Amazon UK and France are the latest retailers to halt sales of Lumia 950 XL [Update]

Update: Amazon UK has started selling the Lumia 950 XL again.

Original story: The black version of Microsoft's Lumia 950 XL smartphone is no longer being sold directly by Amazon UK and France. The retailer's listings for the 5.7-inch Windows 10 Mobile device both offer a rather vague reason for the decision to pull the smartphone from sale.

Here's what the Amazon UK site stated, which is in line with the message on the Amazon France listing:

"While this item is available from other Marketplace Sellers on this page, it's not currently offered by because customers have told us there may be something wrong with our inventory of the item, the way we are dispatching it, or the way it's described here. (Thanks for the tip!).""We are working to resolve this as quickly as possible. In the meantime, you may still find this product available from other sellers on this page."

Amazon Germany recently pulled the Lumia 950 XL from its website temporary as well, and the UK-based Carphone Warehouse also placed the phone under pre-order again in late December, with shipments due later in January.

Source: Amazon UK (opens in new tab), Amazon France (opens in new tab); Via: WMPU

John Callaham
  • Epic fail. And Microsoft is still denying that there's something wrong with these phones?
  • Possibly... It might be the software which I have to admit W10M still needs some minor bugfixes and a lot of features added in again.
  • And that is unacceptable. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Frost Nexus 6P
  • Completely unacceptable.
  • Minor?! You mean major, all the things that are wrong with it. And I can list them for you cause I'm using W10. The worst one is the call switching, you call someone or they call you and the call gets switched with another mobile user. You can hear people talking but have no idea that you are listening on their call. That's a terrible software problem, texts are even worst.
  • That sounds like a network error instead of hardware/software error
  • I do agree with you. I'm using W10. I have no problem as for call is concern.
  • Yep, it's happened to me on landlines, it's not to do with the handset, it's to do with an incompetent telecoms network.
  • The way you describe that it sounds like an issue with your provider instead of W10M. How on earth would the OS even be able to do what you're describing?
  • Not being funny... my 6S does this ALL the time as does the missus 5C. EE to blame for call crossover, not the devices.
  • That has nothing the do with the device, its not capable.of even doing this, that's your network, too funny.
  • Abolutely a network / provider issue.
  • You realise that a phone cannot do that, do you? I mean, how dumb can someone be to think a phone ca hack others conversations just by dialing. Let me set a clue: Network.
  • Better talk with your provider, that's not a phone problem.
  • Minor?
  • I don't see anything in that statement suggesting that there's something structurally wrong with the phone. This skyward to be more of a keck in inventory/ competent logistics.
  • Epic fail is what's best describe this phone.
  • Like your vocabulary
  • Why? My Lumia 950 XL works like a dream.
    Best one ever :D
  • Sure hope the 650 doesn't have these problems. The 640 is running W10M great from what I've heard so it probably comes down to the SD810 with the 950 running much better.
  • "The 640 is running W10M great from what I've heard​" It does.
  • My 640 has become my daily, runs w10 .36 better than my 1520 or 950. 950 is bad ass, but so many software hiccups, on att so hopefully that firmware update comes through and cures moat if not all of them.
  • You're using a 640 over a 1520 and 950 by choice? My 640 runs W10 .36 great, but my 1520 runs it just as well.  I can't see any advantage of it on the 640 over the 1520, and you'd lose wireless charging, the step counter, the better camera, etc.
  • Yes, I can confirm that W10M is running great on my 640.
  • Let's face it, the 640 is probably the high spot of last year. To bad it was treated so poorly by everyone involved with marketing it.
    I just hope that Windows 10 Mobile is going yo do us proud this year.
  • Always with the marketing. It has been 5 years now and Micrsoft used to market Windows Phone heavily, especially at launch. People know about them, just the competition is far superior. The reasons for choosing a cheap Windows Phone are nearly non-existant compared to similar priced Android phones. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You made me smile, thanks
  • Of course, we don't know all the facts, but if the reason for this was indeed a high return rate, then wouldn't that kind of be reflected in the reviews?
  • I was reflected in reviews, primarily Amazon by customers who expected it to perform like a $650 device.
  • Of course there were negative reviews, just as you'd expect, I'm just saying that the number of negative reviews does not seem above average.
  • When I looked there are only a dozen or so reviews on that website for the phone. I've noticed that reviews on the phone are either all 5 stars or 1 star with fewer in between. Even though I returned mine, I still gave it a 3 star review. I don't know what it would have taken for 1 star...catching fire? Reviews are very biased for these types of products.
  • They are usually biased on Windows Phone's favor because only fan boys buy them. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Lol even more funny, you're trying too hard
  • Well, he does have a point, buyers of the L950 (XL) are most likely to already be WP users anyway.
  • My 950xl has been working fine and I've been stress testing it for the past couple of days. Could be a bad hardware batch.
  • They only mention the black one but not the white one. If there was a hardware or software issue then you would think it would affect both. My 950XL works perfectly fine.... Though it's the white one ;)
  • My white 950XL in Canada has been working great too.
  • My white from CPW has been flawless. Had it 3weeks so far.
  • While this item is available from other Marketplace Sellers on this page, it's not currently offered by because customers have told us there may be something wrong with our INVENTORY of the item, the way we are DISPATCHING it, or the way it's DESCRIBED here. (Thanks for the tip!)." Sounds like that has nothing to do with device quality.
    Reading comprehension, try it out!
  • It's much more fun for some people to use negative speculation instead of reading something and taking it for what it says.  I have 950 and my wife has a 950XL.  (haha, both black, not that that should matter being it's removable back.)  The only problem we've had in the last three weeks is my wife's 950XL locked up on her once about two weeks ago.  After rebooting it, It's been running great every since.
  • What issues? I got my 950xl from CPW and never had any issues, works brilliantly.
  • I have been using w10 mobile on my 930 for ages. Not run into one issue. Simple problem here is stores didn't expect the phone to sell so well and didn't order enough stock.
  • That makes absolutely no sense. So instead of Amazon to tell it's customers it's outta stock, they tell them it's faulty? That's ludicrous.
  • Nope, turns out there was nothing wrong, a non story.
  • Unbelievable???
  • Lol, it's the 535 all over again. Microsoft still not able to produce smartphones, that actually work... :(
  • My 640 XL disagrees (I know it's still Nokia design but the 535 is too)
  • And when it comes down to it the 950 series of devices are still the remnants of a Nokia legacy. The expected/rumoured Surface Phone would theoretically be the new gen devices from there on.
  • & the tales of woe about the Surface Book/SP4 suggest that a Surface Phone would likely be no better than the 950XL when it comes to bugs!
  • I am courious, why would a name change something? So, you think that if it's not Lumia is somekind better? I hear a lot of dunga** saying this, but i have a question: How old are you? Nine? Make it shamesung and works better?
