty lost too. I thought Amazon just sold stuff on their website. I have no idea what the AWS actually provides, even after a bit of digging around on their site. It seems to be some sort of server farm according to wikipedia but I don't know why that's interesting to Windows Phone.
  • AWS is Amazon's Azure--it powers the internet, backend services. This allows more competition in that space since devs have to pay for Azure access. With AWS onboard, it drives down the price for devs, if market capitalism is correct ;)
  • Thanks for clearing this up. I thought AWS would allow developer to also build Amazon streaming videos.
  • I really dont get how this will efftect my life and lumia 520 use.
  • Lets say you buy music through amazon, it should theoretically be available to download directly on your WP now.
  • This has nothing to do with Amazon music.
    It's Amazon's back end database server, as other people have said similar to Azure.
  • Lol mabad
  • Now if Amazon would make a prime streaming app for W8 & W8Phones
  • This
  • Yes this!
  • Yea this, definitely this.
  • Definitely, this, definitely, yes
  • Agreed, and they mentioned (kind of, in an indirect way) that the WP and Win8 platforms are something they would be interested in developing for, so hopefully those apps aren't too far away.
  • Its probably worth contacting them from time to time asking about it.  I was told it is in development by them.  They are pretty platform agnositic, they just want your money.  I would expect it to show up but the more inquiries the better. 
    Their MP3 and video streaming apps are the 2 biggest missing apps to me, followed closely by HBO Go, Showtime Anytime and the East River Ferry.  Everything else I miss has an at least decent third party offering.  
  • I am not going to use a service that refuse to do an app for windows phone. The platform is growing faster than most most existing one and there is really no excuse to ignore it. Either a company build the app that I need or I dont use their service. We are talking about Microsoft and Windows phone. a Company not in the brink of collapsing like the blackberry or whatever the company is called.
    Bring amazon prime to window phone 8 and I will start buying music. Dont really have a reaosn when I already have Xbox music and Nokia music.
  • +1
  • Good news! We need access to our Amazon cloud storage. Any news on an Official App to do that?
  • Curious that they have just updated their own app.(?)
  • Hope this means Cloud Player is coming soon.
  • well they just crushed the Azure monopoly.  Azure prices are pretty outrageous.
  • Funny, since Microsoft has been said to be hurting Amazon with highly competitive pricing (including recent drops) for Azure services.  Also, I don't think they're crushing anything.  It gives Amazon another in, sure, but Windows Azure offers a ton of functionality that AWS doesn't have, especially when you get into hybrid cloud solutions. Windows Azure's going to be growing for a long time.
  • In layman's terms, AWS does stuff like hosting the server that, say, your mobile app connects to to do its thing. So your app points to an IP address that is hosted by AWS, and they maintain a server for you there that has your backend database, etc. This is really good news.
  • I hope I'm wrong but I think this has nothing to do with Amazon's music or video services. If that's the case it would be helpful to have that disclaimer up front so less informed readers don't get too excited.
  • Whatever this means; I too want Prime streaming and Cloud player on Windows Phone.
  • "Essentially Amazon's version of Microsoft Azure (what isn't Amazon dipping its toe into these days?)" That part seems a little misleading since AWS actually existed before Windows Azure.
  • Yeah, seriously.  This post came across as being biased as all hell.  The WPCentral guys should try a little harder to be more neutral.  Twisting things to make MS look better reflects poorly on WPCentral to those who know better.
    Along those lines, contrary to what was stated in this post, the AWS SDK has supported Windows apps for years.  I've been using it in a .NET desktop app since 2011 and I don't think it was even that new at the time.  What's new here is support for Windows Store apps (the word "Store" is critical!) and Windows Phone apps.
  • I'm not sure if the author was being biased or just didn't know that AWS has been around longer. I'm still biased toward MS and I think the MS services are better overall, I just thought that particular line was awkward and misleading. Thanks for the additional info on Amazon's capabilities, though - good to know.
  • It's just trying to put it into context for those that know about Azure and weren't even aware Amazon did such things. I thought Amazon just sold products, ebook stuff etc and were basically just an online retailer.
  • You haven't been paying much attention then. :-) Amazon was one of the earlier players in the cloud computing platform space and a ton of web sites run on their stuff. You often don't even realize a site runs on AWS until there's some big AWS outage. Netflix is one example of a big player that runs on AWS, but there are many more.
  • This has nothing to do with Amazon MP3 or video, that consumer-side stuff, no. This is backend developer stuff, but it's huge news because AWS is very popular. This means that if a developer already has an AWS setup that they're using for the servers for their iPhone and Android apps, they don't have to set up a new account with some other web services provider specifically for their WP app. It's basically one less excuse for somebody not to make a WP app.
  • Good point, this should hopefully help more apps come to WP. The time and cost of migrating to Azure wouldn't be worth it for a lot of devs whose iOS/Android apps run on AWS.
  • Amazon Mobile for WP was just updated too.
  • Amazon MP3 client app's requested / demanded!
  • Why no Voice Search as on Android and iPhones ? also why no 1 press Delete when wanting to search but already have something typed  in from previous use, or wrongly entetered - you have to keep pressing X to clear - one press Delete is Android and iPhone, but just another missing feature on WP - Again!
  • We are developing a mobile app, and our backend is already running on AWS EC2&RDS (basically our backend services). The reason this is big news for me is that it may make some features like LiveTile update more natural for AWS, and maybe even get a WP app to manage our instances etc. Lack of an AWS EC2 mgmt app is the only reason I still carry a GS2 in addition to my Lumia :-)
    This is *not* stuff an end user cares directly about...
  • It's 4-6-2014 and still no amazon cloud connection for windows 8. What a chica gotta do?