AMD corrects RX 480 power draw issue with driver update

RX 480
RX 480

AMD is now pushing out a fresh update to its Radeon Software Crimson Edition software, bringing some fixes for the recently release Radeon RX 480 card. Specifically, this update improves the power distribution for the card, ultimately fixing an issue through which reference cards were drawing more power than intended.

Here's a quick look at the highlights of this update, from AMD:

  • The Radeon RX 480's power distribution has been improved for AMD reference boards, lowering the current drawn from the PCIe bus.
  • A new "compatibility mode" UI toggle has been made available in the Global Settings menu of Radeon Settings. This option is designed to reduce total power with minimal performance impact if end users experience any further issues. This toggle is "off" by default.
  • Performance improvements for the Polaris architecture that yield performance uplifts in popular game titles of up to 3%. These optimizations are designed to improve the performance of the Radeon RX 480, and should substantially offset the performance impact for users who choose to activate the "compatibility" toggle.

If you're using an AMD card and you've been waiting for this update, you can grab version 16.7.1, and check out the full release notes, from AMD now.

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