  • Because since the name is changed, so is the responsibility. If a phone with a Microsoft logo doesn't work, I blame Microsoft. The problem with the 535 was not that they shipped (some them) it with a non-functioning touch screen. They didn't fix it with their firmware updates, but kept promoting the phone aggressively (at least in Germany) having as many people as possible buying a phone, that didn't really work. Also, I hear from a lot of people, that W10m on the 950XL still does things like random reboots.... Microsoft had quite a lot time delivering a new flagship that would work properly. But instead they focus on enhancing their services on other platforms...
  • i can confirm the random reboots on 950 XL,  its really disappointing after spending so much money on such a flaghship device to have such a low quality OS build on it.
  • Gives me a break. You don't even know what the reason is but you're quick to blame Microsoft.
  • Of couse. Who else should he blame? Microsoft is responsible for it. They are the ones producing it. If something is wrong with it they should not have shipped it until they have a fix or scrap it all together.
  • Did you even read the article?  It doesn't say there is anything wrong with the phone.  Here, let me help you out. "customers have told us there may be something wrong with our inventory of the item, the way we are dispatching it, or the way it's described here. " See that?  There's a "problem with their inventory, the way they are dispatching it, or the way it's described here".  Sounds like they are shipping black when customers are ordering white and vice versa.  How exactly is Microsoft to blame for that?
  • To me this sounds like a pretty standard notification from amazon that could very well be because of faulty products. Not to mention that, no matter whether or not amazon is stopping the sale because of their or Microsofts faults, the 950 is faulty. Many reviews (even by windows phone fans) do report of a lot of software quirks that are unaccaptable for a phone that pricey. This is no beta software running on this device but a retail version. Still it behaves like a beta products and that is not good. The amazon incident is just the icing.
  • That's baloney.  The device is not behaving like a beta product at all.  It's an excellent device and I'm speaking from experience.  My guess is you don't even own one. Secondly, the Amazon message makes it clear that it is their fault, not a product fault, so to suggest that it could still be Microsoft's fault is just ridiculous.
  • No. I do not have one. My statements are based on reviews from Pocketnow (who actually requested another device after their first one had several issues, only to find that it was as faulty as the first one. And they did that with both: the 950 and 950xl) and comments on windows central where there might be people reporting that everything is fine, but there are almost as much people having issues with the phone. And this is the windows community, where issues are more likely to be forgiven. Maybe it is not acting as bad as a beta product, but it is not performing on par with other similar priced phones, either. Also it is quite obvious that Amazon might take the blame when they have not fully investigated the issue so they do not blame their partners without clear evidence. This message from amazon is saying nothing else other than: there is an issue. It is not clear from this message who is to blame for that issue. My guess is, that people returned their devices because of Windows 10 Mobile software issues and amazon has therefore halted sales to see if there is something wrong. However they most likely found that these software-issues are sadly common with the current windows mobile builds. Though I heard that one of the recent  updates has bettered its stability. Nonethless this situation is not accaptable and Microsoft is rightly getting blamed because Windows 10 mobile was rushed to the market and still is not finished. As is Windows 10 for desktop with lots of under the hood changes still taking place.
  • Let's look at the Amazon message again. "customers have told us there may be something wrong with our inventory of the item, the way we are dispatching it, or the way it's described here." That is not a generic message, nor does it leave any room for blaming Microsoft.  They are clearly admitting they've done something wrong in their listing/selling of the product.  It's not a product issue at all. There may be problems with some of the phones, but this article in no way reinforces that.
  • what is the problem with them? anyone have any insight?
  • No idea. It's especially peculiar that only the XL is seeing these issues.
  • I've had a black XL since release, and other than the usual windows 10 growing pains, I wouldn't say the phone has any flaws. I'm waiting to hear real reporting on an actual problem. Until something definitive comes out it's all just speculation.
  • what is the problem with them?
    I really don't know what is the problem? I have been using my 950 XL for over 4 weeks now and has absolutely no problem with it... no random reboot, no freezing, no speed / performance issues, no wifi issue, no bluetooth issues... you name it! I consider myself as an "heavy" phone user, playing video intensive games, with tons of apps installed etc and no problem...
    I have a 128GB Samsung Evo+ micro SD onboard since day one... no issue either... (I do agree that cheap /poor quality micro SD may not perform as well as a better one, but this is down to the performance of the SD card, not the phone!... install your apps on a poor quality SD card and suddenly your phone slows down and crashes! (not the phone's fault)... I have absolutely no idea what all this bad press is all about as, my 950 XL has been performing flawlessly since day one... ( I was used to have a 1520 and quite happy with the 950XL as its successor !). and W10M is an excellent OS... I guess people do like to speculate! especially for negative/destructive comments rather than praise...
    I know of a few people who moved from iPhone 5 and 6  to 950 / 950XL and they are delighted and certainly not looking back! I guess, with all this bad press, bad review etc, people are lobbying to kill Microsoft phones and Windows 10 Mobile OS (hence the retailer are reacting by taking the device off their list so that they are protected in case of problem since soo many people seem to have issues with the phones! As other on this forum, I must be another lucky one since I have absolutely no issues whatsoever!
  • Same with my black Lumia 950 XL. Works just perfectly fine.
  • Did you read the article? Nothing. Read the article again.
  • Nadella has really done a great job since he took over releasing these half baked products that do nothing but further damage the WP brand, if there is anything left of it at this stage anyway. This is just so sad to see, when once there was so much potential.
  • This is the equivalent of blaming Obama for everything that's wrong with every state of America, rather than those in charge of each individual state. After all every division in Microsoft has its own leader responsible for its part.
  • Not really. As the CEO of a company you are ultimately responsible for its success or failure. Not so with the President of the USA. There are checks and balances and limited powers so the President doesn't become a dictator. At least that was the original plan. The original role of the President was to faithfully execute laws passed by Congress and act as Commander in Chief. /History lesson over/
  • Still, as a CEO of a company that big you can't check each and every product. I don't know why they released it but I'm pretty sure they would not have done it if it would not have been worth it. Those people working there are not your average Joe but high profile businessmen and analysts. I do not think that someone else being the CEO of MSFT would have changed that.
  • @Racxie, You travelled too far to drag Obama in this discussion. Lol. I'm gonna blame Obama the problem of Lumia 950XL "BLACK" version. Lol
  • Thank you!
  • This isn't fully Microsoft, as the 950/XL are last remaining remnants of the Nokia era. Besides, a bumpy start means it can only get better. :D
  • Why do people still try to suggest that this is in any way Nokia's problem?!
    The issues are almost certainly software related...and if that is the case, then it is because of Microsoft's woeful commitment to W10M.
    Seriously, why would ANYONE choose W10M over the competition?
    It would be funny if I wasn't so invested in MS products.
  • By releasing it, Microsoft took ownership of it. To the consumer, this a Microsoft device like the logo on the phone says.
