Where to buy the AMD Radeon RX 480

RX 480
RX 480

Following NVIDIA's recent new cards, the focus quickly then shifted to AMD and its first offerings with the new Polaris architecture. The RX 480 is targeting a different segment of the market to NVIDIA's latest and greatest, but is equally impressive in its own right. As we've already found out, it can turn an old PC into a VR-ready machine fairly easily.

The starting price is super attractive, at just $200, but the RX 480 is also fairly hard to come by in some countries at the time of writing. The cheaper, 4GB cards are the most difficult to get hold of, with most outlets only carrying the 8GB versions.

If you want one, then hit up the stores linked below where you'll hopefully be able to find one. For more buying options, be sure to check out our picks for the best graphics cards.


On both sides of the Atlantic, Amazon is a good place to start. Covering a variety of different manufacturers, you'll have a good spread to choose from. 4GB availability is still sketchy, but you should be able to land a reference design 8GB card.


Another retailer carrying a variety of manufacturers, Newegg is another good option to grab a card if you're looking for one right away. Some 8GB options are sold out quicker than others, but there's a handful to choose from.

See at Newegg


For both Canadian and American customers, NCIX has a selection of a half-dozen RX 480s to choose from. As with others, you're looking at 8GB or bust initially, but that should change in the coming weeks.

See at NCIX

Micro Center

There aren't as many different options to choose from as some other retailers, but Micro Center is carrying the RX 480 from a few top brands. You can only buy a maximum of two, something to bear in mind if you have big plans.

See at Micro Center


If you're over in Europe, UK based retailer, Overclockers, has a wide range on offer and is already taking pre-orders for the first non-reference design card. They have had 4GB cards in already, but at the time of writing they're no longer available.

See at Overclockers


Another UK based online retailer, Scan, has a selection of different cards available. Some are already only available to pre-order, but there's something available right now if you just have to one.

See at Scan

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