Amazon announces free same-day collection for Prime members in the UK

Amazon UK has today announced a new same-day collection service, available free for Prime subscribers. The online retail giant will allow Prime members to have a package delivered to a chosen collection point within 12 hours, part of its Click & Collect service. If you're not a Prime member, you'll have to part with £4.99 for the luxury.

Selecting same-day collection when checking out, orders placed before 11:45am will be available for collection by 4pm. Ordering before 7:45pm will ensure the package is ready at the desired pick-up point by 6:30am the following morning. It's an ideal service for those who simply cannot hold off for standard (or even next-day) delivery times.

You can even order things on Sunday with this new service. Supporting newsagents and convenience stores across the UK will carry "Pass my Parcel" branding, which will highlight available pick-up locations for Amazon shoppers. As touched on above, Prime members will be able to use the service for free until the end of this year.

More than 500 stores are participating in the new collection service, which sees Amazon team up with newspaper and magazine distributor Smiths News, a division of Connect Group. More stores are planned to be added next year.

Expect to see the option for same-day collection added to delivery options soon.

Source: Amazon, via: Engadget

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • That's a crazy service. I really hope it come to the US!
  • Didn't we used to have a similar Amazon Locker service that got discontinued because people didn't actually use it.
  • Amazon Locker service isn't discontinued?! I used it a couple months ago at least. I know staples gave them the boot last year but they're still available elsewhere.
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  • Wat??
  • It's not a free service when you have to pay for a prime membership, it's a part of the subscription.
  • Why UK?
  • Why not UK?
  • Why not US?
  • The humour, the countryside, the history, the BBC etc etc
  • Size, makes perfect sense to test in a country that is the size of Florida, than using a country the size of the US. We also have a lot of country wide courier services and newsagent chains that can support it with minimal effort from Amazon.
  • Thanks for your honest answer :D it makes sense now.
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  • Literally.
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  • Leaving a parcel with a newsagents or convenience stores opens up a gigantic cans of worms, what about security? Or what happens if the newsagent or convenience store decides to start flogging expensive items to make ends meet? The supermarket chains have really hit the small family run businesses' pretty hard.