  • Any proof of that would be very appreciated
  • You are an idiot. My 950XL works fine
  • yup my 950XL works perfectly fine also, dont have any os or hardware related issues.
  • Yeah. He's an idiot. Your 950XL is the cumulative total of the entire ecosystem's experience. There is only one idiot here....
  • I never had problems with 950xl. Hack, not even a bug pocketnow claims. I might be: The lucky one...but i doubt!
  • It really doesn't matter who is at fault on the level of who will be damaged. It will ultimately hurt Microsoft which is a bummer. Microsoft needs to fix the problem ASAP for their own good. I will say my 950 on At&t has had it's own issues that have required resets to resolve.
  • Nadella uses his iPhone Pro, so he is not aware of the problems of Windows 10 mobile.
  • What is the iPhone Pro?
  • Plus
  • "iPhone Pro" is the phone Nadella flaunts at Microsoft events to showcase Microsoft mobile apps, though he dare not admit that it is his phone so he vehemently denies that it is his.
  • iPhone Pro? You sound confused!
  • It is just a regular iPhone 6 but he has replaced all apps with Microsoft's offerings to showcase that you can be completely invested in their services on the iPhone, too, promoting his mobile first / cloud first strategy. And he calls it iPhone pro.
  • Got it - put Office/Windows software on it and it magically becomes Pro - the reinvented iPhone LOL
  • Oh Microsoft. So much for Windows 10 being the holy grail. Completely unacceptable. Especially from Microsoft when their product and mobile OS division is failing across the board. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Frost Nexus 6P
  • What are you trying to accomplish with your dumb a$$ comments? If you don't like windows then why are you here?
  • Isn't it obvious? (S)He's here to troll
  • He probably needs to concentrate on keeping his momma's basement clean if he plans on living there the rest of his life.
  • Oh my dear fairy princess the person you replied is the obvious troll ^^ Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Frost Nexus 6P
  • Oi, weapon. If you were a fan of Microsoft products, and really wanted them to succeed, then you would rightly criticise the W10M/Surface Book/SP4.
    All of these were released to market too soon...
  • Exactly. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Frost Nexus 6P
  • --W10M too soon? Nah. I've seen older versions of Android that were worse than this. And no, i'm not counting it as a mature product because it's inherently different than any Windows Mobile OS before it. So i'm counting this as a first generation product. As a first generation product (in fact, the first product of its kind... an OS that can run mobile and PC apps is a fundamental leap here), its just fine. --Surface Book too soon? Quite possibly. It's hard to really tell. The people with problems always speak louder than those without. Moreover, fans will always be more aware of what problems there are, so it may appear to be more faulty than other devices from other companies. So, this is hard to say. --Surface Pro 4 too soon? Less likely than the Surface Book, I'll tell you that. I'm leaning towards no. Most issues weren't out of the norm for a newly released product. Again, I think its just people who follow it more closely are more aware of its issues. But by far, was it in no way worse than many other products, particularly using brand new technology not found in any other device on the market yet.   I own a 950 XL and the Surface Pro 4. I'm happy with both. Do they both have issues? Yes. Mostly software/driver related and at least in my opinion, minor (doesn't require reboot, only temporary pause in work flow, no data loss.) the most annoying issue was the display adapter crashing, but that amounted to a half second freeze followed by a split second flicker... annoying yes, end of the world... absolutely not. i'm actually impressed with how amazingly well windows can handle a display driver crashing nowadays. its like a bump in the road. should it happen? no. but i'm confident it'll be fixed (it's already been reduced drastically... i've only had it happen i think once since the last firmware update).
  • Nothing just stating the truth. No need to froth with your fanboyism and piety statements. Never stated I did not like it but it sure is faltering. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Frost Nexus 6P
  • Completely agree. Great job Microsoft.
  • Guys actually read it? There's a problem with dispatching the phone, which is on amazons side. The 950xl hardware/software didn't cause this
  • sorry that losers on Android have nothing better to do than troll other phones forums... lol such loser.
  • Why has one to own a Windows device to be in these forums / comment sections. Not to mention that Win10m is very buggy indeed and he is rightly blaming them as everything he states above is 100% true. It is unacceptable and the mobile division is struggling. Damn. The fanboism in this community is strong ...
  • Only idiots do complain about a object they don't own or use. Should I talk about what piece of **** a ferrari is? No, don't think so. Probably will never own one or use one, so I actually don't have a clue about how they feel to drive.
    It's sure is pathetic how whiners on android complains about windows.
    Get a life, or at least a real phone...
  • If there is a reason to say that ferrai is complete bullshit you are very well allowed to say that. Windows 10 Mobile is faulty and this is a fact. Deniying this fact wont make the product any better. I am confident, that Microsoft will sort this out eventually. But I do not see, why others are not allowed to make remarks about things obviously broken.
  • How can you possibly know? Without having used it? Read it somewhere? Jeez...
    Luckily my 950 XL works fine, maybe it's defective...
  • In this time and age one has more than enough ways to form an objective opinion about something without having used it yourself. I have read through lots of comments and reviews, them being positive as well as negative and I found that for too many people it is not working as it should. Your 950XL might be working fine, however one device can hardly be representative for all devices. Again, I am not saying that the 950 is a bad device per se, but it was not ready for the prime time yet. Or rather windows 10 was / is not.
  • I have the 950xl I got on day 1 from CPW, all fine for me so far
  • I returned my xl for the 950 which ran much better. Doesn't heat up or crash. I think it's the 810 chip architecture that's flawed.
  • No such problems encountered here. Been using XL for ~2 weeks now
  • Wow, a whole 2 weks.
  • It's only been out a month.
  • Ive had mine since last year..
  • You must have a defective unit.
  • Same, this comment is from my XL as well. :D
  • XL here too. Some issues but not serious.
  • So did I. I have a very long list of issues. Repeated reboots; camera fails to focus, or fails to open; unusable navigation in the maps app; unusable photos app which fails to display images; Hello is hit and miss but at least called beta, but doesn't work when walking, I have to stop and stand for a few seconds; numerous other lock ups and app start fails requiring the device to be restarted. It is not just W10 mobile, which runs much better on my Lumia 920 than the 950 XL.
  • Same problems for me, not software related. Replaced the phone and the 2nd unit works totally fine. Swap yours out.
  • Happy owner of 950 xl for 3 weeks. I feel more solid phone than when I had my 1520, and I had a lot of phantom touches and broken camera with always moving problem. All the glitches I have now are minor and all of them are software related, I wish I could say the same the time I had my 1520.
  • I had phantom touch issues on my 1520 until I sold it and later got another. No issues with that phone at all. Best I've owned. My 950 XL I'm sure will perform just as well once the OS is perfected.
