Amazon Appstore appears in Microsoft Store, though it doesn't work yet

Windows 11 Android App Store
Windows 11 Android App Store (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • The Amazon Appstore has been spotted in the Microsoft Store.
  • You cannot use the Amazon Appstore to download apps onto Windows at this time.
  • The app appearing in the Microsoft Store could indicate that Microsoft is closer to testing Android support on Windows 11.

The Amazon Appstore has appeared in the Microsoft Store, though everyday people can't use it at this time. The listing was spotted by well-known leaker WalkingCat who shared its link on Twitter. To download the app, you would need to redeem a code that isn't generally available. Additionally, you would need the Windows Subsystem for Android on your PC, which isn't publicly available at this time.

The Amazon Appstore will be one of the ways that people can install Android apps onto Windows 11. While the operating system will allow people to install APKs, the Amazon Appstore will provide an interface that more people are familiar with. People will be able to browse through apps within the Microsoft Store and then be redirected to the Amazon Appstore to install an Android app.

Regardless of how someone installs Android apps onto a PC, they'll have to use the Windows Subsystem for Android. A listing for the Windows Subsystem for Android was spotted earlier this month, but it's only a placeholder. It can't be used to install the Windows Subsystem for Android onto a PC.

Microsoft confirmed that Android app support on Windows 11 is delayed and that it won't launch with the new OS on October 5, 2021. A preview for the feature should roll out in the coming months, but we don't have an exact date for when testing will begin.

While the Amazon Appstore can't be downloaded at this time, its appearance in the Microsoft Store could indicate that Android app support is one step closer to testing with Insiders.

Amazon Appstore Windows

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

The long-term plan for Microsoft is to have more stores available through the Microsoft Store. The Amazon Appstore will be the first to launch on Windows 11.

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  • That's great news, clearly shows work is ongoing. As soon as Microsoft said there was a delay to this, the naysayers came out saying Microsoft will ditch Android apps etc etc... This at least seems to dismiss those knee jerk reactions.
  • I'm excited about this. Currently the Amazon appstore is a very very very distant second to the Play Store, hopefully this will help attract more interest in the Amazon Store. I'm certainly not a fan of Amazon, but if it helps break Android apps away from relying on Google Play services then I'm all for it. The real question is: Why doesn't Microsoft start allowing Android apps directly in the Microsoft Store? That would allow them to build their own Store app for future Android powered Surfaces like the Duo 2 and 3.
  • IMO it's because it'd be harder creating another store front where developers would need to submit apps to again and that it's better to go with what already exists. Google play store would be the best store front but we know that would never happen.
  • real0395, I think that's right: getting developers to use another store is tough. By merging with Amazon for this, the two together can provide a large enough userbase to make that store appealing. Currently, there are many Android apps missing from the Amazon store. That's bad for Windows, but when you then combine Windows with Kindle Fire users, and you now have a compelling draw for developers.
  • I hope that's the case, but I really doubt it will make a difference. I really want to play my Android games on a Windows PC, but they will likely never come to the Amazon App Store.
  • @Dusteater Just use Bluestacks or Nox lol.... alot more better functionality and you get access to the Google play android apps.
  • Android emulators are heavy, full of ads, tracking and usually on 4-6 year old versions of Android. Isn't Bluestacks still Android 7?
  • There's already too many players in the Android app store market. Amazon, Samsung, Huawei and even more. I wouldn't be surprised if MS will get a cut of the IAP made by Windows based devices.
  • You only need to look at the Amazon App Store to see why Microsoft doesn't do that. It is devoid of apps, which is why this doesn't do much for most people. Unless we get Google Play, this feature isn't that exciting.
  • I'm more likely to side load my apps than to use the Amazon App Store for the few Android Apps I would want to use. But it's good to know that they are still working on it.
  • If you want to update them manually sure
  • There are lots of side load store that's almost have the same amount apps that's playstore have and updates apps sometimes even faster and have it ready before Google system have looked over app before allowing update to be downloaded.
  • People clamoured for Android apps, Microsoft gives them ability to run android apps. Now people are “disappointed” because they weren't “aware” that Google had such an iron grip on the Google Play Android apps. Another example why appeasement never works. Now, Microsoft really have put their foot in it. As many devs are abandoning native windows app development. The only thing that can salvage this charliefoxtrot of a mess is really WoA on the Duo and Neo devices. As either way Microsoft needs to rebuild trust in their own ecosystem again. The Duo with WoA would be perfect for XCloud as it give them alot more direct o/s integration (over android) that Sony and Nintendo can only dream about.