Amazon has announced the launch of Pantry, the online retailer's grocery delivery service in the UK. Competing against supermarkets and not contempt with just rolling out similar service trials in the UK alone, Amazon will now be able to deliver everyday essentials straight to your door.

Exclusive to Prime members, Amazon Pantry offers low prices on more than 4,000 essentials, including food and drink, household supplies, health and beauty products, and more. As items are added to the Pantry, the first box (regardless as to how full it is) will set you back £2.99, and 99p for every box thereafter in the same order. Better yet, you can utilize Amazon's same-day delivery service.

Each box can hold up to 20kg in weight and Amazon will show you exactly how much space is left in your Pantry box before checking out. Amazon expects to add more items to the service in the coming weeks. As noted above, you'll need Amazon Prime to take advantage of Pantry, so be sure to sign up to that before you begin.

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Source: Amazon

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