  • This is very simple: when Amazon receives a lot of complaints and/or returns of the same article, they stop selling it until they investigate what's going on. If nothing is discovered, the product goes back on sale. If something shows up it won't be put back on sale until at least the manufacturer corrects it. What we see here is basically a lot of customers dissatisfied with the 950XL and complaining/returning the phones. Which shouldn't surprise anyone considering it runs a Beta OS on the worst processor of 2015. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • YOU are very simple
  • And yet you still have a hard time understanding me...hum...
  • So the guy in the post at the top is an idiot, and this guy is simple? You're a complete. tool bag.
  • I'm no fan of DJCBS, because he's a Nokia fanboy that blames everyone (Microsoft) except Nokia for their woes - and he loves the gold iPhone LOL... but he didn't say anything that isn't the absolute truth. W10 mobile isn't done or optimized - fact. The 810 chip has had issues since before release - fact.
  • Indeed
  • There's no issue with the cpu now. It's likely just the OS that's the issue.
  • Well... That's not what I've been reading in the reviews. While the CPU doesn't boil water anymore, it still throttles and lags. And seeing as it does that both to WP and Android, I doubt it's the fault of the OSs there.
  • Several phone makers dropped the 810 citing heat problems.  Odd that the 950 (which other than size and chip is the SAME phone) doesn't appear to have anywhere near the # of problems a the XL. Its almost got to be chip issues at this stage.
  • Either way I don't see everyone returning other handsets that use that particular cpu so yes I do think it's likely the OS that's causing most of the big issues. I've come across more complaints about the regular 950 than the XL.
  • While what you say does sound plausible, wouldn't that be reflected in the reviews? This doesn't seem to be the case.
  • That's assuming people take time to actually write reviews. I buy a lot of stuff on Amazon and I can tell you I never write a review on the product. Even if it's defective, I have better things to do. I do write on marketplace sellers but not on stuff sold by Amazon.
  • Of course, but the angrier you are, the more likely you are to write a bad review. :P And we're talking about the average of the people who do usually write reviews and the people who don't, in which case I do still think the reviews would reflect this.
  • Not really. I pour the anger unto Amazon. And, if necessary, I cut the middle man and call the OEM directly. A review won't change anything to better any problem I have with the product :P
  • DJCBS is absolutely correct. In fact, it's a shockingly small number of returns that create this condition. A year and a half ago I bought a book from them and it arrived crushed. I made a return and cited it as "defective". The replacement arrived the same way. The csr told me that I couldn't get another replacement, because when they get two defective returns in a short period the item is automatically placed under review and cannot be sold. After my second return, this was the exact same text the item had on it. All these reports are overblown because of this Amazon policy... all it takes is for a couple people to mark it defective and it can't be sold until the review is complete.
  • This.
  • Explain this to those who write these clickbait's instead of investigating before writing an article ☺
  • Well... I don't think WPCentral are exactly clickbaiting this. But Amazon's policy does create panic here and there, and I wish they were clearer about how items get put into this "review" state.
  • Yeah exactly, so many people here are failing to understand this. I've seen Amazon stop selling items such as tablet cases because there has been so many negative reviews from people complaining a 9" case doesn't fit their 10" tablet!
    Amazon will stop selling anything with negative reviews until they can inspect and determine if there is a problem. Nothing to see here folks.
  • Smh..
  • On my 630 runs Win 10 perfect  
  • These are not half baked 950XL white from CPW day 1 has been reliable and no issues stop whipping up a negative atmosphere based on no facts but personal preference..
  • You must have a defective unit.
  • Hahah
  • GOLD!
  • So Amazon UK is whipping up a negative atmosphere based on personal preference and ignoring the facts of returns and customer complaints? Good to know.
  • Yes. It's all a big international conspiracy!
  • Amazon policies have been explained only a couple posts above yours, it doesn't hurt to educate oneself about that
  • Same here!
  • I was planning to buy the 950xl and the 950 for my wife but now I don't know what to do. I thought they had a grip on this but apparently not' sad to see this.
  • I was torn between getting the 950 or the XL. At one point, i even thought of getting both (because my girlfriend could get one, also). Now, I've stopped in my tracks and will wait to see how this all plays out. There are far too many missed reviews and neither side seems more convincing than the other.
  • I have a 950XL for around 3 weeks and love it! Really no issues at all.
  • I was in the same quandary, and bought the 950 for her and the 950 xl for me. Our only complaint is that my wife wanted a white one and they only had black. They said in the Microsoft store that she could switch the back later, but after about 3 weeks now, still no unit to switch with. And the only reason we were able to get these phones was that someone else didn't pick up their pre-order in time. I do hope the heat during charging doesn't shorten the life of the unit, but time will tell.
  • Worst launch since Halo: The Master Chief Collection.
  • Amen!!
  • Nothing has topped that launch yet.
  • I must have been the only persdon with no complaints about the MC collection.
  • You probably never played online, did you? :D
  • Then you can't have played the game because it was a disaster.
  • Lumia 950 working fine for 90% here...
  • All fine with my 950 XL now - but only after 2 updates since release. Cracking phone tbh.
  • I've been using my 950xl uk and I love it. Yes the OS needs work, battery life could be better, it does get warm but I cannot fault the phone. Great build, amazing camera. Continuum needs a lot of work, but it works very well. But the biggest let down is the app store. More apps needed. Android and Apple have a massive head start.
  • Continuum is great! I got the wireless adapter and it's brilliant. You're in the UK yeah? BBC iPlayer is now universal and available on continuum!
  • It looks like a lot of customers are returning the phone due to some inaccuracy in the description. I wonder what that is. Oh well.
  • Continuum is supposed to be the greatest feature but it doesn't work properly and needs a lot of work. And instead of fixing it MS employees vacation now and said no new updates until February or march I don't remember well. If MS wants to even catch up to rivals, they need to triple the work.
  • They said there wouldn't be updates until January, which sounds totally reasonable. You can't blame anyone for taking off in late December.
  • Does everyone at Microsoft celebrate Christmas?
  • I bet the majority do, and that makes it harder for the people left to do much progress, even more so when the development leaders like Gabe are gone.
  • My guess is that, like usual, the LTE bands are all screwed up. They try to save money by putting 3 or 4 bands that only work with at&t and hope people don't notice.
  • My 950xl is great from day one. Maybe you guys don't know how to use a phone...
  • Heheh I think the same. My 950xl, bought on day 1, is perfect!
  • Had no problems with the 950. Know a couple of people with the xl and we all love the phones. Yes it's still in need of some work on the OS but we all knew that. It's leaps and bounds from my 925.
  • I had to return for exchange my 950xl bought day one. After a week of random restarts the device would be found in a power off state. Pulling the battery several times fixed this. But after another week and this happening a few more times it just wouldn't revive. Testing the battery showed that it had power, but putting it into the phone it acted as though the battery was dead. Plugging the phone in would not correct it. Placing on a wireless charger did nothing either. I sent it off per Microsoft instructions and after a week they said they had no replacement stock and would have to refund my money. With no stock for sale and no refurb to send me, I am stuck. That has been nearly three weeks ago and the phone still doesn't show for sale on the MicrosoftStore.
