Amazon can now deliver groceries in the UK

Amazon has announced the launch of Pantry, the online retailer's grocery delivery service in the UK. Competing against supermarkets and not contempt with just rolling out similar service trials in the UK alone, Amazon will now be able to deliver everyday essentials straight to your door.

Exclusive to Prime members, Amazon Pantry offers low prices on more than 4,000 essentials, including food and drink, household supplies, health and beauty products, and more. As items are added to the Pantry, the first box (regardless as to how full it is) will set you back £2.99, and 99p for every box thereafter in the same order. Better yet, you can utilize Amazon's same-day delivery service.

Each box can hold up to 20kg in weight and Amazon will show you exactly how much space is left in your Pantry box before checking out. Amazon expects to add more items to the service in the coming weeks. As noted above, you'll need Amazon Prime to take advantage of Pantry, so be sure to sign up to that (opens in new tab) before you begin.

Check out Amazon Pantry (opens in new tab)

Source: Amazon

Rich Edmonds
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  • Cool service. However, MSFT, windows, Xbox or office involved in the creation of this? #askingpolitely & for fun
  • I guess everybody needs some sunshine and surely they have windows in their warehouses and offices. That's why it's on Windows Central.
  • With shipping delays on holidays season... I wouldn't say that its a nice move.
  • They use drones to deliver
  • Is this #Windowscentral or #Amazoncentral? :)
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  • Perhaps that was meant for paying taxes :)
  • Ha. They have plenty of contempt for taxes. :P
  • Come on guys :P Amazon is a popular service that a lot of people use on Windows. Plus they have a Windows Phone app. This is cool news :)
  • I'm I on the right site
  • Your groceries are Coming Soon *TM
  • Deliver to my door and I will collect the tax. Seize the delivery drone and hand it over to the MOD
  • Nice, handy for those who like to remain cooped up indoors I suppose :P. Personally I prefer to shop at the local markets as opposed to the supermarkets. Much cheaper and better produce. Plus you can haggle :P.
    Edit: I was wondering, since it's pretty cheap how much do they pay their suppliers??
    Are they synthesising products in a black box site somewhere? Lol.
  • They have an unfair advantage in paying near zero taxes!
  • why this article ? what is the relation with Windows ?!
  • This article might be an ad from windows central.
  • Haha, no those are written by Jason.. ;-) :-P
  • Amazon prime is a subscription service you pay for, which could be compared to the xbox live gold subscription. Xbox live gold is exclusive to Xbox. Microsoft own the Xbox brand. Microsoft make Windows. Windows central. Boom. Now hush.
  • Nothing. Nothing at all. It falls on deaf ears.
  • Isn't one of the benefits of Amazon Prime, free next day delivery? Why has this now been diluted to free next day delivery on SOME of our stock?
  • Amazon making the world lazier one step at a time
  • Great. But when are they going to deliver a Amazon Instant Video Universal App? Then I can finally put my iPad where it a pit of molten lava.
  • Online supermarket shopping is on the decline in the UK. People are going back to the high street again. Preferring to pick their own meat and veg, not some shitty preprepared selection. Plus if your choice is out of stock they substitute something you end up not wanting.
  • Groceries don't you mean shopping lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Android