    I have a theory as to what happened to my phone and others, but please keep in mind that I did not fully disassemble the device to prove this out.
    The solder connections from the board to the battery terminals lay near the heat pipe. When they got to warm they became brittle and acted like cold solder joints. This is why the issue went from intermittent to permanent.
  • That's a Decent theory.
  • There are so many other great flagships available. There is no reason to buy these devices, especially for the price Microsoft is asking. Get something that works! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Buy an iPhone now that Apple has released iOS9 to fix iOS8......oh, but still many issues! Buy an Android phone to run on the most fragmented and messy OS ever.... No thanks....will stick with my Lumia 930 running W10 that links perfectly with my SP3 on W10. My 930 has a 2.2GHz processor.....way faster than Android octo-core phones.
  • bravo..#proudlumiauser
  • You're a special kind of stupid. Posted from my Note 5
  • Coming from an Android Note 5 user that's a compliment, thank you!
  • I've been using a 950 for a week or so now... love it. I think there are still a couple of wrinkles in Windows 10 mobile but I haven't encountered anything major... it's running smooth and fast for me. Each to their own...
  • "customers have told us there may be something wrong with our inventory of the item, the way we are dispatching it, or the way it's described here. (Thanks for the tip!)." Is it just me or does Amazon's statement mention an issue with the their listing rather than an actual issue with the item.
  • Other news outlets are saying its a inventory problem rather then a phone problem. Not sure what to make of it.
  • Given the wording of Amazon's message and that there doesn't seem to be an unusual amount of negative reviews, I'd consider the inventory problem more likely but then again, nobody but Amazon (and probably MS) knows all the facts.
  • As a very long time Amazon shopper, I've seen numerous products pulled or suspended for many different reasons.  The most common being incorrect listing of specs or inventory.  I find it funny that everyone is so quick to suspect major issues.
  • People are especially fond of proclaiming doom and gloom and this website for some reason, it's odd. I think there are many masochists around here. When you're on this site you'd think it's because you enjoy the platform and would thus, while not sugar-coating things of course, not do an extra effort to find evidence to support your grim view either. I've stopped wondering about this long ago, though.
  • That's a copy/paste statement. They put it in any product they delist regardless of the actual reason.
  • In fact, I ordered a WHITE 950XL from Amazon France and received a black one. My brother in law did the same and receive a black one too. Maybe they have issues on color identification. My 950XL is ​alright and i love it. But I am an enthousiast and I know how to hard reset and I had to factory reset my phone to get the .29 update, and now i have to do it again to get the firmware... Regular people are not used and ready to do all of those techy steps to make their phone work fine. I have the feeling that all the quality control and experience refinement has been rushed or canceled. Clearly, MS has given us a bone before the real "Surface Phone experience". The Surface or the Band 2 offered me a way better perception. Great plug and play experience and clearly better designed hardware! Panos, we are all waiting for your touch !
  • Got a 950XL from CPW mid Dec. My view is that it is still a beta. It has so many problems, is not ready for prime time, and fails unlike any Lumia I've used before. I've used at least two models from all generations of Lumia right from the 800 and 520
  • I've had my 950xl since day 1 also. Minor software related issues only. Power cycles every once in a while. Freezes up completely sometimes. But nothing major. The phone works. It's the software that's still a train wreck.
  • Hahahaj
    The way you described is major for me...
    I've never bought a phone like you described
  • My 950 XL never froze. Had few reboots. After few updates, haven't seen a reboot in weeks.
  • That's the normal behavior
  • Typical of a lot of posts, posting without actually knowing the facts.........................
  • Maybe google paying them to spread FUD?
  • Those Microsoft executives get paid millions to put out a good product. And they did...?
  • For the fans...haha, they must hate us.
  • Cannot buy.
    They think there is no fan in Canada, Brazil and many other places.
    How many days since Microsoft had one to ship in USA?
    There is a failure and what it is worst a BIG huge silence from Microsoft
  • I honestly can't say. I got a 950 on AT&T a month or so back. It's not bad, but they really did aim for the lowest "flagship" wrung on the ladder with these things. There are nice things about them (microSD, removable battery), but they just have so little hardware OR software polish (Messaging app still hiccups, Continuum on the 950 does as well, creaking of the backplate on the 950 is common, overall build quality is mediocre).
  • Maybe some bad batches or so because here in the Netherlands most people are satified and the customer reviews on most resellers sites are positive...negative reviews from techsites but they're not trustworry because most are in Android or Apple fanland. W10 has issues but seems in most cases to work well on older devices with some glitches but not the major stuff you constantly read here. I've got the impression that the concurention has an army for posting negative comments on diverse sites because to much negative comment s have the decription 'Posted via the Windows Central App for Android' or the name of the Android device under it.' Ms should investigate this...        
  • If there is a disparity between user reviews and tech site reviews then it's probably because someone buying the device is extremely likely to be a WP user anyway, while tech site reviews try to look at it from a more objective perspective or, in the case of some specific complaints, simply look at it from an Android or iOS perspective, which is different. This said, your theory from the last paragraph doesn't sound plausible at all - not to mention neither Apple nor Google need to badmouth WP, as they have very little to fear from it at this point.
  • Seriously, what is all the fuss about 950 n 950xl, gives it some time,at least it's not as laggy as android phones which need a factory reset one in a while and yet for years, no tech web reviewers complaining about it or they got used to the problem and simply ignored it. No forgetting the huge numbers of adwares n melwares it carries. As for iPhones, basically an overrated phone with good marketing department. ​
  • Every ios release gets hacked at day 1 pretty easily so as far as security goes it's not a lot above android, but at least it works
  • They both have to fear it, iPhone already lost the battle in many countries where people actually realize how much they are paying for a phone
  • The iPhone is not going to be dethroned in a very long time. You can keep dreaming of course.
  • The iPhone has a 17% worldwide smartphone market share. You may dream it's not going to be dethroned when it's king of nothing! That's why Apple share price year to date deceased by 20%. Well, as well as every quarter iPad sales are seriously decreasing.
  • I'm not dreaming of anything (not that I mind the iPhone's dominance, personally), I'm just being realistic.
  • The only throne iPhone has is about the price...
  • The iPhone is the top-selling smartphone in the world, second to none. Sounds like a pretty big throne to me.
  • Add me to list of people with 950xl that work great. Don't know why but battery life is excellent.
  • No problems with my 950xl. It works fine. It is smooth and fast. A bit the experience of the wp7.
  • Wanna add my two cents. Had my 950XL since day one. I think it's locked and rebooted on me twice, and just today it was stuck with the little Hello red light sensor on for I dunno how long. Phone was warm and battery was half drained. Nothing that Android phones I have had in the past haven't done. Battery life is "oh kay" nit amazing. Been a solid phone for me otherwise. I also picked up the tan leather Mozo back and get complements in my phone. Several times people have asked if it's that LG android phone with the leather back. :/ ahh well.
  • My 950 XL is almost unusable. It's all software related I am sure, but it's really really frustrating...
  • If you are running .29 or. 36, you should not have any issues that make the device unusable. Return it and get a replacement. I stuck with my l925 when I should have replaced it. It ran hot, compass never stayed calibrated, which may have had something to do with the awful batter drain when using Here Drive.
    I get a good 8 hours with heavy usage, and it idles at 2-3% battery drain.
    I assume you did not restore a previous backup, and have tried a hard reset.
  • Why only the black version of 950XL... Isn't the white version theoretically the same thing???...
  • Maybe they receive them in a shade of gray?
  • Or rather getting white instead of black..
  • Meanwhile it's back on sale in Germany, where they put up exactly the same notice a couple of weeks back. Seems to have decent review scores too.
  • Has there been any information as to if these new phones were contract manufactured vs. being mfg by former Nokia factories? I know that part of the write off of Nokia involved shutting down mfg facilities. Perhaps the switch to contract mfg is causing quality issues that didn't exist previously
  • I think these are already third party manufactured as Microsoft has meanwhile closed the last plants they got from Nokia.
    But this is just poor quality control, something Microsoft had already shown with the Nokia 930 and the Microsoft 535 when they took charge of things from Nokia. With even more people fired it shouldn't be a surprise quality control went down too. Microsoft probably doesn't exert the same tight quality control over their OEM partners as Nokia or Apple do.
  • Well given MS's manufacturing history, the phones are robably being made by Pegatron.
  • There is nothing in this article that indicates the phones themselves are to blame. Get the facts first.
  • Grandeur visions of high end handsets six months ago petered out with the announcement of the 950/950xl later in the year. Reductions in cost even before release worried many, these
  • My 950 XL runs hot after a few minutes of use. It has this Low Storage notice popping at startup though I barely installed any apps and files. Battery drains very fast after a few hours of use. It hangs before going to the lock screen now and then. Phone was bought direct from the online MS store. Who else got my problems?
  • I had those and some other problems. Swapped out for another 950xl and it works fine.
  • Try hard reset.... Then return it if nothing happens
  • Wasn't there an update that addressed this?
  • That's so weird. I have none of those problems in my 950XL. I just don't know if I'm lucky, you're unlucky or a bit of both!
  • I am just curious. Have any 950 or 950XL owners flash back to Win mobile 8.1?
  • At the risk of being pedantic, since they come with win 10 you couldn't really flash back to win 8.1 but I suppose someone could try to install it....
  • I wonder if those people returned their 950 XL due to hardware defects, or they're just too lazy to check for updates which already available and may fix the software bugs, or they don't know how to operate a Windows phone...
  • That's likely what happened. Unless you are a seasoned Windoes Phone user part of the Insider program you should not buy this phone. I own a problem free 950XL and would NEVER recommend this awesome phone to novice WP users
  • "or they're just too lazy to check for updates which already available​" You can't turn off updates in W10M so that can't be it.   "or they don't know how to operate a Windows phone...​" Honestly I doubt a significant number of people who used Android or iOS before are getting these phones.
  • two aren't high end and therefore shouldn't warrant the sort of tariff's the networks are currently promoting. The fact that major issue's are happening with these two handsets may well have a massive negative effect resulting in the networks dropping cost's, would they ultimately drop Windows phone's ? If there wasn't an insider programme would many like myself (running Win10 build on a 735 for work and 930 for private) end up tying our selves' into a 2 year contract/buying outright on such negative publicity ? What about those who are Windows phone owners who haven't got suitable models for a Win10 upgrade ? Are they going to take the plunge ?
    It seems the reviews from Win7 to date from so called experts want to be constantly negative picking on what's wrong rather than what's better than the Apple or Android OS...
    Rant over...Windows mobile...ever the optimist....
  • So tell me what are the major issues?  Do you actually have one or are you going by comments from the chicken littles here?
  • I was given one for 2 weeks by a friend who is in the industry before they hit general release, rebooting, overheating and freezing were the 3 main problems for me, it didn't inspire me to part with over £400, so, to me these were/are 'major issues' seem to forget that we've all waited so long for MS to come up with a 'High end' handset and as far as hardware is concerned, in my opinion they have failed. Nokia got the 1020 and 930 almost right, MS has taken a step back for me.
  • Before release. So not the same phones they are now selling. If it wasn't obvious before the are thousands of very happy 950 and XL owners out there so obviously these phones, generally speaking, do not have the issues you mention.
  • So you're complaining about a product that has prerelease hardware and software.  There are alot of people including me that are not experiencing the same major issues with our officially released phones. 
  • So this just means that non-Insider people have bought this phone. I can bet these guys didn't know they were getting a phone with a Beta OS.
  • Beta OS? W10M is fantastic. Have you used an android lately?
  • Yes I've been on Android for 3mo now and it's fantastic compared to the debacle that is windows 10 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I will allow that not all versions of Android are created equal but there are some real crappy Android phones out there.  Glad you found something you like but I haven't seen anything out there to entice me away from my 950XL and yes I've looked at the Galaxy S6 and the iPhone 6S.
  • Almost legit
  • I have both a 950 and 950XL, working flawlessly, not sure about any issues whatsoever.
  • Why do you have both phones, though? Too much money to spare without good ideas to spend it on? No offense intended.
  • Because I bought one for me and one for my partner, which I manage for her lol
  • I also manage my wife's phone but I'm leaving her with the Lumia640 for now until a few more updates come to the Lumia950. Lots of really annoying little things that need fixing. She's happy with the stable 8.1 and I'd say by summer time Microosft will have knocked out all the little annoyances we have right now like how slow the OneDrive photos are (deleting a photo is 10-15 seconds), photos are huge in size and no way to simply resample them so you can send our more than 2 or 3 in one email, email To: addresses disappearing on occassion and before sending you have to re-enter, email just crashes on occasion, actually outlook for mobile is just plain full of bugs. Dictation isn't quite reliable yet (but when it works it works great), Hey cortana doesn't reliably turn the phone on, you can no longer simply type a Groups name in the To: address bar and the battery needs a little management too. I can go on, but they all add up to minor irritations that say we are just not at the 8.1 build quality yet.
  • I see, well I guess that makes sense. ^^
  • Mean while, I can only afford phones under 200€ and 8 months until my contract for Lumia 630 ends.
  • Which do you prefer? I got the XL but I thought the 950 looked pretty hot with that camera ring.
  • Got mine from Amazon UK, still waiting for any issue to appear. Enjoying every moment with it.
  • It could very well be a problem with Amazons tracking of the phone. There is a book I want that is listed on Amazon, but the item I receive is not the book I have ordered.
  • Let's find the facts before grabbing the pitch forks.
  • Who allowed you to bring facts into the discussion? How dare you disturb my proclamations of doomsday!
  • Don't worry, you can hop on to 90% of the other posts on here for those proclamations.
  • There is nothing wrong with these phones, I am using one bought from Amazon uk to post this message, more likely they have run out of stock... They did have issues fulfilling my order before Xmas... I am Extremely pleased with my XL... Ignore the trolls it's a superb phone...
  • My Lumia 950 XL is working fine.
  • After reading this article, I'm finding it hard to understand how people are getting that there's an issue with the phone or WM 10, itself. Some of you are assuming something that isn't said. "customers have told us that there may be something wrong with our inventory, the way we are dispatching it, or the way it is described here." Sooo, someone PLEASE explain how this is about Microsoft, phone and OS? What sounds like is that the phone was possibly described wrong in the details and did not have a feature (hardware, software, OR as it was described in the article). I'm just saying, I doubt Amazon would be taking responsibility for something that would be Microsoft's fault.
    I realize that the phone and OS is not perfect, but then again, what OS or phone is? This isn't what the article was about. Smh
  • I think those idiot commenters are people who only read the headline and don't bother with getting the actual facts.
  • From the comments at the Amazon-France site I understand that there is a confusion about the black and the white back cover, several people getting the wrong color.
  • Got my 950XL from Amazon UK since day 1 it was available here. Not a single problem at all.
  • That's because it's a great phone. The problem is with amazon, not Microsoft.
  • Microsoft looking like a bunch of amateurs. Unbelievable
  • You don't even know what the reason is for this. Jump to conclusions much?
  • my 950XL  have no problems, it is working very well, no reboots, freezes or camera problems.
  • Same here.
  • I have had the 950Xl since it became available from Amazon France. I was on the brink of returning it to Amazon because of some problems with Windows 10 it was shipped with (reboots, phone calls systematically lost after a few seconds). Then, just in time before I actually sent it back, an update became available and the problem was solved. But it is true that there are still too many problems with W10 Mobile (alarm ringtones, camera, Treasure Tag, gestures). Given this situation, I wonder why MS isn't pushing out the latest firmware update more rapidely to all its customers. In France, this upgrade is still not available as of this minute.
  • Here in Canada, you could not even buy the non XL 640. Hopefully I can walk into a Microsoft store, and buy the standard 940. I am really not interested in XL phones
  • Oops 950
  • Reason is : people were ordering it black, it came in white, and vice versa Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Wrong colors also seems to be the problem at Amazon France. Many people complain about that.
  • Wow. So many whiners on this thread blaming Microsoft for something that we don't even know exists. Is this android central? Where did all the Microsoft haters come from?
  • More like troll central sometimes..
  • Here's an actual verified issue that's fit for discussion in this forum and I challenge everyone to give factual responses. Why would Microsoft sell the dual-sim version in the US and subsequently disable the ability to use Visual Voicemail, a well-established fundamental feature. Also, the answer is not the carrier. AT&T has an OMTP-compliant system proving it is not a carrier issue.
  • That's a good question. Anybody has a answer?
  • 640 XL here with WM10 with no issues. $160 unlocked. More than happy with this.
  • My white 950 XL in Canada on Telus's network has been performing flawlessly.
  • The idea of plumbing in phones is no good. Lesson learnt class dismissed! Redmond we have a problem, am waiting for the w10m/p for my 640 xl lte.
  • Whats wrong with the phones?
  • I purchased a Black Lumia 950XL in UK just over 3 weeks ago. I am more than pleased with it. having made or received near 100 phone calls, numerous texts and emails etc. I couldn't wish for better. I have read the negative reports and don't recognise them from my experience. I am pretty sure there is a conspiracy against Windows phones having been told by a family member working for a network shop "Do everything you can to dissuade prospective purchasers from buying Windows devices and advise them to buy another brand/s as this reflects on our stores and company profitability - the more we sell of this (other) brand the better our purchasing terms" I guess that sums it up? This conversation came about after my experience at a local network shop where I experienced fairly coercive attempts to shy me away from a Windows phone almost to the extent of abusive rudeness from store member of staff. Interestingly my son had a completely different experience from same member of staff when he enquired about another overrated and over priced brand!
  • This has been happening for years Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Meanwhile, my 950 that was treated like the redheaded step child by tech blogs - including Windows Central - is running great and last I checked hasn't been pulled by any retailer.
  • I purchased a 950xl 2 weeks ago and love it, its like my 1520 but so much faster. I have used it for everything including listening to music, surfing the net, playing games, using word, taking photos streaming to xbox. I don't understand all the hate. My phone is smaller than the iPhone 6s but the screen is bigger. I cant fault it. As for app gap, what app gap, it doesn't have 100 variations of the same app and I cant think of any apps I am missing or need. Seriously I couldn't go back to apple and every time I use my sons ipad air I think toy. As for android my wife has a Galaxy s5 and its like a permanent advising machine in her hand. Please stop bagging the 950xl, its awesome.
  • Toy is exactly what Windows phone and its Fisher Price UI makes me think of. Even iOS has a more efficient and product UI. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • soo what are you doing here exactly? just trolling? gotcha..
  • Sure sure, 1/10
  • I've had the black 950xl from first availability in Oz and other than some minor bugs, the worst issues I've had are random reboots and lost capacity to see wifi networks (restarts fix that). So there are bugs to fix, I just hope these two bugs are software related rather than hardware related.
  • Loving my MS Lumia 950 XL with 128GB Lexar 1000x speed microSDXC and very awesome Brown Mozo case using 10586.29 OS running great! Bought it November 25/15 Black model in Canada, using TELUS mobility as a provider with no problems so far besides the big app gap and quality apps are my problems. I came from the Samsung ATIV S OS WP8.1 Update 1 and been with MS OS as early days of Motorola MOTO Q9c with OS WM6.
  • Cool. you are decked out. As for the apps its a good thing this phone does the web well ;-)
  • This is the end of MS mobile device foretold. Nokia will once again go on stage.
  • I think it got to do more with Windows 10 more rather than the hardware. For someone expecting the stability of windows phone 8, it's really bad. The whole experience is just bad. This is the impression that Microsoft is painting to the world. Imagine what would an iPhone or android user thinks. Sigh.... I've been a long windows fan, but if the trend of poor software continues, I'll be abandoning ship.
  • Well Ive had more issues with Android in the past waay after device launch than with my 950 which is still brand new..
  • Using the 950XL and have no major issues
  • It's been a train wreck from pre-sales on.. Neither the phone or OS was ready for release, heads will most definitely roll on this.. The Surface Phone is inevitable now to save face..
  • i think hardware is fine, just the software needs TLC
  • What? What exactly is wrong with those phones? I'm happy to report that I have a healthy and great 950 XL in my hands
  • The truth hurts too many returns for amazon for them to sale this product. When they sale out of the white ones. It will be the same story. Face it people Microsoft had enough time to get w10m up and running but they failed. I know there are a lot of fanboys on this forum but I don't care. It's over done finished. The CEO of Microsoft knows it Gabe knows it Daniel knows it. There is NO excuse for that mess of a OS called W10m that put on a so called flagship phone.
  • The 950 XL is the biggest disappointment I have had on a phone since .... well at least 11 years. Buggy as h**** etc.
  • So did anyone else notice the BLACK edition specifically got pulled? dont see how that can be software related (or hardware unless its the QI that is faulty.
  • I own (and am typing this on) the 950 XL Dual Sim black.
    Absolutely no problems. I think it's what Amazon's statement suggests: An inventory problem. I know for example that Finnish company 'Mozo' is overwhelmed by demand for their 950/950XL leather back covers. So I think the problem is higher than expected demand.
  • Thats called out of stock. They said they not selling them. It's a difference
  • My Lumia 950 can't hold the battery more then half day, plus after latest software update it started randomly to reset itself. Sad...
  • I got my black 950xl from amazon uk last week and have had no problems at all with the phone. I did have an issue with delivery as the courier signed for the package as me and left it in my front porch. Wife was at home and saw him deliver. He didn't attempt to ring the bell at all.
  • Was it Amazon Logistics?
  • Sure was, not impressed by them.
  • Black ones creak no idea about white ones
  • Also noticed my 950xl has the qi charger coil in the wrong place so none stand up qi charges work unless its designed to be generic and has multi places for the coils. The 950 non xl works on all of them with the coil in the correct place for all Nokia stand up qi chargers.
  • I can agree with this, and that's definitely a simple fix hardware issue.
  • The description by amazon does not point towards a actual problem with the phones; it seems a lot of people read things into those announcements that are not there. I personally can not be happier with the 950XL Dual Sim as I have not encountered any odd behavior many reviers blabbering about. The only thing that sucks is the Edge Browser as it 1) Sucks the battery life out of the phone like crazy, 2) has no possibility to add AdBlockers and therefore tons of websites load in snail speed due to the many ads these days and 3) getting to the Tabs over view is sometimes a pain in the arse as it lags for several seconds before displaying the tabs and then closing all of them does not work every time. All the hardware features of this phone work flawlessly, including Hello as it unlocks my phone even in pitch black scenarios. Software wise I could also not encounter anything wrong and I did not had random freezes or reboots.
  • Reading comprehension seems to be lacking with these internet warrior commentators lol
  • With regard to Amazon France, the problem relates to Amazon mixing up the references for the BLACK Lumia 950 XL with the WHITE one. I pre-ordered a BLACK Lumia 950 XL on 25th November 2015 but like the majority of others who ordered a BLACK one on received the WHITE version on 18th December. I spotted the problem on 13th December (the link to the product on my order in my account led to the WHITE instead of the BLACK) and contacted Amazon, but they were completely useless. Since it was a pre-order I was due the lowest price during the order period and the price of the BLACK one duely went down by 40€ then back up. They of course charge me the full price for the incorrectly sent WHITE one. Guess what - I've sent it back. By the way, the notice quoted in the article on Amazon France is against the WHITE one but not the BLACK one...BIZARRE as they say in France!
  • I am a buyer the 950 XL at Amazon France and I can confirm that it's more probably an inventory problem because I ordered a white one and I received a black one. Plus, there are many reviews relating the same fact.
  • Keep on rocking Microsoft !
  • What is all this lack of Apps on Windows Mobile? I have pretty well all the Apps I USED on my iPhone and my wife has nothing on her Android phone (she calls it Sam) that I can't have on Windows. I wouldn't have another iPhone or an Android. What is the point of hundreds/thousands of much the same App under different names the vast majority being nothing more than Crap Apps. I was dubious but having moved to the 950XL I certainly have no regrets. A real pleasure to use.
  • But since every cloud has a silver lining   ... ha ha ha  ! Acer is to start sales of the Jade Liquid Primo 5'5  2xsim in France in January for an estimated 499 euros with a bunch of accessoiries !
  • wow so glad i went for the LG V10 Bought the 550 for xmas for my mum, what a mistake!
    We gave it back already, worst phone ever. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Great keep up with affair don't spread hatred
  • W
  • I got a 950XL bought in Sweden, Dec 15th (imported Italy version) and with version 1511 (HW the phone works perfect and I'm a heavy user.
    All I'm lacking are better apps (Spotify needs Connect and Messenger voice/video).
  • 950 user here, on build .29. I've gotta say, I was very sceptical of purchasing this phone after all the bad press, but after updating I've gotta say I'm very pleased. I don't have an SD card install as yet, so can't comment on that, but everything else seems to work well (including Windows Hello, which is still in beta). There are still a few OS features missing that I'd like, but updates seem to be coming thick and fast (much like XB1), which will only help the situation. Did notice app crashing/battery drain issues prior to updating, but both seem a lot better now.
  • I've had L950XL (black) since the release (December 3rd) and the problems are; Whatsapp sometimes reboots phone suddenly after you press "back" or "home" virtual buttons. This might be because Whatsapp is not yet W10M updated. Watching Youtube-clips seems to reboot the phone sometimes as well. It does boot itself every now and then when using specific apps but mostly when using Whatsapp. The phone is responsive and menus works great but the battery drains quite fast which seems quite weird also. Hopefully these rebooting and battery draining issues will be fixed on a future update. If these issues are related to a faulty CPU's...well...that's a thing you can't fix with firmware updates very easily at least. Anyway, I won't switch to Android or iOS ever, no matter how much I have would have problems with Windows Phone. I rather have a problematic but still well performing Windows Phone than a crap-infested Android Phone with it's horrible apps :D Not to mention ugly UI. iOS was not my thing either after test driving it for a week or WP better stay on the market because I don't want to revert back to non-smartphone-era phones.
  • I think I know where this problem comes from : nearly none of these retailers will tell you which 950 you buy : - The one with dual sim but with only half speed 4G 150Mbs - or the one whith mono sim, but with full speed 4G at 300Mbs. One thing I know, is that MS did push in France so that mono sim phones were sold only by two retailers/providers (Orange and Bouygues tel), all othe retailers were forced to sale dual sim half speed 4G devices...and that SUCKS!
  • I was lucky enough to get the Lumia 950 xl a day before shipping was halted on Amazon. I've had no problems with the phone at all and I'm really pleased with it. I'm sure many people have had problems but the amount of negative press these phones have had is crazy. I've owned many Lumia phones over the years and I really think this is a good upgrade to what's gone before. It's early days for the OS, but it shows plenty of promise for the future. As for all the Apple and Google fans almost willing Windows phones to die a death, I'd say without healthy competition things will get very stale.
  • The only problem I've had so far is the total lack of printing options (the built in is not detecting my HP printer) and some lack of smoothness in transitions now and then. Other than that the phone is working fine.